'I think you'd better explain yourself!' the guy said, dropping the professor to the ground.

Blood began to flow from the professor's nose, as Andrew continued to hold my hand, squeezing it. I glanced over at him and he gave me an assuring look, but he looked just as nervous.

'What the fuck is this?' the same guy shouted. 'Did you bring is here to die?'

'No! I had no idea what was going to happen!' squealed the professor, blood gushing through his hands. 'My intention was only psychological!'

'What the hell does that mean?' spat Summer. Wow, this girl was tough!

'I invited random people to my family's home to see how well you would adjust to each other and how long it would take you to become friends! Given enough food and alcohol, it wouldn't take too long, I thought.'

'Are you telling me,' began one of the girls, 'that we are part of an experiment?'

'Yes!' said the professor. 'If you all made it through the night successfully, I was prepared to pay you each ten thousand dollars! All of the checks are made out to cash, though. If anyone became angry and left, everyone else could split the money! I didn't expect anyone to die!'

'Well, who did this? Who murdered Helga?'

'Now that, I don't know,' said the professor. 'As far as I know, she was alone. I invited eight of you. Myself, and Helga, were to oversee everything. I'm so confused!'

'We should search the house!' screamed one of the guys.

'Whoa!' I said, finally over my shock over seeing Helga. 'Have you ever seen any scary movies?'

'Well if we don't, how are we supposed to find out what's going on? We can travel in threes! That way no one is one on one with someone.'

I had to give him that one.

We decided to split up into three groups of three. Summer, Andrew, and I would be a team. The guy who punched the professor (his name was Matt) and the professor teamed up with Maria, one of the girls. Finally, Bobby, the only guy left teamed up with Krista and Kelly, the final two girls.

Our teams made, we all set out through the house after exchanging numbers with at least one person in each group. Andrew didn't let go of my hand, and Summer noticed, but didn't say anything until we were on our own.

'So, are you guys an item or something?'

'What?' I asked, then I noticed our hands. 'Oh! No, we just met tonight.'

'We could be,' Andrew said, putting on his best charm, which was indeed adorably hard to resist. 'But someone refuses to take down barriers.'

I sighed. Could I be honest with this guy I barely knew? I weighed my options...

I could be dead by morning with no one close to me, or I could be the only one left in the morning and have no experiences to share other than the fact that I survived. I may as well make some friends out of this!

'Since you keep bringing up baggage, and since you're incredibly handsome and hard to resist, I'll tell you,' I began. 'But please, don't tell the others!'

'I swear I won't,' said Andrew.

'I'll take it to the grave,' Summer joked.

'Well, it's nothing that serious,' I took a deep breath, 'but I just got out of an abusive relationship, and my father kicked me out. Happy?'

They both just looked at me.


'I am so sorry, James,' said Summer. 'That's horrible!'

'No wonder you have walls,' said Andrew. 'Sorry you had to go through that, mate.'

'Well, I'm fine now. I'd be better if he hadn't threatened to kill me.'

'What?' Andrew shouted. 'Did you report him?'

'Of course I did. The police wouldn't take my case because it was my word against his, and there were no witnesses.'

Andrew just looked at me, stopping my forward motion.

'What?' I asked.

And he said nothing.

He just hugged me. It caught me off guard at first, but it was so nice to be close to someone again. I hugged him right back. After what seemed like an eternity, he backed away and just looked into my face.

'Thanks,' I said. 'You've been so nice to me.'

His lips looked so kissable.

'You're welcome,' he said, still looking into my eyes. 'Now, let's see if-'

I stopped his mouth with a kiss. He seemed shocked at first, but then he returned the kiss with gusto. His hands found the back of my head, and my hands reached down to his tight ass, and I grabbed. It felt so nice! His tongue probed into my mouth, exploring it like he wanted to commit it to memory.

Then, without warning, a scream broke the silence. We broke apart, and we hadn't even noticed that Summer had left us behind. We gave each other a kind of embarrassed look, and ran toward the sound, expecting to find Summer's throat cut.

Rounding a corner, we found her, but not how we expected. She was kneeling over two bodies, both with knives in their backs.

'Oh my God!' she screamed. 'It's Krista and Bobby!'

Sure enough, it was them. Deep puncture wounds in their backs told us that they had been stabbed multiple times.

'Come on,' I said. 'We don't want to be found here.'

Sure enough, we rounded another corner and we could hear voices approaching. We ran away and found the corridor of bedrooms again. I was getting confused. This house was like a giant maze!

'Here, you guys get into your rooms, and I'll get to mine. Lock the door, and we'll all be safe there!' Summer said. 'If the others need us, they can call our phones.'

'Good idea,' said Andrew.

With that, Summer entered her room, which was one down from Andrew's.

'Stay with me?' I asked him. For some reason, I felt needy.

'Of course,' he said, following me into my room.

Locking the door behind him, he followed me over to the bed. I half wanted him to throw me down and have his way with me, but we needed to talk about what had happened.

'So,' he began, 'that was some kiss.'

I chuckled. 'Sure was. I enjoyed it.'

'So did I.'

'I would like to do it again, but I think we should talk about what happened out there. Bobby and Krista are dead.'

'And, as sad as that makes me, I just want to kiss you again.'

I couldn't resist.

His mouth met mine, and again his tongue entered my mouth. It felt so good! He kept kissing my neck and ear and it was driving me crazy! He certainly knew how to turn me on! Soon, I lay back on the bed and he lay over me, never missing a beat. His knees spread my legs apart and I could feel his prick rising under his jeans. My own was, too. His hand reached down and felt it. I moaned in between kisses.

He smiled a bit, and I took his shirt off. Once again, his tattoos were on display, and I loved every inch of his skin. Soon, my shirt was off as well, and then his pants were off. I discovered that he wasn't wearing underwear. His beautiful 7 inch cock was stiff, and he approached my face.

I took him in my mouth, after kissing the tip gently. His moan of pleasure turned me on even more.

Soon, I felt him tense up and couldn't believe he was exploding already, but sure enough, he did, quite noisily. I swallowed his cum, and he shook with pleasure. Bending back down, he kissed me again, sharing his seed.

It was so hot! So wrong!

I loved it!

'Nice, mate,' he said. 'Now, let's get you off!'

A smirk appeared on his face, and he started to remove my pants, when suddenly a loud bang erupted on the other side of the door.

'Oh shit!' I exclaimed, jumping from the bed as Andrew hurried to put his clothes back on.

I hesitated as I reached the door, not sure of what I might find on the other side.

'James,' he said, 'Don't open the door.'

'I have to, Andrew. I need to know what that was!'

I slowly turned the lock on the door, it's clicking seemed ten times louder in the tension. I swung the door open, only to find no one there. Nothing was there.

'Oh, thank God for that,' said Andrew, panting. 'I thought you were a goner! Now, come back over here.'

Something just wasn't right. The tapestry right next to my door had been moved.

'Andrew, come here,' I said, and I felt him move behind me, grabbing my waist as he did so. 'Help me with this tapestry. I think it's been moved!'

Hardly believing me ( I knew thanks to the look on his face), he reached up with me, and slowly we untacked the tapestry from the wall, dropping it near our feet. What we saw surprised us. I had always thought there was a solid wall here.

It wasn't.

There was a door.

...to be continued...


Alex Chamberlain

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