Before I got married I used to enjoy occasionally going out at night by myself and frequenting my favorite adult theater. I would always watch a couple hours of porn and then jack-off in the restroom before returning home. 

It used to be that guys in the audience were discrete in the theaters. Nobody ever exposed themselves. However, it’d been a year since my last visit and I guess that in that time, things had changed drastically. 

When I went into the theater this time, the ticket taker informed me that there were now two theaters, a gay and a straight. I’d never seen a gay movie before so I was definitely curious to know what one looked like. 

As I walked through the doorway, I had to pause to let my eyes to adjust because the theater was pitch-black except for the glow from the screen. When they did finally adjust, I saw two guys fucking on the screen and as I looked around the theater, I saw a man on his knees between the seats giving a blowjob. Now days, a scene like that would be commonplace but back then, it was totally unheard of. 

I quickly found a seat near the guy that was giving the blowjob because I wanted to watch up close. He took his time sliding his mouth up and down his partners cock, pausing at the head for a second and then engulfing him all the way down to the base. It was a real turn-on for me because the guy’s cock was coated with a slimy mixture of spit and pre-cum. In a few seconds, he went over the edge, threw his head back and unloaded into his partner’s mouth. I must say, the guy giving the blowjob was a real pro because he didn’t spill a drop. After his buddy finished shooting in his mouth, he leaned back on his haunches, showed his buddy the pool of cum in his mouth and then swallowed it with one big gulp. 

I was so mesmerized by the action that I didn’t notice when a young black man sat down next to me. He was a good-looking kid that couldn’t have been more than twenty years old. I wondered what a kid like that would be doing in a porn theater. I mean, he should have been out fucking a cheerleader or something.  

Since the blowjob was finished and the two guys got up and left, I turned my attention back to the movie. I kneaded my cock in my pants and prepared to cum in my underwear when I noticed motion from the kid beside me. When I glanced at him, he had his cock out and was stroking it. He looked at me and smiled and then we both looked down at his straining cock. It was over seven thick inches and straight as an arrow surrounded by a thick patch of kinky black hair. He saw that I was kneading my cock. 

“My name’s Randy,” he said in a whisper. 

“Hi, Randy,” I responded, “my name is Bob. I’d shake your hand but I can see that you’re busy.”  

He chuckled at my stupid joke and then sat back in his chair so I could get a good look at his cock. In a place like that, normal social conventions fly right out the window so I wasn’t the least bit hesitant to casually look him up and down. I must say, it was a beautiful piece of meat that looked like it had been carved out of ebony. 

“Well, Randy, you have an impressive piece of meat there.”  

“Thanks,” he said with a grin. “My girlfriend’s out of town so I felt like coming in here to get my rocks off.” He then nodded at my hand in my lap. “Why don’t you take yours out?” 

“Oh, I’m kind of shy,” I answered.  

“Do you want to touch mine?” he asked. 

I’d never felt a cock before so the offer froze me for a second. My eyes darted back and forth from his eyes to that gorgeous cock and then I nervously reached out with my hand. When I wrapped my fingers around it, it felt like a piece of flesh-covered steel. It was pulsing with a life of its own. I couldn’t believe the raw power and the heat that I could feel radiating from it. As I leaned forward my face was so close that I could see the blood throbbing through the rope like veins that lined its ten-inch length. The golf ball size head looked like a huge purple plum peeking out of its coal black foreskin.

He held it at the base while I lightly stroked it up and down. 

“Uuuuuuummm, that feels really good,” he hissed.   

Then he reached over to knead my rock-hard cock through my pants and it too felt really good! We played with each other for a couple of minutes until Randy laid his arm on the back of my seat. After I stroked him a few times he kind of brought his arm forward and pushed me towards their lap. As my head moved closer to his lap he took the back of my head and guided my mouth to his cock.  I knew what he wanted and to be truthful, I wanted it too. I opened my mouth, wet my lips and bent my head toward his lap as he pushed his cock into my eager mouth.   

All of a sudden I was sucking a cock…Randy’s manly, hard, cum filled cock. I was amazed at how good it tasted and how good it felt in my mouth. I’d never done this before and I loved it.   

I'm not proud of what I did that night…in fact I’m downright embarrassed. I held his cock at the base and sucked it in and out like I’d seen the other guy doing.  For the next few minutes I was a cock-sucking whore, bobbing my head up and down on Randy’s rock hard dick.  

He sat there with his legs wide and his arms on the back of the seats and I just devoured him. As I worked his shaft in and out of my mouth, Randy was moaning, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh,” and moved his hips in time with my mouth. His hips began humping faster and he lasted about six or eight minutes before I felt his cockhead enlarge and he told me, “Oh shit…I'm going to cum."  And I told him that I was hoping he would soon. Finally I was rewarded when he started to unload right in my mouth. He cum volumes and I swallowed it all.

It was amazing how quick a guy can zip up and almost at a run…leave… once he’s cummed. As Randy raced up the aisle towards the exit I found myself looking around to see who else was here. Getting my face in Randy’s lap had been so easy I saw no reason that I couldn’t make it happen again.

The end…



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