I need to get fucked.


My desire is burning in me, and the hot summer night air is making my skin tingle and the tiny hairs on my arms stand up as if electrified.

It's a good time to be in the park. That's what everyone calls it, 'the park'. It has an official name, but we like calling it our own shortened nickname. The park is the place to go when you're horny and just want some hot sex.

No dating, no commitments, no obligations.

Just sex, hot sex.

Drive up into the hills, take a right at the fork in the road, park your car, and you're there. There's wide open spaces with picnic tables and pretty views of the city. That's fine if you want a nice place to have lunch at 12 noon with the sun shining down on you.

But night in the park, that's where the real action is.

As the sun sets and the straight couples and families leave, the park comes alive with a new kind of excitement.

The excitement of dozens of horny men seeking each other out in the comforting darkness. The excitement of the night breeze that seems to blow their desire into the air itself. The excitement of carnality that silently calls them together for couplings that are fast, insistent and full of potential danger.

I step away from the tree I've been standing against. Surrounded by other trees and bushes on every side, I reveal myself to the others. I can't see them, but I know they're there, watching me. Their eyes rove over me, and it's like I can almost feel their stares. But I am not embarrassed, I know I'm hot, with short brown hair, slender 5'9' frame, pretty ass.

Walking slowly, I let them watch me from their hiding places, some in bushes, some behind trees, others standing in the open but made invisible by the dark. Only patches of moonlight through the trees and light from the city below illuminate me, but I know it's enough.

Who wants me? I think but don't need to say. Everyone knows what I'm doing, offering myself to them, waiting to see who will be brave enough to take me, and will I accept him? I won't let just anyone do this to me, no matter how fast and disconnected our union will be.

There are standards to be upheld, after all.

Someone is following me.

It's like I can feel the warmth of his body, as if it radiates out from him, heat seeping from his skin into the air, into me. His feet crush the grass and leaves beneath them as he follows me, mimicking my steps and direction. We walk behind a large bush, to get some semblance of privacy even though we know there are and will be many eyes watching us.

I turn around to face him and in a ray of moonlight I see him: strong, stern face, mustache and goatee, probably 6', 200 pounds, late twenties, bigger and taller than me. He's wearing a sleeveless T-shirt that reveals his heavily muscled arms. Not a guy I'd want to meet in a dark alley -- on second thought, definitely a man I'd like to meet in a dark alley, or a dark corner of the park.

He reached out and takes me in his arms, his hands on me strong and warm. The man pulls me close and kisses me hungrily, his tongue pushing into my mouth to explore. I respond to him, arms reaching behind him to find his ass. His butt cheeks are firm and tight, and I grip them tightly. He makes a little grunt in response. His facial hair is scratching the sensitive skin around my mouth as he kisses me and I love it. Then his mouth is on my ear, blowing his hot breath.

'What do you need?' he asks, his voice masculine and husky. I am tripping on his voice and forget that I need to answer him.

'What do you need?' he asks again.

'Fuck me, man,' I whisper, 'I need you to fuck me.'

'You get me ready,' he answers, 'and I'll fuck the shit out of you.'

'Oh yeah!' I say as I drop down to my knees in front of him. The man is wearing jeans and hiking boots. I put my face up to the denim covering his crotch. I feel the hardness within and hunger for it.

Breathing hot breath on it, I reach up and undo his belt buckle. His cock in his jeans tenses, as if sensing the freedom that will shortly be its. I pull open his fly, and his dick strains through the boxers that conceal it. Gripping the waistbands of his pants and shorts, I pull them down together. His cock, finally free, pops up hard and full and uncut.

'Suck it, man,' he says above me, 'Suck that cock I'm going to fuck you with.'

Silently I obey, taking his dick in my mouth. It is salty, heady, totally hot. It feels amazing to have it inside me -- the cock of an unknown man, this stranger who is so sexy and masculine. With my mouth I gently roll back his foreskin so I can reach the sensitive head. He groans in pleasure as I do this.

