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Blake was a medical equipment salesman and once every two weeks he had to visit some hospitals about 2 hours away from where he lived with his wife and two kids. He always took the interstate and each trip the drive became more and more boring. He could point out ever farm along the way, every gas station and truck stop, and every fast food joint.

Now fast food was something that Blake stayed away from. He was very conscientious about his diet and he worked out at least 3 times a week with free weights and ran at least 5 days a week. As a result his 6' body was almost without any fat and his muscles popped. He had to get both his pants and jackets specially tailored to fit his athletic body. He even had to have his dress shirts taken in just to make sure they didn't look to blousy but also because Blake liked to show off his body when he took off his jackets. Being good looking was one of the reasons he was so successful selling medical equipment.

One day, as he was traveling home, he put on a tight polo shirt and jeans since his appointment had been cancelled. He actually had been able to leave a day early so he was planning to surprise his wife and kids. Since he had the luxury of time that day, he decided to take US Route 30 instead of the interstate just for a change of scenery. At lunch, he stopped at a Mom and Pop diner. He was able to get a plain burger, without a bun, and a side salad but treated himself to a couple glasses of sweet tea because he had worked out harder than usual that morning.

After he had been back on the road for a time, the sweet tea got to him and he needed to take a leak. He passed a sign that said rest stop 1 mile. He was ready to burst so it couldn't have been a better time.

As he pulled into the rest stop it was obvious that this was not the kind of rest stop you see on the interstate. It was just an old building with a door that said Men on one door and Ladies on the other door. No vending machines in sight. There were a couple of cars and a semi in the parking lot.

Blake got out of his car, locked it, and almost sprinted to the bathroom before he peed his pants. Just as the building was old the bathroom was not the type one would see on the interstate either. It had three stalls and a trough. The room was filled with graffiti both political and sexual. There were pictures of cocks spurting cum and several pictures of women with huge boobs. There were a lot of dates and times too. Blake realized that this was one of the type of rest stops he had heard of where men hook up. Although he never thought about it before, he wondered what that would be like. As he thought about it he started to stroke his cock. When he realized what he was doing he stopped but was hard and couldn't pee. It took a couple of minutes for Blake to calm down and finish what he came in for. After stuffing his cock back into his jeans he walked over to the one sink and washed his hands while reading the graffiti that was even on the mirror. As Blake dried his hands he realized that he was alone in the john. He wondered where the people from the cars and the semi were. Maybe they were all women.

As he walked back to his car he noticed that there were a couple more cars in the lot. He found this very curious. He wondered if there were something on the other side of the building like a picnic grove or the vending area so he decided to check it out. As he walked behind the building he realized there was nothing there but the edge of a wooded area. Just as he turned the corner of the building a man walked out of the wooded area and looked at Blake and not just at his face but all over his body. The man smiled and stopped, he just kept staring at Blake. After a moment the man from the woods walked toward Blake but walked on past. Blake looked back over his shoulder and caught the guy looking at him again. The man smiled and tilted his head toward the Men's room. Blake wondered if the guy was signaling that he wanted to do something in the bathroom.

Instead of heading back toward the john, Blake walked toward the spot where the man had come out of the woods. Blake's curiosity had been peaked. When he looked back toward the man, Blake could see that the man was now walking back toward the woods following him. Blake stepped into the woods. Even though it was full moon the foliage of the trees blocked a lot of the light. He sensed the presence of someone or someones so he stopped trying to get his bearings before wandering in any further.

The man he had seen entered the woods and slowed as he passed Blake. Up close, even in the dim light, Blake could see that the man was good looking. He must have cared as much about his body as Blake did. The man was taller, maybe 6'2" or 6'3" with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. When he walked past Blake he could see that he also had a nice ass. Blake surprised himself, he never had thought how another man's ass looked until now.

