I squirmed against the black leather upholstery of the backseat of Master's truck; my arms and legs bound uncomfortably. It was hard to get settled and my cock kept brushing against the seatbelt latch. It hadn't even started and I already regretted my choice. I didn't want to go to jail, but was this really better?

'Settle down back there,' Master barked and my collar gave me a little shock. My body tensed up as the shock made its way down my naked body; to my feet and then back up.

It had only been three hours since I stood before the judge in Dallas.

'Bryce Daniels,' the judge had said as the bailiff pushed me in front of him. 'This is your final decision. To review, you have cost the state of Texas $95,412.23. You were convicted of stealing a car, under the influence of alcohol. You drove the stolen car approximately three miles hitting two mailboxes, three cars, a payphone, and finally a protected Oak tree.'

'Yes sir,' I nodded when the judge paused and looked up from his paper.

'And you understand that, as this is your second conviction, you are sentenced to no less than twelve years of state prison or seven years of indentured slavery to pay off your debt? You chose the slavery option last month. Do you still wish to proceed with this option?'

'Yes sir,' I looked down at my bare feet; my ankles cuffed together, my toes squirmed against the cold cement.

'You were put up for auction as you completed the month-long slavery induction camp. Being a healthy, attractive 18 year old, it is not surprising that you fetched much more than your state debt at the virtual auction. Your buyer is here in the courtroom and ready to assume ownership. Your training was customized to his preferences.'

A tall man in his mid-30's stepped forward. He had a dark purple polo shirt that hugged a strong chest. It was tucked neatly into a pair of dark gray slacks and black leather belt. He looked at me with solemn grey eyes; a slight smile posed his soft pink lips. Per my training I quickly lowered my head.

'Mr. Landry won the auction, paying $142,000. All money over what was owed to the state has been placed into a trust that you will receive upon completion of your sentence. Should you fail to successfully complete your sentence with Mr. Landry, you will be remanded to the state prison farm in Abilene where you will carry out a full 12-year sentence and forfeit any holdings to the state. Do you understand this arrangement?' The judge peered at me.

'Yes sir,' I kept my eyes down.

'You also understand that you are now property of Mr. Landry for the duration of your sentence and you are to follow any order given to you?'

'Yes sir.'

'You are now his property to do with as he chooses?'

'Yes sir.'

'You agree to comply with his every command and to do so without protestation?'

'Yes sir.'

'You also understand that if he is not completely satisfied with you, you are to be returned to the state of Texas and complete your full prison sentence and forfeit any and all financial holdings set aside for you?'

'Yes sir.'

'Then by the power vested in my by the State of Texas,' the judge waived his hand and the bailiff clamped a thin plastic ring around my neck, 'You hereby begin your sentence of seven years as property of Aaron Landry of Lake McCann, Texas. The collar around your neck is not to be removed until successful completion of your sentence. Let it serve to remind you whom you belong to. Should you forget, Mr. Landry has the remote electric device that will deliver a quick reminder.'

I felt a quick jolt rush through me and cried out, trying to raise my cuffed hands up to my neck.

I looked over at the smiling man as he gave me a wink. I felt my eyes burning, but I quickly lowered them to my feet.

'You also understand that you are to have no contact with family and friends for the next seven years unless your master allows you this. A letter has been sent to all family and friends advising them of your crime and your sentence.'

'Yes sir.'

'On a side note, Bryce, you are aware that your father stood here before me 8 years ago. He was 27 and had a much longer record than you have.' The judge took off his glasses and folded his hands in front of him. 'You may look at me for this.' I raised my eyes and met his. In his late 50's, his grey eyebrows furrowed as he peered down at me.

'It was the year Texans voted to create the prison slave commission. Your father was one of the first men to apply for this sentence. You haven't heard from him since, have you?'

'No sir,' I felt tears building behind my eyes, but I wasn't about to break my resolved glare.

'He received a seven year sentence, just as you have. Like you, he brought a lot in at auction and was purchased by a man from Austin. He recently completed his sentence, but chose to remain with his master. I contacted his master when you made your choice last month. He was interested in acquiring you, but it's against state policy to place slaves with family. He did, however relate how well your father did. He's turned into a man of structure and discipline. He works outside the home now and produces income for his master. He asked me to tell you that your father hopes you follow his path and get your life together. He hopes you make him proud, Bryce.'

I felt my heart racing, my chest heave. I couldn't stop the tears that rolled down my cheek. I'd spent the last 8 years not sure what happened to him, not understanding the choice he'd made. He stood here; he made this choice. It was too much to think about. I felt my knees weaken and the bailiff moved in to support me.

