My first impression of Curtis was heart stopping. As I stood at a urinal, I saw him coming out of the center booth in the row of five booths in our "Seniors Only" boys room, still fastening his jeans, trying, almost unsuccessfully, to enclose a very impressive bulge. The flash of his white jockey shorts was tantalizing. He saw me staring and ginned at me, walking towards me while finishing up his task.

"Fuckin' tight jeans," he muttered. "Wouldn't wear 'em..." he paused, standing close, then added, looking me right in the eye, "...'cept to advertise."

I guess my eyebrows jumped up in surprise at the comment because he started to laugh.

"I'm Curtis," he told me.

"I'm Jack," I said blushing.

He held out his hand to me. He was introducing himself.

"Oh!" I said in surprise, feeling myself redden even more deeply. I released my dick and grasped his strong hand with a firm grip.

"Nice cock," he said, boldly staring down at my meat. I had just finished peeing when he came out of the booth, and had been so taken by the impact of his face, his physique and the outlines in his crotch that I had unconsciously turned enough to expose myself to him. He seemed very interested in what he saw. "I've only seen one or two uncut cocks, man!" he added huskily.

I didn't know what to say. As we held each other's hand firmly, I just stood there watching him look at my cock, feeling it slowly going on the rise in front of him. It was getting obviously more tubular.

"Looks like it's a big one," he appraised, softly, "or is it just all foreskin?" He even leaned down to get a closer look, palming his own full crotch as he did so.

I was dumbstruck. I had heard a new student had transferred into our senior class. This was my introduction to him. He was a knockout: tall, dark red headed, handsome, and about the sexiest guy I'd ever run into. His open attitude towards sex and his interest in my cock left me breathless. My cock kept expanding. Rapidly!

"No," he went on softly, "I'd say this is a man-sized dick, here. Looks like a real mouthful!" He glanced up at my face. He wasn't grinning. He was serious.

My mouth fell open as I stared into his bright eyes.

"Ever had it sucked, man?" he asked, his voice hardly audible.

I nodded dumbly. I didn't know what else to do and I didn't want to lie to him.

"You did, did you? Did you like it?" he asked, still bent over looking up at me. He was grinning again. He seemed very friendly and extremely sexy.

I nodded again. My dick was now twice the size it had been when he first caught a glimpse of it moments before. I knew it would continue to erect unless I purposely did something to stop it, like putting it back in my pants, but I couldn't move - and didn't want to.

"I'd like to suck it, man! Will ya let me?"

It was the sexiest question I'd ever heard. I just kept on nodding.

As he moved even closer, bending further as if to go down on me right then and there, he asked, "Shall I do it here, or should we go into a booth?"

We were apparently alone in the room at this particular moment, but privacy cannot be depended upon. I knew we should be cautious, but before I could say anything, he reached out and grabbed my cock with a knowing fist. "Com'on!" he whispered, excitedly, pulling me towards the booth he'd just vacated by tugging on my cock. I followed without protest, feeling my cock surge to complete rigidity in his hot, strong fist, and hearing his zipper being opened as we moved.

He slid his jeans and shorts to his ankles and sat down on the commode, leaning forward, his face in my crotch, his hands tearing at my belt and top button eagerly, exposing my now rampant erection. "Umm, man, this skin slides so smoothly," he sighed as he began pumping my cock. "Look at this!"

I just thrust my hips at him and let him do what he wanted. It felt magnificent. It made me feel proud that he wanted to play with my dick. I loved the way he touched me and stimulated me. He knew how to handle cock; that's for sure!

"It smells so good!" he sighed. "So sexy," he added. "I want to tongue all that skin, man," he whispered huskily, as he stared at the movement of my cockskin as he pumped cock. Then his tongue snaked out and made contact with the moving skin. It was electrifying! Such exquisite pleasure!

He held my hard cock straight out, pointed at his mouth as he tongued the foreskin, getting into its folds, swirling through the tightness around the cockknob, moaning softly with obvious relish. He liked my cock!

With a slurp, he broke free and looked up at me. "What a cock, man! It tastes better than any I've ever had!" Then, as I stared, he really went down on me, drawing almost half the length of my cock right into himself. I realized that part of it had to be in his throat. It amazed me that he could take so much of me into himself, yet I wanted to punch home even more! It was incredible!

As he worked his way down my cock, he slid a hand around to my ass and started to knead the muscles and to pull me into his face with eager effort. I worked with him and pounded cock down his throat, thrilling when my balls bounced against his chin. We both loved it!

I felt his other hand rubbing up and down near my knee and knew he was jacking off as he sucked me. Suddenly, I realized that I was hoping he wouldn't reach orgasm before I could try sucking his cock. That thought so energized me that I humped forward and soared into orgasm, spurting my hot juice into him with giant jets of thick liquid, which he swallowed with audible slurps and noisy gulps. It was fantastic! It felt like I shot a gallon of cum into his demanding throat. As I came, I realized, once again, that jacking off just doesn't carry the same degree of intensity as getting sucked off does. He didn't back off until I was so completely empty I had to push on his forehead to get him to relinquish his prize.

