"Alex, I need your notes on the issue we discussed yesterday. You were supposed to have them to me 10 minutes ago."

I was disheveled, and breathless, gulping down Evian like a marathon runner. I had Joe's fresh load in my throat, and although I love the sweet taste of his cum, I had obtained it in such a classless manner.

Joe messaged me earlier in the day, stating he had gotten hard during a presentation, and because I had picked out his slimmest fitting Brooks Brothers, he had an impressive bulge in his checkered wool. I giggled out loud, and texted him, that if he had fucked me that morning, instead of insisting to meet some colleagues before work, he wouldn't have that problem. He texted back "11:45, level C?" I texted back "Okay, you bad boy, but you know my lunch isn't until noon."

I told my editor I had to leave for a minute, and she furrowed her brow, looking at me over her Kate Spades.

"It's an emergency..."

I lightly crossed my legs. She rolled her eyes and said

"Make it quick, we have a 5 before lunch."

"5" was code for a quick review of issues in the issue. I nodded, and walked quickly to the elevator, looking at my Chopard, and realizing I had 3 minutes to be at the elevator on C. I went down to the 4th floor, and to the service elevator, taking it to level C, and walking to the waiting area. I buttoned my Yohji blazer, and calmly walked out to the garage. I saw the Range over in the corner, and quickly walked over, getting into the passenger seat. Joe was grinning at me, with crazy eyes, and I laughed, as he pretend choked me across the console.

"You brat! You did this to me!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

He kisses me, and I reach down, feeling a raging hardon beneath the checkered wool. The suit is fantastic, and I honestly didn't know he would be sporting wood during a meeting. He whispers for me to get in back. I get out and quickly move to the back seat, followed by Joe. I wait for him to recline and undo his trousers. His dick sprang to life, sticking straight up, toward the roof. I leaned over, and started to go to town on him. He was moaning, and sighing loudly, while I slurped obediently, and willfully at his dick. He started to lightly thrust up into my throat, and I closed my eyes, to avoid the tears. His musky scent was turning me on, but I knew we only had time for one of us to get off. He had his hand on the back of my head, grabbing hold of my locks, and the other hand was braced against the roof. He moaned

"I love you. Get ready baby."

I felt his load shoot forcibly against my throat, quickly filling my mouth. I swallowed over and over as cum continued to fill me up. He gave off a heat wave from his hairy crotch, that warmed my face, making me even more flushed than I already was. His dick twitched wildly inside my mouth, and I continued to swallow, until I was sure there wasn't any cum left.

"Mmm...baby, thank you...I love you."

He fixed my hair, and kissed my lips.

"Whoa, I taste good huh?" He winked.

I smile and kiss him back, wiping the little bit of moisture from the sides of my lips. I step out, and adjust my Yohji, and wink at Joe, as I close the door and head back in...

"Alex, seriously, did you take a little trip through the Mojave Desert, or what?"

I hurry up, and take a seat. The meeting lasts 2 out of the 5 minutes, and we depart for lunch. I wasn't that hungry...partly from having my desert first, but also from the dirty feeling I felt. It was a good dirty, but aside from feeling like a hooker, it was strange having a quickie in the car. Especially, since I didn't get off as well.

Joe picks me up at 3, and we stop at Barneys. I wanted Joe to see a pair of Crockett & Jones I saw earlier in the season. They have a single buckle and tapered toe, which I thought would be great with some of his slim trousers. He picked up a pair, and we rummaged around some sale racks. I bagged some Rick Owens pieces at half off, and a pair of embroidered Church's loafers. I had just signed the receipt for the shoes, when Joe tugged at my arm. I look in the direction he's glancing, and see the Restroom sign.

"Oh okay, I'll wait for you."

He gives me the serious look, and does the eyebrow wave. The sales boy giggles, and I feel my face flush again. I think to myself this is crazy, but follow him to the restrooms. We go into a stall, and I set my bags down, blocking the small opening at the front. It's a spacious stall, and Joe turns around, and undoes his pants and briefs, and out comes another overly hard dick!

"Joe, I can't believe you! Here? Again?"

I whispered. He nods seriously, and puts his hands up in surrender.

I roll my eyes playfully, and fold my Rugby RL trench, kneeling down on it comfortably. I take Joe in my mouth, and vigorously suck, and slobber quickly over him. I keep my eyes closed, and give it my best. The tongue twist under the fold of his head, the light biting at the base of his shaft, even the ball tugging, while I suction him into the room of my mouth. Within a couple of minutes, he's panting, and I feel the familiar taste of his cum. He fills me up again, and I swallow a few times, glancing up, to see him watching me, beads of sweat on his forehead. I mumble something, forgetting my mouth is full, and he lets out a quick


lightly rubbing the side of my mouth. I pull back...


