'My Dad gave me a pump, in July, for my 18th birthday,' Nick Kelly told me excitedly, emphasizing 'pump' in a sexy way. I had just boldly flattered him on how much he had grown over the summer, and, in specific terms, how unusually large his 'equipment' now seemed to appear. It had happened like this:

Nick was the last one into the seniors-only showers that day, and I, too, had been running late. He took the shower right next to mine, and in a moment or two, we were the only guys left in the room. He grinned when I flattered him and had said I was looking good, too, all the while gazing daringly at my slightly enlarged cock.

Then, hesitantly, feeling light-headed by his compliment and bold stare, and more randy than ever, I had said, 'You're looking... uh... much bigger... uh... down there,' as I stared at his enlarging cock. That's how he came to mention his present, the pump.

'A pump?' I asked, puzzled.

He nodded, grinning.

'What kind of pump?' I prompted.

'It's a Penis Enlargement Pump!' he announced with delight.

'Penis...' I repeated, surprised.

'Yeah, you know, man, your meat, your cock,' he explained, as if I didn't know what the word 'penis' meant.

'What... uh... what does it do?' I wanted to know, but felt a bit queasy about being drawn too far into a conversation with him about his cock or about cocks in general.

'Just what it says, man. It makes your penis enlarge! Just look at mine! And it's not hard!' He thrust his hips towards me, displaying his crotch proudly, his heavy cock swinging sensuously with his movements. It was like a cobra swaying tantalizingly before a mongoose. There was no denying the fact that Nick's penis had become noticeably larger than it had been before summer vacation, as we stood next to each other eyeing one another. There was also no denying that Nick's penis was becoming even larger as we talked about it. So was mine, as I watched his grow!

'Well, then... so how does it work? What do you do?' I asked.

'You slide your dick, soft or hard, into its clear lexan cylinder, start the vacuum pump working, settle back and enjoy what is really a 'no-hands' jerk-off session. The suction gets your cock harder and harder, fatter and fatter, and longer and longer, and after a while it's so stimulating that you just have to shoot off. It's great, man!'

'Jeez, you mean you come? And, you say, your dad gave it to you?' In itself, it was an amazing idea.

'Yeah, ain't that great! He said now that I'm a man I should know about taking care of myself. He said he had known for some time that I jack off - said it's normal and healthy for males our age - and that this instrument would make jacking off not only more enjoyable but also would benefit and enhance my future sex life.'

'No kidding!' I exclaimed. 'My Dad would never be able to talk with me about jacking off, I'm sure of it.' Both our cocks were looking much puffier and more tubular as we continued to converse under the water spray.

'If you come home with me after school, today,' he said, leaning in close and, seductively, almost whispering, 'I'll give you a demonstration and then let you give it a try, too.'

'Demonstration...' I repeated, excitedly.

'Sure, you know, I'll slip it on and show you how it works. My folks are out of town for the next two weeks, so we'll be all by ourselves. You'll enjoy yourself! Trust me!'

Both our dicks were now at that elongated stage where any more excitement would start them pointing outward and rising upward. It seemed like a good idea to break off this conversation for now but I did not want to refuse his enticing invitation.

'Okay! I'll come with you,' I agreed quickly.

'You'll come, too!' he said with a wink.

* * * * *

By the time we entered Nick's bedroom, I was erect in my pants and could see that he was, too. Just the mere idea of coming here to shoot a load together had excited both of us. He took 'the machine' out and started to undress.

'Com'on, I'm not gonna strip naked by myself,' Nick said with a grin as he pulled off his sweater. He was a bright redhead, and his tanned, freckled chest, chiseled with firm muscle, looked more spectacular than ever before. I realized that I was very horny!

'I... I've never...' I stuttered, '...done anything like this, before.' I nervously took off my shirt.

'Hey! Don't sweat it. It's no problem. But you have jacked off before, haven't you?' It was a cheeky question. He knew the answer was 'yes' without really having to ask.

I nodded, unfastening my belt while kicking off my shoes.

'Me, too!' he exclaimed, unzipping his pants. 'Seems I can't do it often enough to satisfy myself. Know what I mean?' His pants dropped to the floor and the provocative bulge in his jockey shorts took my breath away.

I nodded, again.

'Yeah,' he continued, 'I do it at least three times a day. Often, even more. How about you?' It was exciting both of us to be talking about jacking off, but, as he kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his pants, and lifted one foot at a time to remove his socks, his nearly nude body was really turning me on. His eyes were darting all over my body, too, as I revealed more and more flesh.