'You should be finished with the processing within the hour,' The judge put his glasses back on and shuffled the papers in front of him, choking back emotion. 'You would do well to learn that the man who stands before you,' he nodded to Mr. Landry, 'May at times seem cold and punishing, but he is an experienced master and has received certification as a state licensed master. Remember, Bryce, he is your only focus for the next seven years. He will shape you into the kind of man who is fit to return to free citizenry. He will make a good Texan out of you. Do you understand?'

I nodded, sniffling back the tears, 'Yes Yes sir.'

The judge dismissed us and the bailiff pushed me towards the door to the right. I brought my cuffed hands down in front of me, trying to cover my dick from the cold room. Mr. Landry's footsteps followed behind us as we were led into a small room where a man in his early 20's sat behind a desk.

He pulled a file from a drawer and opened it. 'Bryce Daniels?' I nodded.

'This is your final paperwork, you sign here.' He pointed and pushed a pen towards me. I signed in the three places he had highlighted in yellow.

'Mr. Landry, please sign here saying that you are taking possession of one 18 yr. old Bryce Daniels, a 5 foot 8 inch, 130 lb., blonde-haired, green-eyed male.' The clerk said, reading from a chart. Mr. Landry pushed beside me and signed in the spots highlighted in green.

The clerk handed him a large brown envelope, 'Here are his medical charts, drivers' license, which has been revoked, slave ID card, birth certificate and personal files.' Mr. Landry took the envelope and put his hand in the small of my back. He pushed me towards the next door.

In that room, two guards removed my cuffs and held an orange jumpsuit for me to step into. With that, they opened another door and led us down a long hallway to a grey exit door. At the door they handed me over to Mr. Landry who pushed me through the doorway and out into the bright Texas sun. My feet touched the hot blacktop of the parking lot and I jumped, hopping from one foot to the other.

'All right, calm down, my truck's right there,' Mr. Landry laughed and pointed at a brand new black Dodge double cab. He stood there waiting for me to move and then rolled his eyes when I just kept hopping. My feet were turning red and I could feel the burn of the midday sun.

'Oh for fuck's sake,' Mr. Landry shook his head and picked me up easily. He effortlessly threw me over his shoulder and walked towards the truck.

'Looks like I bought a whiny little bottom,' He laughed. I felt my face turn red as what he'd said sunk in.

'Wait, They didn't tell me I'd be serving a fag!' I yelled into his back. Mr. Landry reacted instantly and dropped me down on my ass against the scorching blacktop. He reached down and picked me up by the collar of the jumpsuit and pushed me against the door of the truck.

'What I AM is your MASTER and what YOU are is whatever I tell you to be,' he pushed his nose into my ear, his face full of rage. 'Maybe you WEREN'T a fag, but you sure are one now. You got that?'

'Yes,' I mumbled, shaking with fear.

'Yes WHAT?' he barked, pushing into me, his elbow poking my ribs painfully.

'Yes sir,' I mumbled again.

'No no no, none of this sir shit. You don't just respect me, you are owned by me, which makes me what?'

'Master,' I mumbled, the words catching my throat, turning over disgustedly.

'LOUDER Fucktoy!'

'YES MASTER,' I yelled as his elbow dug into my stomach.

Master held me against the truck door and fished keys out of his pocket. He pushed a button and the truck beeped. He opened the back door and threw me in. I landed against the soft leather seats and scrambled to the other side to escape him. I pulled my knees up into my chest, sure of the look of fear splashed across my face.

'I put on the child locks, so don't bother with the doors. If you can't sit quietly for the ten-minute ride to the slave wash, I'll tie you down. Now put on your seatbelt fucktoy.'

He closed the door and I quickly sat up, putting the seatbelt across my chest. I kept my eyes down at my lap as he climbed into the driver's seat and turned the truck on. I kept still and quiet as he made his way through downtown Dallas, pulling up in front of a small blue building with carports and waiting wash attendants. He rolled down his window and asked for the 'Gay Slave Ribbon Service.'

My door was opened by a tall, Latino man. He reached across me to unbuckle my seat belt. He pulled me out by the arm and handed me to another Latino man who took me by the shoulders. The first man grabbed my legs and they carried me inside, telling Master he could make himself at home in the lounge and have some coffee. Master parked the car and followed us into the building.

