'Wanna fuck around?' I asked quietly.

He hesitated.

The 'he' in this case was Eric, a sexy, lithe soldier in civilian clothes on R&R leave. He'd met up with me and a group of my friends at a straight bar in a seedy part of downtown Honolulu. He was friendly, with a quick smile and a good sense of humor, and we liked him right away. After the bar closed, we all went over to a friend's place and continued drinking beer until I announced I was going home. Eric then asked me if I'd drop him off at the cheap motel he was staying at 'with some buddies.' Of course, I agreed, so here we were in my car outside his motel.

During the evening, he and I had exchanged what I felt were some meaningful glances, and he came across as something of a good-looking flirt. My friends and I were the sort of macho, gruff athletes not usually taken for gay, so my blunt question about wanting to fuck around might have been a bit of a surprise for Eric. I held my breath waiting for his reaction. You've got to ask, but I was prepared for rejection.

He looked at me for a few moments and then whispered, 'Sure. Come on up.'

I smiled, nicely, and began to get out of the car when he added, 'But I don't, you know, do anything...' His voice trailed off but his message of non-reciprocation was clear. It was not the first time I'd heard the same kind of thing from a horny pickup interested only in his own sexual gratification.

'Hey! No problem,' I reassured him. 'We'll just have a little fun. Fuck around. Release pressure. That's all. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.' I purposely used the term 'fuck around' again to reinforce the idea that sex was the goal.

He grinned and got out of the car.

As we approached his room, he put a finger to his lips. 'Let's not make noise. My buddies are in these other rooms. I don't want them to...' Again, his voice trailed of, but I understood and smiled agreeably, not making a sound. He looked relieved.

In the sparse but clean room, he looked bewildered, simply not knowing what to do, but I took the lead and started to undress him, while undressing myself. Under his modest cotton shirt was an impressively well-developed chest with sinewy muscles and large, hard nipples.

'You've got a great body,' I sighed softly, while unbuckling his belt.

'Thanks,' he whispered shyly.

I let his pants slip to the floor. The bulge in his jockey shorts was impressive. Big balls, I figured, and a very long cock which, obviously, was already half-hard. It was a good sign.

He leaned down to step out of and remove his pants as I took off my shirt and dropped my pants. His mouth fell open when my Euro-style bikini briefs came into view just as he was at eye-level with them. I was so aroused that the briefs gapped in front and he could see down into the pouch.

'Geez,' he sputtered, straightening up but continuing to stare down at my unmistakably very large cock. 'You know, I told you that I don't...'

'Don't worry about it,' I interrupted. 'This is going to be fun for both of us. You don't have to do a thing. And you sure won't have to do anything you don't want to do, honest.' I smiled reassuringly.

He nodded nervously, glancing, again, at my cock.

'Let's get you naked,' I said playfully, grinning.

His attention was diverted and he grinned back as I tugged at his shorts. Out popped a perfect penis! Unrestricted, it rose to full glory as we both stared at it. It straightened up, stiffened, extended itself, and blossomed into a deeply hued, large headed, major cock of such giant proportions it seemed too big for his lithe body.

'Man!' I sighed sincerely, 'You've got a perfect body and a tremendous, umm, 'thing'.' I didn't want to put him off by using a word like 'cock.'

'I don't usually show it to a man,' he explained modestly.

'Most men wouldn't know what to do with such a splendid organ, anyhow,' I countered, sliding a hand under his balls erotically and then gingerly toying with them. He cock expanded in reaction to the intimate touch. 'But I do. Let's lie down,' I suggested.

He backed himself towards the narrow bed as I continued fondling those big balls. When his legs touched the mattress he stopped. I slid a hand over his powerful chest as we moved locked together in my erotic grip and toyed with a nipple. He hissed with pleasure, preening with eroticism.

'Feels good, doesn't it?' I asked in a whisper.

He nodded.

'Better than jacking off, isn't it?' I suggested.

He nodded again, grinning.

'But I'll bet you've jacked this baby off a lot,' I said as my fist wrapped itself around the sturdy, hot shaft, 'haven't you.'

He nodded again, this time seriously.

'Me, too,' I told him, trying to disarm him. 'And yours looks like it needs lots of attention, too. Lie down.'