'Every day,' I admitted shyly. He beamed with interest. 'As often as I can, regularly, at least three times a day, too,' I added, honestly.

'Great!' he exclaimed, 'I knew you were a sexy guy!'

His flattery excited me. Finally, we were both facing one another wearing only erection-covering jockey shorts.

'Look. Here's how it's put together,' Nick instructed, piecing various parts together and getting the pump set up.

'Now, let me show you how it works!' he whispered eagerly. Whispering wasn't necessary in the otherwise empty house, but it added to the intensely stimulating atmosphere of his bedroom. He grabbed the waistband of his shorts. I thought he'd pull them down immediately, but he paused.

'I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours!' he whispered with a wicked grin.

I grinned back and immediately reached for my shorts, tugged outward at the waist to release my erection, and slipped the shorts off. He followed my lead, exposing a terrific, straight, thick, huge erection. It looked to be a good three or four inches longer than mine.

'I've always liked looking at that meat of yours, Jack,' he admitted, surprising me. 'You've got some cock, man!'

'But, Geez, Nick, look at the size of yours. It's the biggest I've ever seen.'

'Yeah, like you've seen so many of 'em.' He laughed.

'I've seen my share, man,' I asserted defensively.

'Really?' he asked sarcastically. 'Where?'

'For the past few months, since turning 18 in June, I've been working at that male-only private health club downtown. You know the one. You get to see a lot, there, believe me.'

'You'll have to tell me about it,' he said. He was stretching out on his bed, now, looking spectacular. I moved in to stand near his hip, looking right down on his long erection. It looked gigantic, framed in fluffy red cockhair, and stretched out so far it touched his belly well above his navel. Big balls, in a red fringed sac, completed the picture of a man ready for action. The sight of him was so over-powering that I started to leak thick, syrupy goo.

'You just slip into the cylinder, like this,' Nick instructed, easing the tube down over his erection. 'Then, you turn it on.'

A rather quiet purr from the instrument initiated suction. Inside the tube, his cock started to stretch very noticeably. There was a black marker-pen line drawn about midway on the tube. I pointed to it and asked, 'What's that?'

He lifted his head to look at where I was pointing. 'That's my fuckin' cock, man!' he informed me.

'No, no,' I laughed, 'I mean, what's this black line drawn on the cylinder.'

'Oh! That's the line I drew on it when I first put my dick into it.'

'Your hardon?' I asked, astonished.


'You mean it's grown this much in only a few months?' I was amazed. His cock reached at least two full inches beyond the original line he had drawn.

'Yeah! That's what I'm telling you, man, this fuckin' pump really works.'

'I can see that!' I said looking at his mammoth cock. My mouth was watering. I felt jealous of the cylinder which was able contain and pleasure such a great cock, wanting that cock in me!

Moments passed silently as I stared at the perfect penis being pumped in the cylinder.

Fluid oozed from my cockhead and trailed down my cock.

'Doesn't it look great?' he asked in that sexy whisper.

I nodded, unthinking.

'The suction feels wonderful!' he advised, starting to writhe with stimulation on the bed. His lascivious body movements told me clearly that he was reaching optimum levels of sexual pleasure.

'Wanna give me a hand?' he whispered seductively.

'How?' I asked, dumbly, again not thinking about it. 'The machine seems to be doing all the work.'

'Just reach out,' he instructed in the growl of a whisper, sounding really turned on, 'and rub me!'

Mesmerized by the beauty of his body, and entranced by the size and awesome power of his cock, I mindlessly followed his instruction, reached out, and ran my hand lightly over his right thigh, the one nearest me. I stopped less than an inch from his balls, and then moved my hand down to his knee. When I rubbed lightly back up his thigh, enjoying the muscular feel of him, he humped his hips upwards, as if silently offering his balls to me, and as my hand neared them, he shifted towards me so that I almost inadvertently ran my fingers into them.

'That's it, man!' he sighed at the contact. He wanted me to play with his balls!

I cupped the big orbs, marveling at the feel of another man's big nuts in my fist. They felt incredible - alive with sexual potential and essential strength. I tugged gently, fondling them, leaning over them, smelling them, loving them!

'That's it, man!' he repeated with a low sigh of intense pleasure.

I looked up at his face. He was a mask of sexual excitement, with reddened neck and face, puffy lips, glazed eyes. I knew he would pop soon.