The man stopped and turned so that he was facing some undergrowth which Blake saw was moving. The man kept looking at Blake but didn't move. Curious, Blake walked toward the man and saw that there was another man on his knees pulling the man's zipper down. Blake watched in fascination as the man on his knees pulled the other man's cock out of his pants. It was an impressive cock, maybe 8" long and cut. It also looked thicker than Blake's dick. Blake watched is fascination as the tall man slowly started to stroke his dick in front of the man on his knees. While Blake had seen men's cocks in the gym locker room he had never starred at one like he was starring now. He saw how the veins were pumped and how the head seemed to be growing. He stepped closer. The tall man kept looking at Blake as he moved closer.

Blake's own cock started to grow to the point that it was painful in his tight jeans. He watched as the man on his knees took the tall man's long, thick piece of meat into his mouth. Blake wondered what that would feel like having the head of a cock in his mouth. Again he surprised himself by having such thoughts. He kept moving closer. Inch by inch the man's cock went into the kneeling man's mouth.

As Blake moved closer he could see that the man on his knees looked to be about 45 or 50. He was not in the kind of shape as the tall man or Blake. In fact he looked a little overweight and soft. With his eyes locked with Blake the tall man pulled his cock out of the kneeling man's mouth and turned to face Blake. He kept stroking his cock and moved closer to Blake. Blake stood frozen in place. When the tall man got close enough he put a hand on Blake's shoulder and pushed him down to his knees. Blake didn't put up any resistance. When his knees hit the ground he was face to face with the tall man's thick cock. The tall man pushed it against Blake's lips. At first Blake didn't open his lips but the tall man increased the pressure against his lips. Tentatively Black parted his lips and the head of the tall man's rod entered his mouth. Blake found it interesting that he felt several things; heat, hardness and velvety skin. The tall man pushed more of himself into Blake.

The man on his knees appeared to be upset and moved his mouth closer to the tall man's crotch. At one point he tried to push Blake off the tall man's cock but the tall man pushed him away while pushing more of his cock into Blake's mouth. Blake started to gag but the tall man put his hand on the top of Blake's head and wouldn't let him move back off his cock. The kneeling man got up off his knees, grunted, and walked further back into the woods.

Neither man had said a word. The tall man started moving Blake's head and mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. The tall man finally spoke "fuck man, your mouth feels good but I can tell you've never sucked a cock before have you?" Blake could only moan against the man's cock. "I think you're a natural."

Blake couldn't believe that he had a man's dick in his mouth and was starting to realize he liked it. He wondered if this was the same sensation that his wife felt while she was giving him a blow job. She didn't like to do it often but if it felt and tasted this good why wouldn't she want to do it more often.

Blake started tasting something slightly salty and realized that the tall man must have started leaking some precum. Blake liked the way it tasted. The tall man's thrusts were getting more urgent and Blake had gotten ahold of his gag reflex so the dick was going deeper and deeper into Blake's mouth until it was hitting the back of his throat.

"I love this rest stop", the tall man said, "I always know I'll find some cocksucker that wants to swing on my dick. Tonight I found two. Here it comes faggot, drink it all."

Blake felt his mouth filling with hot, salty cum and he realized he liked the way it tasted. He swirled it around in his mouth the best he could and then he started swallowing it, the warmth feeling like a think cooled down cappuccino. The tall man pulled his cock out of Blake's mouth and stuffed it back in his pants. "I hope I get to use your mouth again sometime." The tall man walked back out of the woods.

While Blake felt excited about what had just happened he also was embarrassed that he had just drank the seed from a man he didn't know. He questioned what had happened as he hurried back to his car. He sat in his car for a few minutes trying to get his breathing under control before he turned on the ignition. As he continued his drive home he knew he would have to stop somewhere and get something to clean his mouth, he didn't want his wife tasting cum when he kissed her when he got home.


Over the next two weeks, Blake thought about how it felt to have a cock in his mouth and how the cum it had spewed warmed his mouth. It was time for his biweekly trip that would take him by the rest stop if he didn't take the interstate. He didn't know what he wanted to do. Should he stop on his way to his appointment? Should he stop on his way home? Should he stop both ways? When he packed for this week he made sure to bring an extra pair of jeans in case, no when, he found himself kneeling on the ground feeding on some man's cock. He also packed a couple of small bottles of mouthwash.

