'PRESENT DRILL SARGEANT' I replied as the sergeant took roll call. I was onto my third week of my training after joining the United States Marine Core and things were already getting tough. I could handle all the physical training, I had been a college football player and couldn't help but be proud of my body. The problem was at 23 I was horny all the time and I was used to being able to getting all the pussy I wanted when I was the college football stud. Now not being able to get much relief was really getting to me, I hadn't cum for a week and I knew I couldn't take it any more.

The drill sergeant put us through our paces, over a 10 mile cross country run but I found it easy, I was at my physical peak and the only recruit that was better than me was Kyle Jones. Jones was a huge guy and after working on my body for years I admired his physique; he had strongest thighs I ever saw that led up to a firm bubble butt with a tight waist that carried on to huge broad shoulders and giant pecs. He was pretty much an adonis and I took pleasure in admiring his amazing body.

After the workout, drill sergeant called me out to pack away the equipment we had been using but he also called out Jones for a private meeting and I couldn't help but wonder what it was about. I was actually glad the sgt chose me to clean up, it meant I would get to the showers later then everyone else and would give me time alone to drop a load. I took my time to get everything sorted so to make sure everyone would have showered before I got back.

After I finished up I headed to the showers, and the last group of soldiers were leaving the shower room, including Brody, another of the best recruits but he was a total jerk, thinking he was superior to everyone.

'Haha Collins is late, I wonder what he's going to get up to, all alone in there?' He laughed at me with his handsome face.

'Oh you want to join?' I replied sarcastically, knowing he would get annoyed, jerks like that hate even jokes about them being fags.

'In your dreams' He replied as he stomped off and he knew I had pissed him off a bit, most of the other guys don't bother to answer back to him.

I quickly undressed and header to the showers, the warm water combined with lathering soap on my body felt so good and it didn't take me long to get rock hard. I started to think about my ex girlfriend and her beautiful body, she left me just before I signed up, I didn't care as I could still picture her in my mind as I started to pump my 8 inch dick. I was so into my jerk that I hadn't noticed anyone else come in until I heard a voice.

'You need to be more careful where you do that man'

I spun round to see Jones naked in front of me.

'Oh shit sorry man, I just really needed it and I thought I was alone' I replied, so embarrassed.

'Don't worry dude, I'll let you finish, but you need somewhere more private. How about you go running with me tomorrow and I'll show you somewhere?' As I said this I noticed him looking me and down and he took a good look at my cock.

'Shit, thanks man that would be awesome' I replied, briefly looking down at his cock.

'Cool man, I'll see you tomorrow, 7pm.' and he turned around and left, giving me a good view of his bubble butt. Even the interruption hadn't caused my dick to go soft, I was so horny but now I couldn't get the sight of his cock and ass out of my mind. I had never had thoughts like that before, and it freaked me out a little, I guess I was so horny everything was turning me on and I concentrated on jacking my dick. It didn't take my long to shoot and a huge load shot out my dick, at least 6 ropes of cum flew out and hit the wall and man it felt awesome. I then washed off, feeling satisfied and headed off to chow.

The next day was just like any other, we practised drills, learnt to use weapons, developing the vital skills we needed to become marines. After the evening meal I headed to my bunk and got changed into a jock, PT shots and my army tee and went out to meet Jones. He was waiting for me when I got there and said we needed to run for about 5 miles to find an old shelter that used to be used for exercises, but was now unused.

The run relatively easy and we had a talk as we headed out there, the distance and pace was nothing a marine couldn't handle. It didn't take long to get there and Jones showed me round to a window we had to climb through, I let him go first, watching his muscle ass as he bent forwards to get in. Shit, what was wrong with me I thought as I followed him through.

'Gee, i'm all warm now.' Jones sighed as he pulled off his tee, revealing a chest of huge pecs and an amazing set of abs. I decided to join him and pulled off mine too, revealing my chiseled body, however it was not quite as good as his.

'Well I suppose we might as well get started, we don't want to take too long, people will notice we're gone' He said, noticing the awkwardness and decided to break the ice by dropping his shorts and jock to reveal his manhood.

'I guess that's why we came here' I replied dropping my shorts also to reveal my dick, that was already beginning to stir.

We both began to play with our dicks, standing next to each other, careful not to look at each other and make it weird.

'Oh damn I needed this' I moaned as I pulled on my hard dick, I could hear him making the same noises. He turned to look at me and asked me something.

'Hey man is it ok if I jerk your cock too?' He asked, surprising me.

'Ermm sure' I replied, not wanting to ruin it the moment by asking questions and I really wanted him to do it anyway. He reached over and began to pump my cock, the feeling of someone else on me was amazing after only having myself for the last few weeks and I moaned loudly.

'Hey man, take mine' Jones told me and I was shocked at how bold he was but before I had time to reply, he picked my hand up and put it on his cock. I had never touched another mans cock before but I didn't pull back, it felt nice and warm in my hand and I liked the way it felt as I jacked him off.

