As i sat there in my taxi i started to think about everything i have left behind, my family, my everything. I felt quite a bit bad for leaving my family but i know that my life here will be a lot better.

I had a though life i would say, many people has betrayed me and just gotten my self into shit. But i did never belong there... during all my life i have felt lost, i needed a place to call home and what my previous home just left me was agony. Simply said the only thing i wanted was a new beginning, a new life.

I loved my family with all my heart but i was so unhappy, i tried to made suicide so many times until i had enough. It was so hard to let them go but I did. I faked my own death just so i could create a new identity in a new country, a new world, with no attachments from the past.

I must thank the Russian mafia for making this possible, yet i payed an outrageous amount of money do i have to admit that it was worth it, i even got a Canadian green card. I was 19 years old and my new name is (John) Davis McMillan and ''Was'' (Not really) from Leeds in England.

The drive to my new home wasn't long and i packed my luggage light. I gazed at the surroundings around me, i used to live in a town that was 10 times smalled, not even the capitol of my country had such high buildings. The bad part was that it was so loud and crowded everywhere. From spending my money on this trip i didn't had a left, the only place i found that i could afford was a furnished 1 room apartment in Surrey (Vancouver). It still cost a lot but in comparison to the rest it was quite cheap.

As i stepped into my apartment i got slightly disappointed. It was even more shabby then on the pictures... some walls wasn't even pained or had wallpaper on and the furnitures was worn down. I felt a bit deceived but i couldn't complain.

The only things i had packed down was my laptop with all pictures, photos and stuff from the past, i had Dalecarlian horse just to remember my heritage (yet i store it well hidden), some clothes and other junk. I quickly turned on my computer and put a porn movie staring Nora Nord, i was just a sucker for Swedish porn. I got hard almost instant as she sucks some random guys dick, god i envy him...

So i started to strip down and stroking my cock, up and down, faster and faster until i shot my load on my stomach, after siting for days i couldn't help to get horny. I throw the laundry in the basket and then jumped into the shower and washed my self up fast. I felt rather lonely while showered so i decided to head downtown when i was done.

A week has gone and my money has already run low, its hard finding a job. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, I wasn't expecting anyone and i rarely knew anyone. I just opened the door and they just stared at me surprisingly, they had no idea who i was, after a while one of then said something on Russia.

''Zdravstvuĭte, eto vas, kto yavlyaet·sya Dmitriĭ ?''

I just realized that those were a part of the Russian mafia somehow but after thinking it through i just said. ''Pardon, do you speak English lads?''

''Oh so you are Davis, the young brat we sent over here. Sorry for di... never mind i just remembered that the boss actually wonders if you can do us a favor?'' did the unknown Russian guy say.

''But... i paid the ransom, he even told me in person that they expected nothing in return. I thank you a lot for the transportation and everything but i don't want anything to do with organized cri...''

''I have heard that you are a skilled knife thrower and butcher... We need someone to silent...''

''I am no... Murderer!! I'm just a chef, i just practiced that as self defense! P-p-please don't make me do a...'' did I said, stammering and nervous. I think you saw it through.

''Wait did you say you were a chef yes? My brother owns a pub not far from here... We aren't so close and i only wish to be is friend again. He has searched for a new chef assistant. Maybe you are interested? No strings attached. You don't got that much money i presume? I will contact our boss and say to him to leave you be.''

''Are you serious? So you are just giving me a job in nothing in return? what is the catch? There always is...'' Did i say suspicious.

''Hey i am a nice guy... i see that you aren't criminal material. I also this might help me get closer to my brother, you know fami... never mind. Besides you can't be all alone in the big city... you need friends right? By the way my name is Dejan Krcic, I'm actually Serbian but what the hell...'' he also reached his hand to me so we could shake hands.

I Hesitated for a bit but i shock his hand ans said ''Thank you so much, that means a lot to me, my name is Davis McMi... Well you know who I am. But are you sure? Cause i really don't want to be dragged into anything, i just want a new life here as a normal civilian.''

''Hey don't worry, mate. I promise you nothing will happen. I will keep in touch in a few days we need to do some other errands. See you later''

I was a bit chocked about what just happened but it lightened my day. I was freaked out by the fact that i will be so close to gangsters but i will at least have a job to pay the bills with. Just some days later did he call me and told me that he would accept me for a week internship with low pay but enough to pay the bills with and if i will be good enough we will love to hire you with full payment.

Just a few days later i headed for this pub, the pub wasn't that close as he told me it was in Downtown actually. The restaurant was called Ukrainian Village and was kinda picturesque, with very traditional Slavic food and decor. I had never eaten real Slavic cooking before so i was quite excited. It was rather early so there ere obviously no customers so it wasn't hard to spot the head chef. He turned and started to walk towards me with a huge smile.

''Hello Davis, my name is Nikolaj Krcic, but just call me Niko please. I am the head chef and I am the one that will boss over you hehe... Let me show you around...''