As he stretched out, I quickly slid off my briefs and joined him on the narrow bed, doing my best to keep my erection out of sight. But he could feel it pressing against his thigh.

My hand slid sensuously over his firm dry skin with a massaging tenderness he seemed to enjoy. I touched him from neck to knee, familiarizing myself with his strong body, while watching his cock begin to ooze with excitement.

'You have a wonderful body,' I sighed. Then, I leaned over and kissed a hard nipple and sucked on it, licking it with my tongue. He hissed with pleasure again.

I moved to the other tit and sucked on it, too, while my hand roamed his body touching everything but his cock.

'I... I thought...' he sputtered.

'What?' I asked, raising up and looking him in the eye.

'Well,' he said hesitantly, 'I thought you would jack me off since you talked about jacking off. But you're not touching me, uhh, there.'

'Man, with such a hot body, you can jack yourself off any time you want to. But, me, I'm going to try to suck this big thing...' I grabbed the shaft again and stood the big stiff cock up, pointed at the ceiling, as we both looked down at it, adding, '...if you'll let me try.'

'Suck...' he repeated softly, stopping.

'Yeah,' I sighed, 'like this!' And I lowered my head and kissed the fiery cockhead as he watched. With my lips firmly planted on the slippery smooth skin, I sucked out the pre-cum that filled the big tube.

He groaned with passion.

With that, I slid the entire fat glans into my hot mouth and swirled my tongue around its thick flanges, sucking diligently.

He sucked in his breath in surprise at the thrill of having his cock sucked, and, for the first time, his hand reached up and he touched my back gently. That was another very good sign.

I put my best efforts to work as I sucked the giant cockhead, really enjoying the taste of him and the heat of his meat. Slowly, I strained to receive more of the cock into me. He began excited hip thrusting which matched my own enthusiasm for cocksucking and the big weapon eased itself through my mouth and slowly surged down into my throat.

'Oh, God!' he hissed through clenched teeth. 'What a sensation! It's never felt like this before,' he sighed.

I came up off of the cock and looked up at him. He was wide-eyed with concern that I would stop.

'I'd like to get at it from a better angle on this small bed,' I informed him.

'How?' he asked simply but agreeably. His hand slipped from my back to my hip. He was ready to move for me, being cooperative. The best sign yet.

'Slide down the bed a bit,' I instructed. 'That's it. Now, I'm going to shift around so we're...' I paused as I shifted my body, '...head to toe.' I didn't want to trigger a concern in him by saying we were 'cock to face,' but we had moved into the classic sixty-nine position.

'Well...' he started to say as he stared at my full erection pulsating only inches from his eyes.

'Don't worry,' I assured him, 'this will let me take you in all the way to the base. The throat's in a better position to handle such a big one as yours from this angle and it feels better for both of us.' With that, I quickly re-engulfed his throbbing manhood and managed to get it lodged even further down my throat than before. His hip thrusting enjoyment made the task a mutual pleasure. My skill at cocksucking took over and I began to give him a memorable, deep-throating blowjob, all stops full out.

'Damn! I never knew this could feel so great!' he sighed huskily. Then, suddenly, his fingers touched my cock! 'This one's even bigger than mine,' he announced to himself as the fingers flitted from cockhead to balls and back as if taking a measurement.

I kept sucking cock, feeling my own cock ooze with excitement, but I wasn't going to stop what I was doing to converse with him about cock size. He was a sexy nineteen-year-old and he knew what he was doing. He didn't need instruction from me. When the fingers slid around and formed a fist, tightly pumping firm cockflesh, I knew I was in for more than I had hoped. He had jacked himself off, often enough, so he would know instinctively how to jack me off. I kept sucking! My enthusiasm and vigor were increased tremendously.

'Man,' he hissed through tightly clenched teeth, 'you've just reached bottom. My cock's in you all the way, man. Your nose is tickling my balls. This is terrific! I had no idea a real blowjob could feel so wonderful!'

I kept sucking!

'Anything I've had before now was just kid stuff, playing around, teasing out a load more from jacking than from sucking, but, you, you really know how to suck cock!' His excitement was loosening his inhibitions. And, of course, the beer we'd been drinking made him both agreeable to our tryst and unlikely to fire off prematurely.