'Get up on the bed with me,' he insisted.

I ended up straddling his thighs between mine as I knelt over him. Pre-cum dripped from my cock onto his inner thigh.

'You feel so nice,' he sighed as his hands slid up my thighs and he grabbed my nutsac. His hands reflected the movements my hands were making on his balls. I knew for certain how my hands felt to him as I moaned with the pleasure he was returning to me.

'Your cock is so...' his voice trailed off as his fist wrapped itself around the shaft of my iron hard cock. He hummed with pleasure. A rhythm was developed between us as he pumped my cock and I humped my hips into his strong hand.

'Man, you're so sexy,' he told me earnestly.

'You, too,' I was barely able to respond.

'I wanna suck this big thing,' he admitted, looking me in the eye. I only looked back into he eyes, wordlessly, incapable of speech, but my body spoke for me, stiffening with lust as I shifted, straining my cock towards his mouth. I felt his balls and then the cylinder, beneath my balls as I wiggled forward on my knees.

Suddenly, his mouth captured the crown of my cock. His tongue pushed into folds of the generous foreskin and he moaned with excitement. He swiped the swollen knob with his tongue, bathing it with incredible moisture, intense heat, and initiating suction so exquisite I doubted a machine could duplicate it. I was euphoric.

'Oh, man!' he said urgently, 'back down! Back down!'

As I was writhing back down his body, he reached his hand between my legs, released a valve, causing a hissing noise, and then tugged the cylinder up off of his long erection.

'I want to feel you on my cock, man, not this fuckin' machine!' he sighed. He grabbed his cockshaft and waggled the giant organ at me. 'Suck it for me, please!' he pleaded. 'Please,' he repeated earnestly.

I offered no resistance. He had been sucking mine. I wanted to suck his. Wordlessly, euphorically, I bent to the task. The feel of his hot, swollen, red cockhead entering my mouth was overwhelming. I thought I'd come immediately, but I concentrated on giving him the same degree of pleasure I had taken as he sucked me. It wasn't frenzied or fast. I sucked diligently, greatly enjoying what I was doing.

'Man! You suck so much better than this fucking pump,' he told me, sincerely. 'I'm so hot I'm gonna blast off, now. Can you handle a load?'

It was nice of him to ask, but I just kept sucking cock like crazy. The combination of my experienced, wholehearted effort and his arousal-driven thrusting caused the giant cockhead to penetrate into my throat. I thought I would come as I choked on the hot meat. But he came, deeply. I swallowed and backed up to catch as much of his spurting jism on my tongue as I could. I loved the taste, texture, temperature and viscosity of the jetting juices. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed the seemingly gallons of cum he pumped into me.

Knowing how sexual interest can flag after orgasm, I worried I'd be left to deal with my near bursting erection alone. But Nick wasn't the kind of guy to let a fellow down.

'Bring that big dick back up here,' he sighed while I was lapping up the dregs of his delicious jizz.

No sooner had I humped my dick back into his hungry, suctioning mouth, than I was lifted to exquisite orgasmic levels. Almost losing control, I stiffened and shot off into him. It amazed me that he took my entire, heavy, hot load without a whimper, swallowing often, and thrilling me to the core, as I pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into him.

When he finally allowed my spent dick to slip out of his mouth, I flopped on the bed beside him, completely relaxed and thoroughly delighted with the experience.

'Now, you've got to try it,' he whispered.

'Huh?' I questioned, not fully comprehending what he meant.

'The pump, man,' he clarified.

'Oh! But, I just came!' I announced, confirming the obvious, and surprised that he felt we should continue our escapade regardless of having already come.

'That doesn't matter. The pump will get you 'up' again, and keep you there. Here, try it! Let me help you put it on!'

He milked the very last vestiges of semen from my tube, lapped them up with a raspy tongue, grinned up at me, and held my partially inflated organ in one hand as he eased the lexan tube down over my cock with the other. It gave me a strange feeling - like being in good hands.

The machine was turned on. Immediately, the suction felt exquisite and my cock re-inflated!

'Wow! Look at it expand, man!' he sighed. 'Doesn't it look great?'

I nodded excitedly, breathing hard through clenched teeth as the overwhelming pleasure of the sensuous suction engulfed my entire cock. In mere moments, it seemed my entire being was back at the highest plateau of sexual arousal.

'Man,' I growled breathlessly, 'this fuckin' machine really works!'

'Gets you hot quick, doesn't it?' he agreed knowingly.

