Hello, my name is Elliot, but everyone calls me Eli. I'm 19 years old. I'm also a college student who got a free ride on a academic scholarship. I have few friends, and the ones I do have i trust very well. I'm openly gay so almost everyone knows. Oh, i forgot to mention that i am mixed with black and Hispanic. 5'11, 160( i worked to put weight on to fight off bullies), with hazel eyes that i get from my mom.

My roommate was out at a party, and i had to study for a huge test in writing composition. About half way through my roomie called and told me to come down to the party. I figured since i had studied enough i deserved a break. Grabbed my jacket, closed the door and left. When i arrived they where playing a throw back song; Rhiana- Please don't stop the music. I walked in' and i saw my roomie dancing with some chicks, and a bunch of people standing around talking. I saw my best friend Jessie, she was wearing her black long skirt with the split to show off her very strong but feminine legs. She waved at me and walked over.

"Hey, Eli i thought you had to study?" "I was, but i needed a break and decided to come here." She sipped out of her cup and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear "There's this really cute guy here and he has these really unique eyes." I looked at her with a smirk on my face, and giggled, "why would you tell me that? you know i'm a sucker for colorful eyes." She just giggled and danced away. So after a few drinks and dances with Jess, i was ready to leave. As i was about to leave, someone bumped into me and i spun around to find him!!!

"Sorry dude, I really need to watch where i step." As he spoke i just stared at how beautiful he was, his smile was beautiful, he had to be about 180, pure muscle from what i could tell. He was the perfect shade of brown, and from his accent, Hispanic. He was rubbing the back of his head, when i looked into his dazzling purple eyes. I started to instantly melt, that's when i realized he asked me my name. I responded " Elliot Williams." he smiled that angelic smile, "My name is Darius, nice to meet you Elliot." I just shook my head and continued to stare. "Well guess i better be going. See you around Elliot." Once again i just shook my head, and watched as he walked away waving.

Jess walked over and snapped her fingers in front of my face. "Earth to Eli!!! Any body home?!!" I shook my head, and woke to see Jess staring at me weirdly. "What's wrong, is there something on my face?" "No, you just had a outer space moment. But I did see you talking to him!" I looked back out into the party, and saw him the guy of my affection. There he was, a tall handsome guy, who would never fall for me, even if he was gay, or even curious.

I returned to my room that night, and had dreams of Darius. I imagined him holding me in his long, strong but sensual arms. His chiseled mustached face next to mine. Him whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Suddenly i here a weird noise coming from out side my bedroom door. When I open my door I'm shocked to see what awaits me....



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