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Rescue Me

Written By: Bill Hudley

I hung up the phone and thought about getting an unlisted number. I had been listening to my Mother rant and rave yet again about how everything that I do is wrong. Why won't I listen to her? Only she knows what's best for her Son. She's been telling me what I should be doing all of my life. Why do I never take her advice? She was right of course, my Mother has never been wrong, just ask her.

I moved from my North Carolina roots to Colorado and put 1600 miles distance between us as soon as I possibly could. My Mother felt that if everyone would just listen and then do as she says, their lives would magically change into an idyllic paradise. She had to direct and guide everyone around her because only she knew what was best for them, they would benefit from her infinite wisdom and guidance it they would just do as she says.

It should be no surprise that my Dad left her, I was 10 when he left. I didn't hear from him again until my freshman year at college. To say that Mother is overbearing is a gross understatement, she has tried to run my affairs all of my life, from which friends I should keep to choosing my College courses and career.

To my Dad's credit, when I was 18 and enrolled in college I received a letter and package from him. The letter told me that he knew that my Mother had made me believe he hadn't cared about me but he wanted me to know that he did care and loved me very much. He hoped that now that I was out of her house, he and I could meet and reacquaint ourselves and finally have a true Father and Son relationship. Halfway through his letter my hands were shaking so I could hardly read his words. I tore open the package and there were seven years worth of his letters and cards to his Son. Tears streamed down my face as I realized that my Dad loved me after all.

He explained that she returned his letters to me after taking out the checks he had sent for Birthdays and Christmases. She never let me know he had written, the box held Birthday Cards and Christmas Cards for every year, plus at least one letter per month for seven years just to keep in touch.

I remember Mother telling me my father never cared a whit about me, he never sent support checks and he never called or wrote. Facing the proof of her lies as I looked at the cards, letters and years of cancelled support checks from him was my turning point, I knew that I had to get through college and then I would get as far away from her as I could.

The first time Dad came to visit me at college he started trying to explain why he left us. I told him that I knew, it was her. I would have left too if I had been old enough. I thanked him for all the letters and cards and told him that I had read everyone of them in chronological order at least five times.

He called me once a week and visited once a month all through college, I grew to know him and love him. We still talk at least once a week. I'm so very lucky that he never gave up, He knew that once I was out of her house he would get to see me, spend time with me, and finally get to be my Dad. It didn't phase him one bit when I told him I was gay. He told me to always be safe and he hoped I would find someone to love and be loved by. He and my boyfriend Carlen, tolerated each other for my sake, but I knew that neither cared much for the other.

My Mother never knew that Dad visited me for a weekend once a month for four years while I was at college. He would come to Chapel Hill and get a motel room, we would go to dinner, ball games, sometimes a movie. We got to know each other and we became close. He's been to visit me here in Boulder twice in the nine months I've been here. I don't let Mother know because she would harass him constantly if she knew we were in contact.

He quit paying her monthly support for me, when I graduated from UNC, then he started sending the checks to me. Now he just deposits them automatically to my account at my Credit Union. Even though I've told him how much money I earn and that I really do not need for him to send it, he told me once that he needed to send it. Now, I put the money into gifts for him and savings mostly and I always pay for his airfare to visit me here in Colorado. That causes our biggest disagreements, I know that he has to plan for his trips, financially. I don't fuss at him for sending the money, I don't want any strife or ill feelings between us. I'm able to love and cherish my Dad now, I'm so lucky that it was only seven years that he wasn't in my life.

My relationship with Carlen started in my second year at UNC and lasted until a few months after our graduation. We were getting along great but we weren't able to get jobs in the same city after school. We held on for six months living 500 miles apart and finally the phone calls weren't coming every other day, then finally none at all.

When I phoned him my call always went to voicemail. Two days before Christmas his letter arrived. Carlen had met the love of his life and he and I were finished. The letter was full of the usual crap, it was him, not me, he was weak (well yeah!) and he wished me well. I could only wish that I was dead. He was my rock, the love of my life. He was gone.

My Mother seized the opportunity to try and control me once again, ranting on and on that it was God's will that separated us from our life of sin and evil. I knew that if I wanted to survive this and move on with my life I had to put a lot of distance between my Mother and me. I searched the internet for jobs in my field as far away from North Carolina as I could get. I settled into a new job in Boulder, Colorado and quickly grew to like the city it is so vibrant and active. I found a home to rent not far from the research facility where I was employed as a Microbiologist.

In good weather I can ride my bike to work. It's a bicycle, not a Motorcycle, but come to think of it, getting a Motorcycle would really tick off Mommy dearest!

I'm David Alan Duggan, twenty eight years old, 5'9" tall and weighing only 120 pounds. Thin, awkward, ungainly and painfully shy are words often used in describing me by others. I knew that this new job in a new city was my chance to change my life. I just had no clue as to where I should start remaking myself.

After Carlen broke off our relationship I went into a tailspin, not caring how I looked and taking care only to be clean. I lost thirty five pounds and was mostly unrecognizable from my graduation picture in my college yearbook. I have a full, bushy beard, horn rimmed glasses and longish shaggy hair. There is nothing about me that is the least bit attractive other than my deep blue eyes that are partially hidden by my huge glasses.

My co-worker, Janet Glennon, has sort of taken me under her wing, befriending me and doing her best to pull me out of my shell. She is constantly telling me to go to a gym and build up my body and gain some self confidence. Janet is the only person in the city that I know well enough to tell my secrets to. I've told her all about my time with Carlen, about my Mother and me growing up from 10 to 17 without my Father.

After months of Janet's constant questions and insistence, I joined a local gym. At first I mostly ran on the indoor track. I had tried out and made the track Team in High School but Mother insisted that I give it up. The idea of boys taking showers together horrified her. She truly feared that I would be drawn into a life of debauchery and sin if I took showers naked with other boys.

Running with the Track Team was the best time I had while in High School. In retrospect I believe my Mother knew how much I enjoyed the Track Team which is why she insisted I give it up.

Now sixteen hundred miles away, I run at least five miles every time I go to the gym. Running is all I did at first. After two weeks of just running at the gym, one of the trainers got me to lift some light weights and after a couple of days lifting I began to look forward to it.

I discovered that if I was careful when I got into position to lift, I might get to look up the leg of my spotter's shorts and see his full jockstrap. With a view like that, I learned quickly to really get into lifting. I liked it when the trainer put his hands on me, poking and pushing me into the correct positions, too. Mostly I just wanted to feel a man's touch.

My trainer, James, took particular care to point out the changes we were making in my body in the mirrors around the room. I could see my body filling out and I was encouraged enough to want to increase my efforts for even faster results. He gave me a diet to follow to speed up my muscle growth and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I also enjoyed my time in the showers at the gym. I was too shy to be overt in any way but I did sneak glances at some of them.

After six weeks at the gym my work clothes were beginning to get tight and I knew it was time to get some new ones. I asked Janet for help and she took me shopping, getting a few things that were essential and could be matched into different outfits. We knew I would need larger ones again in a couple of months. I was very embarrassed when she literally pulled me into her hair salon and had Anton, her hairdresser give me a makeover.

Sitting in the chair, Anton walked around me making tsk, tsk, sounds and shaking his head from side to side. He went to confer with Janet and I heard her telling him to do anything he thought would make me more attractive and give me more confidence. He was so effeminate I almost laughed at some of the poses he did while his 'creative juices' gathered like a coming storm.

Without a word to me, he had me shampooed and proceeded to cut my hair into a short trendy cut. I wouldn't see any of his work until he was finished so I used Janet's facial expressions as my guide to how he was doing. When he took the clippers to my beard and left only the shadow stubble Janet looked truly stunned. I didn't know how to read her expressions, was it good or bad.

I thought he had finished but he walked over to confer again with Janet and she shook her head no. I wondered what the question was, but I didn't ask Anton walked slowly back to me and I could see that his demeanor had changed. He was much less effeminate now and he was appraising how I looked. He walked completely around me, smiling now, and told me to close my eyes. He turned me to face the mirror.

When he told me to open my eyes I was shocked. I shook my head no, I didn't want to see that person staring back at me, that was the guy that Carlen didn't love anymore. The one he tossed aside. Anton was truly astonished that I wasn't happy with the new look.

Janet rushed up asking what was wrong, She thought I looked amazing. I stuffed five twenties into Anton's hand and almost ran out the door with Janet yelling for me to wait, In the car I explained to her that this is how I looked when Carlen and I were together except for my weight and new muscles. I don't want to forever be the guy he threw away. Finally she calmed me down and explained that it wasn't my looks that drove Carlen away. She lectured me.

"David, your eyes are amazing, please don't ever hide them behind these glasses again. Look at yourself, you've been hiding the handsome young man that you are all because you looked like this when you and Carlen broke up.

The way you look was not the reason Carlen found someone else. We both know that you are far better off without Carlen in your life now.

Oh my; Anton looks like he could just eat you up! Let's get out of here quick before I have to find a new hairdresser. Move it Davey!"

I laughed out loud at her. "Where the hell did 'Davey' come from Janet."

"My brother is named David, I always called him Davey, this new you reminds me of him and I'll be calling you Davey from now on unless it bothers you."

"No, it doesn't bother me at all, I like it better than just David. It puts even more distance between me and the guy I used to be."

I hadn't been paying attention as she drove and I was surprised when she pulled up to the mall entrance of The Lensmen. Almost two hours later I walked out with stylish new glasses and my contacts were ordered on and on the way. Janet dropped me off at my home and went on her way to get ready for her date this evening. I thanked her and hugged her as she left.

I went to my room and put on one of the new outfits and stepped over to the mirror. It was still a shock to see that face in the mirror. It took me back to those happier days until I remembered his letter telling me he had someone new.

I stood there quite some time trying but never getting accustomed to seeing the face I had kept hidden for more than three years. I took the new workout gear from the shopping bag and decided to go the the gym before eating dinner.

James, my trainer, approached as I came in and asked if he could help me, clearly he did not recognize the new me. When I told him it was me he had a hard time believing me until I changed and he saw my body and his work there.

