Over the years I've visited many adult bookstores so I could enjoy the glory holes. Some were great, some were really horrid, but all satisfied my need for cock. For the most part, I would just give a blowjob or two and then leave, but on rare occasions I would get my cock sucked. 

One such occasion involved a black man with a gorgeous cock. I’d just sucked a cock and while I was readying myself to leave the booth, his inserted the most perfect cock that I have ever seen. His dick was so big and black that I was awe struck; I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes from the ‘hole.’  I had never seen anything like it before in my life. It was thick and was pulsing with a life of its own. It was so thick I couldn’t close my hand around it; it felt like a piece of flesh-covered steel.  And it must have been at least ten-inches long with two massive balls pushing it up and out.  I couldn’t believe the raw power and the heat that I could feel radiating from it. I could see the veins straining underneath the stretched skin and the thick head, larger than the rest, straining towards me as it pulsed. A feeling of wonder and a sexual awe overcome me as I felt his cock jump and grow even harder in my hand. His cock was hot, hard, and velvety soft all at the same time. This brought a height of sexual awareness and excitement I never knew existed. A feeling of brazen uninhibited illicit eroticism over took me when I felt the stranger’s cock. I loved the feel of his cock.

I could also see the bead of pre-cum on the tip as I slid off the seat and down on my knees. His dick was so alive that I could feel its heat on my face, as I leaned forward and inhaled its wild untamed earth aroma, a musky smell even though it was a clean smell. As I probe the pee-hole with my tongue his face was so close that I could see the blood throbbing through the rope like veins that lined its ten inch length. The golf ball size head looked like a huge purple plum peeking out of its coal black foreskin. I helplessly, I reached out and touched it with one finger. I could feel my eyes glazing over with lust, as I eased back its foreskin and touched its dark purple shaped head to my lips and brushed the pre cum over my lips. I had to open my mouth so wide to get its big head between my lips and into my mouth, that I almost had to un-hinge my jaw.  

Even with both hands wrapped around the base of his big black dick, I still had more than a mouth full of black dick to suck. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I simultaneously stroke it with my hand and slowly worked my moist mouth up and down its length. Fuck me running, but it felt good having his big cock in my mouth. I must have worked my mouth up and down his shaft for ten or fifteen minutes before his balls suddenly clinched up and his dick swelled even fatter. My mouth was so full that I couldn’t have gotten his dick out of my mouth, even if I’d tried. His balls exploded and scalding hot cum spewed into my mouth like lava out of a volcano. When he erupted, I was on a backstroke and my lips were wrapped around the base of his dick head, so I felt the full force of his gooey cum as it gushed into my mouth and oozed over my tongue and down my throat.

Last year, while on the way home from work I stop in an adult bookstore on the north side. Lots of booths with glory holes, very clean place, great equipment and mostly gay videos. This place had something I never saw, hooks for clothes. Hell's bells, I got naked. I'm watching a ‘tranny’ DVD and I got to tell you, I wanted a ‘tranny,’ but I managed to settle for what I got that day. As a matter of fact, one of the nicest white dicks that I ever sucked was here. When I pulled in, there were only three cars in the parking lot. One of the cars, most likely belonged to the clerk on duty and the other two to customers. As I went in I thought to myself, I hope the other two customers aren't both queers. If they were they would have already taken care of each other, and I might not get to suck any dicks.  

My first cock was a long skinny one. As soon as he put in the hole, I was down on my knees sucking it.  Just when things were getting good, he pulled his dick out of my mouth, back away from the ‘hole’ and just stood there with his dick waving in the breeze. When I whispered for him to put it back in the ‘hole’, he said that he was about to cum. I told him that in that case he'd better hurry and get it back into my mouth then. He was shocked. Ha said, “You mean you don’t care if I cum in your mouth?”  I answered, “Hell, I want you to cum in my mouth. Why do you think I’m sucking your dick for?”  He needed no more encouragement. He quickly had his dick back through the hole and into my mouth.  And he was right; he did indeed quickly cummed in my willing mouth.  From his reaction, that must have been the first time that a guy had ever let him cum in their mouth and he loved it, especially when I swallowed it. As to be expected, as soon as he cummed, he zipped up and was out of the booth like his pants were on fire. 