I kept sucking!

'And look at this horsecock in front of me. It looks awesome! It looks as good as my own. I never thought another man's dick would look so good...' His voice trailed off.

Suddenly, I felt a hot tongue swipe across the 'Vee' of my cockhead. It felt incredible! I had not expected reciprocal action from this hot stud. I would have been content to bring him to orgasm in my throat and jack off as I did so if he didn't object, or later by myself if he did. That's the way of good cocksuckers with straight trade. But his tongue had just made contact with my cock! The rules of the game had just changed!

Yet, I kept sucking! I figured that a.) he did not want me to stop sucking his cock, and b.) nothing I could say to him would encourage him further to explore my body and my cock but could only interrupt his mood of tipsy discovery. So, I kept sucking! It was a terrific cock to suck! Thick, heavily veined, perfectly rigid, extremely hot, and leaking profuse amounts of lubricating fluids, which made my work easy.

Then, I felt his lips kiss the spot his tongue has just swiped. His fist held my cock against his lips as he moaned with erotic pleasure.

'I never realized a cock could receive such pleasure,' he sighed, 'or give such pleasure,' he added emphatically. The kid was hooked. 'I've thought about it, I'll admit. I've wondered why a man would want to suck another man's cock,' he whispered, mainly to himself but he knew I was listening. 'I never, ever, thought I would want to suck a cock, myself, but this cock smells so good, looks so good, feels so good, and tastes so terrific, that I'm gonna try it!' With that, he kissed my cockhead again and then tried to force the entire expanded head into his virginal mouth.

It hurt a bit, but I did not allow myself to react negatively, instead I pulled my hips back to ease the angle of thrust. The last thing I wanted would be to deflate his enthusiasm. Almost immediately, however, he seemed to sense what he may be doing wrong and shifted his head, lowered his jaw, and accepted me into his mouth comfortably, for both of us. I felt myself throb in his mouth and he felt it too.

'Wow!' he whispered loudly releasing me momentarily. He then recaptured my cockhead and began to suck with an earnest, if inexperienced, determination. I was ecstatic! And I was grateful the beer had dulled my reactions, too, enough to keep me from spurting out my delight immediately.

He sucked on my big cockhead while pumping the shaft with a knowing fist, as I continued a full tip-to-base deep-throating blowjob. When I sensed he was comfortable with his initial experience on my cock, I shifted positions to locate myself above him, knees on both sides of his head, and really worked his meat. This led to his being better able to handle my large erection as I slowly eased some of the shaft into his suctioning, hot mouth.

Suddenly, he groaned and hummed onto my cock, telling me clearly that he was being lifted to orgasmic levels. Quickly I slipped his long cock out of my mouth and whispered loudly, 'If you shoot your load, man, I will, too.' Then, immediately, I recaptured the wonderful cockhead in my mouth and slowly, sensuously, forced my face down its entire long length, glorifying in its strength and rigidity, knowing he was about to blow!

I thought he might say something but he re-invigorated his efforts to suck my cock and I realized he was preparing himself to receive my load, too. That realization caused me to soar into orgasm and I fired a solid volley of cum into him. Immediately, almost spontaneously, he fired a heavy spurt right down my throat! Spurt after spurt of cum filled both of us as we swallowed in unison. It could not have been more completely thrilling. A big cocked novice drinking my cum as I swallowed his mammoth, juicy load!

When he was finished, I held the cockhead in my mouth, licking it clean, then deep-throated the wonderful weapon and waited for it to begin to deflate. He held my cock in his hand, apparently watching it as it softened somewhat. But his cock did not begin to deflate, and mine soon began to re-harden seriously. He began lapping at it like an ice cream cone until it began oozing fluids again. Then he rejoined me in cocksucking and the serious efforts to bring each other off started up again. It was terrific!

It took longer, lasted longer, felt even better as I was able to ease even more cock into him without hearing a whimper, and just as I felt his nose touch my balls, we both blasted off together for the second time, ejaculating huge loads into each other. It could not have been better!

Afterwards, I re-shifted positions, lying head to head with him on my side, but he turned his back, facing the wall and when I touched his hip, he pushed my hand away and snarled, 'Leave me alone!' Post-coital blues can be such a bitch!

