I'm excited to say I met someone tonight! I haven't been on a date with a guy for years now, and boy have I found a hot one. I looked at his butt as he walked up to my front door. He had jet black hair, dark eyes and just a little scruff, some of which was flirting with a little gray. He had a really build body, a meaty neck, thick toned arms, a large broad chest and legs and what I assumed to be abs under his tight black long sleeve shirt. He wore tight jeans and tight black dress boots along with a thick leather belt.

He turned around and stared at me, sticking his large thick hands in his tight pockets. He had a handsome puppy dog look on his strong chiseled face. It made me blush, my hands immediately became sweaty. This is the

awkward part of dating that I hated, although most great memories start from this moment.

"Well this is it, my place . . " I said awkwardly. I immediately bit my tongue, afraid that I would say something else obvious.

He snapped out of his stare and glanced at the door. "Well, I suppose this is it . . . although I am curious to see what your place looks like, you know, so I can judge you," he said mockingly with a smirk.

Looking into his eyes I dug out my keys and opened the door hastily. We both entered. After closing the door behind me, he immediately wrapped me in his warm hard arms and kissed me. The butterflies in my stomached whirled as I kissed him back, pushing him against the wall, the mirror fell with a crash, neither of us looked. He smiled in between kisses. His lips were so soft and squishy, as I have been known to bite the lower lip. His body pressed up against mine, I could feel his hard large cock. It seemed to be pressing against his pants waiting to break free.

"Well let me start the tour with my bedroom shall we?" I said as I pulled on his arm leading him to the room. He followed, with a worried look on his face. When we got to my bed, I pushed him down and smiled down at him. "See, here is my bed" I said.

He immediately looked a little worried. He looked a little shy ironically enough. This guy must get play all the time, why on earth? . . .

"Oh my god, you don't think I'm attractive, this is too fast isn't it?" I asked, embarrassed.

"Oh, nooo nooo nooo, it's not that, it's just . . . well . . . " He had that worried puppy-dog look on his face again. He nervously looked around before finishing the sentence. "I'm just self-conscious about my body."

I looked at him expecting a "just kidding" but was surprised to hear none. "You? You have the best body I have seen in years! Hell if you have some skin disease or a third nipple, I'm fine with it, because your form is amazing."

Before he could say anything else, I straddled him, knelt down over him and passionately kissed him, pressing my face against his. I ran my tongue into his mouth. Wow, he had some sharp teeth. I didn't care, He groaned before allowing his large frame to lay back, legs spread open on either side of the foot posts of the bed. We both pulsed and humped each other while kissing. He let out a deep growl as he began breathing hard. His muscles pulsed under the soft thin shirt.

I began to run my hands down his chest to the bottom of his shirt to lift it up. He looked up intensely and grabbed my hand. "No!" he said in a rough voice. I looked up at him and noticed one of his eyes was bright yellow! I see a contact on his cheek matching his original eye color.

"Wha?" I yelped before falling back on my butt.

He sat up and looked over at my dresser mirror. "Oh noooo, not again" he said in a completely different rough voice. "See, I'm a little different than most men . . . in that I'm not really a . . . well it's kinda hard to explain . . . I should go." He said popping the contact in his eye and starting to get up.

"No!" I said with eagerness. "Listen, just let me know what it is, you are the nicest most unique guy I've ever met, go ahead and tell me", as I looked at his worried handsome face just as it was before I saw his real eye.

"You sure you're not going to freak out" he said in his normal human voice. I knew something was different about him, and I just had to know. Chances are, I wasn't going to care.

With a sigh, he looked down at his shirt, grabbed the bottom and lifted it up revealing his toned chiseled body . . . the only difference being it was completely covered in black fur! I just gawked at his stomach, with a blank look on my face. "Ok so, you have to shave a lot, you are Italian right?" I said not even believing it myself. That looked like the fur of a cat or dog.

He let his shirt fall and turned around, "forget about it, it seems you won't understand." He said in a defeated voice as he walked out of my room towards the front door.

"No, wait!" I ran and then stood in front of him. "I don't care, go ahead and take off your shirt, I like it!" I said.

"Well, there is more . . . you see . . . I'm not exactly human." He said with a serious look. "I'm more . . . lupin." He said at last.

"Lupin? . . . oh you're a dog!" I said putting it together much lighter than I meant it. I was actually cold from shock.

"You see, I'm wearing a mask . . . see?" He said as he reached up to his face and pulled at his perfect nose. His face stretched until the holes for his eyes shifted revealing furry eyelids beneath! Seeing his handsome face stretch like that strangely turned me on.

"I don't care! Lets have sex and find out that way!" I said with my own animalistic voice as I pushed him back in the room. He fell back on the bed then smiled, body spread open like before. His feet wiggled with anticipation as I mounted on top of him and kissed him passionately.

After kissing for a few minutes, I pulled up his shirt revealing his real furry body, muscled still apparent and sexy. He began pulling on the tips of his fingers like you would a pair of gloves. Within minutes his once strong human looking hands laid bundled up next to the bed. Afterwards, I moved the shirt as he shifted his shoulders until his entire chest and arms were revealed. All he had on was a human mask and some of his clothes. His leather boots and belt groaned in anticipation.

"You really don't care?" He said in his human voice, with a smile spread wide across his handsome face. "Not if you don't. Do me a favor tho, kiss me a little longer with the mask on before you take it off." I said dismissively. He smiled and his body shook as there was a loud rip and from behind a tail popped out from his tight pants wagging. "Ooo, down boy!" I said playfully.

I took off my clothes, and mounted him again, reaching down for his belt. I undid it practically ripping the belt off. Just as the belt came off, the buttons on his pants popped open and there was a tear and a giant furry penis came flying out. He had a playful look on his face, his teeth were revealed with sharp canines, drool came down the sides of his perfect lips.

Just then there was another stretching sound, I looked over and saw his toes wiggling in the shoes. With two slow pops, the leather stretched and tore open revealing two inhuman, large furry feet with long black nails. I smiled looking down at his handsome face. He looked like he had the body of a humanoid wolf and the face of a handsome man.

His eyes were large and yellow now, a deep smile stretched across his face, causing his other handsome features to wrinkled. I bent over and kissed him again and I thrust my penis into his ass with a grunt. He wrapped his thick strong muscular arms around me and howled with pleasure.

I began to pump. His sexy face was slack, as I kissed his cheeks and around his mouth and neck. His face became tight, and his nose and lips began to tighten and extend out, causing deep wrinkled around his yellow eyes. I pumped faster.

"Take it off" I screamed.

He smiled and reached up to his human face as I fucked him. With a deep growl and grasp the top of his scalp with his large furry clawed hands and pulled. He howled again as his handsome chiseled features began to stretch and tighten. His slightly sunken cheeks and perfectly soft lips stretch upward. With a rubbery "rrrrrr" sound his handsome face pulled away, the neck stretching over his real facial features, and with a slurping noise, his now hollow wrinkly face came off. His bestial features showed as I kissed it. He in turn licked my face. We both cam, pulsing in complete ecstasy.

I fell off next to him on my back panting. He was panting as well, his empty mask still clutched in his hand.

"How . . . how . . . how are you ok with this?" he asked desperately gasping for air. I rolled my eyes sitting up.

"Isn't it obvious?" I said. Well I guess it was time for me to take this stuffy tight human suit off; as I reached up to my own mask, digging my nails into my own features and pulling . . .



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