Life in the gym changed very suddenly and dramatically for me. As soon as I was into the locker room, a guy whose body I have admired since I started here, hit on me asking if I would like to come back to his place and play around. Surprised, I stuttered and stammered declining, then rushed to get changed and out to the machines.

No one ever asked what happened to the weird little bearded guy whose locker I was using. From that day on, guys who had never even nodded hello, asked to spot me on the weights, to swim with them, run on the track and more than a few invites for dinner and drinks. None of them ever guessed that I was the weird little guy with the bushy beard and big glasses. I never accepted any of their invitations, I was still too insecure and too shy to go on a date, especially one where sex was expected.

At work the day after my visit to Anton it was much the same thing, I was greeted with polite silence as I made my way to my cubicle. Several of the women had walked by me a few times when one finally stopped and asked who I was and what had happened to David. When I convinced her that I was David, there were squeals of surprise and she called everyone to come and see me. I felt the blood rising and knew I was bright red from blushing.

That day changed a lot of things at work. I was suddenly an available man to women who never looked at me twice before yesterday. Even the men changed their attitude towards me, becoming friendlier and involving me more in discussions and asking my opinion on things like where to go for lunch to how to best manage a project. I was amazed and I learned valuable lessons from that experience.

From that day on I have taken particular care in the way I present myself to others. Now I always look neat, well dressed and all clean and shiny. The changes it made in me were monumental. I lost a great deal of my shyness and I was even asked to be the Team Lead in some new work projects.

My first real test came on the weekend when my Mother made her weekly phone call to lecture me on how to live my life. When I saw her number in the caller ID I let it go to voicemail, deciding that I would be the one who decided when I would talk with her.

I was surprised at the difference in her when I called her. She wasn't her usual aggressive self, more defensive and hesitant. I managed to turn the tables on her and spent the entire call telling her what she should do with her life. She was more than a little frustrated when I told her that I had to go because I was meeting friends for dinner. When I hung up from my Mother's call I knew I liked this new, self confident man I was becoming.

About two months after the makeover Janet talked me into going out to a club one Friday night. After paying the cover charges I realized we were at a gay bar. I became nervous and excited all at the same time. All went well at first, I got our drinks and we made our way to a small table for two.

When Janet went to the powder room, Men started chatting me up and making passes, wild suggestions as to what they would like me to do to them. By the time Janet returned I was visibly shaking.

"What happened, I wasn't gone five minutes and you look like your dog just died. It's Carlen isn't it?"

I just nodded yes.

"It was more than just memories of Carlen. When you left the table there was this rush of men coming at me, telling me what they wanted me to do to them; what they wanted to do to me. I've never heard of some of the things they said. One guy wanted to get me into his swing?"

Janet laughed. "I think you mean his 'sling' Davey. It's a leather like hammock that you're tied into with your legs splayed wide and you become the owners sex slave or vice versa. That's a bit advanced for you now though. You just tell me when you're ready and we'll leave."

"Now! let's get away from here Janet, please."

She dropped me off at my place and after changing I went to the fridge to rustle up something to eat. The only thing there was some pimento cheese spread that had a sell by date of a month ago.

Besides being hungry I was also nervous and on edge. Hoping that good food would help, I drove down to a nearby all night diner for something to eat. When the server brought my food she asked if I would mind someone sharing the booth with me. Most of the booths were filled with more than one person, and since I was alone, would I mind. I said okay and didn't really look up until a deep rich baritone voice standing beside me said.

"Thanks man, I appreciate your letting me sit here."

When I looked up into the most brilliant emerald green eyes I had ever seen; I was stunned. His eyes held me, trance like. I finally realized that he was offering his hand to shake. I reached for it and sparks flew before we touched. I know it was only static electricity, but it is startling and makes both parties much more aware of the other.

The stranger laughed and slid into the seat opposite me.

"You think we should try this again and held out his hand. Warily I took it and we shook briefly with no static electricity this time.

"I'm Dean Curtis." he said.

"I...I'm David Duggan,...g...good to meet you Dean."

"Sure, excuse me just a moment David, while I order."

I watched him peruse the menu, his eyelashes were dark and very long and full, his hair dark red, not quite Auburn and the hair on his forearms was a lighter

red-orange color. His big squarish hands had little tufts of the red orange hair on his fingers as well. I could tell he was tall from what I could see above the tabletop at least 6'3" maybe taller, he has wide shoulders and a tapering vee shaped torso plunged under the table top.

There are manly, sexy, red curls spilling over the neck of his tee shirt. When he gave the server his order he looked back to me and gave me a smile that, while bright and almost blinding, shook me to my core. Dean Curtis is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!

Dean talked, asking a few questions which I answered, trying my best not to stutter and stammer over my words while looking into his handsome face. When I finally got enough control to carry on a conversation, I was surprised to learn that Dean was the Soccer Coach with the University. He lives nearby and has been divorced for five years. I guessed him to be about 27 and learned that he had just turned 28 last month.

I noticed while we were eating that Dean would just look at me, we didn't talk. His eyes held mine, his eyes penerated my being, I felt naked and bare. Like he had looked into my soul, I shuddered inside. At that moment I would have done anything he asked.

When we finished our meal he asked for coffee refills as they took the dishes away. I felt his foot against mine and I moved, thinking I had touched him. It wasn't but a few moments until our feet were touching again.

"David I think that I should tell you that I gave the Hostess a tip to ask if I could sit with you. I saw you here and I wanted to meet you. You are a very Handsome young man."

I felt the blood rising as I blushed heavily.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you, David, I assumed that you're Gay, this place is where most of the local Gay crowd comes for a good meal. I'm really sorry."

"NO, you're right. I am Gay, or at least I used to be. Since my partner and I split up almost four years ago, my experience has been extremely limited."

"Oh gosh, how long were you and your partner together? I haven't had a relationship like that with a man as yet, I want to find a partner, one guy to be with, but I just haven't met the right guy yet."

"Carlen and I were together from the start of second semester our second year at college until Christmas week after graduation. At the end, we were living 500 miles apart because of our jobs and he found someone else."

"Jeez Davey, that really sucks. I'm so sorry you had to go through that kind of pain. I've been divorced and I know how that can tear your heart out."

My head jerked up the minute I heard him call me Davey, I must have looked weird because he asked.

"Does that bother you, calling you Davey, I mean?"

"No, it just surprised me, you are the second person today to call me Davey. I really like it, no one but my friend Janet at work and now you calls me that. It's good, and really it's like another part of my makeover."

"Your makover?"

I laughed. "Yeah, just two weeks ago you would have tipped the Hostess to be seated anywhere but with me. For more than 3 years I had a full, scraggly, untrimmed beard two inches long or more, long hair onto my shoulders, big thick, horn rimmed glasses and all complemented by an attitude of submission.

I gave up after the breakup and I let myself go, not caring how I looked or even caring about life in general. I looked like a 'Mad scientist', I was just existing, not living life. The events happening in my life all seemed to be more than I could cope with at the time, so I left my North Carolina roots, found a job I really like and moved here.

My friend Janet at work has me to going to the gym now and she took me in for this major overhaul. I have mixed feelings about it since I now look like I did when my Ex and I were together.

I know I have to get over this thing with him, the rejection thing. Janet thinks this is the way to go so I'll try it."

"Davey, tell Janet I said thank you. You look amazing."

I felt the blush reddening my face again. Dean looked at me and I thought I would melt from his smile. He waved off the server for another coffee refill and we made ready to leave. Just as I slid over to the edge of the booth, Dean gave me his card and told me that he would like to hear from me again and perhaps go out for a proper dinner one night. I just nodded and turned red again.

When we were at the register paying for our meals, I took out my card and scribbled my number on the back and gave it to Dean. He looked at the card then up to me.

"Jeez Davey! Handsome and smart too! Wow! I sure hope you aren't turned off by sports or by Coaches. I'll call and we'll go out for dinner and drinks soon if you would like."

Dean walked me to my car and we shook hands again, he kept holding my hand and we were both just looking into the others eyes. I felt a twinge in my groin and realized that I was getting aroused, his emerald green eyes had me mesmerized, and my cock throbbing in my pants. I pulled my hand away and opened my car door and stood behind it, using it to cover the lump growing in my jeans.

I started to stutter and stopped, got control and told him good night and that I looked forward to our next meeting. This is when the old David would have begged off or made an excuse to say no but I felt Dean was different. I wanted to see him again and I readily agreed, telling him I was free all week after six.

Dean left to go to his car and I sat in mine trembling. Surprised at the physical reaction in my pants and elated at this chance meeting. I was grinning all the way home.

Later that night in bed I realized that I was looking forward to going out to dinner with Dean. This was a major step forward for me. He was the first man I really wanted to be around in years.

Physically, Dean was my dream man, tall, dark red hair, trim, fit and all man. He has a great personality that drew me in, all evening he made me feel that I mattered to him. Like I said before, he is the most beautiful man I could ever imagine. I knew I would daydream about him until our next meeting. As I lay in my bed thinking about him, my hand went to my crotch and I had my first sexual fantasy with the fabulous Coach Dean Curtis.

When I told Janet about him the next day at work she was shocked. She knew who he was, she had met him at some fund raising meeting for one of the Not-For-Profits organizations in town. She expressed her disappointment at hearing that he wasn't as eligible as she had hoped.

I had trouble concentrating at work all day following meeting Dean at the diner. Every time I got into the groove, something would happen like a phone call, a co-worker asking a question and my thoughts were off the job at hand and back to Dean and his smile.

By Wednesday I was getting anxious, I hadn't heard from Dean. On the following Friday, still with no call from him, Janet and I stopped for after work drinks at Applebee's down the street from our office. She had been ragging on me hard all week because I wouldn't call Dean. Especially since I talked about him constantly to her. I excused myself to wash my hands.

Coming back from the men's room to our table I saw that Janet was calling someone. When I reached the table she handed me the phone, stood and started to walk away.

"Here Davey, this is your phone, it's ringing now, Say hello to Dean!"

With the phone in my hand I was frozen in place, staring at her open mouthed!

"YOU'RE CRAZY!" I yelled



Yes! Davey is that you?

"'s David."