To my surprise, especially since there were only two guys in the whole place, as soon as the next booth was empty the other guy took his place. When he saw through the ‘hole’ that I was still down on my knees, he didn’t waste anytime getting his dick through the ‘hole’. His dick was a little longer and much fatter and just as suck able as the first guy’s. He held out a little longer, but it wasn’t long until he was cumming in my mouth and down my throat.

After I sucked him off, I hung around a few minutes to see if anyone else was going to come in.  I was too tired to wait long, so I was soon heading for the front door. As I walked up the center aisle I passed a big older white guy that had just came in.  I said big because I’m 6-foot 3 and he was a good 3 or 4-inches taller than me. There’s something about the older guy that makes me hot, so I did an about face and followed him to a booth.  I could tell by the look on his face as he entered his booth, that he knew that I wanted to suck his dick. As soon as he shut the door, I literally leaped into the booth right next to him. I guess he didn't have a problem with me sucking his dick because by the time I got into the booth and shut the door; his dick was already sticking through the 'hole.' Like the rest of his body, flaccid his dick was huge.  And, after I sucked on it for a couple of minutes, it was also very, very hard. As it grew, it got so fat that I had it really stretched my jaws to have it in my mouth. But, damn, it tasted so good that it was worth the trouble. I had mixed emotion, as I knelt there slurping and sucking his gigantic dick. On one hand I wanted to prolong my sucking as long as possible, and on the other, I couldn’t wait to taste his cum.  If his dick tasted as good as it did, what must his cum taste like? The decision was soon taken out of my hands. With a moan, he let go and his balls erupted like a volcano. His scalding hot cum came spewing out of his dick, and cascaded over my tongue and down my throat. His load was so big that it felt like he dumped a cup full of hot cum down my throat.      

I never like for a guy that I’d sucked off to stain his pants, so I always clean him off with my mouth and tongue before I let him put his dick back in his pants. As I was cleaning this guy off, I realized that his dick was still hard, so I went back to sucking. I could tell by the way that he wiggled his hips that he didn’t mind the extra mouth action. It wasn’t long until I was rewarded with another mouth full of delicious hot cum.  Surprisingly enough, his second load of hot cum was as big as the first.  

I couldn’t believe it. When I started to clean him off the second time, his frigging dick was still hard. For a guy his age to keep an erection and get off twice was very remarkable…for his second load of cum to be as big as the first was even more extraordinary. To still have an erection after 2-orgasms was phenomenal. I was amazed as I continued to suck his amazing dick. In about the same time frame as the other two, he again filled my mouth to overflow with his third load of hot gooey cum.  

God, this guy must be superman. I’d just made him cum 3-times and his huge dick was still rock hard. As I sucked him off for the fourth time, I vowed that no matter how many times it took, I was going to continue to suck him until his balls were completely drained and his dick was limp. I was prepared to suck all nigh if I had to.  

Suddenly a loud voice and banging on the door frightened me. I thought that it was a raid and that the cops were trying to bust into my booth so that they could catch me sucking a dick. I guess the old guy was equally as scared, because as I was jumping to my feet, he was zipping his fly.  

Turned out not to be the cops, but only the janitor wanting us to move to other booths so that he could clean the ones that we were in. As I stepped out into the hallway I looked to see if the old guy was indeed moving to another booth. If he was, I was going to follow him so that I could finish sucking him off. But alas, it wasn’t to be. The last I saw of my old guy was his back, as he sped up the aisle toward the exit door. Gone and never to be seen again, even thought I looked for him every time I went back there.

One of my favorite adult bookstores was in Ft. Worth, actually in Kennedale off 820. Instead of glory holes, though it had a small movie theater with regular movie seats.  I knew the bookstore was there because it was where I bought my gay magazines, but they taken what few private viewing booths out and I didn’t know about the movie theater in the back. I normally used an adult bookstore about 2-blocks down the street. 

One night when I was at my regular bookstore, a guy in the next booth ran out of tokens right in the middle of sucking my dick. Instead of going and getting more tokens, he gave me a half price coupon and told me that if I’d meet him in the movie theater in the back of the adult bookstore down the street, he’d finish me off. I'd never been there before and was curious when he told me about the theater in the back. Since things were a little slow that night, when I ran out of tokens I decided to take him up on his offer.