He decided to go a day early to his appointment so that he would have some time to stop at the rest stop. He told his wife that he had added a dinner before the appointment so that she would understand why he was leaving a day early and why he was in jeans and a shirt.

As he got closer to the rest stop his dick kept getting harder in his jeans. Not only that, but his mouth was actually watering.

He pulled into the rest stop about noon. There were a couple of cars and trucks in the parking lot. After parking his car, Blake headed toward the edge of the building, glanced around, and then walked toward the back of the building and the tree line. Since it was daylight, the entrance to the trail was very clear. He entered and walked down the path that had been beaten into the ground by the feet of men that had been here before. Blake was surprised that there was no sign of any men. He was disappointed, he had thought so long about tasting another cock and there was none to be found.

As he started back toward his car he decided to go into the john before getting back on the road. Two men were at the trough and the stall farthest down the row was occupied. Blake went up to the trough between the two men. Neither of them was pissing but both had their cocks out. Blake checked out both dicks out of the corner of his eye. The man to his right started to stroke his meat. Blake was fascinated to see how big the man's dick was growing. The guy to his left was glancing at the other's man cock as well but then turned his eyes toward Blake and gave him a withering look.

The man with the growing cock locked eyes with Blake, turned and went into the first stall leaving the middle one open. Before Blake could react the guy to his left shoved his cock back into his pants and went into the middle stall.

Blake walked over to the sinks and ran his hands under the stream of water. In the mirror he could see that the guy in the middle stall was on his knees facing the stall that the man from the urinal had entered. Blake stayed at the sink wondering what was going on. After a while he heard the man who had been at the trough that had entered the first stall was quietly moaning. After another moment he heard the man say "God this feels good, you're a good cocksucker dude." Blake stood mesmerized by the distinct sounds and talk that was taking place. From the stall he heard "here it comes, drink my cum." Blake could hear the man rocking the staff partition and the guy in the middle stall moaning. The man obviously getting a blow job grunted and stopped moving. Blake was jealous, he wanted to be tasting the man's load instead of just hearing what was going on.

The man in the first stall came out stuffing his shrinking dick back into his pants, smiled at Blake, and left the john. A few seconds later the guy from the middle stall came out licking his lips and grinned at Blake as if to say "I got it and you didn't". The guy left the john. Whoever was in the third stall wasn't making a sound.

Blake decided to check out the stalls. Of course, the graffiti was also on the stall walls. Pictures, dirty limericks and dates and times. There was also a hole in the wall between the first and second stalls with the message "show hard for BJ" with the drawing of a huge cock. That explained how the guy was able to blow the man in the first stall. He then moved from the first stall to the middle stall. The middle stall had the same amount of graffiti and another hole that was between the stall and the third stall. He could see an eye looking through the hole in the stall wall and the pull away. Written around the hole was "suck what you see".

A thick, cut cock appeared in the hole. Blake couldn't tell the length at this point but based on the thickness he assumed it must be pretty long. He wrapped his hand around the piece of meat. It was hot to his touch. He could feel the heartbeat of the man through the thick veins that ran down the length of the dick. He slowly started sliding his hand along the hot shaft. Blake wondered what the cock was attached to. In his mind he pictured a tall, muscled man but he didn't know.

Blake lowered himself to his knees glad that he had brought an extra pair of jeans since the floor of the stall was dirty. He leaned forward and brought the head of the cock into his waiting mouth. This is what he wanted, to taste another cock and feel it filling his mouth. He held on to the part of the cock that was sticking through the hole and pulled his mouth of the piece of man meat. He began to lick around the head and heard the man on the other side of the stall wall moan. "Come on man, take it in your mouth."

Blake obliged and swallowed the head again. Little by little he took more of the unknown's man into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat. Like the last time, Blake started to gag but worked through it wanted more of this man in him. His forehead was hitting the stall wall as he working the hot dick in his mouth. "Fuck yeah man, that's it."

Blake heard the sound of footsteps entering the john. He began to move off the cock but the man in the stall whispered "don't worry, finish me off buddy."