"This is uncanny Davey, I was just thinking about you and wishing that that I your number. I lost your card and I couldn't remember the name of your company. I've eaten at the diner all week hoping you would come in. I'm so sorry that I haven't called but I'm very happy to hear from you. How are you Stud!"

My mood improved instantly, and Janet, now sitting at the bar counter, had this smug look like she had just cured all the ills of the world.

"Uh..sorry I haven't called before now, but I'm kind of shy about this. My friend dialed you while I was coming back from the restroom. I may have to break her pretty neck,"

"Go easy on her Davey, at least she got us talking. I feel like such a tool, losing the one card I wanted most to keep. Uh..Davey...I...I've thought a lot about you since we met. I want to take you to dinner soon, just food, drinks, and talk, get to know a bit about each other, get better acquainted. It should be no secret that I am strongly attracted to you."

I felt the myself blushing again and grinning.

"That's very good to hear, I hope that you know that the feeling is mutual. I never have plans so whenever you want just let me know."

"That's great, how about we meet at eight tonight, is the Boulder Cafe on Pearl okay with you?"

"Yes that will be great, I'll see you there."

I closed my phone, got up and went to stand beside Janet and I kissed her on the cheek.

"Dean and I thank you. I need to go home now and get ready for my dinner date tonight."

"I'm coming with you, I must approve of the way you look before you go out. You're still new to this makeover thing. You'll have to prove to me I can trust you, Davey."

Back at my place Janet settled into the couch with Josh Groban singing her love songs and one of my Coffee table books on Art Deco Style in her lap. I showered and searched for something to wear. I finally settled on an outfit and took my time dressing and spiking my hair just right. Ready at last I went out to let Janet 'approve' of my choice in clothing.

I wore a Camel colored cashmere pullover, matching Camel tan slacks and my Navy blazer, with cordovan belt and shoes. My UNC Classring and a gold bracelet for just a bit of bling. When Janet turned to look at me I saw the surprise and shock on her face.

"Damn Davey, that just isn't fair. The poor guy won't stand a chance, he'll be grovelling at your feet all night! That outfit is perfect and you are finally perfect in it. You've learned to smile again this past week since meeting Dean. I don't even know him yet and I approve of him."

I kissed her cheek again.

"You know there's no way I can repay you for what you have done for me. You've brought me back to life. I feel good again and you made it happen. Not tonight, but soon, I want you to meet Dean. Well, wish me luck, fingers crossed! Let's hope all goes well tonight."

I spent too much time dressing and preening that I feared I might be late. I walked into the bar area and I saw Dean sitting over to one corner of the bar, he did a double take, then the look on his face was like Janets. He looked stunned. He stayed that way until he shook my hand.

"David! I knew you were a great looking guy, but this! Can you see that everyone here, both men and women, are giving you the once over. I've got the most handsome date in town! Wow!"

I smiled and leaned into him.

"I was thinking that very same thing as I walked over to you. Wow!.

Dean ordered us drinks and we sat at a table waiting to be called to the dining room. He seemed to be a little nervous and I asked him if everything was okay. He laughed and said.

"Okay just doesn't cover what I'm feeling now Davey, over the moon comes a little closer, Jeez you're sure a handsome man!"

"So how's your week been, Coach."

"Full of young men playing games! That's a joke...I'm a coach but I do not mix my private life with my job. Besides, they're still kids. I want a man for my companion and friend."

"I imagine that there is a long line waiting to apply for that position. Where can I que up, Coach?"

He laughed again. "You got the job just walking in here tonight. I don't mean to gush, but Jeez Davey, you truly take my breath away."

"There another feeling that is mutual. Did you notice as we talked at my car that first night that I had to stand behind the open door to my car. I was getting aroused just looking into your eyes. It started here again tonight but I'm wearing a jock strap to hold me down."

"Aww Jeez...I didn't need to know that, now I'll be hard all night just thinking about you in a jockstrap!"

We were saved by being called to the dining room. The Host seated us by a window at a table for four. We ordered more cocktails and looked over the Dinner menu.

We shared an order of Garden Tomato Bruschetta for an appetizer. I ordered a Gorgonzola Salad with romaine, apple, chile-candied walnuts, sun-dried cranberries and gorgonzola with balsamic vinaigrette. I chose Santa Fe Salmon for my entree, grilled fresh salmon with a Santa Fe honey dijon sauce, crispy parmesan polenta and grilled squash.

Dean Ordered the same Gorgonzola salad with the Bistro Steak and Fries, a grilled 8 ounce strip steak topped with an herb compound butter, hand-cut fries and fresh vegetable medley.

It has been over four years since I had such a wonderful dinner. The food was perfect and so was the company. Dean and I were like old friends laughing, chatting about ourselves and telling each other stories we've heard or experienced, he has a load of stories with the college kids he coaches.

For my part, there just aren't many Microbiology jokes to tell, but I did tell some college stories and the one of my getting a new chance at life with Janet's makeover project. At some point Dean mentioned that he would like to meet her and I told him we would arrange that soon. I felt so at ease and comfortable with him it surprised me, not even the least bit shy tonight. I took the lead in talking and Dean sat there smiling and listening to my every word.

While we lingered over Coffee with Baileys at the restaurant I asked him to dinner the following Friday evening, my treat this time. Another first for the new Davey; I had never asked a man out before, I was always the submissive one.

We finished the coffee and went back to the bar. Neither of us were ready to leave the other just yet. In the bar we had a corner banquette and table. In a matter of minutes our knees were touching.

Dean put his hand on the seat between us and I placed my hand in his and we held hands until Dean saw the server headed to us with our drinks. I kept thinking that this is a dream and I will wake up and it will all be gone.

It was nothing more than holding hands, but it satisfied the need for a physical contact we both were feeling. He was at it again with those eyes of his, I swear the man will control my mind with them yet. There isn't anything I can think of that I wouldn't do for him at this minute.

Already I know enough about him to know that he would never intentionally embarrass me in public. In the privacy of my bedroom I doubt that he could embarrass me at all. I looked up from the glass between my hands and he was looking at me and about to speak. He leaned close and said quietly.

"Davey, I don't want this night to end just yet. Would you like to come to my place for a nite cap. I really want to kiss you, I've wanted that since the first night we met. That's all, a few kisses and we'll part for the night. I don't want to rush ourselves too much, I want to be sure we get this right the first time around.

I smiled and told him that yes, I would like the kissing very much.

"You give me butterflies in my gut when you smile at me like that Davey."

"I get those butterflies too. YES! Let's go now, I want the kissing too. It's hard to sit here and not lean over and kiss you."

I followed him to his apartment and was happy to learn that he's only a four blocks from my house. Once we were in his place we went to the kitchen and he started making drinks while I took my jacket off and hung it on the back of a chair.

Dean had a liquor bottle in one hand and glasses in the other when I walked up to him and took his face in my hands and kissed him, no tongue, just our soft, parted lips together. He broke away and sat the bottle and glasses on the counter, then he pulled me into his arms and absolutely stole my heart with the most tender, sensuous, kiss I could have ever imagined.

I'm sure he felt the tremble that ran through my entire body, I pressed closer and my body seemed to melt into his. When his tongue darted across my bottom lip I opened, his tongue in my mouth ignited a hunger inside me that I haven't felt since my first kiss.

I felt Dean's hard member pressing against mine. We each ground against the other from lips to groin, until finally we had to have air. When we broke apart we hugged tightly, our faces side by side over the others shoulder. I felt a tremble run through his body and I hugged him even closer, pressed tightly against him and kissed at his neck and nibbled at the lobe of his ear.

Finally we eased our hugs and without breaking apart we leaned back enough to look at each other, I know I had a grin on my face and Dean smiled back and we both started laughing. I think that at that moment, we both realized that this was special, it is everything and more than what we had expected.

With our drinks made, we moved to the sofa and we were wrapped up in the each others arms for quite a long while, at one point Dean was stretched out on the sofa and I was atop him, then the positions were reversed during our heavy make out session. I was getting very uncomfortable in the jockstrap and I asked Dean for a break. When we reached for our drinks the ice was almost gone. I glanced at the clock and it was nearly 2 a.m.

"Dean, do you have to work today?" I asked.

"Yes, I have a 9 am class."

"Then I should go, you need to get some sleep."

We stood and he hugged me to him again.

"I'll be glad when the times comes that we will share our bed Davey."

"Me too, but we both know it shouldn't be tonight, no matter how excited we are, we need more time. I know we have a dinner date for next Friday night but how would you feel about a spaghetti dinner at my place then we'll catch a TV movie, tonight."

Dean beamed that smile at me again.

"Oh god yes, Davey, yes! Next Friday seems years away right now."

With my hand on the doorknob he kissed me again, just a light peck on the lips, goodbye. That kiss was the one that choked me up, gave me that lump like a balloon in the throat, that hurt so that I couldn't speak, tears brimmed in my eyes. I knew at that moment that Dean was for real and we had a good chance of making a things work.

I scribbled my address on a card.

'My place is just a few blocks over on 18th street."

I turned and gave him a peck on the lips like he had done to me.

"See you later Dean."

At home I remembered to check my phone messages, I had shut it off my cell when we got to Dean's last night so my answering machine at home was lit up and blinking. There were two messages from my Mother, three from Janet and a last one that made my blood run cold when I heard Carlen's voice.

For almost a minute I stood holding the phone ready to call him back, I glanced at a mirror as I stood there and when I saw how pathetic I looked holding the phone trying to make up my mind I slammed the phone down into its cradle. Trembling and in an absolute rage I shouted at the phone.

"NO! NO MORE CARLEN! I'M DONE WITH YOU! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed to the phone.

I was shaking with rage. I cannot, will not let him back into my life, I undressed and went to the bathroom before getting into bed. I got a glimpse in the mirror and laughed out loud. My hair looked like a wind blown hay field, my lips were red and raw from all the kissing, I scrambled through the drawer and came up with a tube of lip balm and slathered it on.

As I sat on the bed my phone rang again, I reached for it but stopped and let it go to voicemail. I wasn't going to talk with Carlen, period. It was Dean and I grabbed the phone just in time to catch the call.

