I am a twenty-four year old gay male, and as such have numerous friends over for erotic fun and games. That was the plan for Saturday night.

I walked into 'Pop's Liquor Store' and headed for the beer coolers. 'Pop's' had been in the neighborhood for years and everyone just called him Pop's. I don't think anyone knew his real name. Pop's was at least eighty but still very active and knew all his customers by name.

As I walked by the counter he smiled and said 'Hey Buck.'

'Hey, Pops,' I replied as I passed the front counter. I reacged the beer coolers and as I was making my selection, I heard the front door fly open and a loud voice saying, 'Give me the money, old man.'

I turned to see what was going on and as I did, I heard Pops say, 'No way punk. Get out of here.'

The thirf was insistant and jumped the counter and emptied the register of all paper money. As I began to run back toward the front, the thief jumped back over the counter noticing me. I got a good look at his face and with evil in his eyes, he turned and shot Pops.

'He should have given it up when I asked,' he snarled. Turning the pistol toward me he fired again as I dropped to the floor. Fortunately, he missed and bolted out the door.

I ran to help Pops and call the police. Pops had managed to press the silent alarm that he had installed after the last robbery and as I dialed 9-1-1, I began hearing sirens.

Pops was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and I had given the police a discription of the thief. I told them that I would stay until his son arrived to lock up.

The police began their search and just before I left a cruiser arrived with the suspect. I had to identify him.

'That's him,' I said. 'No doubt about it.'

He beganscreaming at me saying 'I know where you live fag. My guys will take you out and you'll never testify against me. You're a dead man.'

The sergeant in charge told me that the suspect was the leader of the roughest gang in the area and that they had been shooting by their members just for the joy of it.

'Son, I think you need to be in protective custody.'

'No, I'll be alright. I can take care of myself.'

'From looking at your build, I'm sure you can, but you never know when a bullet will come flying in your direction.'

'When will it start and how long will it last?' I asked.

'Tomorrow. As far as how long, I have no idea. I do suggest that you have everything of value in your home removed and stored. This is a vicious group. We'll be in touch with you in the morning.'

I took his advice and went home and called my two best friends. They came over and stayed with me and the first thing the next morning we moved out my belongings and put them in storage. I had two suitcases packed and called my boss and explained the situation.

'Buck, don't worry about a thing. We have a special fund for situations like this and you'll continue to draw your salary until it's all over.'

I thanked him and waited for the police to arrive. Soon the sergeant came in with another officer that he introduced as Sergeant Don Chambers of the SWAT team. 'He'll take you to a safe house that we have and stay with you twenty-four hours a day.' I shook his hand and he said, 'Please call me Don.'

'Okay, and I'm Buck.'

We loadedup my things and left my small cozy home. After driving in circles all over town for nearly an hour, we pulled into the drive of a neat brick house set on about ten acres of ground. Don pulled around to the back, pressed a button, and I watched as a section of ground began to rise up revealing a hidden underground parking area.

'Holy shit!' I exclaimed.

'Buck, this place is a fortress. The walls are reinforced concrete, the windows are bullet proof, and there is a two month supply of food. It looks normal from the outside but believe me it's not. It was specially built for this purpose.'

We unloaded our bags and went inside and settled in. Don had the room next to mine. After we unpacked, he showed me around. In the basement next to the parking area was a complete gym and small pool. The upstairs was like a normal house but had several security monitors set up in one room.

He explained that they were monitoring 24/7 and that there was motion activated alarms around the complete building.

'The alarms will be going off regularly from animals outside, but we can't ignor them. every one will be checked out and noted. That happens mostly at night so the sleeping is mainly during the day.'

We settled in and over the next few days, I learned that Don was twenty-seven, two years older than me, was single, and originally from a small town in Mississippi.'

'What brought you to the big city?' I asked.

'Buck, our town was so small that if you farted as you entered it, but the time you reached the other side everyone knew it. There was no 'private lives', and I didn't like that. Once a buddy and I sneaked a couple beers out of his fridge and went to the river to drink them. Then we went skinny dipping. We were gone about an hour and a half and by the time I got home my dad knew about the beer and us skinny dipping. I never did find out how he knew.'

'Damn, I couldn't live like that,' I said.

'I couldn't either so right after high school graduation I moved here, got a job and when I could I applied to the police department.'

I noticed a police cruiser pass by and commented about it.

'It's the regular patrol. They know were here but they will not stop or check on us, just drive by and look things over. If they see anything, they will call a special number and let me know.'

I started going down to the guy almost daily and working out. I went to my regular gym three times a week and was in damn good shape or at least I thought so until Don joined me one day without a shirt on.

Man, was he built. I really looked him over for the first time. His chest was covered with a medium dusting of dark brown hair and he was more muscular that his clothes had revealed.

He had firm nice pecs, beautiful hard abs, solid large biceps, and a small trim waist from which extended muscular hairy legs.

We worked out together and I took every opportunity to look at the large bulge that was in his shorts. At one point, after checking it out, I looked up at his face and he was looking at me and smiling. I diverted my eyes and continued working out.

That evening, after we ate, Don asked if I'd care to join him in the pool. I said that I thought I'd skip it but for him to go ahead. He did and I began watching TV, but quickly became bored and decided for a swim. I changed into my trunks and went down to the pool.

I was shocked to find Don's suit on the side of the pool and him swimming nude.

'Oh, shit, sorry. I wasn't expecting you to come down.'

'Hey, no problem. Swimming nude is a hell of a lot mor free and comfortable. Mind if I join you?'

'No. Be my guest.'

I quickly stepped out of my trunks and dove in.

When I surfaced near him, he smiled and said, 'I don't guess nudity bothers you then?'