I nodded, staring into the pools of intense blue of his eyes. He was turned on just from watching me getting turned on.

He slid a hand firmly onto my abdomen, sliding his fingers between the cylinder and my cockhair, rubbing erotically.

'You've got a terrific body,' he sighed. 'I loved sucking you off!' he admitted honestly.

'Yeah, you too. I loved sucking your cock, man!' I admitted, feeling a strong bond of attraction for this masculine redhead.

'I wonder if cocksucking enlarges a penis, too. Do you think cocksucking will work as well as this machine does?' he asked.

'Oh! I hope so!' I answered with enthusiasm. 'I'd like to suck yours as often as you'll let me, and I want you to suck mine all the time. It feels better in your mouth than in this tube!'

'Oh! Man! It looks like your cock has already grown an inch in the tube, but let's see what it can do in my throat!' With that, I heard the familiar hiss of the release-valve and felt the cylinder being tugged off of my cock. Immediately, one suction was replaced by another even more intense suction.

'Let's do it together,' I sighed, lasciviously.

'Huh?' he murmured coming up off my cock and looking up at me.

I grinned.

He grinned back. He wasn't dumb. With an athletic body flip, his hard cock suddenly plopped against my nose.

Both cockheads disappeared simultaneously into hot mouths. We were engaged in a classic sixty-nine! It was perfect. Our bodies fit together exactly right. Hands rubbed. Fingers pinched and probed, explored and pleasured. And the suction, both given and received was magical. Best of all, movement towards orgasm was developed very slowly for this second blast-off of the afternoon. Neither of us was in a hurry.

I found myself practicing the art of cocksucking, trying to deep-throat the huge pole of meat projecting into me. Changing rhythms, swallowing, tonguing the long tool and loving every expanded inch of it.

Meanwhile, Nick was obviously doing the same. He was able to get more and more of the shaft into himself without gagging, and from the enthusiastic grunts and groans he was emitting from time to time, I knew he was loving this experience, too.

'I'm gonna pop!' he said excitedly, coming up off my cock with a noisy slurp.

When I made an agreeable humming noise, vibrating his great cock in my throat, he plunged back onto mine, sucking like crazy. I raised the level of my sucking to total effort, and after just a few moments, dazed by the feel of my cock in his throat and by the feel of his cock in my throat, I knew I would come in a flash.

As my body stiffened and my cock got absolutely rock-hard, he, too, stiffened and I felt his erection solidify to iron in my throat. It was an amazing moment. I knew we were both going to shoot off at the very same instant.

I groaned.

He grunted.

We both came! Jism filled my mouth at the same instant jism jetted from my hot cock! We both swallowed. Jism jetted out of both of us, filling our mouths again. And again, and again, and again! It seemed like it would never stop. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had! I matched him shot for shot, blasting off more energetically that I had ever thought possible, taking it without a whimper and having my heavy load taken without a complaint. A simultaneous orgasm with my first sixty-nine! It was an incredible experience. It seemed so right, so natural, and so perfect. And so hot!

It was a long time before we wound down from such a perfect high, staying in the same position, deflating cocks kept safe and warm in each other's mouths, relaxing in total bliss. After a while, he released my cock and tugged his free, twisting around to lie next to me, an expression of tender affection spread over his handsome features.

'Man! That was good!' he sighed.

'It was great!' I confirmed.

'Yeah, perfect!' he amended.

'Perfect!' I agreed.

'I had wanted to suck your cock for a long time,' he admitted.

'Me, too,' I confessed.

'I never thought you'd suck cock, man,' he told me.

'You seemed too macho, yourself, to be interested,' I told him.

'Guess we were both wrong,' he said with a grin.

'Thank god!' I grinned back.

'Next time...' he paused.

'Uhm hum,' I hummed agreeably.

'Next time, I'd like to fuck your humpy ass, man!'

'Oooh!' I cooed. 'I always wondered what a cock up my ass might feel like!'

'You mean, you'd let me do it! I was just trying to see how far I could go with you.'

'This experience has been so great, I'm willing to let you do anything you want to do. I'd even be willing to do things for you too,' I told him.

'Like what?' he asked huskily.

'Like fuck your humpy ass, man!' I answered in an equally husky voice.

'Oh! Geez! Just the thought of that big thing up my ass is turning me on, again,' he declared.

'I wonder how it's done?' I asked naively.

'A guy told me the easiest way is to use the lubricated type of condom,' Nick instructed.