'Oh man, your hand feels so good' I moaned, furiously pumping my his cock

'Yeah? Well I can make it feel even better' And straight away he dropped to his knees and took my whole dick all the way into his throat.

'Awwww fuck' I yelled, no one had ever sucked it like that and I couldn't believe the person giving me the best blowjob I ever had was from a hunky, studly marine. It felt so awesome as he bobbed up and down on my cock playing with my balls at the same time as he toungued the head. I knew I couldn't last much longer and I told him I was about to blow. He carried on hungrily sucking as I felt my orgasm rise from my balls and out my cock, unloading my load in his mouth.

'Awwwwww, yeaah' I shouted as he swallowed every drop, something a girl had never done and licked it all clean before he pulled off.

'Thanks man, I needed that' He smiled at me as he stood up, cum running down his chin.

'No, thank you, that was amazing, I feel like I need to give you something back now' I replied, still breathing heavily from my orgasm.

'You can come here and jerk me off, you seemed into that before' He said as he laid down on the floor, beckoning me towards him. I laid down in front of him, my head very close to his cock as began to pump it, it felt great in my hand and I could see drops of pre-cum leaking from the top. Something about it looked so inviting and curiosity got the better of me, I gently licked the tip, tasting a drop of pre-cum, the salty sweet taste aroused me even more.

'Aw shit man, you don't have to do that' He moaned.

'I know, but I want to I replied, just don't shoot in my mouth'. I opened my mouth wide and took his whole cock head in my mouth, forcing down my throat and I found it surprisingly easy to take it all the way. I greedily sucked and played with his cock, licking the head before deep throating it again. The whole experience was so arousing, I could never believe that sucking another mans cock would be so erotic but I was totally enjoying it and found myself wanting to taste his come.

'Aww man, I can't believe you haven't done this before, i'm gonna cum, so pull off' He breathed, but I knew I wanted it he kept his hot cock in my mouth as I felt the orgasm hit the back of my throat, rope after rope and I eagerly swallowed, finding the taste totally erotic. I cleaned up all the cum before I let his shrinking cock leave my mouth.

'Shit dude, you really never been with a guy? Because you're a natural' Jones asked, and I didn't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that I was a natural cock sucker.

'Totally, I had never even thought about it before, but I definitely would do it again' I grinned.

'Good' he replied as he stood up, 'because this needs to happen regularly' he smirked at me as began to redress.

We headed back out and began running back to base, as we ran he told me how he was gay and his first time was with his high school soccer coach. I was having a hard time processing that a stud like him was gay but then I guessed I had just done a very gay thing and I was hardly a feminine queen, the strangest thing was that I wasn't ashamed about what I did, just excited about what I had discovered.

This routine happened daily, every evening we would go running and end up sucking each other off, sometimes separately and sometimes in a 69. As he sucked me Jones began to start playing with my ass, rubbing it with his finger and sometimes pushing it in, which felt great, I had begun to wonder about butt sex as I knew that's what gay guys did, but he never brought it up.

That was until about 2 weeks into our 'running trips', it started off like all the other times, he sucked me off, and I sucked him off, as I was swallowing his big load, he asked me something that stunned me.

'Hey you wanna fuck me today?' he asked casually.

'I... erm.. sure' I replied, excited about fucking my first man ass. With that, he got onto all fours and pushed his ass out for me, revealing his hot, tight pink hole.

'Get it ready with your fingers' He told me, I began rubbing his hole like he had down to me and gradually worked in a finger and he let out a moan, I wiggled my finger around inside him and gradually entered another finger and then another and stretched his asshole.

'Ok i'm ready. An ass isn't like a pussy ok, so you have to push hard to get in, but don't worry I can take it.' He told me as he pushed his ass out towards me. I grabbed hold of my dick and lined it up with his hole, remembering what he said I pushed really hard until the head popper through.

'Aww fuck, go all the way in' He moaned squirming around my cock. I pushed in until my balls slapped against his ass, I had never felt anything so alive and tight around my cock, it felt amazing as I began to fuck his ass.

'Yeah fuck my ass you big marine stud' He shouted as I pumped hard and fast in his hole, even though I had come already I knew I couldn't hold for long with his ass milking my cock. Suddenly I felt his ring tighten and he let out a moan, that's when I realised he was cumming, this triggered my orgasm as I unloaded deep in his ass.

'Holy shit, that was amazing' I puffed as I pulled my dick out his ass and stood up.

'That was the best fuck I had in a long time' said Jones as he stood and got dressed, and we headed back out into the cool air, running back to base.

Now everyday, we had a new routine, we would still suck each other and then I would fuck him, Jones began to play with my ass even more, getting a few fingers in there each time he was sucking my dick and I had to admit I was curious, his fingers felt so good and he obviously loved having a dick in his ass.

Things carried on like this for a few weeks, then one day, just as he had sucked a load out of me he stood up and said:

'Wanna have this in your ass?' He asked as he shook his dick at me

'Well your fingers sure do feel good' I replied, not trying to sound too keen, even though I was gagging for it.

