Raul and I continued on as we were. I'd give him occasional blow jobs when he was drunk, he'd beat me off. Then the first shoe dropped.

I came home to find Raul staring dejectedly out the window, at the lights of the city. I asked if he was okay, but he just shrugged and kept his morose watch on the city. I shrugged myself and went about putting dinner together. When I called him to eat, he just sat and pushed his food around on the plate. Totally unlike Raul, usually he put away food like a garbage disposal.

" Obviuosly something is buggin' you buddy, so why don't you let it out?" Raul sighed planted his elbows on the table and just stared down at his plate for a moment. Head still down I heard him murmur words I hadn't expected before he graduated. " I am having to leave soon, Rustee. My Padre, he is calling me back! The whole story consisted of due to the harsh economy, throughout the world, and especially in Guatemala, his father's business was failing and he could no longer afford to send Raul the money needed to stay in school. Because Raul was on an educational visa, if he was not in school, he could not remain in the United States. His father would not be sending any more money, except for one way airfare. As the current semester was more than half over, things must have been desperate, for his father to pull the plug before the end. That money was already spent and not coming back.

To say there was a pall over us was an understatement. Then ideas began to percolate. I had enough money saved to cover the apartment til the end of semester. I could cover the food and utilities, if I economized fairly brutally. If Raul's father could do without him til the end of the semester, at least the money for tuition and books wouldn't be wasted. Raul was my freind.

I laid my plan out to Raul the next day. I could see the hope stirring in his eyes. He agreed, after some convincing to call his father, and present the plan to him. All day at class, and all night at work I was on pins and needles, waiting to hear if my plan was acceptable.

I came home to Raul wearing a huge grin on his handsome face. His father was for the plan, with the understanding, that if it became to much of a burden for me, I could back out at any time.

The next few days were spent in getting the lease and the various utilities, transferred to my name. Then I went to my boss and hit him up for a job for Raul. At first he wasn't to keen on the idea. Raul didn't have a work visa, so my boss could get into real trouble, if the powers that be, caught them. I'm afraid I just raised my eyebrows, then said two words, which just happened to be the names of his two cousins. Who just happened to be in the country somewhat illegally. Call it the edge of blackmail, I didn't actually threaten anything. I'd kept my mouth shut about his cousins, so I was already fostering illegal aliens. So, it came to be that Raul, son of a wealthy business man came to be washing dishes and busting tables in a Mexican Resturant.

The next hurdle was Raul's compadres. Seems when Raul's money dried up, so did their freindship. Raul had been living on quite a nice allowance from Padre. He went to flashy clubs and had flashy freinds. More like parasites, that dropped off the carcass when it was bled dry.

This, on top of no money, having to work like a peon,and being basically supported by his gringo roomate, sent Raul spiraling into depression. My girls from the resturant and I started taking him out to some of our haunts in an affort to get him out of his funk. Not hoity toity digs, but good honest fun. Hell, we even took him to his first drag show. He had a blast.

Somehow we made things work. There were very few drunk nights of cuddling or blowjobs and yankoffs, because frankly niether of us had the money to drink much. I missed that a lot.

Half a semester is only long when you are in classes you hate. All too soon, the day of departure began to loom over the horizon. Raul would often stare at me like he wanted to say something, but he would just bite his lip and look away. I tried to get him to talk about what was bothering him but he'd just laugh it away.