He showed me everything i needed to know, where the changing room is, where the laundry is and where to get new chef whites, first aid kit, toilet, everything... He also told me that the only way to get employed was through hard work, families, friends, contacts doesn't mater to him. After the tour he introduced me to the bartender Alexander Korzeniewski who he had planed to teach rules, biohazards, electronics, recepies and other stuff you need to know before you start worked. There were little to do for a bartender around lunch meanwhile Niko had loads to do.

I also noticed hes Polish, surprisingly there were few Ukraine or Russian staffs. Alex told me that was the previous owner and staff that decided and when Niko bought up it he didn't change it.

The first day wasn't any hard work at all, I just listened and watched how everything went on, just an introduction day. The next day he just let me do single steps and showed me the basic of Slavic cooking, Niko was really impressed of how well i was doing. He even let me try to cook the dishes the day after. The week went on and i passed the internship and was ready to work full time, he even promoted me to be a chef cause he saw my potential.

Times went on and i got along with everyone at the restaurant especially with Alex. We even hanged around outside. Dejan comes sometimes with his buds greeting everyone and just chit chating, he and Niko has gotten somewhat closer but Niko still despites him for a bit. During that pass as Dejan left the restaurant i asked Niko:

''Dejan is trying his best, why are you so defensive around him?''

''Davis... You don't know what I've been through with him. He never grows up, he thinks hes just so flashy with his gang and the mob. I do not look up to the authorities but I'm not destroying it for the rest... We should be happy that we even got into this country, don't you agree? Although he is just my half brother he acts like he has no mother... But what about you? What made you came to here? Hehe your from England''

''Well i didn't had it easy in my life... my father died in a working accident at the when i was just 5, and my mother was just a kindergarten teacher. We lived on the slums with 2 brothers. My mother never took my fathers death easy and started drinking, a lot, until she got kicked for alcohol abuse. Then we lived on welfare with most of it went to booze, eventually the authorities took us away from her and places us into separate foster families. That was the last time i saw her and my brothers again, and i heard 1 year after, that my mother did suicide just some months ago. I never liked that town i moved into and was bullied and called white trash until my High school years. My foster family was a married hyper catholic Irish couple that always tried to convert you, i hated them. At the age of 15 i emancipated and I moved into a little flat that the community payed for. I had little to live for but enough to survive. At the high school year i went into a mayor depression were i tried to commit suicide many times. I was alone, with no one to love. I couldn't take it any more so i contacted the Russian mafia, I emptied my savings account just to get away. The only thing i needed was a new start... and here i stand''. I lied a bit i must admit there. I had a rough upraising but just had to dramatize it for him.

''Quite some story you got there i must say. Dejan and I have had a rough upraising but not like that. I admire your strength tough, not everyone can stand up as straight after that.''

My mother was never dead, but my brother committed suicide although and i had 2 brothers before. My mother got kicked from the kindergarten and started drinking but she sobered up eventually. We was very poor and we lived of the streets, my brother became a great graffiti painter and respected by all meanwhile i tried to follow his footsteps and only got betrayed and deceived.

Dejan came back just a few hours later and wanted to talk to me in private, i moved them all to the locker room.

''Davis... i really need your help, i screwed up big time and i need help beating up a gang, we are many men short. I know Niko wont, but please I even got you this job.'' Did Dejan say.

''Man... I'm sorry but as i told before i don't want trouble, if i beat them i will get punches back later when you aren't around''

''I even got you this job! Just this favor!?''

''So this is the catch?''

''This is not a fucking catch! I tough we ere close yet you wont give anything back?''

''I told you and i begged of you not to drag me into anything that was our deal. I thank you a lot for the job but if that was the catch I can resign tomorrow. I had enough with street life''

''So thats how it is!? Not even for being my friend, or ARE you even my friend... After all I've done!?!?''

''I never asked for a bodyguard, we are friends... I'm just not your gang member''


Before i could say anything i got thrown into the floor by his buddies. They both tie my me up, my hands, my feet, they even taped my mouth also with duct tape. As I laid there totally defenseless they started to undress me, riped my clothes from my body so that they break. This was planed for sure, they only tested me if i were true worthy. I couldn't see anything but the wall but i suddenly hear Dejan whisper... ''Forget our friendship, this deal has been broken, time to take your punishment... Bitch!''

Without any stretching or any kind of lube Dejan just popped his thick long cock up inside my ass. It felt like if he was tearing me apart from the inside, It burned like the hells flame, the pain... was just so unbareable. I shouted out of pain but for no good, no one could hear me, only tears ran down my face. He pushed his dick with every muscle in his body, just pumping me so hard. Every second feel like an eternity, i felt the pain in my whole body. I tried to turn my head around just to look what they did but I got an instant donkey punch right around my eyes. Fuck girls whining about getting raped, at least it feels good for them to get a cock in they're vagina.

I tried to cry out ''Please stop'' but with this duct tape on my mouth not even a silent sound got out. Hes buddies also started to kick at my side, arms and legs also. I had no idea how long it took but it felt it went on for hours, eventually he erupted his cock in my ass. I didn't notice it actually I just suffered. I could literally feel my ass bleed. When he was done he spited me in the face and walked away, leaving me behind tried up on the floor..........

End of part 1.... TO BE CONTINUED!



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