I got my first computer and went online when I was about thiry or so, and it was a real eye opener to see all the porn out there, especially the more specialized stuff. For about three weeks or so I was glued to the screen every spare moment, unable to stop avidly searching for still more.

At length I found a group for bareback action, which was pretty hot. I hadn't really given in to those urges before, but something about this group made me hot to try it. I put up an ad, and in a few days I got a response. It was from a guy in a city a few miles from me. We both lived in pretty small towns, but he said he knew a couple of guys down there and that they would get together now and then for some hot raw anal action.

He asked me if I wanted to go down there, and after a few emails back and forth I said yes. I had a good feeling about this guy, and so I got myself ready and started on my way. I was in pretty good shape, with strong shoulders and a nice ass. I liked to get fucked, and so looked forward to this experience.

The guy I was going to meet was a little older than me, in his late thirties, and the other guys he mentioned were about the same age. I wasn't sure how this was going to go down, but I was primed and ready for anything. As I got closer to the town where he lived my cock started to get hard.

I knew the layout of the place pretty well, and so found where we were supposed to meet easily and in plenty of time. It was a coffee shop in an out of the way place, one with red vinyl and chrome seats and tables to match, set behind large plate glass windows. I picked my date out of the crowd as I sat there nursing a coffee.

He came in and introduced himself as John. He was a pretty good looking guy, and I liked the way we shook hands, which was firm and friendly. We made some small talk for a while and then he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. I said yes, and with a firm cock in my pants we left the coffee shop and headed off.

He lived about twenty minutes from where we met, so he drove us there. It was a nice house in the suburban regions of town, and had a private yard around it with lots of tall trees. There was a long driveway leading up to it, and we pulled in there and got out in front of his door.

The house was pretty nice inside, though he wasn't giving me any tours. We headed right upstairs to the bedroom, which he had darkened by closing the curtains. We stripped in silence, my hard cock slapping against my leg dryly as I did so. He walked over to me and put his hand on my ass.

I had put a couple of pictures up on my profile, and one of them was of my ass. He told me he liked the real thing even more, and got down behind me to lick my ass for a bit. He had a soft warm tongue which felt so good on my ass. His finger wasn't far behind, and so he entered me a few minutes later, his bare, raw cock up inside my bare ass.

I loved the way he felt, so warm and smooth, and bent over to take it better. I tried to milk his cock with my ass, but he just kept on fucking me. We both knew this was what we wanted, and it was pretty hot. He fucked me hard, spreading me open and telling me to open up my ass for him.

He slapped my cheeks from time to time, and moaned softly. Then he came, deep inside my ass. I wanted to come as well, but didn't manage it somehow. He pulled out of me, and then I lay on the bed, on my stomach. He lay beside me for a while, and then asked if I wanted more. I said yes, and he told me that he had invited some friends over, who had all seen my picture and wanted to fuck me.

I asked how many, and he said there were three of them. My heart started to pound at the thought of this, and there wasn't long to wait, since the doorbell rang a couple minutes later. There was the sound of voices, and a low chuckle as they came up the stairs. I had been told to wait on the bed, laying on my stomach.

They came into the room, and there was quiet, except for some low comments about my 'sweet looking ass'. My cock was rock hard again and I was ready for more action. One of the guys put a pillow under my hips, and told me that I was going to be getting 'seriously fucked now'. They were in their early forties, and in pretty good shape for the most part. I was so turned on my all of this.

I was made to suck them off one at a time, while the others stood around and watched, playing with the penises that would soon be in my mouth and ass. My original bare buddy sat on the sidelines for the first while, just watching. Soon I was taking one cock in my mouth, and another in my ass, all raw, as the breathing around me got heavier. I knew there was no way they were going to let me go without each of them having a piece of my ass.

The first guy had an average sized cock that felt good in my ass. He fucked me slowly, and making the most of his cock to let me know who was on top. I was sucking an older guy, with a little bit of grey in his hair. He kept putting his hands on the back of my head and telling me I was a 'little faggot'.

I was loving this action, as one cock after another entered my mouth and ass. The room was one of those folding closet doors of mirror, and so I could see myself getting it up the ass from time to time. Each one of these guys came in my ass, and by the end some of them had come for seconds. There was the sound of heavy breathing and the smell of sex in the air.

I rolled over on my stomach at last, and one of the guys put his fingers in my ass, as the come ran out of it in a small stream despite my best efforts. A couple of guys came at the sight of that, and I was pretty close myself when a hand reached down and stopped me. It was my original bare buddy, who had come for a second shot inside my ass. He lifted my legs, and a guy got on the bed behind me and held them open. I was helpless there before him, humiliated by the fact that so many of these guys were watching me take this face to face and that there was nothing I could do about it.

He started to fuck me slowly, and when I reached for my cock another guy pushed my hand away. This was going to get a lot of these guys hot, and I could tell that this evening was far from over. I wanted more of this, and clenched my helpless ass around this guy's penis to milk him as best I could.

My slick, come filled ass was too much for him in a shorter time that I had thought, and he came inside me for the second time. Another guy was there to take his place within a couple of seconds, and so I took each of them up my ass laying on my back, the guy holding my legs up getting his turn at last and coming the quickest of all.

It was all too hot, and though my ass was sore I didn't care all that much. Finally I was allowed to come, and did so in great torrents all over myself and anyone near me. My legs were let down and I lay there for a minute. Someone offered me a cigarette, and I inhaled the smoke deeply, feeling the trembling of my limbs.

I towelled off and headed for where my clothes were. I didn't want to hang around too much longer since I didn't think my ass could take another session of these guys fucking my hole, and I didn't trust myself not to want it enough to let them do it again. The whole idea of this kind of bum fucking party appealed to me deeply, and I told them I would come back for another session again soon.

When I said this, one of them smiled and said they would invite the 'rest of the gang', which made my cock twitch in my pants and my feet head for the door. My orginal bare buddy gave me a ride back to town, and we parted having made plans for another session in the near future.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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