Throwing caution to the wind he slid back down the impressive cock which started to twitch and grow even harder. Soon Blake's mouth filled with the man's semen. It tasted different than the load he had gotten two weeks ago but still tasted incredible. The man's load was so big that some of it leaked out of the side of Blake's mouth. While he savored the man's cum he could tell by the footsteps that the man who had entered the john entered the empty stall on the other side.

As Blake pulled off the cock he had been suckling, Blake turned his head to see a new cock sliding through the hole to his right. This cock was thinner but definitely longer. It curved almost straight up and Blake had to move his head up and then tilt down to bring the head into his mouth which scraped across the roof of his mouth. Blake could hear the man in the other stall shuffle out of the stall and stop in front of the door to the stall where he was.

"Hey man, unlock the door, I want to see what you are doing."

Without letting the head of the cock he was working slip out of his mouth he reached over and unlatched the door which slowly opened out. There in the doorway stood the man whose load he had just swallowed. He was tall and cut. He was thick like his cock, but in a muscled way. Now Blake would have an image to go along the feeling of the cock that had been in his mouth.

"Shit, you're really working that cock buddy." Glancing over the stall wall he told the other guy, "you're a lucky son of a bitch to have this cocksucker feeding off of you."

"Fuck yeah. His mouth is on fire."

Blake kept raising up into a squat so that he could tip his head even more to capture more of the cock in his mouth and soon his throat. This cock went farther than either of the two cocks he had sucked, one two weeks ago or the one he had just finished. Blake liked the way it felt as it slide further and further into his waiting mouth and throat.

As he continued to work his lips, tongue and throat on the cock that he was feeding on, Blake heard another set of footsteps followed by "hey, what's going on?"

"Man, there is a great cocksucker here. Go into the last stall and stick your dick through the hole and you will find out."

Blake slightly turned his head and watched another cock come through the hole. He was torn, did he finish off the cock in his mouth or move to the other one. He decided to work on both, moving his mouth back and forth between the two cocks while the first man watched. Soon he was rewarded with two loads of spunk. As the last load filled his mouth his own cock spurted, the cum sliding down his right thigh inside of his jeans.

All three men thanked Blake and left. Blake did the best to clean himself off and then started to leave the stall when two men in shorts and t-shirts walked into the john. They both looked at Blake while rubbing the bulge in their shorts and took the stalls on either side of him. Over the next hour Blake got seven more loads of cream. When the traffic stopped Blake went back out to his car to get back on the road. While he had brought the small bottles of mouthwash he didn't use them, he wanted to savor the flavors of the cum he had just enjoyed.


When Blake finished his meetings two days later, he got back in his car to head home to his wife and children, but he kept thinking that he would stop by the rest stop again to see if he could get a few more loads of cum before he drove the rest of the way.

The parking lot was empty except for two pickup trucks when he arrived. Blake got out of his car, locked the doors and walked toward the john. When he entered there was one man standing at the trough. He was about 6'3" with the hard body of a laborer and the dick he was holding matched his physique, long and thick with a big head. The big guy looked into Blake's eyes and then down to his cock. Blake stepped up to the trough and pulled his own cock out. The big man started to finger his cock and kept moving his eyes from his dick to Blake's eyes. After a while of this the man shoved his now semi-hard piece of meat back into his work pants and started toward the door. Just as he was leaving the man looked back over his shoulder and nodded his head with a smile.

Blake got his own semi-hard cock back into his jeans and followed. As he left the john he saw that the big guy was heading toward the path in the wooded area. Blake followed. As the big man entered the woods he looked back at Blake, smiled, and stepped into the shadow of the trees.

When he entered the wooded area, Blake could no longer see the big man but knew he had to be ahead of him on the path. Through the darkness Blake moved on wanting to taste the big man's prime meat. After a minute of walking deeper into the woods someone grabbed his arm and pulled him past a tree into a somewhat open area.

It was the big man that had grabbed him but Blake saw that there were two other men in the clearing. While of different heights than the big man they also had the bodies of laborers. Blake could see the muscles of their chest and arms under their work shirts which were both open.