'Well how about you bend over and I use my fingers on you?' he grinned at me. I didn't take much encouragement as I leant against the wall, keeping my legs apart so he had easy access. I was expecting his fingers to begin to probe, but what I felt was warm and wet, I turned to see him with his face buried in my cheeks, tonguing my asshole.

'Shit that feels amazing' I moaned as he began to eat my hole, digging in his fingers at the same time stretching my hole, he managed to get three fingers in and his tongue and I couldn't take it any more.

'Oh fuck my ass' I shouted, pushing back against his fingers trying to get them in deeper.

'With pleasure' He replied as he withdrew his fingers, I felt the tip of my cock against my hole and braced myself for penetration. As his cock pushed through I felt a shot of pain, but not as bad as I was expecting. I let out a moan as he gradually pushed his long cock balls deep in my ass.

'aw shit it feels so good in there, please fuck me' I cried, he didn't need much encouragement as he began pumping in and out my ass, making me feel like I was in 7th heaven, my own cock rock hard. It felt so good and I knew having this muscle mans dick in my ass was going to make me cum and I shot my load against the wall, this triggered Jones to suddenly fuck even harder and I knew he blowing his load inside me. When he finished he collapsed on my back.

'Damn, thats a fine ass' he breathed 'But its mine turn now' And without giving either of us time to recover, he laid down on his back and lifted up his legs revealing his hole. My dick wasn't quite hard yet so I decided to try what he did to me and bent down and licked his hole, the smell and taste was intoxicating and dug my deeper into his hole tasting his glorious ass. As soon as I was hard again I took my aim and plunged deep into his ass.

The run back was a quiet one, there was no talking, I had just been fucked in the ass and enjoyed it, my mind was spinning a bit. This was the first time I had questioned my sexuality, everything else I just put down to hornyness and needing a hole, but this was different, however the one thing I knew was that I was hooked.

We tried to get out there everyday, and the same thing always happened, except now he would fuck me as well and I loved it. One evening, we were midway through the fun, Jones was lying on his back; holding his legs up as I hungrily ate his beautiful ass.

'I fucking knew you guys were up to something' said a strange voice. I twisted round to see the jerk Brody.

'SHIT' I said as I pulled away from Jones.

'Don't stop man, that ass looks primed for a fucking' Brody said as he walked over, dropping his pants to reveal a his large hard cock. I stood up out the way as he lined up and pushed his bulging cock straight into the ass in front of him.

'Ahhh fuck that's a fine ass' He whined as pushed in balls deep and began to fuck the ass in front of me. Jones moaned in pleasure as he pumped in and out and I stood and jacked my cock looking the beautiful site of two muscle studs fucking.

'Don't just stand there man, come over here and eat ass' ordered Brody, and I did what I was told, I crouched down and got my first taste off his delicious muscle ass. I tongued his hole, working it through the ring and tongue fucked him as he pumped in and out of Jones' ass.

'Aw shit dude, that's fucking awesome, now come and fuck it' Moaned Brody as he pumped in and out of the ass in front of me. I was shocked that he wanted it in the ass, but I wasn't going to miss this oppurtunity, I pulled my cock up and thrust hard into his hole as he threw his head back at the feeling of his ass being stretched open. I pushed in all the way and waited for him to adjust to being stuffed full of my cock, he then began to thrust, impaling himself on my cock as he fucked Jones deep. We fucked in a train and it must have been a beautiful sight, the pace sped up and I knew we were all close, suddenly everything got tighter and faster and then it happened, a three way orgasm as we all blew our loads simultaneously.

I slowly pulled out and we all lay on the floor, catching our breath and not a word was said as we all put our clothes back. As we jogged back Brody began to speak and told us how he was bi; he loved to fuck women but also loved man sex and it started with some of his college football team mates. Brody joined us everyday now for 'jogs' and we would suck,fuck and rim each other, giving me the most satisfying sex i'd ever had.

One day after a hot session Jones suddenly said:

'Hey guys, I've got something to tell you' He said as slowed his run, 'Me and the drill sgt have been fucking since I got here, and i've convinced him to have a 4way with all of us'

'No shit, he's married' Brody replied sounding shocked.

'Yeah but he loves to have man sex, I met him in a bath house just before I arrived here. I have been trying to persuade him for along time to let me bring some buds for some more fun. He hadn't agreed to it because he was worried someone might blab but I truly trust you guys, sorry I didn't tell you earlier' Jones told us.

'I wondered why you always went for private meetings' I laughed, 'does he know who you are bringing?' I asked.

'No, but I know he will be satisfied when I show up with you studly men, so keep saturday night free'. He told us as he began jogging again.

Fuck, I thought to myself, I don't think I can wait that long, drill sgt was a hunk and my mouth was already watering. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have discovered man sex with these studly gods as my mind drifted to images of what would happen on saturday night.


Chris Miller

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