Troy is an arrogant high school quarterback who discovers Jimmy, the young queer towel boy, secretly drooling over him one day after practice. Troy had decided to run some extra laps after football practice. It was a hot day and Troy had sweated up a storm running his laps. By the time he got back to the lockerroom everyone had left for the day except for the towel boy. Troy notices that Jimmy's little fag prick is rock hard in his pants from watching him undress and decides to take advantage of the situation.

The quarterback orders Jimmy into the storage room, where he is instructed to give the muscular young stud a tongue bath. Jimmy's resistance is quickly dispelled by a punch to the gut, and he gets to work licking and worshipping the dominant stud.

The queer towel boy eagerly licks the salty sweat off the arrogant young stud's muscular body from feet to chest, paying special attention to Troy's crotch, ass and awesome smooth chest. Jimmy's eyes are glazed over as Troy next forces the queer's face into one of his sweaty armpits. As Troy uses his powerful arm to force Jimmy to lick and suck his pit clean, Troy suddenly hears the faggot groaning deeply in his pit and realizes that the queerboy is shooting off in his panties just from having his nose buried in the arrogant young stud's stinky pit!

Knowing that he's made the faggot cum just from his smell makes Troy incredibly turned on and aggressive. After forcing Jimmy to lick his other pit completely clean, he puts the queer on his knees in the storage room and ties his hands behind his back with a dirty sock.

Troy then slaps his thick seven-inch cock back and forth across the fag's face, leaving trails of precum on the queer's cheeks. When Troy tries to insert his hard leaky cock into the boy's mouth, Jimmy resists and is rewarded with a hard slap to his face, knocking him onto the ground. Troy gets Jimmy back into position on his knees and this time facing no resistance inserts his big hard cock into the queer's mouth and pushes it in until it begins to penetrate the fag's throat.

Jimmy begins desperately coughing and gagging on the big tool as it enters his throat, but Troy simply uses the queer's ears as handles and pulls his head roughly all the way into his crotch. The stud's cock feels great forced all the way down Jimmy's protesting, spasming throat. After letting the faggot up for some air, Troy proceeds to roughly face-fuck him until he dumps a huge load of hot teen spooge deep into the queer's tight throat.

Jimmy thinks the ordeal is order, but Troy decides he wants to get off one more round into the submissive faggot.

With Jimmy's hands still tied behind his back, Troy pushes the queer face-down into the dirty towels on the storage room floor and, after rubbing some ointment on this still-hard cock, penetrates the queer's very tight boypussy. Jimmy sobs quietly into the dirty towels as Troy uses his hole for the arrogant stud's own pleasure. After 10 minutes of rough fucking, Jimmy feels the muscular stud's cock pulse and then fill his painfully stretched ass with a big load of hot cum.

Troy unties the queer towel boy, who gets up from the storage room floor. Troy laughs out loud when he sees that Jimmy has cum a second time from being used, this time from taking the rough fuck put to him by the arrogant teen athlete.

Looking Jimmy directly in the eyes, Troy sternly informs the queer to be back in the storage room at exactly the same time each day for the rest of the week. 'This beats a fuckin' shower any day of the week!' Troy says out loud to no one in particular as he leaves the dazed Jimmy behind to ponder what had just happened to him.

Jimmy felt humiliated and used, but ended up jerking off three times that night before falling asleep exhausted and thinking about his appointment tomorrow with the demanding quarterback.


Pete Smith

[email protected]


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