The place hadn’t changed since I’d last been. It was still a dingy little porno bookstore. When I looked around, it only took me a couple of minutes to locate the porno theater in the back. I was still extremely naïve back in those days, and it embarrassed me to be seen buying queer magazines. I’d always tried to check out when there was no one else at the counter. You can imagine how embarrassed I was to be buying a ticket and entering such a sleazy porno theater. As I moved down the darkened aisle trying to find a seat, I felt like everyone in the theater was looking at me and knew that I was there to suck dicks. When I sat down, I looked behind me and saw a guy playing with exposed dick. When he caught me looking at him I was so embarrassed that I scrunched down in my seat so no one could see me.

In a few minutes I felt someone sit down beside me. Without turning my head I glanced over and saw it was the guy from the other bookstore. As I sat there staring at the screen, he reached over, un-zipped my pants, and started stroking my dick.  Instead of sucking me off though, he jacked me off. After he made me cum, I looked around and discovered that several guys had moved over and were watching him play with my cock. With a beet red face, I leaped up and fled the theater. On the way home I vowed that I never go back there again. Instead, I’d stick to the bookstore with the viewing booths where no one could see me.    

My vow didn’t last long. After I thought about I realized that sure everybody in the place probably knew that I was there to suck dick. I also realized that there was nothing to be ashamed of, because that was why everyone was there too.  They were there either to suck a dick themselves or to get the dick sucked. So the next the next weekend, there I was again, walking down the dark aisle looking for a seat. I’ll admit that I was still a little apprehensive but not nearly as embarrassed as I’d been the last time.      

As I stumbled down the dark aisle looking for a seat, I noticed that there were only about a dozen guys there. Once seated, I glanced to my left and saw a young Hispanic guy sitting two seats over from me, playing with his dick. Instead of being embarrassed that I caught him, he smiled and held it towards me as if inviting me to suck it for him.  His brazenness was so embarrassing that I leaped up and moved to seat on the back row near the door. It wasn’t but a couple of minutes, before the Hispanic guy passed by me on his way towards the exit. I couldn’t believe it, his pants were still un-zipped and his dick was hanging out. I assumed he was leaving, so when I didn’t hear the exit door open and close, I looked over my shoulder to see what the problem was. Instead of leaving, the guy was leaning against the wall right behind me and still playing with his dick. When he caught me looking he waved it toward me again. In embarrassment I scrunched down in my seat and stared blank eyed at the screen. When I looked back over my shoulder the Hispanic guy was standing so close that the head of his dick was only about two or three inches from my face. I was so shocked that my mouth dropped open. Before I could close it, he grabbed my hair and feed me his dick. Once he had it was in my mouth, I had no choice but to suck it for him. Judging by the way he grabbed the sides of my head and started hunching, I think he liked my mouth. It wasn’t long until his balls burst, filling my mouth with his hot gooey cum. naturally he didn't let go of my hair until I’d swallowed every last drop. Then he casually zipped his pants and took off. 

When I turned back around in my seat I was shocked to discover that there was a white guy standing right in front of me with his big dick hanging out. Like the Hispanic, without a work he pulled me forward and feed me his dick. As I closed my lips around it, he pulled me off my seat and down on my knees. I guess it's a power thing, but guys like the queer down on his knees when the queer is blowing them. As I knelt there sucking his dick, I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw that everyone was crowding around so that they could watch me sucking dicks. Even as embarrassment reddened my face, I realized that I was a little turned on by their attention. When I finished off the white guy, I looked up and another guy was taking his place. By now I knew what I was doing, so he didn’t have to feed me his dick. I grabbed it and feed it to myself.     

Before they let me up off my knees I had to jack off two guys and sucked off 4-more. I would have sucked off the two hat I jacked off but they didn’t want to be sucked off.  I had to laugh at the last two guys that I sucked off. They walked in, took one look at what was going on, and got into line.  They probably came to the movie expecting to get their dicks sucked, but not that quick or that easy.  Neither one of them seemed to mind though. 

I stuck around about thirty more minutes and managed to suck a couple of more dicks. Then with a very smug look on my face and a belly full of cum I headed homes.  I’d always associated the term ‘pulling a train’ to a girl taking on several guys one right after another, and that it was usually meant as a derogator remark to show what a slut she was. Now that I’d ‘pulled a train’ I knew that it also applied to guys, too.  