One night I came home later than Raul. When I stepped in the door I saw the light to my room was on. Thinking I'd left it on I glanced at Raul's door. There was no light, so I figured he was already asleep. I was totally surprised to see Raul laying asleep on my bed in just those tiny little red shorts. After the surprise gave way I took the oppurtunity to look at every part of his body. Those wide shoulders, stocky torso, muscled arms and legs, all that wonderful short black hair covering his skin. Eventually I pulled off my clothes and crawled into bed beside him. For some reason, before I turned out the lights, I leaned over and very gently brushed his lips with mine. I was totally unprepared to have his stubby paw, catch the back of my neck, and pull me down for a hard long kiss. Raul didn't kiss! It wasn't macho for guys to kiss! When he let me up for air I stared into his eyes in shock. He had a gentle smile on his lips and a longing look in his eyes. He gently cupped my face in his hands. " I want you to love make to me Rustee!" He traced his hand to my neck. " I confess, I have wanted you to sex with me a very long time! But I afraid was to do it. I was afraid of the feelings, you make me feel. I have not wanted a man, because it is I was taught, a very bad thing. Now, when I must go soon, doing a very bad thing, does not seem so very bad. I think it would be a much badder thing if I go and never sexing with you. I would perhaps, always wonder."

Oh, it was like a fairytale come true. The object of my desire wanted me too. I didn't waste time asking questions like " Are you Sure." I dragged him into my arms and began kssing him, his lips, his cheeks, his neck. Meanwhile my hands roamed his back, across his velvety skin and down to that tantalizing little triangle of hair just over his bubble butt. After a moment his hands began roaming over my chest, combing through the curly red pelt, plucking at my nipples and trailing down until they wrapped around the base of my hard uncut dick. I kind of expected the usual handjob, but he firmly pushed he away and down. He began kissing my belly, going ever lower, until he suddenly swooped up and then down on the head of my cock. It was so unexpected I swear I almost shot off right then. Luckily I didn't. He began sucking for all he was worth. I enjoyed it for a bit, but wanted his dick in my mouth. I gently manuvered him until his fat tool was over my face. I took him in and began tasting his olive man stick. I took my time, and soon I could feel him groaning around my dick in his mouth. His groans vibrated my dick and felt just wonderful. Thinking about the whole "postate" incident got me wanting a taste of his round brown hole. I scooched up a bit, used my hands to pull his firm cheeks apart. Then I touched my tongue to his pucker. It tasted of sweat and spice. Raul gasped, flung his head up off my dick, and froze. I began to lap at his hole, he began to maon and push back against my tongue. Soon my face was toally buried between his hairy round ass cheeks and my tongue was trying to sqirm it's way inside him. Raul was bucking, and humping his butt against my face like a madman. His rock hard cock was poking into my chest hair, his round hairy balls, were squashing into my chin and neck,and his barrell chest was heaving out great groans. My own cock was throbbing in excitement, wishing so desperately to bury itself inside, the wet hole my tongue was fucking.

It seems, Raul was eying my fat dick with the same desire, because suddenly he pulled away from me and toppled over on his back. He grabbed his thighs and pulled his short hairy legs back, so his spit covered hairy hole was visible. " You will put your fingers in me and find my postate again, yes?" Of course I agreed. " Then you will put your hard cock in me and fuck me, yes?"

No argument from me. I fumbled in a drawer for lube and a condom, My seven inch fat dick bobbing in the air. He eyed it for a moment and in a soft voice said" But you will be slow yes? I have never had a cock in me and yours is very big?" I just nodded, too overcome to speak and he smiled at me. " That is my freind Rustee, I know he would not hurt me!" I hesitated a bit. " Raul, I cannot promised it won't hurt. The first time it usually does. If it does hurt too much, you have to let me know." " Yes, okay, I will do this. But I will be a man about a little pain too, because I know you want to do this, and because I want this for you also!"