I was set down on a table covered in cheap blue plastic. Latino 1 unzipped my jumpsuit and Latino 2 pulled it off of me. They said nothing as they worked, soft rock playing over the speakers. I turned and watched Master pour coffee and then settle into a large leather chair with a magazine.

Latino 1 pushed me off the table and onto my feet. He grabbed me by the neck and steered me towards a tiled corner of the room where showerheads and water hoses implied it's designated purpose. Latino 2 turned on a cold stream and shoved me under it. I shrieked and jumped, but Latino 1 kept his hand around my neck, tightening his grip.

'Settle!' he said in broken English, a command he'd probably used many times. He held me in place and then pushed forward on my neck, bending me forward. Latino 2 moved in front of me and turned the water on one of the hoses. It had a very thin round nozzle but sprayed with force.

I wasn't sure of it's purpose, but I soon found out as he moved behind me. He sprayed down my ass and used a rough hand to grab at my cheeks, kneading them roughly. He reached towards a cart and grabbed a bottle, shook it and then poured a thick liquid over my back and between the cheeks of my ass. I squirmed and began to beg for him to stop.

'Settle, settle,' Latino 1 whispered to me. He held my neck firmly with one hand, pushing my head under the cold stream. With the other hand he rubbed the soap around my back.

I turned my head and caught sight of Master sipping his coffee, his legs crossed, reading some article. He paid me no attention and didn't even look when I screamed for the men to stop.

Latino 2 had two fingers inside me, soaping up my hole. It felt like he was ripping me apart. He rubbed soap around my hole and then sprayed it with the nozzle. I wiggled my ass, trying to get away from him, trying to clamp my hole shut on his fingers. I'd never had anything in there. It was not a pleasant feeling.

I stopped begging when he pushed the nozzle inside me. I felt rage building in my stomach, feeling invaded, violated.

'Get your fingers out of me you sick faggot!' I yelled. I heard Master get to his feet and set down his coffee. He calmly walked over towards me, but his face was turning red.

I scrambled to escape Latino 1's grip on my neck. More than the man invading my ass, I feared Master's reaction and instantly regretted my choice of words.

Master waved the men off of me and Latino 1 released my neck and moved to turn off the shower. I rubbed at my sore neck, and looked up at Master with fear. He moved towards me, stepping around the puddle and grabbed my arm. Master pulled me towards him and lifted me up by the back of my neck.

Master pushed me against the cold, wet tile and secured me with his arm against my chest, pressing me against the slick wall. He stared into me with vengeful eyes, but began to speak in a calm and controlled tone.

'If you wish to reconsider your choice, I will keep you in a two foot cell for the next year and then send you back to the court to serve your full sentence at the prison farm.' He cocked his head to the side as though waiting a reply.

'Now, do you wish to continue in my service and training or would you like to be secured and taken to your cell?'

'I' I began to sniffle and considered his choices. 'I wish to serve you, Master.' I lowered my eyes.

'Then you will calmly submit to being cleaned or it will be the last shower you receive for the year and I'll drop you off at the nearest and cheapest kennel.'

'Yes Master,' I sniffed back a few tears.

'Now what do you say?' he asked, still pushing me into the wall.

'I'm sorry Master, I will be silent.' I said meekly. Master relaxed his arm and I slid down to my feet. Master hooked a finger under my chin and raised my eyes to his. It felt uncomfortable as he stared into me, his gaze softened.

'Good,' he smiled at me, 'You're the prettiest young slave I've had in years. Once you're properly trained, I think you'll find me a most,' he traced his finger down the middle of my chest, 'enjoyable Master to serve. Many would have bought you and put you out to work the fields or out on a street corner to turn that ass into an asset. You'll realize how fortunate you are. Either way, you are mine to do with as I choose.'

A chill settled over me as I stood under his gaze, naked and dripping. Master went back to his chair and picked up his magazine, taking out the receipt he'd used as a bookmark. Latino 1 grabbed my neck again and turned on the cold water. Latino 2 went back to poking around inside me. I relaxed and allowed him to do his work. It hurt like hell but I knew better than to fight.

When he'd satisfied himself with my hole, he soaped up my cock and balls, pulling at them, pulling back the skin of my cock and rubbing soap around the tip.

I was rinsed and then led over to a table of rough white towels. Satisfied that I was no longer fighting them, Latino 1 let go of my neck. The two men grabbed towels and ran them roughly over my body. Latino 2 seemed to enjoy squeezing my nuts with the towel. I yelped, causing Master to look over. I hung my head and submitted as he forced them into his tight grip. He pulled them away from my body and gave them a twist, then rubbed the towel up and under them.

