Public holiday release:

I’m 28 6ft3, hairy, fit, tanned, top, always horny and stuck at home unable to walk properly due to a foot in a cast from being over-zealous jumping my mountain bike, and well the ankle in a cast says it all.  Being pent up in the house and not being able to get out and celebrate Australia day with mates was really lame, so I decided to surf some porn sites and edge my thick cock to and see how long I could hold out.  I’ve got one of those cocks that are not enormous, but just weighty.  8’5 inch or 22cm and thicker than my hand could wrap around with a sizeable set of loaded balls that dropped nicely for a balanced package.

I had mucked around with a few guys recently before my accident that I met of an online hook-up site but it had been nearly a 2 weeks since offloading in a hot arse.  After an hour or so of stroking and browsing I came across a profile in a chat room for a guy that caught my eye.

23, 5’10, no man-scaping, gymnast, Uni student doing masters in physics.  If the unique profile wasn't enough the pic was enough to get me close to blowing my load after an hour of edging.  I sent him a message and he replied instantly with request to chat.  We had a bit of back and forth chat about what we were up to and after he found out I was unable to leave home asked if I wanted a visitor.  I was quite keen to meet and less than an hour later my doorbell rang.

Hobbling to the door on crutches with my foot in a big moon boot I felt like a total idiot inviting this perfectly mobile hot man into my house.  He introduced himself as Jason and as he walked past me into my house I caught a waft of what I can only explain as the sexiest man smell I have ever encountered, Wow.  As he walked into the lounge room I couldn’t help but stare at his perfectly formed gymnast body, so much of a turn on I started tenting my loose fitting pants.  I was totally hard by the time he turned around to see how I was going. 

Jason proceeded to giggle and comment that it looks like I don’t need crutches with that third leg, where I suggested it was his fault that I was hard up against my track pants forming a tent.  He came over and pulled the cord on my track pants, put his hand down below my iron bar of a cock to cup my balls and said he didn’t think the tent would go down till these were drained.

Far out I was turned on, I grabbed his lower back in one hand and pulled him closer where my other hand could reach his firm and perky bum, where he let out a light purrrrrrrrh sound like a big cat.  He pulled back and with a few quick moves Jason had stripped to set of Australian flag boxer shorts which really showed off his amazingly toned gymnast body.  What he did next blew my mind.  In front of me on the hardwood timber floor he performed a leg split move dropping down and released my cock from my pants pulling them down as he did the splits.  He proceeded to lick my cock and balls, eventually engulfing my pole taking it down to my balls.  I groaned and thrust forward making him gag a little before he recovered and worked my cock for a few minutes of amazing pleasure.

As he lifted off my cock he did a gymnast roll and pulled down his boxer shorts presenting me with what I can only say was the most gorgeous hair covered bum and asshole I had ever seen.  He was a dirty blonde, hairy like me but just a lot lighter.  I dropped to my knees ignoring the pain from my ankle in the cast and plunged my tongue into this young man’s arsehole making him squirm and moan.  As I made Jason squirm with my tongue I started massaging his butt cheeks which seemed to really turn him on.  I suggested we move to the bedroom and both stripped down.

I forced him down face first onto the bed and climbed on top of him clumsily and proceeded to start massaging this gorgeous body in front of me.  I had some massage oil in the bedside table and pulled it out and drizzled it over his back, butt and legs, with a good slop of oil falling on my rock hard cock.

After 30-40 minutes of massage Jason started to lift his butt into my crotch and I started to thrust into his butt cheeks with my slippery cock running up the crack over and over. I was so turned on and about to explode!

I leaned forward to kiss his neck and as I started kissing him he lifted his but straight up and as I thrusted forwarded started to penetrate his amazing ass.  He was tight, soo tight that it took a few oily thrusts and then POP, I crowned his ring and started to slide inside where he yelped then sighed.  I had sunk 8 inches of my cock buried deep in his intensely hot body, and started to thrust in and out whilst continuing to massage his back and shoulders.  Jason bellowed at me to fuck him, “breed me and fill me with your seed”.

I put my hands on his shoulders to hold him down on the bed and continued to thrust and grind into this hot man. With Jason's tight arse and him pushing back into my cock it was all too much and a few mins later I unloaded a two week load deep into his internals.  As my final pulse of cum shot into him he moved with me and I rolled over so that he was straddling my crotch on top of me and started to lift up and down my shaft whilst pumping his cock in his hand.  Seconds later he showered my chest and face with salty/sweet cum, groaning and convulsing.

What he did next was mind blowing, as he continued to ride my still hard cock, he bent over and proved his gymnast flexibility and suck his own cock whilst riding my cock, amazing.  Cleaning himself and smiling as he did it.

We rolled side on and fell asleep with me spooning him.

This chance encounter has led to more than I ever expected with Jason and I catching up with each other 2-3 times a week initially, and well its becoming something pretty damn special.  

I have fond memories of Australia Day 2016




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