It all began at a Railroad crossing.

One day Dean was riding his bike alone and was roaming in a village area unknown to him. He was enjoying the ride when he came to a railway crossing and the gate was down since the train was expected to pass.  The road was deserted while he waited there. He started to think if he met someone here how nice it would be to have sex with a stranger as both would not know each other and if they refused no harm done. Just then another bike pulled up and stopped next to him. So since he had nothing to do he said.

Nice place ha.. Peace n quiet

Other biker said... Yes, not a single person on the road except you

Dean: Do you know where one can get a good place to have sex around here.

Other guy: I'm from here and not that I know off. What yuo have in mind?

Dean: Anything, just that I'm feeling very horny right now.

Dean introduced himself

David: I'm David, I live around here come over and let’s try and see around if you want.

Dean agreed and once the train passed they proceeded to David’s place.

David: So what you meant by any sex. You want a girl, guy or what.

Dean: Just want to satisfy my horny state.

David: You tried anal sex.

Dean: My girl doesn’t want. I tried to convince her.

David: Hmm many girls feel the same way.

Dean:  So you know anyone who is willing to bend?

David: Kind of, are you open enough to try with a guy.. How horny are you?

Dean: As horny as I'll ever will be, but if you know someone or you tried maybe?

David: Have you been with a guy like that before?

Dean: No I thought about it but never did.

David: Would you like to explore?

Dean: Hmm... Anyways no ones know me here so its safe.

Now while this discussion was going on Dean was sitting on a rest chair in centre of David room and David was moving around his room doing stuff and started to change his shirt. Several times he moved behind dean while removing his shirt and dean took it as he wants some privacy and was cool. David spoke several times behind him.

David: If its a guy would you suck him off. Would you try anal?

Dean: At this moment if it makes me cum why not... Who you have in mind? a friend?

David moved to dean side where dean was not looking and said

David: How about me.

Dean was still preoccupied with his thoughts he didn't notice David at his side

Dean: Are you gay man?

David: No but your thought got me in a mood for an adventure.

Dean turned around to see David. What he saw was a well toned guy which he did notice when he first saw him but now he was minus his clothes n fully nude waiting on dean to move to him.

David was well hung even in a flaccid state and had an amazing bubble ass. Dean cock got a shiver at the site of David nude body.

David: When you asked the question at the railroad crossing it got me thinking I don't know him let’s try. If not no harm done.

David: Come on and try it I know you are hungry I saw your boy move just now in your pants

Dean could not lie as his pants minus an underwear could not save him from disguising his semi hardening rock.

Dean: Whoa!! how big can you get?

David: Open your mouth and see in due time if you can handle it... It grows well and then you can give your hole a go

Dean: I never been with a guy before, it won't go in and it will hurt

David: we will see if you can resist later now are you game or what?

David put his hands around the back of dean head an lured him towards his wood. Just then dean notice David cock shiver at the site of dean juicy plum lips nearing his wood.

With one split second dean opened his mouth and his lips greased the head of David cock. Dean felt David cock shiver in ecstasy as his warm hot lips gobbled him up slowly. David felt the blood rush into his soft cock like a lava dam bursting its molten liquid filling his dick with hot warm fluid hardening him every second dean mouth was conquering his shaft.

Dean slowly withdrew his mouth and took site of David semi hard cock which looked like it doubled in size, he thinking if it get even bigger he would be screaming when David mounts his ass.

Dean went on to lick David balls rolling his tongue like a paint brush on a canvas. David let out a deep exhale as he was not expecting that sensation which felt like a hidden "ON" switch was just activated below is cock.

David: Good I found you and brought home. I'm going to enjoy you and that too I never knew how good a guy can blow, my girl doesn't even have a clue

Precum started to ooze out of David from these words and got dean all excited. He quickly licked it up and swallow David’s cock whole.

David was in amaze.

Dave: Fuck!! no one could do that to me.

David was right cause his dick stood at 9' inches hard

Dean started to slowly play with his cock in his pants which was rock hard now and dripping of precum

David seeing this lifted dean up and said

Dave: let me return the favor you can’t have all the fun

Dean: I never seen a size like yours.

David dropped dean pants and there stool a rock hard 7' and a half inch thick sausage. Though dean was smaller to David he made it up in girth.

David: Hmmm!!! after I pound you. I want this monster in me. But first...

With that David opened his mouth and tried to take it in. It was some task. See dean was so thick you needed a broad smile to please it.