Once I discovered the porno-theater and the public sex I was such an exhibitionist that I practically lived there. I worked second shift, so I‘d stop in on the way to work so I could suck a little public dick before work. From Friday night to Sunday night I was in there night and day.  I’d go in Saturday morning and either suck or jack off everyone in the place. Then I go to lunch and come back and do it again. I’d only leave to go eat. I couldn’t believe how much dick I was getting to suck or jack off. I was going in so often that the clerks were starting to look at me funny.    

Like everything else in the world there were rules, but it didn’t take me long to learn the ropes. When I went in I'd walk down the aisle until I saw someone that I was interested in playing with his cock. I'd sit down beside him and if he wasn't interested in playing, he would "that at seat is taken."  If not, I'd sit down beside him. Then several things could happen:  1) the guy would take his hand off his cock and either spread his legs wider or kind shift his hips so I could reach over and start stroking their cock.  2) Or if they were bold, I've had guys just reach over, grab my wrist and actually put my hand on their cock.  3) They would keep stroking their cock, but not object when I put my hand in the place of theirs. 

It was funny but if a guy wanted a blowjob instead of just being jacked off, he would lay his arm on the back of my seat. After a few strokes of my hand up and down their cocks, they would kind of bring their arm forward and push me towards their lap. As my head moved closer to their lap, they would take the back of my head and guide my mouth to their cock. Most guys also liked to hold the back of my head while they were cumming. Once a guy cummed, it was amazing how quick they could zip up and almost at a run…leave the booth. 

The day after I ‘pulled the train,’ I stopped in on the way to work and there were only about 6-guys in the place. The lights were turned up so I didn’t have any trouble finding my way to a front row seat. Hearing the door open, I looked around and saw a stocky bastard trying to stick his dick in the guy setting closest to the door’s mouth. I guess the guy didn’t suck, because he turned his face away and would let him put it in his mouth. The next guy he tried wouldn't suck it either. When he tried the third guy, instead of sucking his dick, the guy started talking to him. They turned and looked at me, then talked a little more.  

When they finished talking, with his dick still hanging out and a nasty leer on his face, the stocky guy headed down the aisle in my direction. I couldn’t believe how big his dick was or that the other guys wouldn’t suck it for him. He was very proud of it; too, because when he got in front of me, he held it up so that I could admire it. It was about eight or nine inches long, very fat, and had a big reddish head peeking out of his foreskin. With a nasty sneer, he ordered me to, “Open your mouth!”  

His dick was so fat that I popped my jaw opening my mouth wide enough to get it in. I almost chocked before my saliva got his dick wet enough to smoothly slide in and out of my mouth. Once it was sliding freely, he roughly jammed its head against the back of my throat. My mouth had never been so full. Not only did he have a big fine dick, but unlike a lot of guys with a big dick, he also knew how to get it sucked. As he held my hair and pumping his huge dick in and out of my mouth, he snarled, “Suck my dick, you little fagot” As I sucked, he moaned and alternately called me a queer, a fagot, and a cock-sucker. Right before he got ready to cum, his dick swelled up so big that it almost split my jaws apart. His cum came out so hot that it almost scalded my tongue. His load was so big that cum oozed out of both corners of my mouth. He was an animal. He didn’t release my hair until I not only had I swallowed his load of ‘cum’, but until I’d licked his dick clean enough for him to put away.        

As usual, the other guys in the theater had moved as near as possible so they could watch me suck the guys big dick.  One of them was so excited that as soon as the first guy finished, he moved in front of me and offered me his already hard dick. While I was sucking him off, 2-other guys got in line. One was the guy that pointed me out and the other was a guy that came in while I was already sucking dicks.  When it got to be the guy that pointed me out’s turn, instead of wanting me to suck him off, he dropped to his knees and sucked me off.

After I’d been going for a while and the guys started recognizing me, some of them got a little bolder. I’ve had guys sit down beside me take their cock out and put my hand on it. I’ve even had guys move down the aisle; sit on the back of the seat in front. Then without a word, take their cock out, put their hand on the back of my head, pull it forward and stick their cock in my mouth…

My last addition to this narrative happened on the west side of in Albuquerque. It was a very clean adult bookstore adjoining a truck stop. It was around 2 am, when I’d stopped for gas while heading to Arizona when I noticed the store. Wandering the booth area I could hear sounds of sex coming from the booths. Great news for me, so I grabbed a booth with a glory hole, got naked and settled in for a much needed break. I like to travel in shorts and a t-shirt and nothing else. Getting naked is very easy and placing my clothes safely in a corner is my rule. I once got robbed while I was naked. Someone lifted my money when I’d left my clothes with in reach of the hole. Now I’m more careful where I lay them. 

