I was in my basement room watching TV, the house to my own when I heard a knock on the door.

Let me describe myself first, I am an 18 year old swimmer, have a great body, big perfect muscles, broad shoulders, thin waist and I'm completly hairless except for the trail from my navel to my pubes. I am gay. I've got copper coloured hair and greenish brown eyes to complete with perfect teeth (after having braces), my only flaw is that I am really pale. I was wearing a white V neck, some black tight jeans and and a Panda hat (I am the manga childish boyish cute kid in the school who wears the strange things) Plus my ray-ban thick black glases, wich actually look great on me. Oh, I have my upper ears pierced, and to tattos, hip and wrist.

Well, I went upstairs to open the door, in my doorstep was my best friend completly soacked in his pj's and crying, a backpack filled with clothes by his feet. 'Guille! What's wrong?! What happened?! Oh my gosh you are soacked! Get in!'. Guille is my best friend,we have been friends since kidergarden!He is the sports allstar, sandy-blonde hair and green eyes. A beautiful body and full plumb lips made for kissing wich hide perfect white teeth.

He was sobbing, his breathing ragged 'They...Martin o Martin, they...they kicked me out' I didn't have time for this right now, I brought him to my room, stripped him down (ignoring my growing bonner) and put him under the hot shower his glistering totally hairless broad muscled body...I was drooling...so slim, but strong and protective at the same time. I pushed this thoughts away, he was criying naked in my shower! Not moving, I asked him if he would wash himself or did he need me to do it, he didn't answer he was in shock so I washed him, made sure I cleaned his damped hair and his body, my cock getting harder and harder but I was ignoring it, when I was sure he was at a normal temperature again and not shacking, i wrapped him in my towel and led him to my bed where we sat together, I put my hand around his shoulder 'It's okay Guille, everything will be ok, what happened buddy?' He sniffed, then looked straight in my eyes, his green eyes glassy and puffy from criying, he looked so vulnerable I hugged him tighter 'You can count on me bud'I gave him a warm smile 'M-my Dad found my porn stash...he grabbed me from the t-shirt and kicked me out, then my clothes were fliying from the window, he said he didn't want me anymore' he breaked into a sobb 'Heeey hey hey, that isn't such biggie, all of us pervert teens watch porn! Cheer up budd!'He sniffed, and looked down like if he was ashamed 'But...my porn...my porn was gay...' This shocked me, he knew I was gay, everyone did, I was open, proud and accepted but him gay, HIM? The star athlete the girls ran behind?My best friend? My crush?!He grinned at my astonished look 'Oh? You didn't know?' He said mockingly and then leaned to kiss me, bursting my mouth open, our tongues fighthing in a passionate breathtaking kiss.

He stripped me down with delicate movements, our mouths never parting, his hard cock grinding against my abs while he removed my hat and tussled my hair. We finaly broke to take some air, and liying ontop of me, he started nibbling at my neck, moving downwards, playing with my nipples and leaving goosebumps along my skin. When he got to my 81/2 inch cock lust took his eyes, without hesitation he put it in his mouth 'Ahhhhhhhhh' I moaned, he smilled 'Turn around dude so I can work on you' he did as I told him and pretty soon his 8 inch cock was right infront of me, I plunged the head in my mouth and started swirling it with my tongue while tugging at his balls, I deep throated him, burrying my nose in his pubes, so sexy...He was sucking franaticaly and playin with my balls when my fingers came along his ass, I plunged a finger inside 'Ughhhhhhh...a-aaahhhhh' up went the second finger and he started sucking viciously, when my third finger got up there we both climaxed, swaloowing every drop of cum and kissing afterwards, with a salty taste on our tongues.

He fell asleep in my arms, and I just kissed him in the forehead and went to sleep to.



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