I arrived at the hotel as agreed at the time we where supposed to meet, the girl at reception requested that I call his room.

I walked over to the house phones, Dave answered on the 2nd ring and told me to come up to his room and the door would be open he was just finishing a quick shower.

Taking the elevator I got off at the 3rd floor, the privacy bar was across the door frame stopping the door from closing completely. I pushed open the door and moved the privacy bar so it would close.

From across the room I could hear the shower running.Slipping off my shoes and throwing my jacket over a chair, I looked into the bathroom there was Dave washing himself in the shower the curtain only halfway across allowing me to watch him wash.

The water was glistening off his strong muscled back and running over his perfectly shaped ass. I watched as fingers went from his front sudsy and slippery pushing into his ass hole cleaning himself out for me.

"Here help me out." he said looking back at me he pushed his firm buns out to me spreading them, without a second thought I was on my knees running my tongue across his tight pink hole.

"Fuck yeah!" he growled as I flicked my tongue back and forth.

He pushed his ass back harder against my tongue "Really work it in there man! I want to be ready for your hot cock!"

With that I reached up and spread his muscular glutes giving me more access to his hot tight hole, and started to really work my tongue into his hot chute, he leaned even further opening up for me.

I could feel his balls rubbing against my bearded chin as I shoved my tongue deeper and deeper into his canal.

Reaching around to his front I could feel his hard 7 inches bouncing his against his muscular belly as he thrust back against my tongue.

All of a sudden he turned around and picked me up easily lifting me up and pulling me into the shower with him.

Water cascaded over my clothes as he ripped at my shirt, buttons were popping everywhere across the bathroom.

His furry moustache tickled my nostrils as he mashed his lips against mine thrusting his tongue into my mouth.

Playing tonsil hockey with this giant of a muscled man was incredible I have never felt so comfortable with such a large man as he damply humped against my now wet jeans.

My torn shirt was quickly removed by Dave as I shimmied out of my wet jeans.

Trust me getting out of wet jeans is harder then it sounds.

I slipped forward and Dave caught me in his strong muscled arms as I pushed my face into his hairy muscled chest.

Finally reaching down I wrestled my last leg out of my jeans and stood in the warm shower naked as was Dave.

Wasting no time Dave was on his knees and grasping at my hard cock. The skin easily slipped back from my pre-cummed cock head.

With a hunger I have never seen before he went down on me with a deep thrust taking all 7.5 inches down to the root. With skilled throat muscles I felt rippling up and down the length of my cock.

As I felt his talented mouth working my hard cock I reached down and played with his hairy hard pecs twisting gently at his nipples.

God his skill was so incredible at sucking me I was weak at the knees. All the sexual tension of the emails and instant messaging was coming together. For months since we met online and exchanged pictures we had been waiting eagerly for this time to be together and the plan was, 48 hours of being locked in this hotel room and with nothing more then fucking until we couldn't fuck anymore.

I knew this first time was going to be quick as both of us had been waiting far too long for our first encounter.

Dave must have read my mind as he got off his knees and looked at me in the eye with a devilish twinkle.

"Can't wait any fucking longer!" he said grabbing the lube at the corner of the bath tub. He quickly shook the contents and pumped it out his finger tips reaching behind preparing himself.

I leaned back against the shower wall look at this incredible hot 6 foot 2 muscular man prepping himself for me. Spinning around he reached up and grabbed the shower nozzle from the wall for support and pushed his muscular ass out to me. "Breed me bud! I so fucking want you in me!" as he looked over his should back at me.

There was enough lube around his tight ass hole for me to lubricate my cock, as I gentle rubbed me cock head up and down his crack lubricating the tip he impatiently reached back and grabbed my cock with his hand.

"I said breed me you hot fucker!" He pushed his ass back and my cock head started to slide into his chute, the pressure from his ass hole was pulling my foreskin back and for the first time I was experiencing the hot inner warmth of this incredible stud.

"Oh fuck man, your cock is perfect!" as he bottomed out with my pubes tightly pressed against his butt cheeks. I looked over my shoulder at the sight of the two of us in the bathroom mirror.

Here was this hot man impaled on my cock and loving ever minute of it. Without moving, I stood there feeling the inner velvety heat of his innards.

Then it happened his ass muscles took over and all of a sudden it felt like a hundred fingers running up and down my shaft.

Easing out slowly I began to ride this amazing mans ass. It was so incredible to finally feel after all these months, and it felt right to be where I was.

But he wasn't looking for an easy fuck the first time, he wanted it just as badly as I did.

Holding onto the railing for support I steadied myself for the ride of my life as he thrust back and bucked on my hard cock.

"JEEE-SUS" he yelled at the top of lungs, obviously I was hitting his prostrate as he rode my cock. I reached around feeling the fur on his washboard abs as he rode my cock, looking over my shoulder again in the mirror I was in awe watching the home porno show unfolding before me.

It was all to much for me as it must have been for him for all our months of being in communication and this first meeting was going far too quickly. As the tension mounted in my balls I reached forward and grabbed his bouncing hard cock.

I rubbed my thumb over the head of his cock smearing his pre-cum and causing him to buck harder on my cock. Trying to hold back was impossible now for either of us and I took control at last, grabbing his hips and drilled him hard.

Like two rutting pigs we panted as our orgasms reached their peak. With a feeling of relief and almost shear pain I unloaded my cum into his waiting ass and the swelling of my cock against his prostrate must have been to much for him as I heard him grunting his cum onto the shower floor.

As I leaned back against the shower wall my cock came out of his ass with a POP.

"Okay buddy. Let's dry off and order room service and get ready for round two!" He said grinning from ear to ear winking at me.

Hmmm I thought if the initial start was awesome imagine what the next two days are going to be like!



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