'Fuck no. I live that way at home. Strip down to nothing the minute I walk in and stay that way until I go back out. Some friends know it and I stay that way when they come over. Sometimes they even join me.'

'I like the freedom of being nude gives and do it when I get a chance.'

'Does being nude around another person bother you?' I asked.

'No, not in the least. I've visited several nudist resorts and love them.'

'Well, since we both enjoy being nude, why don't we go that way here? We're both more comfortable that way.'

'Well, I'm game if you are. It would be more comfortable. I'd just have to carry my weapon instead of having it strapped to me.'

'Then lets do it. What the fuck. But it would be wild as hell to see you naked and walking around in just your gun belt and pistol.'

We both began laughing at the mental picture.

We swam and played for a while then when time to go back upstairs, we climbed out of the pool. I got my first good look at Don's equipment.

It was damn near eight inches soft, thick and uncut. I eyed it and noticed that he was also eyeing my seven inch tool.

We went toour seperaterooms to put away our trunks and I was back out in the living room first. I was channel surfing when Don walked in. When I say him I burst out laughing. He was totally naked and had his gum belt on.

'Well, you said yoy'd like to see it so here it is.'

'Man, I have to have a picture of this moment. I'll be right back. I ran to my room and grabbed my camera. When I returned, he looked at me and said, 'Buck, you just make damn sure that picture doesn't get out.'

'I promise. It will be for my private collection.'

I snapped several poses of him laughing the entire time.

Later as we sat on the sofa and watched TV, I noticed him casually looking at my cock each time he turned to say something to me. After a few minutes, I could feel a stiring begin in my cock and it very slowly began to stiffen. I noticed that his was doing the same.

We continued watching TV but soon both had full boners.

I looked at him and said, 'It appears that we both have a problem. I doubt that either of us has had any relief in the week that we've been here.'

'You're probably right. I will admit that I've thought about taking matters in hand on several nights.'

'Hey man, so have I. Every man does it and any that say they don't are fucking liars.'

'You got that shit right,' Don replied.

'Look, we both have admitted that we do it, and both probably did it with a pal when we were kids. Let's agree that we can do it anywhere, anytime, and in frontof each other if we need to.'

'Deal,' he replied quickly.

As if we read each others minds, we both began stroking. 'Damn, after a week of no action, thi feels so fucking good,' I said.

'Yea, but what would feel better is if someone was doing it for us or sucking os off.'

'Oh fuck yea. A blow job would feel so fucking great right now.'

'Tell me about it,' Don said, 'and I wouldn't care if it was male or female.'

'You'd let a guy blow you?' I asked as we continued stroking slowly.

'Fuck yea. Just between us, I've had guys bolow me before. I love it. They're a hell of a lot better than women.'

'Ain't that the truth. And before you asked, yes, I've let many guys suck me off also. I've even stroked of some as they blew me.'

Don laughed and said, 'Yea, so have I. Since we've both stroked off other guys before, do you want to do each other?'

'Sure, why not?'

we reached over and grippedeach others cocks and began stroking, our bodies turned slightly to face each other. We looked into each others eyes and we knew. Slowly our faces drew closer to each other and soon our lips met and soon our tongues were exploring each others mouths.

We broke the kiss and looked at each other and Don finally said, 'Damn. I needed that.'

'Me too. Don, are you gay?'

'Totally. Are you?'


'Damn, we've wasted a full fucking week finding out about each other. I wondered when I heard what Diaz said to you calling you a fag.'

We kissed again and soon were on the floor in a sixty-nine. We each hungrily sucked the other, swallowing every inch of each others cocks and devouring the precious thich hot cum when it was delivered.

We talked afterward and Don said that being gay he had to leave town before anyone found out. He had managed to keep it secret in town.

Later, he looked at me and said, 'Buck, I want you to fuck me. I need it bad.'

'Gladly, but only if you fuck me in return.'

'You got it.'

Soon, my cock was buried in his ass and he was begging me to fuck harder and deeper. I oblidged and was soon illing his ass with my hot spunk. He said repeatedly how good it felt when I coated his insides with my hot load. Later he fucked me and I was in heaven, pushing back to meet him on his forward thrust.

Sex became a regular event, several times a day. We'd sit at night and watch TV and kiss and cuddle. We fucked each other, sucked each other, ate each other's ass, you name it and we did it.

For four glorious months, Don and I lived naked and had sex multiple times a day. Then the trial arrived.

Pops recovered but his son was now running the store. Pops and I both testified. Diaz was found guilty and because of the cold blooded way he acted and his previous record as a habitual criminal, he was sentenced to life without parole. I moved back into my house and settled in. Diaz's gang had been broken up and most were in jail or dead from shoot outs.

I had been back home a week and missed Don terribly. On several occasions I almost called him at the station, but was afraid that someone might either overhear or suspect something. I sat and thought and realized that I had fallen in love with Don and wondered if he ever thought about me.

As I sat and sipped a beer that saturday night, there was a knock on the door. I got up and checked to see who it was. I couldn't see the face clearly but i could see a uniform. I opened the door.

There with that beautiful smile was Don. 'May I come in?'

'Oh fuck yea. You better. Damn, I've missed you.'

'I've missed you too, Buck, and have thought about you every single day. Buck, damn it man, I fucking love you and want to be with you the rest of my life.'

'Definately,' I said as I grabbed him and we kissed passionately, the door still open.

'Don, I love you too and have missed you. I want you right now. Right here.'

We shut the door and quickly stripped and were soon on the floor making out before diving into a hot sixty-nine.

Don moved in with me that weekend as my lover. He is still with the police force and I am back at my old job in real estate.

I look back and want to thank Diaz for what happened. Had he not threatened me and had me in protective custody, I would probably have never met Don and fallen deeply in love.

Sometimes the worst works out to be the best.




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