"Oh! Man! That was perfect!" he said sincerely.

"Yes, perfect," I agreed in a haze of post-orgasmic bliss.

"Look," he said, leaning back and displaying an amazingly large erection highlighted by big balls and a fine reddish bush. "I'm ready to shoot a load, myself." He looked up into my eyes. He wasn't pleading. He wasn't even asking. He was simply letting me know he was ready to shoot a load. If I wanted it, the next step was entirely up to me. I really wanted it!

I bent over, lowering my head towards the hypnotic goal, reaching out to brace myself by putting my hands on his strong thighs, while slowly going down on my knees. I don't remember my knees touching the floor because the pressure of his cockhead against my lips, and then the surge of cock into my mouth, so overwhelmed me with sexual pleasure that the only thing I could focus on was sucking cock! Sucking big cock! Sucking the big cock of the guy who'd just sucked me off and swallowed my cum. It was overwhelmingly stimulating! Sensational!

I didn't get that big cockhead into my throat. There wasn't enough time, even though I really hadn't yet had enough experience to try. But Curtis was so impassioned that after just a few sucks, running my tongue lovingly around that giant cockhead, he blew his wad right into me, as if trying to drown me in cum. It was heavenly. Hot, viscous fluids filled my mouth so completely and so often, I had to swallow over and over and over. For a moment, I thought he'd never stop cumming. I loved it!

When he was finished, he helped raise me to my feet. My erection was so hard and so red, oozing fresh fluids, it made Curtis realize I was already set for another explosion. Wordlessly he wend down on me again, and in seconds, it seemed, and really no longer than the first time, just as soon as I was back in his tight throat, I started hosing fresh cum into him, firing off so explosively that I thought I'd pass out this time. This second time was even better than the first!

"Man, you are a hot one!" he sighed when I pulled my spent cock out of his mouth. "I'd like to do this with you all the time."

"Me, too," I agreed, simply, when he reached up and grabbed me, pulling himself up to stand, rising to embrace me as we stood there, half-naked, our still-puffy cocks nuzzling one another. We hugged each other with intense affection.

After we rearranged our clothes, we went out to the sinks and washed. Curtis told me to rinse my mouth out so that others wouldn't detect the smell of semen on my breath. He grinned when I said I hated to remove the taste of him from my mouth. But I did as he suggested and the two of us, now fast friends, left the boys room together, grinning.

We had not been caught, nor interrupted, and I was startled to find that very little time had passed. Eighteen-year-olds come so quickly.

Two days after my first romp with Curtis, I suddenly found David walking along the hall at my side. He was a straight-A student and something of a loner. I'd known him since grade school, but had never really had much contact with him. I was always playing sports and he seemed more bookish. Not a nerd, exactly, but somewhat remote. It was lunchtime and I was headed for the cafeteria.

"How're ya doin', Jack?" he asked.

"What's up?" I asked, puzzled by this unexpected encounter.

"I brought a double lunch to school, today, and wanted to share it with you. Let's go out and find a quiet spot where we can talk while we eat. Okay?" His voice seemed sort of breathless, expectant, even eager. His expression was very friendly.

"Okay, sure," I agreed. "I'll save some lunch money," I added with a grin. The invitation struck me as odd, feeling almost like being asked out on a date, but I've always had a natural curiosity and I wondered what he was up to.

He led me through dense underbrush to a surprisingly secluded spot amid a grove of trees. I figured he had discovered such a spot in his quest to go off to be by himself. As I took the first bite out of the sandwich he gave me, he said, "It's real private here. Sometimes I come out here and jack off." Just like that.

My eyes opened wide at the admission, but my mouth was full and I couldn't say anything except, "Huh?"

"Yeah, I come out here to jack off sometimes. You jack off, don't you, Jack?" His tone was very casual and straightforward.

I nodded without thinking.

"Yeah, we all do. I really like doin' it, don't you?" Holding a sandwich-half in his left hand, he slid his right hand down into his crotch. It was a very erotic gesture.

I nodded, again.

"Yeah. Rubbin' it. Takin' it out. Playin' with it. Gettin' it real hard! Pumpin' it! Jackin' it! Shootin' a big load all over the place! I love jackin' off. It's great!" His fist was sliding lewdly over his bulging crotch.

"Geez, David, why are you telling me this?" I finally said, catching my voice after swallowing that first bite of the sandwich. "Guys usually don't talk to other guys about this stuff. Look at you. You look like you're about ready to haul that big thing out and jack it off right in front of me."

"It wouldn't be the first hard cock you've seen, would it?" he said breathlessly. It wasn't really a question. He knew something, I could tell. His hand kept massaging his crotch.

"Wadda ya mean?" I asked in a tense whisper.

"The day before yesterday, I was jacking off in the last booth in the boys room when that new guy, Curtis, came in. I lifted my feet up to hide from the intrusion. I didn't want to be caught jackin' off. And then I heard someone else come in to take a leak."