'Oh yeah, that's so great...' I hear him say. I gently suck his cockhead, swirling my tongue around it, trying to give him as much stimulation as I could. It feels so good to touch him this way, so intimate, his cock in my mouth, so sexy and hot. I wished I could suck him all night, but knew that was impossible. If there was one true thing about these encounters, it was that they were brief.

'I want to fuck you now,' he says.

'Yeah, let's do it,' I say, and reach into my back pocket and pull out a condom package. I tear it open and slide the latex sheath onto the man's dripping cock. Turning around to face away from him, I stand up. He comes up behind me and reaches around my waist with both hands. Finding the zipper of my pants, he loosens it and pulls them down to reveal my butt (I never wear underwear when I'm cruising).

'Oh yeah...' he murmurs, '...that's one sweet ass you got, man.'

'Thanks,' I whisper back, 'Now take me like a man.'

He silently obeys, pushing me against a tree to hold me in place. The man's arms grip me tightly, crushing our bodies together. His dick is between my cheeks, sleek and ready for penetration. With one hand he guides it into my asshole, and I gasp in pain at his entering me.

It hurts but is fantastic at the same time. His cock buries itself in me, pushing through my barriers and knowing me from the inside out. I feel charged, full of energy, as if his dick is the key to unlocking my body. I hear a groan of ecstasy and realize it came from me.

'Oh God that feels so fucking good!' the man says behind me. He grabs my hips and starts fucking me, thrusting himself in and out of my hole.

'Yeah, man, fuck me, stud, come on, yeah!' I say breathlessly. His warmth radiates out from his body like it did when I felt him following me. It bathes me in heat. For this moment, nothing else exists. No other people, no outside world. We are alone, him and I, the man fucking and the man getting fucked.

These are our roles, our places in life, and can never be altered. Never in the few minutes we are sharing together that are and must be forever, if only for a little while. I am his and he is mine. Here and now, we belong to each other and our bond is unbreakable.

'You like me fucking you, don't you?' he says as he pushes me harder against the tree.

'Yeah, it's the best fucking ever!' I answer.

'Nice big cock up your ass...you need it, right?' he says, his breathing getting harder with his exertion.

'I need it, man, come on, stuff my hole with your steel rod, yeah, I need it!'

The man pulls me back, away from the tree. I don't understand what he's doing until he reaches in front of me and grabs my dripping cock.

'Oh, fuck,' I say with delight as he starts jerking me off. It feels so good to be taken this way -- just taken by another man, used by him, made to give him pleasure as he gives pleasure back to me.

Our two dicks are burning together, his inside me and mine outside me. But I know they are both going to come soon. I know I can't take much more of this ecstasy before it overloads my brain and body.

'I'm gonna come soon, man,' I say.

'Good,' he answers, 'me too.'

'I'm ready whenever you are.'

'Then let's go for it!' he says, and jerks me hard and fast. The man groans in my ear as his thrusts intensify, then suddenly he stops and I know his dick is shooting off inside me.

My own orgasm comes, and it's a good thing I have the tree in front of me and him behind me because I might fall down from the intensity of this pleasure. Spunk shoots out of my cock, splattering onto the tree and grass in front of me.

The man behind me grabs me and holds tight and we both howl like animals as bliss courses through us. When we are spent, we just stand there, him leaning on me and I leaning against the tree. After a few minutes we catch our breath, and he pulls his cock out of me. He removes the condom and discards it.

We both pull our pants up and turn to face each other. For a second I see him in the moonlight -- stern, handsome, but now smiling at me -- then he kisses me quickly and heads into the darkness.

It is over.

I walk to my car, politely refusing the offers I get from other men on the way. I can only think of the man who fucked me tonight, he who tamed my desire, who gave me what I needed.

I'm sorry he's gone, but I know where to find him in the future. He, like myself, will definitely find each other again, somewhere in the night...prowling the park.


Christopher Pierce

[email protected]


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