After graduation from high school, Damon decided to remain on the ranch and work with his Dad as the only heir to the ranch. Bud, the 70-year-old ranch foreman, had five grown children and 5 grandchildren including Troy. Three months ago after graduating from college, Troy visited the ranch to spend some time with his grandfather where he met Damon. Troy and Damon spent the first week cutting and bailing hay as well as time fishing in the streams on the ranch.

Although Damon, a gay young man, was rather shy and cautious, he had the strongest urges to make wild steamy sex with Troy. He masturbated every night fantasying about fucking and being fucked by hot Troy, the Roman like herculean god. He thought about almost nothing else during that week and how he might make his move to get into Troy's pants. How in the hell could he make his move?

Over the past year, Damon had fucked his buddy, the 25-year-old next door rancher's son. They had sucked cock and fucked each other at least twice a week.

Troy has had an insatiable sex drive ever since puberty. During the celebration on his 18th birthday with his high school friends, the team's football quarterback seduced him that night after they both had gotten drunk. The athletic stud had drilled Damon's virgin ass behind the barn. The sex was so hot and sensuous that Troy had many gay encounters since that night not only with the quarterback but with other of his high school buddies and later with hot guys in college. He became known on campus and around town as the best cocksucker and hottest ass over the years. He had become what one might call a gay whore. Guys were after him constantly for a wild night of sex and a great ass to fuck. But that reputation had fortunately not reached the ranch.

The irony of that first week on the ranch was how bad Damon and Troy desired each others' body but had not made a move fearing the possibility of rejection or even worse such a move could leak to the rancher's workers as well as Damon's father and Troy's grandfather who would be furious with them.

Troy had spent the first week with his grandfather in the foreman's bunk house while Damon slept in his own bedroom in the main ranch house.

Then an unplanned development changed everything when Damon's parents took a weekend to visit their parents who lived in a city 40 miles away. Damon asked Troy to spend the weekend at the main ranch house so they could spend time playing video games.


After we finished dinner on Friday night, we went into the den and began playing a video game featuring two race car drivers. As the race sped up and Troy's car passed my car, he jumped up off the sofa in great excitement. I got a great view of his hot bubble tight ass in those tight faded jeans. He began to unconsciously wildly twist his butt as he maneuvered his car around a sharp race track. The scene was too much for me as I forgot about racing and starred at that awesome hot bubble ass. I felt my cock began to grow in my briefs. Soon I had a full erection of my 8-icnh tool.

When Troy finally calmed down as he left my car in the dust, he started to sit down while still watching the screen. Not looking at the sofa, he accidentally flopped down on my lap. His ass landed on top of my pulsating steel hard cock. I felt my erect cock push hard against his pants and ass crack despite our clothes preventing flesh on flesh. But it was obvious that he felt my raging cock pushing against his pants and butt. Man, this was what I had been dreaming about happening ever since he arrived on the ranch.

Instead of getting up, Troy turned his head toward my face and said: "WOW, buddy, fuck, your cock is hard as steel against my ass. You are really turned on. Is it my ass that has you so horny?"

"Oh fuck yea, I'm horny as hell. You have me fucking hot for your body. To hell with the video game, I want your cock and ass right now."

At that moment, I reached my hand around and found Troy's crotch. He had a huge bulge forming a tent in his jeans as I rubbed my hand across that hot bulge. I felt what I thought was a giant cock. Yea, I was sure that it was his hard cock. It could not be anything else. Man I had to get that tool out of those pants and in my watering mouth.

Troy looked into my eyes with his lustful eyes, put his hands on the back of my neck and plunged his tongue past my lips and deep into my throat. Our tongues took turns penetrating each others' mouth. Our tongues began what felt like two warring swords in competition. We kissed violently for several minutes while I continued to rub my hand across the outline of his monstrous growing cock and wet spots on his pants. I also pushed my swollen cock up toward his ass crack. We both were then wild with lust for each other. The hot tongues exploring each others' throat, my rubbing the outline of that big snake and my now leaking cock trying to penetrate his ass were too much for us to remain clothed.

Troy got up off my lap, pulled me up off the sofa, pulled my polo shirt up and off my head, took off my shoes, unbuttoned my pants, pulled them off and gave me a hard hand across my crotch.

I in turn pulled off his shirt, took off his shoes, unzipped his pants, pulled them off and kissed him hard. He stood there in his boxers with a rock hard 10-inch huge cock with a large cock head that had escaped the fly on his boxers. Man it was so beautiful as goo dripped from the piss slit. I had to have that cock in both my mouth and up my ass.

As we stood almost completely naked, we appeared to be about identical in size and features. We stood 5-feet and 10-inches tall; weighed around 160 pounds; light brown hair and brown eyes; hairless chests, stomachs and legs; and hard ribbed bodies from my ranch work and his athletic body from years as a high school and college wide receiver on the football teams.

Next Troy threw me on the sofa on my back, spread my legs far apart exposing my ass and cock, got down between my legs and began to use his mouth, lips and tongue to lick at my aching cock through my briefs. Once my briefs were wet with his saliva and my oozing pre-cum, he took his thumbs and lowered my briefs releasing what had become my purple erect cock from the restraints of my briefs. He began to lick up, and down my really hot cock shaft as he took one of his hands, put it behind him and pulled off his boxers. We were now both completely naked.