"Oh!?" I was sort of shocked.

"Yeah, it turned out to be you, Jack!" he announced triumphantly.

"Me?" I asked defensively.

"Yeah. And I heard everything!"

"You mean..."

"Everything!" he repeated emphatically.

"Geez!" I sighed in a drawn-out whisper.

"Man! I came twice!" he said excitedly.

"You did?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah! I came when you came the first time. Then it got quiet so I looked under the partitions, wondering why, and saw you on your knees between his legs and it got me all excited again. When you came the second time, I did, too!" He was very animated as he spoke, and his fist was now fondling a very large lump in his pants.

"Wow!" I sighed.

"Yeah. And I've jacked off half-a-dozen times, at least, since then, just thinkin' about the two of you together in that booth. Man, I had even wanted to sneak into the next booth, stand on the commode, look over the partition and watch you two in action. It was really hot! Just thinking of you on your knees in front of Curtis, really turns me on."

"It does?" I asked in surprise.

"You're so masculine and so sexy. I know why they call you 'The Hood.' It's because you've got such a big foreskin. I've often fantasized about you when I've jacked off. But you were the last guy in school I figured to be interested in sucking cock, man. Did you like it? Did you like sucking cock?"

I looked at him for a long moment. He was alert and eager, obviously being open and honest with me. I liked that. And he was sexy, too, no doubt about it. Slim but well filled out. And that crotch bulge was very impressive. With a sort of half-sigh to the inevitable, I decided to be as open with him as he was with me.

"I fuckin' loved it, man!" I admitted enthusiastically.

"You did?" he asked in genuine surprise.

"It was fantastic! I didn't know if I would like it, but it was tremendous! Having his cock shooting its load in my mouth was wonderful!" I felt I was getting a little carried away with my enthusiasm, but David didn't seem to notice.

"Man, I'd like to shoot a load in your mouth, myself," he admitted eagerly, running his fist up the length of that bulge in his pants as if offering himself to me. "And I'd like to suck your cock, too!" he added sincerely.

I looked up at his face, breaking my gaze away from his crotch. He was serious. I unzipped. Food was forgotten.

The giant cock David unveiled for me seemed almost too big for his young body. It was the first ten-incher I'd ever seen; a good inch or so longer than my own, but on his slim body, it seemed even bigger. I was impressed. Delighted! Anxious to go down on it!

But David was a speedy little fucker and had my cockknob slurped into his hot, greedy mouth before I could move. The sensations of being sucked surged through me and I gave myself up to the pleasures of an oncoming orgasm. My body tensed; my stomach muscled tightened and my hips punched cock up into his face; my hand grabbed the back of his head with eager affection and with diligent control. I humped, sucked in my breath, and blasted off into gut-wrenching, cum-spewing, mind-blowing, sexual ecstasy, pumping my cum into him with gasping sobs of carnal pleasure.

He seemed to gag a bit at first, as if really new to this, but when I began shooting off into his mouth, he moaned with pleasure and swallowed shot after shot after shot as my robust load exploded into him. It wasn't so much that his sucking caused my orgasm as much as it was the pleasure I took from knowing that he wanted to suck my cock, that he enjoyed sucking my cock, and that he willingly swallowed my load, regardless of his inexperience.

As soon as every drop of cum had been drained out of me, he sort of rolled off to the side, sighed, and whispered, "Oh, Jack, that was so good, I'm gonna shoot right now!"

I had that huge, helmet shaped cockhead in my mouth before he had finished the sentence. It expanded to steely hardness in my mouth, filling it, as my tongue swirled around the thick flanges of the tasty cockhead, feeling the slippery pre-cum freely flowing from the big slit, and I knew he would come in a flash. I sucked. Hard!

He grunted. Immediately, my mouth was flooded with cum. Not just filled, but flooded. A huge, sizzling spurt of viscous fluid jetted out so fast that my cheeks bulged before I could swallow. It was awesome! Excellent!

I sucked for more. And More! I couldn't get enough! I wanted this giant cock to fill me up! And it did. Until I felt his hands on my ears, tugging to free his over-sensitized cockknob from my over-demanding suction.

"Oh, God!" I sighed as the big thing was withdrawn with a pop.

"Oh, man," David sighed, breathing heavily, "I came more than I've ever come from jacking off."

"Was this the first time, for you?" I asked.

"Yeah," he admitted sheepishly, but added, "and I'm thrilled that it was with you, Jack!"

"Me, too," I agreed.

"I'd like to do this with you all the time!" he said with a grin. It was the exact same phrase he had heard Curtis use with me.

I jostled his hair affectionately, and repeated, "Me, too."

"Wow!" he sighed.

"But you might find it fun to do it with Curtis, too," I suggested, softly.

He looked startled. "Do you think he'd let me?"

"I think he'd love it!"

"Just the thought is getting me all hot, again," he sighed.

As my mouth stretched once more over his giant cockhead, forcing the massive organ into myself, I realized that my senior school year was turning out far better than I had ever dreamed.


Jack Sofelot


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