'Got any?' I asked with a grin. We were both toying with reinvigorating erections.

'I'll get 'em,' he replied with a grin, and got up and walked to his bathroom. Watching his lithe, supple, firmly muscled body and tight ass walking nude was an unexpected turn on for me. The thought of fucking that fine ass was revolutionary! Then, as he came back towards the bed, his long cock swaying hypnotically in front of himself as he opened the box of condoms, just the idea of taking that big organ up my ass, made me gasp.

'What is it?' he asked as he crawled up onto the bed, kneeling next to my hip, staring down at my writhing body and fully erect cock.

'I don't know which I find more exciting, the thought of fucking you or the thought of getting fucked by you. I'll be honest. I've never done either, before.'

'Does that mean you've sucked a cock or two, before?' He was smiling affectionately.

'Well, you know how it is,' I answered evasively.

'Sure. You work in that all male club downtown. I've heard some stories about what goes on down there sometimes. Tell me, do you think those stories are true?'

'What did you hear?' I asked, holding my breath. I love talking about sex. Male sex!

'I heard they've got glory holes in the toilets and have orgies in the steam room,' he said, his eyes bright with excitement.

'Well, I don't know about the seam room...' I said, pausing, '...but you're right about the glory holes!'

'You've seen 'em?' he wanted to know.

I nodded.

'What are they like?' he insisted.

'Someone wrote on the wall next to one of them, 'Through this hole COME the best cocks on the world!' and I found no reason to disagree.' I smiled.

'Damn! Did you suck any?'

I nodded. I found no reason to be coy about it.

'Did you get sucked off, too?'

I nodded again.

'Tell me about the first time,' he demanded. Almost absently, he began slipping a condom down over his huge weapon, as he listened rapturously to my adventure.

'I honestly had to take a leak, that first time,' I started. 'The three urinals were in use, so I went into the middle booth of the three booths in that particular men's room.'

'How many men's rooms are there.'

'I think there are at least six in the whole complex and some of them are much larger than the first one I was in.'

He nodded, urging me to go on.

'I noticed the glory holes as soon as I sat down on the commode.'

'You said you only had to take a leak.'

'Yeah, but when I saw the lewd drawings on the walls, I thought I'd take my time.'

'Lewd drawings?' he asked in a voice filled with sexual curiosity.

'They're great!' I enthused. 'One of the members must be an artist because they're in every booth and show men in every conceivable sexual position, alone or with other men. They're exceptionally well drawn and the men depicted have huge cocks and big balls and most of them are in the process of shooting off.'

'Geez, I'd like to see 'em,' he interrupted quietly.

'I was looking at them for the first time, and reading the dirty writing, too, getting a hardon, when I noticed a finger sliding along the bottom of one of the glory holes...'

'There was more than one?' he asked in awe.

'Both walls have one,' I explained.

'So what did you do?'

'He wanted it, so I gave it to him.'

'Shoved your cock through the hole?'

'I sure did. And, boy, was that guy good!'


'He sucked the come right out of me in a hurry.'


'He did it so good, it made me realize that if I would do it, if I would suck cock, I should try to be good at it, too, so those I do it to enjoy it as much as I did. And did I enjoy it! Boy, I shot an amazing load.'

'What happened next. Did you run out of the place?'

'Naw. When I sat down, completely drained, I thought I'd leave, but I found this really great hardon sticking up through the other glory hole, begging for a blowjob. I couldn't resist. I sucked it. I sucked it hard! I tried to be good at it.'

'Did he come?'

'He sure did, and quick, too. I loved it!'

'Man, I wish I'd been there with you.'

'Me, too. But I spent so much time in those men's rooms my boss kept wondering where I was. They never fired me, though. I think it got around that I was 'available' and some of the regulars really seemed to like me.'

'I'll bet,' he sighed, excitedly.

'Yeah, sometimes I'd spend at least an hour or two at a time in there.'

'Waiting for someone to show up?'

'Fuck, no! Sucking one cock after another and getting sucked off a couple times, myself. Those glory holes were always busy. The middle booth seemed to be the place to advertise that you sucked cock, because sometimes I'd just sit there minding my own business when a big cock would get shoved through the hole at me and stand there waiting to get sucked.'

'Man, no wonder you suck cock so good. You've had a great chance to practice.' He grinned.

'I've never practiced getting fucked,' I whispered.

'Roll over,' he instructed huskily.