"Hey Davey, just had to hear your voice once more before I try to go to sleep. Tonight was so good."

"That goes double for me Dean. You sure are a good kisser, I saw in the mirror that my lips are raw with razor burn. I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

"I've got something to take care of as soon as we're off the phone. I'm a wreck Davey, I ache from all the kissing and foreplay we did. I need to say good night and get off the phone. Thanks for the greatest night, When do you want me to come over.

"When are you through with your classes?" I asked

There's the 9am class and a two hour practice afterward, so I'll be though by one."

"I have some things I need to do but how about you coming over at three or four, that way we'll have some Dean and Dave, time then we can cook."

"Okay Davey, Jeez, I can't get this goofy smile off my face. I'll see you soon, sleep well."

"You too handsome." I said.

I finished my bedtime rituals and got into my bed. As soon as I closed my eyes, Dean filled my head and my cock was throbbing. Visions of Dean, his eyes, his handsome face, and that rocking body soon had me cleaning myself up in the bath again.

I woke at 7am my usual time to 'rise and shine' but like every Saturday, I turned over and pulled the covers over my head. Dean was in my head now as I remembered each kiss and touch we made I heard the coffee pot start up, I had set it up after yesterdays coffee. It's hard to grin and drink hot coffee at the same time, I learned this morning.

After two cups I started on the house, getting everything clean, I had a notepad to make a list of 'must haves' for our dinner tonight. I changed my mind and decided to make Lasagna instead of spaghetti, a monkey could do spaghetti I thought, besides, at the risk of tooting my own horn, my Lasagna was damn good!

On my shopping trip I got all I needed, the Lasagna makings, a good Chianti, I even got the ingredients for cheese straw appetizers. Cheese straws are a particular weakness of mine. I've been known to make them every day for more than a week. I like them with enough Cayenne pepper to make it just almost hurt when eating them.

I was almost giddy the whole day long. singing ans whistling as I cleaned and then went shopping. At the market I ran into Janet who immediately wanted to know the details from last night.

"I can tell your dinner date went well, I've never seen you smile like you are right now. She took the front of my grocery cart and began pulling it and me as she walked. We stopped at the Coffee Shop in the store and I told her all about last night and what we were doing this evening.

I could hear the surprize in her voice.

"Davey, you can cook?"

"Yes, it's been a while but once I was very good at it." I said.

I told her I had to get back to put things away and to the pre-dinner prep for the salad and such. She decided to come with me. She promised that she would meet Dean and then leave after a brief chat with him, so as not to be rude.

I went back and picked up a couple more bottles of Moscato for her to drink while I made the preparations for dinner. By 2pm I had most everything ready to go so I went to shower.

Tonight was casual, I pulled on Jeans and Weejuns and a Carolina Blue spandex tank top with UNC emblazoned across my chest. Before long I toed the Weejuns off and went barefoot.

When I came back to check the Lasagna, Janet gave a low wolf whistle as I bent over to check the oven.

I straightened and laughed.

"Well that sure was was butch!"

She cracked up.

"I guess it's your new body, each time I see you in something I haven't seen before it floors me. Do you have any clue how hot looking you are in those jeans and that outrageous tank top! Now that you have that twinkle in your eyes you are serious eye candy Davey, and that little butt of yours is so adorable."

"Now Janet, I bet you say that to all the men you make over."

"Oh Davey, I almost forgot. I had my hair trimmed earlier in the week and Anton asked that I give you his fondest regards. He asks about you each time I go into his salon. He still has the pictures of your makeover transformation on the wall inside his station."

"Be sure to give him my regards and thanks. I'll probably go back to him for a haircut soon. Between you and Anton and The Lensman store I'm a new man."

I glanced to the clock and saw that it was almost four, I lifted my glass and took a gulp of wine and the doorbell rang. I almost spewed wine across the room.

Janet started to the door but I stopped her.

"No you don't, sit right there on that stool and draw in those cat claws, this man is mine! You be nice!"

I felt my heart rate increase as I opened the door, there he stood in Jeans, sneakers and a gold Colorado tee, a bottle of wine in one hand and yellow roses in the other. Ushering him in I closed the door and took the flowers and wine, thanking him and introduced him to Janet

To her surprize he remembered their earlier meeting at the United Way kick off meeting a year or so back. I put the roses in a vase and watered them while they were still talking.

Once my hands were empty Dean asked Janet to excuse him for just a second and he came over to me and gave me that little peck on the lips that thrilled me so. It's like we've been doing that forever, it makes me feel so good. A comfortable intimate greeting for two people who really do not know each other as yet. I think the little kiss is a good omen for our future.

He whispered in my ear. "That spandex top already has me stone hard."

He returned to Janet and and continued their conversation. With one arm he motioned for me to come over and he put an arm around my waist and held me close against him while they talked.

I couldn't help it, my unruly cock started to swell. I turned so that my crotch was against his hip, keeping my aroused state from Janet's eyes. When Dean became aware of my erection his arm around me slid down a bit and cupped and squeezed my butt cheek. Which only made me harder, much more of this and I'll be humping his leg like a dog!

Janet finished up and said her goodbyes, I saw her to the door, when she turned to kiss my cheek she whispered.

"Don't mess this up, Davey. He's perfect for you. I really like him."

I had a silly grin, "Yeah, me too!"

Just as she left she whispered again. "Now go put that hard thing in your jeans where Dean can get at it Davey"

I flushed crimson. Turning back after shutting the door Dean was laughing.

"She caught you didn't she. Come here you sexy man."

Dean kissed me like we were doing on his sofa last night, my knees wobbled a bit and when we parted, I poured us drinks.

"Janet is really nice, I like her. Damn Davey, do you look so good in everything you wear, that tank top and those jeans give me all sorts of ideas we don't need to be thinking about just yet."

I gave him a serious look. "I could take them off but I should warn you that I'm not wearing underwear."

"Davey, you're killing me here! You're testing every bit of my will to resist you. You're incorrigible!""

"Very well, we can always just shake hands instead of all this wonderful kissing and making out we started last night."

With that said I slowly walked up to Dean, giving him a look that smoldered with my very real desire for him. His face went from a smile to serious as I neared him. I stopped just short of hugging distance and put out my hand to shake. He looked down at my hand, then back to my face. It took a second or two for him to realize that we weren't going to kiss again. He took my hand and I started to turn away when he pulled me back and met my lips with his.

He gave my tonsils another tongue bath and I went limp in his arms, I had to put my arms around his neck to stay on my feet. Both of his hands held my butt cheeks as he pulled us together tightly.

This was the last straw for me, he just lit my fuse and I had to have him now. Waiting be damned. My arms came away from his neck and I held his face as we kissed, he moaned deep in his throat. My hands kneaded his muscled pecs, his erect nipples stood tall under his tee.

I bent my head and nibbled at his left nip before biting down firmly but not enough to cause pain. Dean roared and thrust his chest out and pulled my head against his chest. As I gnawed his nipple my hands went to the button on his jeans, undone, I pulled the fly apart and pushed his jeans over his hips and they fell to the floor. I pulled his tee up and over his head and arms.

His perfectly muscled chest was heaving as I let my eyes take in his beautiful body with its dense, dark red hair, not as dark as the hair on his head but it covered his chest in a thick mat, I could see hard pink nipples nesting there. His treasure trail split his muscled stomach and thickened at his navel then continued on to a fiery red pubic bush and a bright pink cock helmet topping a thick, pinkish and throbbing shaft.

I knew that in sunlight his perfect round, naked butt would glow that red orange color, his muscled thighs and lower legs were densely furred and there were even tufts of red hair atop his long narrow feet. His long. fat, pinkish cock stood erect in a neatly trimmed nest of firey red pubic hair. Great gods, he is a beautiful man.

Raising up, I looked him in the eyes, he was just starting to protest when I put my finger on his lips.

"Shh, it's now Dean. This is happening now."

I slid down his body to my knees, pressed my cheek against his hardness and wrapped my arms around his butt and held him close. His man scent inflamed me. He smelled so good.

Dean was trembling and running his hands through my hair, softly calling my name. I looked up into his eyes as I pulled his throbbing cock to my lips. When I opened my mouth and took his length into my throat, he cried out, his body trembling.

I took my time, slowly I moved on his length until he popped through the back of my mouth and into my throat. Dean cried out again and again as I pulled him in deep and swirled my tongue around his shaft, pulling all the way back until the flare of his helmet tugged against my lips. my tongue and lips gave extra attention to the pre cum leaqking steadily from thelmet of his throbbing cock. I eagerlly bathed and sucked the spongy head of his fat, pink cock.

Looking back to his eyes, I pulled him deep into my throat again. That last plunge sent him over the edge and he held my head tight and fucked my throat as he filled me with his semen. Near the end as his grip on my head lessened, I pulled back enough to taste his cum, then plunged him back deep into my throat, milking him with my throat muscles. I suckled him until he became too sensitive for me to continue.

I kissed my way up his hard, hairy body until we were face to face, the look on his face was hard to read at first. I knew he had wanted us to wait and know each other better before we were sexual, but I knew all I needed to know about him. He was already mine in my mind. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my neck.

"You are so wonderful, that was unexpected but I must say the it is most sensual,satisfying sexual experience of my life so far. You are in my head and in my heart already, Davey."

"Yeah and now I've been in your pants too! You are one sexy hunk of man Mr. Curtis."

Dean kissed me so softly and tenderly I felt tears welling up behind my closed eyelids. After a moment, I bent and pulled his jeans up to where he could walk and we sat on the sofa.

"If you don't mind Davey, I want you in bed and naked, when you're ready."

"I trust you completely to do anything you wish with me. Whatever you do, I hope it ends with your cock deep inside me. I want you to take me Dean, on my back, an ankle in each of your hands while you make love to me. I want to watch as your orgasm twists your handsome face when we make love for the first time. I want you Dean."

"But we were supposed to wait..."

"Blame me Dean, if what we've got started here falls apart it will all be my fault. I know what kind of man you are, I trust you. And dear God, how I want you. Please make love with me."