He spent lots of time licking and kissing up and down my cock shaft, took one of his hands and pulled my big balls up tight into the palm of his hand, and took total charge of my body. He began to use his other hand to jack off his own throbbing cock. I took my hands and began to rub them through his sexy hair. Soon he began taking my cock head into his mouth and suck hard on it causing more goo to drain from my piss slit. He began to gradually slide my cock down his throat. I'd never felt such sucking power on my cock. He had a magic way to use his lips and tongue to give my cock the most erotic massage. I was about to faint from the pleasure of the blowjob. He swirled his tongue around my pulsating cock, took turns clamping his sexy lips down hard on the base of my cock, bobbed up and down with such exact precision that I was in total lust. I felt his jaw muscles massage my tool. This was the best blowjob I'd ever had. It was like some form of nirvana as to ultimate pleasure.

"Oh fuck yea, oh my god, do not stop. Mmmmm, Ahhhhhhh, yea, suck me, suck me, yea that is it. Swallow all my cock and make me pay."

He sucked my cock, played with my balls and jerked off his own cock for the longest time. The smell of his sweaty body made me crazy for him. After at least seven or eight minutes giving me the most awesome blowjob, he came off my cock, moved up and sat his hot bubble ass down on my chest as he plunged his wet cock down my throat. The smell of his crotch was so intoxicating. He used his feet and legs to prop himself up above my head and then he began to slide his hot dripping cock deep into my throat. As he thrust his big tool in and out of my mouth, I felt the tip of his big cock hit my tonsils. He face fucked me for a very long time while I swallowed his tasty salty pre-cum. I used my hands to rub his ass cheeks and then I drove a finger deep into his ass. Man his ass juices began to lubricate my finger. My fingering fucking his wet slick ass drove him wild as he fucked my mouth with even greater force. We both were sweating profusely and smelling like two construction workers. His butt was moving up and down with greater speed and a very smooth precision as I continued to finger fuck his ass. Finally, I pulled my finger out of his ass, put it up to my nose to smell his juices and then stuck it in my mouth along side his big cock. I used my slick finger to began massaging his cock in my mouth that made him even more horny.

The sensation of my warm mouth on his cock and my finger massaging his hot penis over took him as he tried to remove his cock from my mouth so he would not come. But it was too late. As he withdrew his huge cock, he blasted load after load of warm thick cum all over my face, in my mouth, on my chest and on my head. It was like it was raining cum from the sky. As he came near being spent, I grabbed the base of his cock and plunged it deep into my throat. I sucked his cock hard until I had milked the last drop of his white gold from that monstrous cock.

When I released his wood from my mouth, he lowered his head and mouth and began to lick his cum off my body. When his mouth was full of his seed, he dumped the load in my mouth. We kissed and enjoyed the protein.

Troy got up and said: "Damon, damn it, damn it, shit, I wanted to fuck that hot ass of yours. You are so hot. Fuck my ass baby and let me rest so I can recover and fuck you later. You fuck me now.

I had Troy get down on the carpet on his stomach. I parted his legs; got between them; I lubed his big bubble ass; lubed my cock and filled with lust drove my cock deep into that man pussy. His well-worn ass from previous big cocks drilling him took my cock with no problem. I began fiercely drilling his ass with my hard cock until I was deep inside him. I used the tip of my cock to give his prostate the best feeling and massage. I went wild fucking that man pussy while Troy bucked his ass up to me my fresh meat. We both were breathing hard, moaning and grunting like two wild beasts.

After some ten minutes satisfying his pussy with my cock, I pulled out and had Troy put his head and shoulders down on the carpet, put his butt and back up against the front of the sofa and his legs high in the air. I got up on the sofa and drove my cock downward into his very exposed ass. I began to pile drive my cock down deep into his ass chammel as I fucked him with no mercy. We both were so turned on and the feel of flesh against flesh was awesome. This was a terrific position to use my cock to pile drive my weapon deep into his ass channel. Soon my balls tightened, my cock head swelled and I felt the creme leave my balls and gush out of my piss slit and deep into Troy's big man pussy. I had a huge load of semen shoot out of me.

I put him flat on the floor, put my mouth and tongue up into his asshole and sucked out lots of my cum. I spit it down his throat and we kissed with more cum sharing. We had now enjoyed both our seeds with one another.

In about 30 minutes, Troy was ready to go again. I was now going to get my ass filled with that 10-inch cock. He took me to the kitchen. He got some whip creme from the refrigerator, poured it all over his cock and had me eat it off his cock as I sucked that awesome tool. Wow, what a neat meal.

Next he placed me sitting on top of the kitchen counter with my legs hanging over the edge, had me lean back, he lifted my legs and feet up in the air revealing my once again growing cock and exposed ass as he poured some of the whip creme on my asshole. He got down, and used his fingers to push the whip creme deep into my ass. He stood up and began to slowly insert that monstrous cock head into my insides along with the cold whip creme. Man the wet creme felt good and so different in my ass. He used his feet and hips to push forward as he slid his manhood all the way into my man pussy. He began a long series of driving his cock deep and pulling part of the way out before driving his wood all the way back in. He fucked me for some 10 minutes when all at once he pulled all the way out. What was he doing pulling out? Why wasn't he filling my ass with his warm creme? I wanted him to breed me.

Shit, he took a wine glass, put it at the tip of his cock and began jerking off until he shot a huge load of his white seed into the wine glass. He gave it to me and ordered me to drink the cum from the glass that seemed to be like several ounces of such a huge cum load. It was kinky thing to do but also so sexy for me to obey him. The cum was both sweet and salty. We then kissed and had another meal of protein.

We showered, went to bed and embraced as our nude bodies melted together. I agreed that I would convince my father to hire Troy as a ranch hand so we could have years to fuck and suck. This idea so excited Troy that he threw me on my stomach, put a pillow under my crotch and shit he drove that big cock deep in my ass. He fucked me for the longest time when I finally felt his cock swell even more and he dumped a huge load of semen in my ass. Yea, I got my wish for hot Troy to breed me. The feel of his wet cum in my man pussy had made me truly part of his being.


Naughty Eric


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