I thought about leaving, but I fell asleep.


The door burst open, spilling bright Hawaiian sunlight into the darkened room, outlining a large framed man in the doorway. 'Hey! Eric!' he barked out, militarily.

'Oh, shit!' Eric muttered at my naked back. We had shifted positions during our sleep and I was now on my left side facing into the room, and Eric was on his left side spooned comfortably against my back.

'What the fuck...' his buddy muttered, entering the room and slamming the door behind himself. He swaggered to the bed, stood there, arms akimbo, legs spread wide, staring down at our two naked bodies.

'Er... Umm... He gave me a ride home, last night,' Eric tried feebly to explain, 'and we both fell asleep.'

'Yeah, sure,' his buddy said sarcastically, 'right after he sucked your cock, I'll bet. Or did you fuck his humpy butt, you little cocksucker!'

'Geez, Luke, calm down,' Eric pleaded.

To me, Luke sounded more turned on than pissed off. One gets a feeling for this kind of thing when dealing with trade.

I raised myself up, resting my head on my hand, elbow bent, and looked not up at his face but at his crotch. He was wearing a pair of light chinos and the crotch was impressive - sometimes it's the material that does it, but most of the time it's the equipment behind the material that produces such a sexy bulge, which, in this case, I was sure it was.

I felt him eyeing me. 'Who's your friend?' he asked trying to sound sarcastic again, but really sounding turned on, now.

Slowly, I reached out my right hand, which had been resting on my hip, and as I said, 'I'm Jack,' instead of offering to shake his hand, I brazenly slid my hand into his crotch, cupping his balls.

With an instinct born of constant horniness, Luke shifted his crotch into my hand and sighed, 'Fuck!'

'Oh, shit!' Eric sputtered, behind me, but I felt his erection developing against my ass. The blues had passed; he was horny again.

Luke did not bat my hand away. I was not surprised. I continued to fondle what felt like very large balls, and I noticed an erection quickly stretching the material of the chinos. This guy was HOT! I don't know what he was looking at, but my own erection was growing as rapidly as his was. It pleased me to realize that warm Hawaiian trade winds make sleeping without covers comfortable, so Luke was looking down on two completely nude males in bed together. And it was turning him on!

'Did he?' Luke asked.

'Did he what?' Eric whispered.

'Don't play dumb, man,' he hissed in seeming annoyance but really sounding turned on, 'did he suck your cock?'

Before Eric could answer, and even as the questions were being asked, I reached up and unzipped Luke's pants! He did nothing to stop me.

'You don't have to answer that, Eric,' I said pleasantly, while slipping my hand into Luke's fly and quickly fishing out his cock in all its rising glory. It was a very big cock! And it kept getting bigger!

'Oh! God!' Eric whispered behind me, but the length of his full erection had reached maximum and was really pressing diligently against my ass, squirming between my butt cleft, as it were.

Luke simply stood there, legs spread apart, allowing me to frig his cock to proud-standing complete erection. It was a real beauty! A thick, sturdy, long, wide, wonderfully hued and magnificently powerful giant cock! My mouth began to water. Since he offered no objection, I released his cock and undid his belt and top snap, dropping his pants to the floor. He was not wearing underwear. Mammoth balls greeted my feasting eyes. This guy was hung! And his large frame was due to a very muscular build, which thick plates of thigh muscle confirmed. His light skin was reddened from the newness of exposure to the Hawaiian sun, but accented the narrowness of the band of what must have been a small bikini swimsuit. This guy would be a knockout on the beaches of the world! I re-gripped his now naked balls.

'Geez,' Eric sighed.

'You like looking at this schlong, buddy?' Luke asked, again trying to sound sarcastic and talking directly to Eric.

I interjected. 'Man, who wouldn't? It's the best looking meat I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of meat, here, believe me.'

'Really?' Luke asked, sounding completely disarmed and completely flattered.

'I gotta agree,' Eric said softly but sincerely.

'You boys both like it?' Luke asked with an air of schoolboy innocence.

'Umm,' Eric confirmed humming, as I felt his cock pulsate against my ass.

My own reaction was to grab Luke's cockshaft, aim it straight out, towards me, and lift my body upwards to strain to reach the cockhead with my mouth. Luke realized my intentions and walked the cock right into me!