We rose and made it to my bed, just as I was about to lie down when suddenly I remembered the Lasagna. I ran to the kitchen and turned the oven on and ran back to Dean jumping into his arms as he lay on the bed.

"Davey, you're more beautiful naked than with those jeans on. You body is perfect, your muscled chest, those abs, and that hairy little butt drives me wild."

"Dean Curtis drives me wild. Because of Janet and now you, I'm alive again. The two of you rescued me. I'm crazy for you, I hope you know that."

"To quote a good friend, 'the feeling is mutual,' Davey. You've brought me back to life as well."

We were sitting at the table drinking our wine and looking deeply into each others eyes after the most memorable love making imaginable. We were both falling in love but neither of us dared to even think about it for more than a fleeting thought, fearful that just a word or an action could crush this feeling budding in each of us.

Dean was a gentle lover at first but as his passion ignited he became dominant and demanding near the end, taking his pleasure from me while making me grateful I could please him. No man had ever satisfied me as Dean had. I was certain that my butt was glowing after the most thorough love making I have ever experienced. We had calmed to a relaxed state and just sat studying the others face,happy in the knowledge that we had found each other.

Back in my kitchen, Dean had only his jeans on, still barefoot and bare chested giving me the treat of toying with the red hair on his chest. I was in my jeans and his Colorado tee, hanging on me at least three sizes too large. I was so startled that I jumped when the doorbell rang. On the second ring I got up and answered the door. I was absolutely stunned to see Carlen standing there. I know my mouth was gaping open as he walked into the living room talking.

"You won't talk to me on the phone so I've driven here from Chicago to tell you that I was wrong, I...uh."

Just then Dean came in from the kitchen and draped an arm across my shoulder.

"Who's this? Carlen demanded.

Before I could speak Dean answered him.

"I'm Dean Curtis, Davey's Love Slave and Life Partner. Who are you?

I turned to Dean, giving him an incredulous look.

"'m...Carlen Mitchell, David's boyfriend. His mother didn't tell me he was with someone when we talked."

"That's how you found me, my Mother! Carlen you should leave. You are not my boyfriend. It's been nearly four years since you left me, remember! There is nothing you have to say that I will even listen too. Go away! You are interrupting and very special evening for Dean and I and I am politely asking you to leave."

"No, I have to convince you that I'm sorry, I was wrong, I still love you David."

With that Dean stepped between carlen and I.

"Mr. Mitchell, you've been asked to leave. This is the last time you will be asked. If needed, I can throw you out to your car." Dean said and he cracked his knuckles.

Turning to me, Dean asked, "is there anything you want to say to Mr. Mitchell before I send him on his way Davey"

"No I...wait, yes there is. Carlen, if you make one more phone call or come here again I will get a restraining order against you. I do not ever want to see you again. Do you understand?"

He was visibly shaking now. "But David, I really love you!"

Dean took Carlen's arm and moved him toward the door, he tried to break free but Dean's big hand held him firm enough to make him yell

"Ouch you're hurting me."

Outside and away from Dean's grasp, Carlen started yelling and crying, asking me to forgive him, take him back. When Dean stepped off the porch, Carlen got into his SUV and sped away.

Back in the house I was so mad I was trembling, I was mad at him and mad at my Mother. She hated Carlen, her only reason for telling him where I am was to cause me trouble. She knows she can't control me anymore so she would just make my life as miserable as she could. Dean came to me and wrapped his arms around me and held me, never saying a word, until I calmed down.

Finally when I lifted my head from his chest I thanked him. Then with a sly smile I asked"

"My Love slave? Life Partner?"

He smiled and said.

"After tonight, yes, I am your Love Slave Davey, I only hope that I can be worthy enough to become your life partner. Nothing in my life has ever felt like us, you and I... What I feel when I'm with you."

We stood there hugging, cheek to cheek and my hand on the back of Dean's head.

"Thank you for stepping up to confront him Dean, I've never been that type of man but I was angry enough to hit him earlier."

"I heard the anger and rage in your voice Davey, it's best to be in control of your emotions in a situation like that. I just wanted to protect you and be sure he knew what to expect if he tried this again. He has to be somewhat unbalanced to do that after four years. You be especially watchful when you're alone Davey."

"Carlen is not a fighter, and he got the message that you could and would whip his butt it you needed to. I think we're done with him after this. However, my Mother is a different matter. I do need to wait a day or so before I read her the riot act. I'm just too angry with her to even speak with her now."

"Come here Davey."

Dean held me in his strong arms and gave me that little peck on the lips that gives me chills, I lay my head against his chest and let a big sigh escape from within me. I giggled a bit as the lush dark red curls on his chest tickled my nose.

"What's that sigh for babe?"

"Just me wishing we could stay like this forever, your arms holding me to you...this joy I feel when I'm with you. These are days we'll remember Dean. The beginning."

"I know baby, I know." Dean said as he nibbled my ear lobe and kissed my neck.

I had to pull away, the 'horn dog' in me was at it again, getting hard just from his touch. He must have felt it because he pulled me back and thrust his hips to grind against me.

"You can't imagine how good it feels knowing that just me holding you gets you so aroused, Davey."

I laughed, "yeah, well it happens everytime, you're near me. It's sort of like we're caught up in a whirlwind. Everything is happening so fast. But it feels right, we're good for each other Dean. If we want it to work we can make it work, we can work out any problems that arise. I don't believe there will be any problems in the bedroom. Things there are really terrific." I said.

"I can feel us building Davey, we're building up, growing with each other. It's harder with every passing hour to hold back, to keep from naming this feeling that's filling me up inside. I can see in your eyes that you feel it too. I just never knew it could feel this good."

I kissed his neck again and pulled away. I put my index finger to his lips.

"Shh, not yet Dean, not yet but yes, it's building in me too. And how! It's so new to me, so different. So real. OH JEEZ!!!! The Lasagna!!

I dashed over to the oven and to my relief, I saw it would be about ten minutes more. I poured us more wine and we sat at the island, we talked a little about Carlen, I told him about the time Carlen and I were together. Now, after meeting Dean, I know that Carlen and I were never in love. We were more like friends with benefits. We were just playing a game, playing house like we were a couple, but it sure wasn't like what I feel with Dean in any way.

Dean told me more about his life, growing up on his Dad's ranch in Southwest Colorado, his getting a football scholarship to CSU and catching on as a Graduate assistant while he worked for his masters in Sports Management.

While he was talking I sliced slabs of Italian bread, slathered them with with Garlic Butter and popped them into the toaster oven. When the Lasagna timer chimed the bread timer was about ten seconds behind right behind. Everything just seems to go right when Dean is around. I pulled off his tee and gave it to him to wear and I found my spandex top as we washed up and prepared to eat.

Dean refilled our wine glasses while I plated the Lasagna, English Peas and Garlic toast. He bragged sufficiently about my cooking and seemed genuinely impressed that the Lasagna was made from scratch. Dean did confess that he has just recently learned to boil water, and he considers brewing a pot of coffee as 'cooking'.

We talked and laughed throughout our meal and after rinsing off the dishes and putting them into the dishwasher, I opened another bottle of wine. I was more relaxed and at ease with Dean than I had ever been with anyone before. He makes me feel comfortable, there's no newness, no worry about acceptance.

Just knowing him was already altering my personality. No more shy little brown mouse of a man, I've become a Peacock, proud to be seen beside my guy. He is still the most handsome man I've ever seen, but he thinks I'm the good looking one. We have our very own mutual admiration society. I asked what movie he had in mind and he laughed. "The story of Davey and Dean of course."

"That one's a bit too new to be on TV just yet. How about I put on some music and dim the lights, the Satellite Dish has about three zillion music channels offering up just about any type you want."

"You pick babe, your gonna be the only thing on my mind anyway."

He lay on the sofa and patted it for me to lie down with him. I lay in front and he spooned me. I'm about five inches shorter than his 6'3" and I just fit perfectly up against him. He pulled my hips back against his crotch and teasing him, I wiggled my butt against him.

Dean Laughed, "What are you doing, stud."

"Just getting comfortable mister." and I wiggled my butt more, pushing back on him harder."

I smiled when I felt him harden against my rear. Shamelessly I wiggled again, this time rubbing firmly against his cock. Dean groaned and pulled me tighter to him. His lips at my ear.

"If you can't be still here, I have to take you to the bedroom and see if we can't scratch that itch you seem to have."

His breath and lips at my ear made me shudder and I wiggled my butt hard against him again. Dean started laughing and I managed to turn over to face him. Nothing was said, he just looked at me for 30 seconds or so, closed his eyes and moaned loudly and hugged me so tightly I had to gasp for breath.

When he pulled back a bit as he loosened his hug, I attacked his lips with mine. I tugged his tee loose from his jeans and ran my hands up under it, feeling the crinkly, fiery red chest hair slide through my fingers, one hand found a nipple and gently pinched and rolled the nub with my forefinger and thumb. Dean moaned again. I stood and offered a hand to pull him up and we went to the bedroom, my arm around his waist and his hand inside the back of my jeans, carressing and cupping my firm, eager butt.

Dean sat on the foot of the bed. "Come, let me undress my prize Davey."

Quickly he tugged the tee off and his big hands roamed freely over my upper torso, He lay his cheek against my warm skin, his tongue traced the rippled ridges developing on my abdomen and picked up the fine, almost invisible line of hair leading from the bottom of my abs to a darker thicket around my my navel, then thickening and darkening as it led to my shaved and trimmed pubic hair.

"Oh my sweet Jesus... you are such a beautiful man Davey."

He pushed my jeans back and over my hips and they fell to the floor, I was going commando as I had told him earlier, My hard cock pointed to the ceiling. Both hands slid up and under my arms to my pits, then he brought them down slowly reaching around and his hands came to rest on my butt cheeks. He pulled me close and pressed his face to my stomach and my cock dribbled pre cum on his cheek just below his right eye.

I felt his body tremble with a huge sigh as he looked up to me and pried my iron hard cock down to his lips. He kissed the helmet, looked up to me and opened his lips and took me to the root in one smooth motion. Again, I cried out his name and ran my fingers through his smouldering red hair. I knew I couldn't take much of this or I would explode.

