My name's Rafael Solinas, and I'm a twenty-year-old barman in London. I work in a gay club that closes up the front doors at eleven and allows sex in the open. We keep the back entrance open (no pun intended) for the guys that come and go, and business is great. I work most nights, and I work two hours a day at lunch to keep me going. I'm also a gymnast, but I've not quite been discovered yet.

It was a cold night at the start of December, and I had to knock the heating in the club up to max. After all, in a club known for it's open sex policy, I couldn't have everyone getting cold and wrapping up. Freezing cold temperatures are generally a turn-off, see.

So anyways, there I was, serving drinks with a smile when at ten o'clock, in walks an absolute god. He was 6'4, built like a brick wall with short and spiky brown hair. Imagine David Boreneaz, only hotter and a lot more built. He had the most piercing blue eyes I'd ever seen, and my knees went weak when they turned in my direction. His bright eyes looked right into my own emerald green ones, and for a minute I thought I saw something about them change. They became warm and inviting, and then he glanced away, moving to one of the alcoves to sit on his own.

I hesitated for a while, waiting until half past ten to go over and talk to him. Well, he had been watching me since he sat down, and I thought that it was only fair I return the favour. I mixed up one of my favourite cocktails and walked over to him with it, placing the glass down on his table. He looked up at me and smiled, biting his lip a little.

'What's your name?' I asked, my voice confident and calm as ever.

'Leo,' he answered, taking hold of my hand and pulling me closer gently. I moved and sat up on the table facing him as he sat in the small booth. He seemed to like this little arrangement, and he began stroking my inner thigh with his huge hands. I shuddered softly, and he smiled. 'Your name?'

'R-Rafael... or Raf,' I replied, shifting slightly and knocking off the glass from the table. I slowly leaned back, resting on my elbows to allow him more access. I moaned under my breath as he continued to stroke my thighs.

Before I knew it, the time had passed and it was now 11 o'clock. My workmate, Liam was behind the bar, motioning for me to lock up the front doors. I nodded to him and got up from the table, running my fingers down Leo's leg as I did so. His eyes fluttered as I did, and I somehow knew I was in for some fun that night.

After locking up, I noticed a change in the club immediately. Men began to strip down and already there was a line of guys waiting to fuck the slutty little college boy, bent over the table like some kind of toy. I looked around for Leo but I couldn't seem to find him, so I walked back to the bar and hopped up onto it. I sat up there, turning around to face Liam and talk when I felt a pair of large hands on my leg.

There was Leo, removing my flip-flops from my feet and then placing them on his crotch area. Now, I'd never really done much with feet before, but I could see that this guy was into it, and so I decided it was worth a try. I began to rub one foot on the huge bulge in his jeans, moving the other one up and down his thigh roughly. I wanted to get the message across that I was willing to do whatever he wanted, and this seemed to be working.

He suddenly lifted me up with his huge, bulging arms and set me down on his lap, my tight, round bubble butt pressing down on his bulging package, a lot bigger already than anything I'd seen. My own 8' cock was throbbing in my tight boxers, beneath my white board shorts. I wanted this man so badly, and I was just waiting to jump him. I grabbed my glass of water from the bar and tipped it over Leo's tight white shirt. He gasped as the chilled liquid spilled down his body, the shirt becoming completely see-through. 'I think that needs to come off... it's all wet,' I winked.

I smirked, getting off his lap, picking up my shoes and beckoning him to the back of the bar, where the private rooms were. People could pay extra per night, week or month to have a private room in the back all to themselves... and whoever else they liked. Of course, us barmen had a couple of rooms between us that we could always use, sectioned off from the others. I led Leo down the corridor, stopping at the last room on the right, my personal room.

I threw open the door and pulled him in, slamming and locking it behind us. Immediately, I felt two large hands on my ass, kneading it and squeezing it roughly. I turned around and felt his lips on mine, and I moaned. He tried to get his top off, but it was too tight so he just ripped it off in the end. I smiled, and he took the chance to ram his tongue deep into my mouth. I whimpered slightly, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans. He pulled away from me, letting me notice that he wasn't wearing underwear. My eyes widened at his length, and he wasn't even at full size yet, but still a thick nine inches at least!

He lay back on the bed the room had, kicking off his shoes. 'Take off my socks... with your mouth,' he winked, his cock growing more and more. I nodded, kneeling down and putting my mouth upon his ankle socks. I pulled both of them off with my teeth, sucking his toes quickly before standing again; he loved that. I stood up and started doing some stretches for him, showing off my flexibility. I leaned down and touched my toes, my face brushing across my own crotch.

'You can suck yourself off?' he grinned, sounding eager to see me do it. I nodded, and he moaned softly, obviously even more aroused... if that were possible. I stripped down and his cock was now at a full twelve inches... it was absolutely huge. I lay on the bed next to him, stroking his cock gently and kissing him roughly, running my free hand up and down through the light layering of hair on his chest, running down in a flurry to his pubes. He scooped me up in his arms and stood up, setting me down on the floor in front of him, on my knees.

Immediately I began to take his monstrous cock into my mouth, sucking on the head of his manhood with such passion that he had to pull me off almost immediately. It had tasted so good, and I was almost sad to have it taken away. I looked up into his eyes as he continued to jerk his cock with both hands, aiming it towards my face. I saw the sheer pleasure on his face, his eyes rolling up-- and it happened. His huge cock began to shudder, and it shot out several thick, creamy ropes of cum onto my face. I loved it, the feeling of it slap into my skin and the heat, it felt amazing. Some of the hot juice fell into my mouth, and I savoured the sweet, yet salty taste.

Leo came like a stallion, shooting load after load all over my face. After a few minutes he was still, and he leaned down, kissing me and licking his cum from my face. He grabbed a hand towel from the dresser and wiped my face with it. I knew then that tonight was over, but we'd continue some other time.

We left the club about ten minutes later, still kissing roughly and feeling each other up, eyes all on Leo as he showed off his shirtless body. Leo gave me a ride home in his pickup, and we said our goodbyes on my front door step at 1 o'clock. Well, the rest... you'll just have to wait and see.




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