"I told you guys that we would find a faggot here that we could use." The big guy turned toward Blake "down on your knees faggot."

The big guy pulled his cock from his work pants and stepped up to Blake stroking his dick. "The way you were looking at it in the john, I know you want to suck do it." Blake opened his lips and swallowed the swelling head into his mouth. The head was so big that it make Blake's jaws hurt but he kept taking more and more of his cock into his mouth. He put his hands on the tree trunk sized thighs of the big man to keep his balance as the big man started to push more and more of his cock into Blake's mouth. Out of the few cocks that Blake had sucked, this one was biggest by far. The head started to hit the back of Blake's throat but there were still inches of cock to get into his mouth.

The two other men had both pulled their cocks out of their work pants and were slowly beating their cocks as they watched their friend feed his cock to Blake. "Yeah faggot, get it nice and wet because this cock is going to go into your other hole." Blake realized that the big guy was talking about his ass. Blake tried to shake his head no but the big guy didn't seem to care. He grabbed ahold of Blake's head and plunged the rest of his cock into Blake's mouth. Blake couldn't breathe but he was loving the sensation of the man using his mouth. He started to wonder what having this big cock up his ass would feel like.

The big man pushed Blake off his cock. "Stand up faggot. Take off your jeans." Blake stood and did what he was told to. When he had finished the big guy told him to turn around so that they could all see his ass. The big man slapped Blake's ass as he said "nice piece of ass." The big man than started to rub his hand over Blake's ass. "You must work out real hard, your ass is like rock, that's good because it will mean yours is nice and tight." With that the big man pushed a finger into Blake's hole. "I was right."

"Get down on your hands and knees and show me your pussy...go ahead, spread your cheeks. Nice." The big man got behind Blake. "One of you two, feed him your cock, don't want him to scream when I ram my cock up his pansy ass."

One of the men stepped up to his mouth and pushed the head of his cock against Blake's lips which Blake couldn't help but part. This man's cock was nowhere near the size of the big man's cock it was still pretty big. The guy kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into Blake's mouth.

Blake felt the searing heat of the big man's cock head against his hole. Blake wondered if he would be able to take even the head in his ass. The big man grabbed Blake's hips and started pushing his head against Blake's hole trying to push it past his ass lips. Blake did want to scream but couldn't with a cock so deep in him mouth.

"Shit guys, I think we got ourselves a virgin faggot. We can show him how it should feel to be fucked by real men." The head pushed past Blake's ass lips and felt like it was splitting him in two. When Blake tried to scream again the guy with his cock in his mouth took the opportunity to push the rest of his cock past Blake's lips.

Without any preamble the big man pulled back on Blake's hips driving his cock all the way in. Blake felt full in a way he had never felt before, involuntarily he pushed back against the big man's cock and squeezed with his ass. "Fucking A, this fag is really getting into it."

For what seemed like a half an hour the two men ravaged Blake's mouth and ass and he was loving every minute of it. It almost seemed to Blake that the two cocks were meeting somewhere around his lungs. Tears were streaming down his face, not due to pain, but due to the immense pleasure he was feeling for the first time. He realized he was meant to have two cocks in him whenever he could.

The big man stopped pulling Blake on his cock and with one last push filled his ass with, what felt like, a gallon of cum. The cock in his mouth did a few more thrusts and then gave him a warm, salty load that Blake savored. He realized that he loved the taste of cum.

Over the next two hours, each of the man helped themselves to Blake's mouth and ass several times and he loved every thrust and load. When all three men had dropped as many loads as they could they straightened their clothes and walked out of the woods. Just before they were out of sight, the big man called back "Hey fag, nice ass and mouth, hope to fuck you again." The three men laughed and disappeared. Blake dropped to the ground exhausted but satisfied in a way he had never felt before.

From that day on, Blake stopped at the rest stop every two weeks on his way to and from his meetings. Sometimes he only got one load of cum but sometimes he would be forced to use his mouth and ass by several men who had learned that there was a slut that could be found at the rest stop.

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