"Oh Please baby, please don't make me cum yet, we've got all night. We can make love here until daylight. Oh baby, I...want your cock, let me turn, I want your cock."

I lay down on the bed, my head at his thighs and I sucked his fat cock down into my throat, We bobbed and slowed and generally brought each other to the brink of orgasm, then backed off, letting things settle back, this was new to me, Edging, Dean called it. Whatever it's called I like it.

Seeing my opportunity I flipped and landed astride Deans hips, his fat cock flat against his belly and rubbing up and down the crack of my ass.

"Oooo Dean, I want to ride your cock, hand me the lube babe, I wanna show you how much I want this cock."

I lubed his cock and my opening and raised high on my knees, I placed his helmet at gate and toyed with him a little bit, rubbing and stroking. Finally I lifted again and sat down, very slowly, on his hard, fat cock. he monitored my emotions by watching my face. He saw me move to fight for control through the initial pain. It's been a long time since I've rode a cock like his. Eventually I began to move from pain to pleasantly full. There's a point I reached as he slowly eased inside me that the anticipation of the good feelings to come completely obliterates the pain sensations.

The deeper he goes the closer he takes me to pure ecstasy. At last I ground against his pelvis as he bucked and thrust against me. With one hand he played with my cock, the other pinched at a nipple. He is completely in me, I am full. Now every movement sends shivers and shock waves through my rectum. I spread my cheeks and pushed down hard on the shaft inside me, wanting him deeper inside me. His deepest penetration unleashed the raw lust we felt for each other. I began to gyrate and move my hips like a madman. I took possession of him, he was no longer in control. Sitting astride his hips twisting a raw nipple in each thumb and forefinger I fucked his hard cock like never before..

Sometime while manipulating my hips I hit that sweet spot, I couldn't fuck his cock in my butt fast enough, my hips were a blur of movement while he thrust upwards as much as he could. Nothing mattered now but this cock filling my butt. His cock head poking my prostate with every move my butt made. I was transported to a trance, his cock filling me was my world, my eyes rolled back and I lost myself to the lust of mansex. The feelings were exquisite, a burning joy deep inside me that could only escape through my penis.

I heard Dean's cries and knew he was near. Edging be damned! I couldn't have stopped if my life had depended upon it. I cried out Dean's name, more like a scream as three thick volleys of cum shot over his head, a fourth landed on his chin and the remainder made a heaving river in the channels between his cut abs while he gasped for each breath. Cum oozed out of me down onto his testicles and then the bed sheet.

It took a minute or so for me to realize that his cock was still hard inside me. I raised myself to sit across him again and felt him pushing deep inside me. I couldn't help it, my hips involuntarily moved, Dean's eyes flew open and I did it again. At first it was a gentle rocking motion until his hands went to my hips, I picked up speed then and was soon riding cock hard and strong, again. I paced myself, this would take a while after that massive orgasm just passed.

Five minutes later Dean was moaning and tossing his head as he came again inside me. I had one spurt of my semen to reach Dean's pecs which really amazed me, considering the intense orgasm passed only minutes ago. This time I collapsed atop him and his softening cock slipped out with a rude noise. I knew I had to get up and get to the bathroom. I turned on the exhaust fan and the shower, but there just isn't a good way to disguise fuck farts. Dean had the good manners not to mentioned what I knew he had to hear.

It was only a little past eight pm and we were already exhausted. We dozed a bit and I woke at 9:15 and slipped into the kitchen. I opened the

fridge and pulled out what I had intended for our dessert after dinner. I had a bowl of fresh strawberries, chocolate dip and a plate of Petit Fours. I had everything out on the counter and was pouring black coffee when Dean stumbled in. He came straight to me and gave me a toe curling kiss, both of us still naked, and getting harder by the second.

We looked at each other and both of us let our eyes drift down and we laughed in unison at our hard cocks.

"These two seem to think they're growing on 17 year old boys!" Dean said pointing to the hard cocks. I can't remember the last time that I came twice in less than fifteen minutes. You surely know how to push my buttons Davey boy. Each time we are together you amaze me more."

It was Sunday afternoon and we decided to go shopping for something for our dinner. Nothing was said between us, it was just understood that we would eat together and even sleep together now, alternating between his apartment and my house.

On our way home Dean noticed that the same SUV was behind us now that had been behind us on the way to the market. He was certain that they were being followed. He asked me to slow down and he turned in his seat to look back, He recognized the driver. It was Carlen.

I was so angry I was trembling again. I pulled over and let him pass then started out after him when Dean talked me into going home like we had planned. Nothing good can come out of you chasing him in your car. I knew he was right, but I was still angry that Carlen would be such a jerk.

When we got back to my place the phone was ringing, I didn't answer and let the call go to the answer machine. It was Janet and I made a mental note to call her later. In a few minutes another call came in and this one was my Mother. I almost called her back to yell and rant about her telling Carlen where I live. Again, I knew I needed to calm down before talking with her. A third call came after we had been back from the market for an hour or so. No one spoke but I could hear someone breathing.

By now Dean was livid too, but he was in control. He called a friend of his that is a policeman and told him what was happening. The friend advised that we document each occurrence until we had some tangible proof of what Carlen was doing. A charge of stalking would get a restraining order fairly quickly.

We stayed in the rest of Sunday night and we each left for work on Monday morning. I waved as Dean drove off and opened my car door, The next thing I remember is waking up bound and gagged in the back of an SUV travelling too fast for city streets. My head ached from being clubbed and knocked unconscious. After about an hour of driving the SUV pulled off the road and I heard the tires crunching gravel beneath them and I became afraid. I knew I was about to be robbed and then shot and left for dead. I struggled but whatever held my wrists together cut into my flesh like a knife.

The bindings on my feet were cut loose and I was roughly pulled from the the SUV. I stood but had to lean against the truck to steady myself. All this time, my assailant had never spoken. When I first awoke my first thought was Carlen, he did this, but as the time passed and not a word spoken, I wasn't so certain it was him, much too quiet to be Carlen.

I was turned away from my captor, the blindfold was removed and I was told to walk 20 paces away, stop and turn around. I turned and saw a gun pointed at me by a man wearing a ski mask. When I asked why he was doing this the man fired a shot at my feet. I shut up, terrified that the next shot would kill me. The gun was raised and pointed directly at me and the gunman reached for the ski mask with his free hand and jerked it free from his head.

Carlen stood there with the gun, his face and eyes had a deranged and demented look. I started to speak and another shot was fired, I heard the bullet go past my head. I stayed quiet. He began to tremble, I could see the gun shaking.

"I told you I was sorry David, I told you I love you. Why won't you let me love you? You're mine, I won't let anyone else have you David."

"Carlen I don't love you. You've killed every feeling I ever had for you, Don't you remember the letter you wrote telling me we were through and you signed off saying Merry Christmas. You ended our relationship when...."

He screamed NO very loud and I saw the flash of fire from the gun as my brain tried to scream out. DEAN! I felt the impact of the bullet and I heard a second shot as I fell to the ground.


Dean entered Davey's speed dial code for the tenth time, still no answer. The phone wasn't turned off, it takes 10 rings before going to voicemail, if it were turned off it would go to voicemail on the first ring. He was getting very worried. Finally he got in his truck and drove to Davey's house. As he pulled into the drive he saw Davey's SUV sitting there, the driver's door ajar and Davey's keys lying on the ground. He felt a deep fear slam hard into his gut. A wave of nausea washed over him as he scrambled to find his phone. He was shaking so bad it took him three tries to dial 911.

While he waited for the police he remember Davey's card and called his office and asked for Janet. She told him that Davey wasn't there and had not called in and she was worried. He told her what he knew and that he was waiting for the police to arrive. Dean gave her his number just as the black and white police car arrived. He opened his door and got out as the Officer got out of his cruiser.

"Was it you who called 911?" the officer asked.

"Yes Sir."

He told Officer Adams that he had left for work and David was coming out behind him when he drove away. When he tried to call him at work and on the cell with no answer he became worried because of Carlen's following them on Sunday going to and coming home from the market. He related all the details he could and told the Officer that David's Mother had told Carlen where he lived. The officer took a camera from his car and photographed the car and the keys. Dean assured him that he had stayed in his truck until the officer arrived. When he saw the open car door and the keys on the pavement it he called 911."

The Officer took all of Dean's contact information and told him that he would be in touch, meanwhile if he thought of anything else or saw anything to call anytime, day or night.

"Based on what you've told me, and the evidence I can see, I suspect that this is an abduction and we can start right away with our investigation, A missing person report would delay our start for 48 hours."

An investigating team swarmed in and went over the car, the house and Dean's truck looking for any traces of Davey.

Since nothing there was disturbed and the door had been locked when the Officer arrived, they were certain that the abductor had not been in the house. After a couple of hours the team left and Officer Adams who had first answered the 911 call game Dean the keys and his number if he should see, hear or think of anything that might help them.

Dean called Janet again, and she was so distraught she left work and came to Davey's house to be with Dean. They had the TV on the local news just in case something came up. They had been there more than two hours when a Breaking News Banner flashed on the screen. A reporter stated that the bodies of two men bodies were found near Ft. Morgan, almost 70 miles from Denver. There is one confirmed death.

Dean screamed then sobbed, "That Son of a Bitch has killed him."

He fell to his knees crying no, no, no over and over. Janet was crying too, Davey had told her about Carlen's visit when Dean was at the house and how safe Dean made him feel. Dean was inconsolable, he rocked back and forth on his knees and his tears flowed like a flood. He couldn't speak any more, there was a bubble of pain at the back of his throat that kept him from screaming out his rage and torment.

The phone rang and Janet answered, it was the police officer asking if Dean could come to the morgue to identify a body. She told him they would come as soon as they could.

"Mr. Curtis is in no condition to drive right now but I will bring him there as soon as he calms down a bit."

When they arrived at the Hospital the Officer took them to the Coroner's Office and then into the Morgue. Dean was in a trance, being led by Janet.

When the attendant pulled back the sheet on the corpse, rage flared in Dean again.

"That's the Son of a Bitch who did it, Carlen something... Mitchell I think, from Chicago."