David: Your girl sure doesn't leave you out of her sight.. Same will be here. You gonna tear my ass open man even I never had anything invade it.

Dean hearing this felt a tremble run down his cock and David felt it hit his tongue quite strong.

Dean: It’s your first time with a guy.. I'm going to enjoying this like two sessions in one.

David on hearing this took in Dean full deep. Dean felt David throat stretch and his whole body shivered. Dean's cock gave a violent thrust by itself in David throat. He could see David feel the thunder in David eyes as if he would past out.

The whole of David throat was stretched like never before

Just then Dean withdrew his hard cock from David mouth. For a split second it felt like it was lodged in tight and wouldn’t come out. David voice was nearly gone cause his throat was stretched.

Dean: Wow but if you go on mate I'm gonna cum and I want to enjoy this much longer.

David: You can cum multiple times I'm game.

Dean: I want to deep throat you like that.

And next moment Dean opened wide taking in David. He gagged as it went in 7 inches but he was determined to get all 9 in. David now could feel dean lower throat clinching on to his cock as it had never been invaded before. Dean held it there for a moment while David grabbed Dean hair and head like a coconut shell and gasped. The feeling was blow his mind

David: that why they call it a blow job

David started to breath heavy as dean throat was squeezing his cock. Dean was in amaze that he took all in and wanted to hold it as long a he could. The heavy breathing of David was making David cock vibrate in dean throat n precum was leaking out of dean cock.

David: Fuck! if ur ass is as tight as ur throat I want in now

With that David pulled out his cock gently. Dean eyes were full of water as he was holding his breath. At the sight of David cock head dean saw with his watered eyes that David cock hole was flowing with transparent precum n lots of it. As David kept inhaling his breath with ecstasy his precum kept flowing gently like waves.

Dean: I want to drink more

David: later I'll first fill u up n then u can have the second round in ur throat. Now bend over n be my fuck buddy

Dean: go slow I beg u

David: slow as a snail.

 Winking at dean

Now David placed his well lubbed cock full of dean saliva at the entry to dean fuck hole.

Dean shivered at the touch of David cockhead on his ass

David could feel dean ass tighten even harder trying to defend itself from an invasion

David: just relax I'm not going to enter u yet. N he started to French kiss dean who returned the kiss wilfully.

Dean: not yet?

David: nah they don't know each other let’s give them some time and see if they become friends or even lovers ur ass and my cock

Dean: what can we do to help them?

David: let see. Let me try pressing the door bell n see if the door will open.

With that said David applied a tiny amount of pressure to his head on Dean’s  ass. Dean ass responded by closing even tighter.

Dean: looks like its closed for business.

David: hmm maybe but I think its about opening time. U can help it by try to keep closed tight as hard as possible.

Dean acknowledged and pressed tight on his ass as he was anticipating pain if David got in. David told him to hold tight as long as possible n tell him when dean can’t hold anymore. Dean accepted and held on. 20-25 seconds later n he exhale 

Dean: David I can't hold on more tighter. 

David knew it was true as he felt Dean’s ass relax a bit. But David was patient.

David: that's OK breath n try again

Dean tried n this time less than 13 sec. David smiled

David: go on buddy again.

Dean was now quite exhausted from clinching his asshole muscle he attempted yet again to hold tight


Just after the third second dean felt a sensation like no other. Like as if a candle was been place on a freshly baked icing cake. The candle was been pressed in firmly through the icing.

The tip of David head was slowly gliding into Dean

David: I guess the mall is now opened for business.

 With a smile of victory as he was patiently waiting for this moment.

Dean was In a surprised sense as first he couldn’t tell what was coming in but it felt so good nothing he ever felt before.

Dean tried to tighten his ass but the moment he let go more of David cock glided in. Dean was brimming with pleasure. He urged David to not speed up and he inhaled deeply as dean feared the pain. But all he got was a bit pressure n hardly any pain.

Dean: Ahhh! that is so good. Don't ever take it out.

David pretended to exit just to tease dean to which dean clinched his ass to lock David cock in.

Then David got a nice surprise.

As soon as David stopped trying to withdraw his dick, dean ass started to swallow David in deep.

David cock gave a hard shudder and dean felt it. So hard that he half held his scream.

Dean: fuck u r deep in me... U r a wizard.

David smiling: I am aren't I. U glad u met me ha.

Dean: fuck me nice n slow....... How will I walk after this.

And dean was right with every stroke his ass was spreading wider as David went deeper n deeper.