Naked people aren’t common in the adult bookstore booths so I know when I strip down I get a lot of attention. Word of mouth I think. It didn't take long for the next booth to fill. I didn’t know if the guy was queer or not, but I do know that he wanted his dick sucked. As soon as I entered the adjoining booth, without even waiting for an invitation he stuck his dick through the ‘hole’.  It was only about 4-inches long, but nice and fat, and very suck-able. I slurped on his dick for a few minute until hid balls erupted and I was swallowing his load of hot cum. 

The next guy wasn't a guy; it was a lady with a great body. I know because I peeked. She immediately signaled me to stick my cock through the hole. Then she went at it like it was the last cock she'd ever get. I shot my load quickly and she thanked me. 

I told her if she joined me I'd reciprocate and to my surprise she did. Before I knew it, I was opening the door a crack and she was slipping it. I couldn’t believe what a great body she had. When she lifted her skirt and showed me a panty free shaved pussy, I dove right in and damn she tasted great. It didn't take long to bring her off and she was a screamer. That really got me hard again. I told her that I wanted to fuck that fine pussy, but she said no, that her pussy was strictly for her husband. 

Noticing my surprise, she said that she saved her pussy for her husband, but I could fuck her ass. I slid into her, it felt tight around my shaft, but she pushed back against me and told me to fuck her ass hard. I pushed all the way inside her and pulled nearly all the way out before I brutally drove it back into her tight ass. Since this was second time cumming, I was able to give her a decent fucking and she was moaning and grinding the entire time. All of a sudden, I felt her jerk and her body buckle, as she announced she was cumming. It seemed to go on and on, I could feel her muscles tighten around my cock and that brought me to the brink. When I told her that I was cumming, she told me to cum in her ass.  After a few final strokes the first jet of hot cum shot inside her ass, and was weak as a kitten when finished. We kissed a bit and then she told me how hot it felt as I was cumming, and what a slut she felt with me cumming in her ass. I stayed inside her until I was spent.  And then after watching some of the cum leak out of her ass and run down her legs, I played with her breasts and was rubbing my cum into her asshole while fingering it and she started cumming again. She then turned around, kissed me gently and thanked me, pulling up her thong up and her dress down and walked to the door. This would not be the last time.

God, but I was really horny that day, so I sat and watched a movie or two while I revived. I ignored some not so stellar cocks while waiting, but I got a surprise when a monster came through the hole. As soon as I saw it, I planted a warm, wet, kiss right on the head, then I let my tongue run around the smooth surface and collecting the shiny dab of pre-come that had collected around his pee-hole. Opening my mouth, I let the head of his cock slide between my lips. He groaned when he felt my warm, wet, mouth slide over the head of his. I stopped there for a moment, scrubbing the smooth surface with my tongue, allowing saliva to accumulate until it was escaping my lips and running down the length of his big shaft. Using my spit as a lubricant, I began to take more and more of his cock in my mouth, working it in with short but slow strokes. When I felt the head of his 10-inch dick touch the soft flesh at the back of my throat, I changed the angle of my head and neck slightly. Needing to come up for air, I slowly slid back up the shaft until the head popped out of my mouth, a thick string of saliva connecting it to my glistening lips. 

Confidently returned the head of his dick to my mouth, I swallowed his entire length in one, long, smooth, stroke. I was in no hurry about it, so each of my strokes was exactly alike. Long smooth descent, pause at the bottom while my throat muscles worked the head and shaft of his cock, and then long, slow ride back to the top until only the head of his throbbing member remained in my sizzling mouth. I don't know how he stood it for as long as he did, but it seemed that the pleasure went on for good fifteen minutes before I felt his dick swell as his balls moved towards the exploding point. I guess he sensed this too, because he suddenly pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot its load across the booth and hit the other wall. Then he did what guys always do, he zipped up and left. But what the fuck, I was still happy to have done him. 

As you can see, great fun can be had on your knees at the adult bookstore. You need to try it.

The end…



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