"Thank you sir, we appreciate you coming down here at this late hour."

"But where's David's body? The TV said two bodies were found."

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry, you don't know? Mr. Duggan is in surgery, I'm so sorry, I thought you knew."

"He's alive? In Surgery! Oh Dear God... He's alive?" Dean gasped.

Dean and Janet hugged each other as new tears of joy flooded their faces. Officer Adams came to them, a hand on Dean's shoulder and the other outstretched to Janet.

"Come with me, I'll take you upstairs now, he's here. He lost a lot of blood but the bullet hit him in his left shoulder, he's going to be fine."

The relief almost incapacitated Dean, he was completely drained, at first the agony of loss, his rage at seeing the monster who shot his Davey. Then the relief and absolute joy he felt hearing Davey would be okay. He and Janet held hands as they entered Davey's room to wait. The officer had cleared it with the nurses station to allow them to wait in his room.

Officer Adams called to inquire about the surgery and when he could question Mr. Duncan. He was told that Mr. Duncan was in recovery and would be moved back to his room within the hour, once he wakes from the anesthesia you will be able to talk with him.

Officer Adams went to the nurses station and came back with three cups of black coffee. He explained that the nurses liked him and let him have 'real coffee' made at their station instead of the stuff in the lobby machine.

He said he would return later tonight and talk with Mr. Duggan. At the door he turned and asked Janet if she would like a ride back to her car and she agreed that she should go and get it.

"Dean, you'll be all right here alone won't you."

"Yes Janet, and thank you. Come back here though, we need to be here when he wakes up. Both of us."

She hugged him. "Of course I'll be here. I can see why he loves you so Dean, you've got such a big heart, I'm so glad you found him."

She left with the Officer and it took a few minutes before he realized what she had said. Startled at the revelation he said aloud.

"He's told her he loves me!" he said to himself.

Dean closed his eyes and the fatigue took over his body, he dozed in and out of sleep to the background noises of the hospital. He woke as the gurney rolled into the room. Davey was still sedated but all vital signs were good and there was no bone damage, the bullet had passed through flesh and muscle only.

Dean move his chair and sat beside the bed holding Davey's hand in his,

Janet came back in a few minutes and they sat and waited for Davey to wake. A Candy Striper volunteer came by with two more cups of coffee from the nurses station, compliments of Officer Adams.

"Oh Dean, I called Davey's father in Virginia to let him know and he's catching a plane tonight and coming out here. He was really shaken up but I think I finally convinced him that Davey is going to be fine." Janet said.

Dean replied. "Good, he needs family here, just not his Mother. He and his Dad get along just fine he says."

"I met his Dad on his second visit here, you're going to see what Davey will look like in about twenty years or so, it's uncanny how much alike they are."

While they waited they talked. Janet told Dean how she and David had met and about her getting him to the gym and eventually getting him to shed the caveman image and come back to the real world.

Dean told her about his paying the Hostess at the diner to get her to seat him with Davey that first night. He told how he had been captivated from that first encounter, how he had stupidly lost Davey's number, and how grateful he was that she dialed his number then gave the phone over to Davey . He told her how he had never been so crazy, madly in love before and that he was never felt this way with his ex wife.

"It was such agony when I thought I had lost him. I love him so."

"Love you too." they both heard a raspy voice say. Janet and Dean jumped to their feet as Davey squeezed Dean's hand.

"Welcome back handsome. Before you say another word Davey I need to tell you that I love you with all my heart. After what has happened today, I'll never let another day pass without telling you I love you.

"Hi Davey, we've been waiting for you." Janet said.

I took both of their hands.

"The two people who saved me, made me enjoy life again, I love you both. Where's Carlen, what happened to him."

I saw that Dean tensed and Janet felt it, she spoke up.

"Davey, Carlen's gone, he's dead. After he shot you he turned the gun and killed himself. When they found you he was already dead."

"It's so sad, why did he do this? I just don't understand why now after so long" I said.

I still felt groggy and I closed my eyes, I felt Dean still holding my hand.

I managed to mumble. "Stay, need you."

"I won't leave you. I'll never leave you.  I need you too."  Dean said.

I heard Dean say he wouldn't leave and I was out of it again. The next thing I remember is the Doctor checking my wound.   He said he would check me again in a few hours and left.

The next time I woke I thought I was hallucinating. I opened my eyes and there sat my Dad. I closed my eyes and shook my head a bit and opened them again.

"Dad? Is it you, are you really here?

Dad rose and came to my bed, held my good hand and bent to kiss me on the forehead.

"Yes Son, Janet called and told me what happened and I got on a plane as soon as I could."

"I'm glad you're here. Dad have you met Dean?"

"Yes I have, we've talked a good bit waiting for you to wake again.   I must say David that it is about time you found someone like Dean.  He's a good man, I can tell that from just talking with him and he's crazy for you. You did good Son. 

 You know I never liked that Carlen guy, I just felt bad karma from him. You and Dean make a fine couple, Janet approves and that alone is good enough for me."

"Yes Sir, I sure did get lucky somehow.   Thank you for coming Dad. It really means alot to me."

The Doctor came by and conferred with Dad. Janet and Dean spoke briefly with the Doctor and then the three of them came back to my room.

I had drifted off again.

"He's still under sedation." Janet whispered to Dad and Dean.

Dean and my Dad went to the cafeteria while I was sleeping and Dean told Dad that he was staying the night here but he would take Dad to the house and come back here.  On Monday night, Dad would stay all night and Dean would go back to his place and to his job on Tuesday Morning.

I finally shook off the sedatives and came fully awake late Monday afternoon.

"Thirsty, water" I said.

Janet spooned a piece of ice into my mouth, explaining that the doctor said ice only for at least four hours, water could start him to vomiting so soon after anesthesia.  Officer Adams came in to get a statement from me. He asked if I felt up to answering his questions and I agreed that I would try my best.

I noticed that Janet was flushed and I didn't understand until I followed her eyes, She and Officer Adams were sharing admiring glances when they thought no one was watching. In a few minutes Dean noticed them too.

Dean told the Officer about talking with his policeman friend, who Officer Adams said he knew well.  Dean said that on his friends advice he made a sort of log of all the incidents pertaining to Carlen Mitchell. The Officer looked at the list on Dean's iPhone and asked that he email it to him.

"This is very good, very thorough Coach.  You do good work!"

Dean and Janet left together and Dad sat with me.  We chatted quite a bit and he wasn't at all surprised that I had not let anyone call Mother. I wanted that privilege all to myself.

I was released on Tuesday afternoon and Dean came to drive me home. We walked into my house and immediately Dean gently kissed me, and hugged me with just one arm. He left and went back to his job telling me he'd be here after five.

Later that evening Dean got Dad moved into the guest room and he slept with me.   As he cuddled up and kissed my neck he said.

"Davey, I've never been so devastated in my life as when I thought you were dead.   Even I didn't realize just how much I do love you.  We've been given another chance babe, we're going to make the most of it."

Leaning into his hug I flashed back to seeing the shaking gun.

"I screamed your name just as he shot me, my last thought was of you."

"There a reason you were spared, your job here isn't completed yet.  What we have to do is make sure we make the most of the time we have left Davey.  No more waiting to see if things are going to work out.  We'll be a work in progress, taking the good times as they come our way and dealing with the rough patches the same way, we'll take them as them come.  Together we can do amazing things."  Dean said as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke just as Dean leaned down and kissed my forehead as he was leaving for work. Taking his hand I pulled up into a sitting position, then stood. I leaned over and kissed him as he turned and left for work.  I could smell the fresh brewed coffee and padded to the kitchen.  Dad was at the island in lounge pants and tee. Jumping up he told me to have a seat and he'd get my coffee.  Putting the cup in front of me, he leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"What an ordeal you've been through Son.  After Janet's call was I was sick to my stomach and had to rush to the bathroom.   I prayed most of the flight out here for you.   I was so scared I'd lose you, you're the most important person in my life Son.  I loved you as a little kid but now as a grown man I've learned the man you are and I cherish our time together."

"I love you too Dad. You ever thought about living in Colorado? I would love to have your here. I'm sure Dean feels the same."

"You want me in the same town as you?" he asked with a look of disbelief.

"YES! I can never get enough of being with you. Uh, do you have any ties that would keep you in Carolina?"

"There's a woman there that I'm thinking about asking to marry me, Son I told you I was dating her the last trip out here."

"Dad, I'm living proof that you shouldn't wait, if you love her do it.  Come to Colorado for your honeymoon and see if she likes it here, you deserve the love of a good woman, it's time you were happy Dad."

He just looked at me, squeezed my hand and smiled.

"I can't ask her over the phone, I'll need to go back home soon David."

"Go get her Dad, The flight out here and the hotel will be my gift to you and your bride.  Dean and I will come to your wedding too."

"I need to give her a call anyway to let her know how you're getting along, I left in such a rush.  I'll go to my room and give her a call."

After Dad went to make his call I skimmed through the pile of mail on the island and that is when I saw the frantic blinking of the answering machine light.

I pulled it over closer to me and pushed the playback button. The first three messages were from Dean, listening to them I could hear his anxiety level increase with each call.   Janet called twice, My boss once. Another message from Dean, one from my Mother that was uncharacteristically endearing.  She said she just had a premonition that something was wrong and wanted to hear my voice.  Next, another call from Dean and surprisingly a second call from my Mother, sounding very distressed.

My Dad rushed into the kitchen and looked around, he looked like he wanted to get out of here in a hurry.

"Is she here? I heard your Mother's voice. I've got to get out of here."

I could hear the disgust in his voice when he said 'I heard your Mother's voice', I laughed and told him to relax, I was just checking the answering machine.

With a big sigh Dad relaxed and poured another coffee and sat down facing me. "Charlotte is at work conference, I'll call her tonight." he said.

"Chill out Dad, actually I can hardly believe what Mother said myself. Listen to this."