'OH! Christ!' he sighed hoarsely as he sensed the strengths of my sucking skills. 'This guy can really suck!'

'Umm,' Eric hummed again, 'I know,' confirming Luke's discovery while admitting his own prior pleasure.

'He did suck you off, then, didn't he, man,' Luke whispered confidently, smugly, knowingly.

Finally, Eric broke his reticence. 'Fuckin' A, man. Twice! And it looks like he's about to suck you off, too. Good, isn't he?'

'He's amazing!' Luke sighed, suddenly sounding very friendly. 'Where'd you two meet up?'

'In that bar you didn't want to go to with me last night,' Eric explained.

'Damn. But I'm real glad I barged in on you two, this morning. I've been so fucking horny.'

'Looks like you are,' Eric responded lightly.

'Sure, and I've always loved a good blowjob just as much as the next guy. And this guy is sure doin' it right. Look at this, he's got me in down to the balls already, now. I never came across a cocksucker who can do this.' While talking, he reached up and slipped off his tee shirt. Looking up at him from my position on the bed was a real joy for me as I saw how powerfully well built this fellow was. I knew he was taking real pleasure from this encounter.

'I know. He's good,' Eric agreed, adding, 'and, honest, it looks terrific watching you shove it to him.'

'You like seeing it, eh, kid?'

'Fuckin' A' Eric repeated.

'So tell me, Buddy,' Luke asked pleasantly, 'what are you doin' there, lying behind him, like that. You fuckin' him in the ass?'

I wiggled my ass against Eric's meat invitingly.

'Oh, shit!' Eric exploded.

'If ya ain't doin' it, kid,' Luke sighed huskily, 'wait till I'm through filling his face with cream and I'll fuck that humpy butt myself, 'cause it sure looks like he really wants it!'

'You'll fuck him in the ass, man' Eric whispered excitedly.

I decided it was time for me to break into their conversation over my body. I slowly withdrew from the cock in my throat, but as I did so, I had to fight Luke's strong struggle to keep me in place with his hands on the back of my head.

'Listen,' I said finally, 'let's all get more comfortable. We're in no hurry, so, here, Eric, let's get up. And you, Luke, get naked and back up a bit so we can get up.'

They both were very obliging.

'Fuck, look at that cock, man,' Luke said to Eric as I pulled my body away from his and stood up. 'I didn't realize you were so well hung, buddy. You been fuckin' this guy?'

'No,' Eric said honestly, coming up off the bed to stand next to the now completely nude Luke, 'but I have to admit that the idea of it sounds very exciting, and he does seem to want it.'

'He wants it bad, man' Luke assured him. 'Ever fucked a man in the ass before, kid?'

'Naw, have you?'

'Well, I've thought about it, sometimes, especially seeing your humpy butt in the showers,' Luke admitted. Luke seemed to love the term 'humpy butt.'

'Hmm, I thought I caught you lookin', man' Eric parried.

'Oh, yeah, well don't tell me I didn't catch you eyeballing this cock,' Luke rejoined, grabbing his erection and flaunting it at Eric, 'more than a few times, man.'

'Now, now, boys,' I interrupted, 'it sounds to me like you both like looking at each other, which is completely normal. You are both handsome, both well built, both exceptionally well hung young studs, and you should both be glad you are friends. Sex might even be a way for you both to enjoy yourselves more completely, and I'd really love to suck your cock, Luke, while Eric, here, plows my tight, humpy butt,' I told them, using Luke phrase.

'Really?' they said in unison, sounding surprised.

'That's what we're all here for, isn't it? Some hot sex and good times. Let's get at it!' I bent over, recaptured Luke giant hardness in my mouth, swallowing it back down quickly, while reaching out, grabbing Eric's hardon and pulling it to my ass.

Suddenly, there I was, once again in one of my favorite positions: bent over, a cock in my mouth and a cock being pressed against my ass. I loved it!

Fortunately, Eric is one of those heavy lubricant flowing cocksmen whose ass-fucking talents come naturally, and in no time his giant erection was nestled firmly up my ass!

'Geez, Eric, look at your meat slip into this guy,' Luke sighed.