"My dick is really sensitive, and when you mumbled, the vibrations were intense baby."

I stand and kiss his lips, flicking a little bit of cum inside his mouth. He moans sensually, and licks at the inside of my mouth. I pick up my trench, brushing at the 2 pieces of lint I see, and fold it over my arm. I pick up my bags, and Joe runs his hands down both sides of my ass playfully. I give him a little wiggle, and open the stall door. A gentleman walks by and gives me a dirty look, as I freeze. I turn to get a reassuring smile from Joe, but see him frantically tucking his semi-hard dick back into his trousers. He gives me a scolding look, and I wait for him to zip up, and follow me to the sinks. The gentleman walks up shortly after, and neither of us look in his direction. I wipe at the my flushed cheeks, and lick my lips. I still taste him. Joe nudges me toward the door, and we walk through the rest of the floor, giggling every few seconds.

We slowly drive up Madison, taking 62nd to Park, and down to IMAX. We wait for the next showing of Les Mis (I have mixed feelings about it). During the show, Joe couldn't keep his hands off of me. It was so bad, I'm quite sure people were looking over and thinking "Fags." He's so cute when he's flirty, but it was a public place. It was the fifth time seeing the movie, so I spent most of the time, keeping his hands out of view of the other movie goers. He playfully reached down my back, poking a finger into my ass, through the fitted material. He played with my nipples through my silk tee, and tickled my sides occasionally, making me jump. While the credits were playing, he forced my hand over his crotch, which felt warm and a little moist. I cringed at the thought of what the dry cleaners would think, if we dropped off a pair of trousers with a huge cum stain. I tried to move my hand, but waited, til I was sure no one else was there. I leaned in and bit his lower lip.

"You're being a naughty boy, and I'm going to have to teach you a lesson if you don't behave."

He smiled widely,

"I'm ready for my discipline."

"Joe, seriously, we're in public. We could get in trouble or something!"

"Boo, no one else is here, and I was having a little fun."

"I wanna have fun with you, but can we just go home, and get naked, and have sex like normal people?"

The credits were still rolling, when Joe takes me by the hand, and pulls me toward the door. I think we're leaving, but instead, we turn, and make a beeline through people, toward an "Employees Only" door. He pushes through it, down a long corridor, with side doors and trash bags everywhere. We find a closet, and he flips the switch on, putting a large rolling trash can in front of the doorway.


He starts to pull at my blazer, and I stop him.

"Joe! I can't get naked in a public place."

"Fine, at least take off your pants. I'm paying you back babe."

I undo my trousers, and drop them, along with my contoured briefs. He kneels before me, and starts to massage, and kiss my dick. It feels soft, and sexy, and comforting. I try to relax, and let myself become aroused. He licks under the balls, and I spread my thighs, and lean back against the shelving unit behind me. He spreads my thighs, and works his mouth just under my sack, flicking his tongue at the soft area between my balls, and ass. It's so sensitive, that I moan loudly. He forces me around, and starts to eat me out. I rest against the next shelf down, literally bent over, ass out, while Joe plunges into me with his wet tongue. I moan in pleasure, while he pulls at my dick simultaneously. I feel an orgasm coming, and tell him to wait...

"Baby, wait, I can't make a mess."

He grabs a trash bag, covering his hand, and holds it over my dick, while he jerks me off with the other hand, face in my ass. I brace myself against the sides of the shelving unit, and blow my load in the bag, letting out an exasperated

"Oh fuck...God, Joe, you are amazing."

He eases up on the rim job, and slowly squeezes out the last of my load. I completely loosen my posture, and fall back against him. He cups my ass with his hands, slowly massaging me, while I stand up. I felt a little dizzy, relieved, excited, in love...all of it. I turn and kiss him passionately. He helps me pull up my briefs and trousers, tucking me in, and zipping me up. I watch him calmly, and he kisses at my neck. I smell his Gucci cologne, and breathe in his scent. I'm amazed by this man.

We leave the theater, and make it home by 9:00. We shower, and towel off, and lounge around in bed for an hour before turning out the lights.

The next morning I wake up, with Joe presenting me with an omelette and a yellow rose.

"Aww, what's this for?"

"For engaging my extreme, lustful passion yesterday. You're my champ. Love you babe."

He leans in and kisses my cheek. I sit up completely, and we feed each other in bed.

The rest of the day flew by. I was completely at ease, and couldn't wait to see him again at 3. We had reservations that night at Marc Forgione, and spent the rest of the night making love...



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