I rewound and punched the play button again.   Dad listened and like me he hardly believed it was her.  I told Dad I was going to call her and he said he didn't mind as long as I didn't mention him to my Mother.  She did sound upset, or fearful.    There's no way she could know what she had unleashed by telling Carlen where I lived.  With considerable trepidation I picked up the phone and called my Mother.  Allowing for the three hour time difference it was still early in the morning in North Carolina when she answered the phone.

As soon as I said "Mother' she started 'praising the Lord' that I was safe and sound. She explained that all day yesterday I was on her mind and she feared something bad had happened. I was sincerely amazed that she would have such maternal instincts.   I don't remember anytime that she ever expressed such concern or worry.

Something in me kept me from telling her about what had happened. I did have a minor injury that would heal fairly quickly and relating all that had happened would only alarm and worry her more. Additionally I feared that telling her about the shooting would have her on the phone daily, preaching her 'Hell and Damnation' doctrine for hours on end.

"Yes Ma'am, I'm just fine, I spent the day yesterday with a friend and I had to go offsite to the University for a two day meeting and I stayed there last night. Nothing bad happened and all is well here."

I successfully satisfied her maternal fears and got her off the phone in less than 15 minutes, with just a couple of white lies, more to keep her from worrying about me than being intentionally deceitful.     I realized that through all that had happened growing up, all the grief she gave me about every every aspect of my life, I still love my Mother and didn't want her worrying about me or cause her any guilt or pain because of what Carlen had done.

I told Dad why I had glossed over the whole ordeal we had been through and after hearing me out, he did agree that what I did was the best for her and for us.

"I'm very proud of you David.  You could have taken a very different approach and told her off good and proper, and she did deserve it.  But you elected to spare her the guilt she would have taken to her grave.   You chose to be the better person, you've become such a good man when you could have easily gone the opposite way living with a tyrant of a Mother.   I know your life hasn't been all Roses, you're a good man and a wonderful Son, David."

At 5:15pm Dean came rushing in and found Dad and I still chatting at the island, he grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down beside me. He started to lean over and kiss me but realized that he shouldn't with my Dad sitting across from us. Ever so tactfully, Dad took a sip of coffee and rose from his seat.

"Gotta go take a leak, this coffee is running right through me." Dad said.

When the bathroom door clicked shut Dean had my face in his hands and his tongue deep in my throat.  We heard Dad washing his hands and Dean broke away, staring at my face.

"I am completely consumed by you Davey.  I love you babe."

"Yeah, I'm a little goofy over you too." I said.

When Dad came back he had an old Photo Album in his hands. He sat down and told me that this was for me to keep, it was full of pictures of his family and he and I when I was little. He had labels on all the family photos with names and comments about their relationship to me. Sadly Both his parents were gone but I did have an Aunt, an Uncle and three cousins I wanted to meet.

Not long after, Janet dropped by on her way to dinner with her date. It took a couple of seconds to recognize Officer Adams in his civilian clothes. He asked about my health and was introduced to my Dad. They only stayed about ten minutes and left.

I made a mental note to congratulate Janet. Officer Alexander Adams was a fine catch! He seemed to think the same about her, constantly touching her and smiling like he had caught the brass ring at the circus. Even my Dad noticed, saying.

"I didn't think Janet had a boyfriend, they really seem to be hitting it off well."

"I'm fairly sure that this is their first date, I did notice them eyeing each other at the Hospital and he did take her to get her car at the Morgue parking lot.   It was on the other side of the Hospital and very hard to get to from the patient area."

"She a terrific lady and deserves a good man who'll treat her right." Dean added.

I suggested we order in a pizza but my Dad nixed that idea fast.

"I'll cook our dinner. I am quite a good cook these days,." Dad said.

Dad had his head in the fridge when Dean took me back to our bed to rest before dinner. After getting me settled in Dean tidied up the living area and set the table for dinner while Dad did his magic in the kitchen.

Dean gathered up my medications and arranged them on a tray with a water pitcher and glass. He grabbed the new magazines from the mail stack and came back to the bedroom to look in on me.   I had already drifted off to sleep, Dean sat the tray on the dresser and went to chat with Dad while he finished up our dinner.

The dinner Dad prepared was fantastic. Chicken with garlic, lemon zest, thyme with Angel Hair pasta, and a fresh Ceasar Salad. Dean and I were both impressed.

"Wow Dad, who knew you were such a great cook!"

"Thanks guys, just one of my hobbies that I indulge in. "You can't imagine how good it feels just to be here with you in your kitchen Davey.  Janet and Dean had a bad time of it for a while.  Nothing to compare with the terror you must have felt, but all the same, it warms my heart to know my Son has such wonderful friends."

I know I'm a very lucky man, Dad, Dean, Janet and you, have combined in your own special ways to rescue me.   I can only say thank you for being here. Together you have given me a new life, one where I'm confident and sure, opinionated and even stubborn at times.  I am a very different man than the mouse who fled his North Carolina home to start a new life.   I love you all."

In two weeks I was cleared to go back to work on a part time basis at first. Janet tried to get everyone to not ask questions.  She told them that I was knocked out and abducted by a college friend whom I had last seen about 4 years ago.  She told them that I was traumatized by the shooting and it would be best if no one asked me to relate any of the story.

Of course the ladies didn't like it, one bit, they wanted details, minutia about the slightest things.  They guys just shook hands, said welcome back and that was it.

I settled into full time at work just as Dean's team was beginning to practice twice a day.   In two weeks their season would begin.   Now that the school had joined the Pac-12 conference, the competition would be a great deal tougher than previous years. The West Coast Schools had deep pockets and rich Alumni to provide all the financial help required. The opener would be at UCLA.

Dean convinced me to take a Friday afternoon off and I flew out on a Southwest commercial flight and met up with him at his team's hotel. We had adjoining rooms just in case one of his players came by his room. I could go into my room and close the door before he let anyone in and no one would be the wiser.

The CU team held up well and with 5 minutes remaining the score was 0-0.

Then the UCLA team managed to score with thirty seconds left on the clock. UCLA won the conference last year with a 13-3-3 record, the guys were crushed but Dean wasn't.   He saw lots of promise in the way his guys played.  He thought his team would be a force to reckon with in a couple of weeks.

Dean and I did manage some alone time, On Sunday afternoon we rented a convertible and drove up the coast highway toward Santa Maria but we stopped after about 50 miles and walked on the beach, took a few pictures and even got an elderly couple to snap a couple of us together, then we switched up and took pictures of each of us with the couple and a time lapse one of the four of us.

On the way back to L.A. I was thinking that I had never been as happy as I am at this very moment.   Dean reached over and took my hand with a gentle squeeze, I looked over and he was watching the road but there was a snarky little grin on his handsome face and I knew what he was thinking.

He's trying to figure out a way for us to get behind one of these sand dunes and doing the nasty right here in the afternoon sun.

I was thinking that it would be fun if we could be secluded enough, the David I used to be would never think about anything so outrageous as sex on the beach in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.   It wasn't long before Dean was pulling off the road into a small grassy area. We got out and looked over the beach to the ocean and I was enthralled by the beauty of the coast.  I was taking photos of everything.

I heard Dean shout. There, and he pointed to a rocky area and took off at a trot.   I followed and found him laying out a blanket. Sure enough sitting on the blanket we couldn't see the road or the ocean.

Dean laid out and held his arms open for me to join him.   I lay atop his big beefy body and we kissed for what seemed like forever.  At last Dean rolled and I was on my back, he tugged my board shorts down and was inside me before I knew what he was up too. That old familiar feeling of him filling me had me writhing on his hard cock impaling me.

Dean took his time, making love slowly and very thoroughly. We were up to the edge and back down again so many times I lost count. Finally the time came when there was no more stopping, when he slowed his pace I started up, I had to cum and have him fill me with his semen. I attacked with my hips and made him join me as we raced toward our orgasm. The waves crashing against the beach mimicked the waves of the orgasm that enveloped us.

"You are one sexy devil Davey Duggan, we may have to do that again after we get back to the hotel."

"Fine but I'm in charge then, hmm, it been awhile since I topped you, think you might be in the mood for some Davey up your butt"

"Yes Sir, I'm yours for the taking, anytime."

We lay there, finally recovering the energy to get back to the car and back to our hotel.  The teams' flight left at 8:05 PM, My flight didn't leave until 9pm.  Still, I made it home to our place before Dean got home, dealing with the team took a bit longer, he sped home as fast as he could.   Back in our bed we both were asleep in minutes. We got up at 7am had juice and coffee to go and went to work.  All the ladies at my office noticed the sun I had managed to take in and were all asking about the trip.  I showed the pics I took of the Coast Highway and the Ocean. Janet saw the pics of Dean and I with the older couple.

We settled back into our routine and all went well for a couple of weeks. I began to notice an agitation in Dean when he came home from work. After a week of this passed I finally asked him what was troubling him. Was it me? Was I doing or not doing something that had him so edgy.

He was completely shocked and made it clear that there was nothing wrong with us.   Finally I got him to talk and he said that he needed to tell his boss about us, that he was gay.    His fear was that he would be dismissed as a coach.   I told him that he didn't have to tell them, just continue on as before.

"No Davey, I can't do that.   There is something that I want to do and I have to tell them (the school) before I can do it."

I didn't understand him at all.   Nothing was settled and remained in this agitated state for a couple of days longer.   On the following Friday evening he was about a half hour later getting home.  He rushed in all smiles and grabbed me into a bear hug.

"Oh Davey, I told the Athletic Director today that I'm gay and about you and I.   It's no big deal with them as long as I keep my nose clean.  Now I can do what I've been wanting to do."

Dean reached into his jeans pocket and brought out a beautiful ring, a heavy gold band with an inlaid emerald. He dropped to one knee and took my hand as asked if I would marry him.  Colorado has now sanctioned gay marriage and we can legally be married.

"Oh God, YES! YES! YES!"

A month later we stood in front of an MCC Minister with Janet and my Dad as our witnesses.    I purchased Dean a matching ring for the ceremony.  We were legally married in the State of Colorado and we both felt sure that in a very few years a marriage like ours would be legal here and around the world.  The only change in our relationship is that now we can share in employment benefits and be a true and legal heir. So for now, this is our happy ending. Our chance to live happily ever after.

The End 


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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