'Yeah, he's hot and tight! And look at your big dick slippin' into him, too,'

'You look spectacular!' Luke said honestly.

'Man, so do you!' Eric responded sincerely.

As my ass was being assaulted by a big, perfect cock, and my throat was being massaged by a stone-headed cock, I imagined them admiring each other with real passion over my body. I wondered where this episode would lead them in their expanding friendship and felt it certainly would include mutual sexual encounters.

'This guy is really good,' Luke said huskily.

'Yeah,' Eric agreed quickly, 'and I'm gonna admit that I sucked him off, last night, too.' he added quietly, if, I thought, much too honestly.

'You're kidding!' Luke responded excitedly.

'Honest. It just looked too good when he shifted positions and I found myself with his cock in my face as he went down on me.'

'Man! You did a sixty-nine with him?' Luke asked excitedly. His voice was filled with sexual tension and excitement and was not at all echoing a put down of any sort. His cock became iron-solid in my throat. He liked what he was hearing, I could tell. I sucked him even more diligently.

'Yeah, it was terrific,' Eric enthused, 'but...'

'But, what?' Luke wanted to know.

'But I wished it was your cock I was sucking!' Eric announced shyly.

'Oh! Shit! I'm gonna cum!' Luke advised.

'Oh! Me, too!' Eric confirmed, immediately.

Cum electrified me from both ends as they fired off into me, staring, I'm certain, into each other's eyes. I got flooded!

They both pulled out simultaneously, still shooting the final spurts of cum, as if to confirm to each other that they were really cumming. Then, Eric sat heavily on the bed, well spent.

Luke took a step back and was watching me as I straightened up. His eyes grew larger as he saw my pulsating, oozing erection standing stiffly in front of me.

'Eric,' he told his friend solemnly, 'I'm gonna prove to you that I'm not just fuckin' around, here. If you sucked this guy off last night for your first time, I'm gonna do it, right now, for my first time, to show you, conclusively, that we're both lookin' for the same things.'

'You don't have to do...' I started to say, but he was down on me, forcing my cockhead into his mouth, before I could protest. I loved it! Virginal, inexperienced mouths bring a burst of carnal enjoyment to the proceedings, and as Eric watched, inches from my cock as he sat staring at us in awe on the bed, I knew I would ejaculate immediately.

As Luke tried to swallow the heavy load, Eric gasped, 'Man, he's coming, isn't he? And you're taking it, Luke!' he added.

I held my cock down and pulled back forcefully. Luke seemed to realize what I was doing and opened his mouth. Three large spurts of cum fired off between us so Eric could see them sail from my cock to Luke's tongue, before Luke sucked me in again, and swallowed and swallowed, till I was thoroughly drained. It was wonderful!


When I came out of the bathroom, cleaned up and dressed, they were still sitting, naked, next to each other on edge of the bed, knees and thighs touching. Luke looked bright-eyed and cheerful, while Eric seemed somewhat downcast. Another case of the post-orgasmic blues, I figured.

'Well, I gotta get goin',' I announced in as friendly a voice as I could manage. I didn't really want to leave, but I sensed that the two of them should spent some time together, nude, and discover more about themselves.

'This was great, man!' Luke enthused. I smiled at him.

'I'm glad you came up,' Eric admitted quietly.

'Do you remember how I asked you?'

They both looked puzzled.

'I asked, 'Wanna fuck around'?'

'Oh, yeah. You did.'

'Well, that's what I think you two should do, now. Fuck around! Have some fun. Enjoy yourselves and your bodies. God, you're both so sexy and well-hung, you don't need me, anymore, to lead the way. I've done my job.' I grinned.

Luke got up and came over to me, big cock dangling erotically. He put an arm around me affectionately and whispered, 'Thanks, man.'

Eric came over to us then, too, and put an arm around me from the other side and said, 'Yeah, thanks, man. When I met you last night, I just had a feeling you'd be able to lead me here. Thanks.'

'You guys better let me go, or I'll start wantin' to go down on this great meat, here, again,' I said with a laugh.

As they hugged me, they both started getting hard again. I pulled myself free and turned to leave. At the door, I looked back over my shoulder and saw them embrace one another, kissing each other on the lips!

I'd been right. My work here was done. And we all felt great about it!


Jack Sofelot


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