It had been a long time since I had any action whatsoever, mainly because I was so busy with my career. I was on a team of civil engineers leading development of a new power plant and I rarely got time for myself. So it when the project of six years was finally over, I was amazed by the amount of free time I had.

I am thirty four and still had a lot kick in me. I wouldn't describe myself as overly muscular, but were toned well. I was vacationing in San Francisco and decided to visit a gay club and sample some of the guys that may come my way.

The club was packed and I thought to myself I might just get lost in this mass of people and end up being looked passed, but in the end I just wanted to try my luck. I somehow felt nervous, as I haven't been a club like this for years and never resumed dating after Jon left me two years ago.

I noticed a guy that seemed to be in his mid 20's dancing alone. I stared at him for a few moments, totally enthralled by his cute boyish looks and his curly black hair. He noticed me and approached my table.

'What you looking at, Big Boy?' he teased.

'Caught in the act. I was just watching you dance,' I replied.

'Care to join me?' he asked.

Without giving me any chance to answer him, he pulled me to my feet and dragged me off to the dance floor. The guy had some serious moves and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him as he had total control of his slim body.

After a few minutes, he started closing the space between us and pressed hard against my body while we dance. He looked at me with a naughty grin. I took out the keys to my car and he nodded. I led him out of the club and to my car.

We got in and he said, 'I'm Eric, by the way.'

'Justin, pleased to meet you.'

He chuckled, 'Believe me, the pleasure's all mine.'

He put his index finger in his mouth and looked innocently at me. Things started to stir inside and I needed to find a bed. Fast. I started the ten minute drive to the hotel and we started talking. Turned out he was a teacher at a local primary school, but what he really wanted to do is direct films.

He had a very soft, yet masculine voice that soothed me further away as I drooled over my new prize. We got to the hotel and when we got into the lift, he pressed up against me and started kissing me. The door opened and an elderly lady came in. She cleared her throat and looked suspiciously at us while we just giggled like two naughty high school boys.

We got off at my floor and headed straight for my room, while kissing and groping each other in the hallways. I pushed Eric against the door, pressing down hard on his moist lips while fiddling about in my pocket, trying to find the keys for the door.

After some struggling, I managed to get the door open. I took Eric in my arms and carried him to the bed. I placed him down carefully them climbed on him, but still supporting my own weight with my arms and legs.

We continued our heated make out session for another few minutes when he started pulling up my shirt. I lifted up my arms and he almost tore the shirt of me. I loosened my belt and tossed it on the floor.

He removed his shirt and I instantly went down on his nipples, sucking and softly nibbling. He was starting to moan quietly, and I took it that he like the treatment I was giving him. He slipped his hands inside the back of my jeans and started rubbing my ass.

I kissed him all the way to his naval and undid his jeans as the restricted my jaw from going lower. He wore a black jockstrap the concealed a growing bulge. I lifted myself off him and stripped his jeans from him, only to pen him to the bed again.

I kissed his semi hard cock through his jock and slowly started pulling it down. He was moaning more loudly now and my heart started to race. My long wait was finally over.

I yanked his jock of and took in the sight of his almost 7' beauty. I looked up at him and he just smiled at him. I took his dick into my mouth, probing it with my tongue and savoring the nearly forgotten taste of fresh cock.

I worked on his cock for a few minutes and sensed he was nearing his climax. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and went up to kiss him again. His hands were in my pants again and the found the zipper. He undid them and I removed them. I turned on my back as he sat on me, riding me through my underwear.

In a matter of seconds, I was fully erect and hornier than ever. He pulled down my jock, exposing my 8' dick, dripping with pre-cum. He licked it up with tongue and then starting giving me one hell of blow-job. He knew precisely how to handle my cock and drove me to places I thought I'd never go to.

I blew my load all over his face and he just licked it all up.

I gave him a horny grin and he knew what to do. He got on all fours and I positioned myself so as to straddle him, my cock resting at his hole.

'Ready?' I asked with a heavy voice.

'Please, I want you in me,' he said.

I started pushing in slowly and soon my cock head was in him. He moaned and I could see he had some pain. I carefully started pushing in slowly, until he took my entire dick. I allowed him a few minutes to adjust to me. I began pulling out and pushing back in with short, slow strokes.

This time the moan of pleasure sounded more convincing and started pulling out further and increased the force in which I penetrated him. We continued to fuck like that for a while before I really started quickening my pace.

Within fifteen minutes, I came again and filled him all up with my jizz.

I slumped down next to him, my pulse racing.

We never saw each other again, but I'll always remember Eric for restarting my sex life.



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