I walked into the stall knowing that I may get to suck cock and get a huge protein injection within a few minutes. As I pulled down my jeans to let out my semi-hard one-eyed monster, I noticed a guy walk into the next stall. He pulled his pants down and his dick was already throbbing. I could tell this guy really needed to blow his load. He stuck his huge eleven inch pile-driver dick through the hole, so I immediately sat down, bent over and started sucking his pulsating cock. I began to deepthroat him, while nearly choking on his man meat. Before I knew it, he was shooting his hot, white man cream down my eager throat. This was the biggest load I've ever taken - he shot load after load after load into my hungry mouth. He blew so much cum inside me, some dripped out on my chin and being the total cumwhore that I am, I wiped the excess cum onto my finger and back onto his cock; I then proceeded to lick him clean. Without saying a word, he pulled his pants up and left.

I felt it was a job well done, so I began to pull up my jeans, but I stopped because I heard two new sets of footsteps at the entrance to the restroom. I was still horny and hungry for more cum, so I waited to see if they wanted me to suck them off too. Sure enough, I heard the stall to the left open, and then the one to the right. Now I was really excited! The first guy put his already seven inch semi-hard cock through the recently used glory hole to my left. The second guy put his huge ten inch rock-hard cock through the glory hole to my right. I jumped at the occasion and began to suck off both of them, alternating between men every few seconds. Shortly afterwards, the first guy had a rock-hard nine inch throbbing cock - I knew I was about to get the prize I had been craving. The second guy was about to blow his load too. I knew I wanted both guy's cum deep inside me, so I deepthroated his huge ten inch cock (after the eleven inch sausage, this was a piece of cake) and stuck the other guy's nine inch nail up my ass bareback. After about ten seconds, they both shot their cum loads into me simultaneously, pumping my body full of their warm, creamy man juice. When both men's loads were comfortably inside me and their cocks were softening and sticky, they pulled out and left. I sat down for a minute to catch my breath and taste the remains of the two guy's loads I just swallowed and to give my ass a break.

A few minutes later, I pulled up my jeans, opened the stall door and walked over to the sink to wash my hands. I noticed a guy standing nearby that was staring at the hard-on in my pants. He came over to me and said, 'Hey man, you suck cock, right? Word 'round here is that you're a pro.' Without a word, I pushed him into a stall, pulled his pants down and began to suck him off like there was no tomorrow. In about four minutes of pure ecstasy, he yelled out 'I'm about to cum! Suck it, swallow it man!' His body tensed up, I deepthroated him, and he shot his colossal protein shake down my gullet. I swallowed every drop of his delicious man candy. After he caught his breath, he told me that was the best blowjob he's ever gotten, so he wanted to return the favor.

Before I could say anything, he practically ripped the jeans off of my legs and began sucking on my rock-hard, yet very suckable eight-incher. He deepthroated my cock, sucked it like a Kentucky tornado, and about a minute into the ordeal, I blew my massive load right into his enthusiastic mouth. He swallowed every single drop like a real man should. When I was able to catch my breath, still limp from the orgasm, I thanked him and asked him if we could do it again sometime. He told me he was the janitor for the restroom and he gets to suck off about two or three guys every day. He told me it would be his pleasure to suck me off some more. I told him it would be mine too.

I began making pit stops at that truck-stop restroom daily before and after work. I was having so much fun, I eventually quit my normal job and I got a job with the janitor I was so happily blowing every day. We probably sucked off four or five guys each daily and many times, we'd get more than one load at a time. We sucked each other off every chance we could get and we always got our protein injections.




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