The slippery head of his big cock slipped in between the cheeks of my ass before I had fully turned. It felt wonderful! He pressed his hard body down on my back and slowly eased the powerful cock up against my portal. 'Relax!' he hissed, nuzzling my ear.

I tried to relax, spreading my legs wide apart and closing my eyes tightly, but the pressure at my anus was alarming. At that instant, I said to myself, 'Take it like a man!' That thought did relax me, and he entered me then. As the fat cockhead entered, pain seared through me. But, he stopped when my sphincter clamped down behind his flanged knob, and the pain dissipated. I felt his heart beating wildly on my back. It was marvelous!

Soon, I raised my hips slightly, forcing more of him into myself. He grunted with pleasure. It felt good to both of us. I was a natural born fuckee. He was a natural born fucker. We worked slowly to raise the level of the pleasure for both of us and before you knew it we were fucking like crazy!

'Let's do it face to face,' he suggested, immediately pulling out of me.

By that time, I really wanted to be fucked. I swiftly turned over, he grabbed my heels, raised my legs, shifted forward and shoved that big thing back into me. I loved it! And watching his handsome face writhe with erotic pleasure as his muscular body danced with carnal delight while he fucked that big dick into me was wonderful.

'Look at your cock, man,' he sighed. 'It's leaking like a faucet. You're really enjoying this, aren't you!'

'I love it!' I said sincerely.

'Me, too,' he sighed, humping continuously, energetically.

A rhythm of thrusts and parries developed between us, lengthening the travel of the long cock up my chute. But such effort, such divine friction, cannot last forever. Sweat broke out on Nick's forehead, his body gleamed with perfection, and I knew he'd come very soon.

'I love it!' I sighed. 'I love you!' I admitted, staring into those pools of blue.

'Ugh! That got it!' he cried, stiffening, every muscle straining, and I felt the expansions and contractions of his cock as he shot his third load of the afternoon, filling the condom, delighting every nerve in my body.

When he was finished, he rolled off of me, lying on his belly. The curve of the small of his back and the bubbles of his fine ass were an invitational aphrodisiac to me.

'Let me have a condom,' I said, shaking with excitement.

His arm was down between us. It opened immediately. It held a foil-wrapped condom. He had been hoping I'd want to use it!

Excitedly, I ripped open the foil, rolled the condom down my vibrating shaft, eager for the experience of fucking this young man, and ready to explode.

'Go slow,' he instructed as I eased my cockhead between his firm cheeks. It was difficult advice to follow because I wanted to fuck him hard and fast, but I wanted him to enjoy the fuck, too, so I controlled myself as best I could. But I slipped into him in a hurry, surprised at the ease of penetration.

'I've been finger-fucking myself to get ready for this,' he explained, as though reading my mind.

'You feel so tight. So hot! So Sexy! I love it!' I told him.

'Fuck me! Fuck me hard!' he whispered excitedly.

I did my best, really jarring his asscheeks, really humping into him deeply. Then, surprising even myself, I said, 'Turn over!'

Without dismounting, I allowed his body to rotate on my erection as he turned over, getting his calves up on my shoulders. His face was reddened with effort and excitement, his lips pursed and pouty, his eyes wild.

'Fuck me!' he hissed again.

We fucked! Man, did we fuck! Staring one another in the eye, straining towards one another as if to try to kiss, but separated by his meaty thighs pressed into his chest, we fucked hard. When I finally came, I thought I'd pass out with elation. It was a terrific, memorable fuck! I was drained dry!

I rolled off exhausted, thinking we were through for the day, but Nick grunted, 'I'm gonna come, man!'

His erection looked enormous. The fucking he had taken had lifted him back to orgasmic levels. His eyes pleaded for help and I didn't let him down. I dove back onto that fat cockknob with a delight born of loving to suck cock and was almost immediately rewarded with his rich nectar. I swallowed the entire load. I was happy.

So was Nick.

* * * * *

Later that week, after showering quickly, hurrying for my next class, I happened to glance into the showers before leaving. There was Nick profiled with one of the team wrestlers both flaunting impressive, lengthening cocks. Nick was saying, '...I'll give you a demonstration and then let you give it a try, too.' Instantly, I knew I had become only one of the first in what would be a very long string of seductions. A pang of jealousy passed easily, knowing I had truly enjoyed myself, and, more importantly, knowing I had learned a terrific seduction technique. My own newly purchased pump would come in handy! Little did I know then that it would become a contest between Nick and myself to see who would score the most!

* * * * *


Jack Sofelot


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