It's mid summer and the moon shines bright through the trees as I walk along the forest trail. Nothing can be heard except for my slight breathing and the odd sound of an owl in the distance. Where the moonlight doesn't make it through the foliage, it's very dark. I can't see my hand in front of my face. I come upon such an area, a bit scared, when suddenly I feel a large hand on my jean shorts covered ass. It grabs me and slaps my ass very hard. A growl fills the air and startles me further. I try to get away, but the hand is extremely strong. Suddenly I am tripped and can feel a foot pressing down hard onto my chest. Something wet pours down over my face and head. It's warm and salty. A massive boot is shoved into my mouth and then my assaulter speaks. 'Lick my filthy boot bitch!!' His voice is gruff and domineering. I fear what might happen if I don't follow his orders. He sounds and feels very large.

I suck on the boot and taste leather and dirt. At first, it's horrendous, but then a naked foot enters my mouth. The slight cheesy taste is familiar. I have always liked feet. I suck each toe passionately and suckle them clean. I smell the heal and trace my tongue along it's underside. Someone lets out a moan. This voice is different.

Then, suddenly, the feet disappear. The voices are gone. The smell of leather and BO is further away now. I lay motionless, expecting the unexpected. The suspense is terrifying. It then comes to me that I've been pissed on. I smell the urine as it runs down my cheek onto my lips.

I move to get up when something slaps my ass violently. I cry out in pain. This time it comes down over my right thigh. This is not a hand. It's something much sharper. A light comes on. My heart jumps out of my mouth with fright. A tall dark figure holds a flashlight under his chin no more than 10 feet from me, illuminating only parts of his face like some kind of demon. 'Who are you to walk these woods at this time of night?' he demands.

I can't even begin to think of how to answer his question. Does he own this property? It's possible, I suppose. I just wanted to stretch my legs after driving for 5 hours. So I decided to take a walk. I now wonder if this was such a good idea.

'I just wanted to take a walk,' I say haltingly.

'Do you know where you are?' he inquires with a slight bit of amusement on his contorted face.

'I have no idea....'

'You're on the property of one of the largest SM/BD facilities in the country.' he interrupts.

I try to suppress my grin, but the demon sees it.

' you find this amusing, do you? Are you a masochistic motherfucker?'

'I am slightly masochistic, yes. But I'm no motherfucker. I'm gay.'

'We have ourselves a sissy boy Drexel.' demon-man chuckles derogatorily.

A hand suddenly caresses the side of my neck, sending chills up my spine. It fondles my ear lobes, and makes it's way slowly down to my firm ass.

'You are a very beautiful man,' the ghost behind me whispers sweetly. 'I like the way you sucked on my foot. Can you suck cock like that too?'

By now I'm so turned on, they could have done anything to me. Obviously, these two were a team. One punisher, and one rewarder. The contrast made me extremely horny.

The punisher places the flashlight in a tree beside him and unbuckles his jeans. He drops them and bellows to me, 'Come get on my filthy meat sissy boy.'

With this I stagger over to my punisher and fall to my knees. Even two feet away I can smell his filthy penis, his smegma and musk fouling up the air around me. I savor the aroma. I hadn't smelled a prick this dirty in my entire life. Too many men wash their cocks too often. To me, as long as it isn't covered in shit, a male's manhood should be as unwashed as possible. Of course, I have no idea where this cock has been recently. At this point in time though, I really don't care.

I grab him with my left hand and gasp at his girth. He must be 9-10' around, but only maybe 6.5' in length. Interesting.

He-man shoves my head into his crotch, 'Well suck the damned thing bitch!'

Without losing a beat, I get down to business on his disgusting meat. At first, the taste is overwhelming. I'd never sucked a dirtier cock. After a few licks around his massive helmet however, I settle into the task and devour the filthy fuck stick. Punisher grunts like a pig and blurts out nasty remarks. 'You fucking pig! Eat my cock meat. You like the taste of that piss-caked prick boy? Hmm? We've got ourselves a new pig boy Drexel. Ahhhh....yeah. Eat it!!!'

Something comes down on my ass with a loud smack and warms my buttocks. At this point I love it, and it must have showed, for He-man hit me again. Only this time, it hurt like hell and I grunted out as I continued to work his meat.

'He likes that Drexel. He likes to be whipped. I wonder if he likes to be hung up by his balls too while I fuck his ass with a baton. What a wimp. Hey pig boy, you're a dirty little cocksucking wimp, aren't ya?'

I nod my agreement as I lose myself on his luscious tool. Drool runs out the corners of my mouth and I purposefully make gagging and slurping sounds to turn all of us on.

I hear what sounds like scissors and then feel something cold along my left thigh. I attempt to turn around to see what's going on, but punisher grabs on to both of my ears and forcefully fucks my engorged mouth. By now I'm only breathing through my nose.

It seems as though the rewarder is cutting the jeans right off of me. I hear the snip of the scissors and then a loud tear as my shorts are ripped from me. I move a little to accommodate the process, but am smacked on the ass hard and told to stay still. My jock is pulled hard up into my crack and I'm lifted slightly off the ground. What a scene! Here I am sucking the thickest cock ever, with my ass being hoisted into the air by my underwear! It felt SO good. It was a good thing I couldn't reach my cock to jerk off, because I surely would have soiled myself with cum immediately. I adored everything they were doing to me.

Then a warm, soft mouth runs itself across the outside of my asshole. The deft tongue darts in and out of my hungry brown star. I moan with extreme delight and dig down even deeper on the filthy man's huge hard on. A thick finger eases it's way up into me, teasing the inside walls of my rectum. I'm in heaven, or hell. Wherever I am, I love it.

A warm stream showers my puckering hole and I shiver with excitement at what might happen next. Then...without warning, I am taken by something long, warm and thick. I'm surprised at how easily my fuck hole opens up to the object. The thought of not knowing what it is sends me over the edge and my now cum-filled member releases it's load. I feel the warmth on my legs, and dripping out of the cup compartment of my jock. I must have hit myself in the chest too as I feel it dripping back down into my crotch. My hard on remains. In all my life, I had never felt such abandon.

With a massive grunt, punisher releases his load down my still working throat. Thick, salty gobs of man juice make their way down my gullet in an unrelenting torrent. My unknown buggerer moans aloud and grabs me by the hair to turn me around. He shoves his 8' cock down my throat and lets go his choad. I gag on it and feel it spewing out of my mouth on either side of my face, but I hold strong and eat as much of his semen as I can.

I am thrown down to lay in the moss. Piss, cum, and sweat cover every inch of my being. I can taste it all, smell it all. Body fluids and BO. I become overwhelmed with all that has happened and stroke my still hard cock to another orgasm. Jizz flies 2 feet above me and lands on my face and chest. I gather as much of the liquids as I can and eat. I eat like a starving whore who has been ravished to no end. I roll around on the moist forest floor in sheer bliss as the euphoria overtakes my soul. I am alone now. My users have left me naked and lost. But I don't care. I mumble aloud, 'Oh yes.....use me, love me. Punish me, reward me. I am yours....forever......'



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