Few minutes past n then Dean let out a gasp. He started breathing heavier

David: how does my dick feel in u... U like my rod. Ass boy, u want more. Say u want more

Dean: ahhh David please don't stop.

David: yes beg I like when u beg

Dean: harder Dave harder put it all in

N dean was right to say that cause david was only 6 in and Dean wanted to feel the remain 3

With one nod David penetrated in deep. Dean let out an another gasp. A bit to David surprise he was not expect the feeling inside dean. First David felt when he went in more he hit a wall and he couldn't go further. But when dean said put it all in n David pushed. He felt the wall open.

The feeling was amazing as if he entered a hole in a hole. It was tighter than dean asshole entrance. It felt like a VIP zone.

David: fuck what was that.

Dean: it feels awesome man what u doing... U r so deep. Cum inside here man.. Cum for me.

David started to increase his speed as dean urged him on more in more. David smile and said

David: I'll cum but first I was ur ass in me then I'll get back here. I want to enter this VIP zone again later

(in a Guy's ass there are two walls which are called sphincters. One is the asshole we can all see and one is a wall 7 to 8 inches inside deep, if a dick is long enough it can penetrate that wall. So only few dicks which are long can gain access here that's why its called the VIP zone.. Its like fucking two asses in one)

David kept pumping for sometime cause even though he wanted to get a feel of dean thick cock.. The sensation of this second access he found was holding him back from leaving and Dean didn't want it to stop any sooner

Dean: u can cum multiple time inside here don't hold back.

David was full of pleasure his body was shaking in satisfaction as he pulled his dick out. Dean moaned saying its so deep pull it out slowly. David did as told.

Dean: so deep and long

He was right every centimetre felt like a mile of pleasure.

When David got it out finally he buried dean cock in his mouth to suck up all deans precum n there was lots of it inside his cock. Dean was bursting with pleasure.

David: now its ur turn, u not going to have all the fun.

Put that hulk in me now

Dean got up. He did not need to put any lubricant on his rock hard rod as David spread a lot of dean own precum around dean's cock so it was quite slippery

David: now let see if I can say ur name

Dean laughed a second later his cock was trying to enter David.

Dean tried the same way David got in dean.

The third attempt was like before

1..2..3.. ecstasy!!!

David yelped at the entry of dean huge rod.

David: now I know how it feels to be banged by the hulk.

Dean: is it big enough for u to say my name (smirking)

David: what say... I need to spell it... It's.... so... Fuckin.. Huge.

N with every trust of dean cock David spelt

David: D...E..ahhh...n.

Dean(smiling): wrong spell again

Dean pumped harder this time

David: D..ahh...ahhhE..ahhhhh............fuuuckiii.n.

Dean: I love ur spelling... Again this is amazing

N dean pounded David as David cried for more n harder. He liked it rough. Precum was oozing out of his own cock. Dean withdrew sucked David's tip off and rammed David with his cock again.

David screamed

David: fuck me Dean Hulk all nite... And early morning wake me to the feeling of ur cock in me.

They changed positions multiple times and David enjoyed dean entering him again and again. Dean withdrew his whole cock and entered again. David didn't want it to stop he wanted more n more . and dean was a real hulk.... His power was endless. Time n time he pounded and David still could not spell

David: D..ahh...ahhhE..ahhhhh............fuuuckiii..n. me....

D Fuckinnnn me

He kept misspelling.. N dean enjoyed it every time.. Then dean said

Dean: FUCK!!!! I’m going to shoot then I want u to empty ur load in me

David: ahh fill me man

Dean: fuck I'm cumin I

Less than a split second David felt a shot of hot steamy cum shot deep in again and again and again 7 times. He felt it hit his throat n to his head he was about to pass out.

Dean had to wait cause he was still gently cumming inside slowly...

David: I want some in my mouth.

Dean dick popped out which gave Dave a twitch but David just swallowed dean cum drops into his mouth.

David: that taste so good

Dean: I can see that

David licked it all up n then jested dean to give his ass

Dean was exhausted but obliged. this time Dave entered with easy n returned dean the favour fucking him hard n deep... Back in the VIP zone.

For nearly an hour he banged dean. As if he had not got enough before.. Dean was in another world. soon dean shot his load again cause Dave was so deep his cock was shagging dean from inside. This was it for David the very next moment he was flooding Dean’s ass. Dean could feel it going more deep. He wanted to suck it but David wanted to fill it all in, and he did...

 The next morning they repeated it all again.


Railroad Crossing


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