By then the condom was on my straing dick and the cool lube was on my fingers and I was reaching into his cleft to slather it around his twitching hole. He cried out as my index finger sunk in to the first knuckle. I stopped to let him get used to the feel, but he had other plans. He rocked his ass up off the bed, impaling his hole with the whole finger. He begged me to find his " Postate" and I dutifully searched and found his little joy button. He bucked against my massaging finger and began sputtering in spanish. I watched in fascination as sweat began beading on the soft black hairs in his ass cleft. At his brownish hole grasping at my finger. Soon he was begging for two fingers, and I complied, watching his pucker stretch out and suck in two then three fingers. I began pistoning in three fingers, trying to make sure I rubbed them over his prostate each time. "Now, Rustee, now! You must put your hard pinga inside me! You must do it now!" I pulled my fingers out, smeared the left over lube ober my condom coated dick and grabbing his ankles positioned my dick against his twitching hole. As I began pushing the fat head in,ironing out the creases of his brown hole, I saw I grimace of pain flash across Raul's face. I hesitated. Raul's eyes flew open, " No! You must keep pushing" His hairy paws reached to grab my hips. " I am a man, I can take such pain!" With that he yanked on my hips hard and pushed my entire dick into him with one thrust! He yelled and cursed in spanish, but held my hips in a vicelike grip, so they could not move. He screwed his eyes shut and bit his lip hard, trying to adjust to the pain. Part of me felt horrible, most of me just reveled in the feel of being buried to the hilt inside his hot gut. This was a place I never thought I'd be, and I wanted to remember every moment. For a while we just froze in position. Gradually I felt his body began to relax, his pained panting slow. He tried an experimental hip rotation. He grimaced, then reached up to pull my face down to his. This arched his butt up more driving a tiny bit more of me deeper into him. Holding my face close he kissed me gently on the lips. " I feel so full Rustee. You feel so big!" Then he gave me a light slap," Now you will fuck me, yes? and Fuck me like I was a bitch man, not like a girly boy? Yes?"

Who was I to argue. I wanted to be gentle, but here was this hot latino man, telling me to pound his ass like tomorrow was never coming! I fell to with a will. This is what Raul wanted, hard rough man ass pounding, and I was happy to give it to him. I pulled out as far as I could with out popping loose. I could tell it hurt, but his hands were back in my hips, urging me to fill him again, so I did, and did and did. He was practically roaring out curses in spanish, urging me to pound harder and harder. He bucked and yelled and cried out. Sweat poured off both of our bodies, as I ground my long lean body against his compact muscular ass, thrusting deep and hard.

All the while his round balls bounced up, causing his rock hard cock to scrape across his hairy belly. I felt my balls began to pull up, I felt the head of my dick began to tingle. I knew I was going to come soon, so I began to saw into him faster and harder, moving his whole body with every thrust. Raul's eyes were screwed shut, his whole body tight, his hands gripping my arms like vices, his head thrown back, almost buried in the pillow, his sweaty hairy chest heaving like a bellows. With a little cry I buried my self as deep as I could and shot spew after wracking spew inside of Raul. Raul clenched tight around me as one hand grabbed his dick. He barely gave one jerk and his come was shooting out to drench my stomach and chest in pearly strings. I tried to keep from dropping on Raul in weakness, when his strong arms and legs wrapped around me and pulled me in tight, forcing my spent, but still hard dick

in deep one last time. We laid glued together with come and sweat til out pants and hearts stopped racing. I made to roll off him, but he held me close and kissed me. " You were right, it hurt alot, but it still felt very good. So, we will do this again, when I am not so very sore! Yes?" " Yes, as soon as you are ready I would love to do it again!" " For now, I think I will sleep, you will hold me Yes? " I will hold you Yes!" I teased gently.

From then until it was time to leave, male to male sex was like a new toy for Raul. We did it in the shower, the kitchen, the living room and in every position we could think of. Always it was hard and rough with gentle loving afterward. My favorite was doggy, watching my pale fat dick sliding into those olive hairy round mounds. Raul's was missionary, because he loved watching the expressions on my face as I rammed into him. I wish I could say, that a miracle came along, and Raul and I found a away to stay together. It just wasn't meant to be. Raul was a dutiful son and when time came to go, he went. We did try to keep in touch, but soon life took us in other directions. Raul soon married, has a child and took over his father's business. His time in college is standing him in good stead, and he is doing well. I have a standing invitation to come visit, but first money, then time got in the way. Besides, things could never be the way, I'd like them to be. Better keep it a wonderful memory to dust off once in a while, enjoy and put back on the shelf, look to a new day and perhaps a new experience.




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