Latino 2 pulled me towards a small padded stool and forced me to kneel on it. I faced Master, he ignored me and pulled gum from his pocket.

'Hair sir?' Latino 1 asked.

'All of it,' Master waived dismissively without looking up from his magazine. Latino 1 pulled me up and back towards the tiled corner. He and Latino 2 rubbed a warm gel over my pubes, over my arms and legs, into my armpits. He even rubbed it around my hole. I didn't have any hair there. I felt the gel grow warmer as they rubbed it into me. It tingled and burned. My well-opened hole twitched at the heat.

'Ahhh!' I squirmed, trying to rub the gel off of me. Latino 1 grabbed my arms and told me to stay still; it wasn't hurting me. Latino 2 grabbed a pair of clippers and flipped the switch. He pulled my hair up and began to shave it off. I watched as my blonde hair flew up into the air and came to rest on my chest and shoulders.

I felt the cold breeze of the room rush over my now bare scalp as Latino 2 turned the clippers off. Latino 1 grabbed my neck again and pushed me back towards the cold faucet. They rinsed me from head to toe and I watched as the last traces of my manhood swirled down the drain. I'd never shaved my pubes and certainly not my pits and arms or legs. I felt more naked than ever. They took me back towards the towels and repeated their rough drying routine. My nuts ached by the time Latino 2 was finished with them. He'd pulled them hard away from my body, stretching them.

Next Latino 1 pushed me, by the neck, towards the table they had first put me on. He forced me up onto the table and into the doggie position. Latino 2 wheeled over a cart with jars and towels. He took a red rubber stopper from a jar and took it out of the sealed cellophane. He unscrewed the lid from a second jar and dipped the stopper into a clear gel.

He went behind me and pushed it against my hole. I started to protest, but the gel began to cool the burning I'd felt. I relaxed and opened up to it. He pushed it all the way in until the large end of it stopped against my ass. It cooled the burning in me and I sighed, feeling instantly relaxed. I wiggled my ass a little, it kept my cheeks spread, but it didn't feel too bad.

Latino 1 pulled what looked like an oversized pacifier from a jar and unwrapped it. It had a two-inch long knob on it with a hole in the middle of it. He dipped it into another jar and came towards my mouth with it as it dripped red liquid. I started to back away from it, but he grabbed the back of my neck and forced the knob inside my mouth. The taste of watermelon candy dripped off the hard plastic knob that forced my tongue under it. I closed my lips around the knob and the red plastic ring stuck out.

Latino 2 brought a red ribbon over and looped it through the plastic ring. He brought the ends behind my head and tied a bow behind my ears keeping the pacifier securely in my mouth. The rubber stopper seemed secure on its own in my ass. I wasn't sure how we'd get it out.

Latino 1 pulled me off the table and set me on my feet. He went to the wall and pulled down a few lengths of rope. He pushed my legs together and bound my ankles. Latino 2 pulled my arms behind me and roped my wrists together. I stood there as they took hand towels and went over my body cleaning up any liquid.

Latino 1 went behind the cash register and Master walked up. Latino 2 took a sheet of stickers that read 'Serviced with pride by Cedar Springs Slavewash.' He took one off and patted it against my chest. He pressed it for a few seconds and then carefully removed it. My eyes widened, it was a temporary tattoo!!

Master handed Latino 1 a fifty and told him to keep the change for a tip. The two men moved towards me and carried me out to the back of Master's truck.

Master told them 'Face down' and they laid me against the seat with my face and cock pressed into it. Master thanked them and then pulled out of the slavewash.

We sped out of Dallas and up towards Lake McCann. Strangely, the vibrations of the highway made me sleepy. I was uncomfortable but exhausted. I closed my eyes until we hit the gravel road that led to Master's house. When I opened my eyes again, the truck was dark. I turned my head to the side and looked at the back of his seat. It reflected a little of the moonlight. I sighed around the pacifier in my mouth.

'Wake up, almost home,' Master said and gave my collar another little shock. I tensed up, my legs aching from the bound position. The truck pulled to a stop and Master clicked something that sounded like my slave remote. I braced myself for the shock, but then heard gates scraping against gravel and relaxed. Master chuckled at my reaction and then gave me a light shock.

'MMMM' I protested.

'Sorry, it's just so darn fun!' he laughed. The truck lurched forward and I heard the gates begin to close behind us. A few more minutes bumping down a rough gravel road and then the truck lurched onto pavement. We came to a stop again and Master made another click sound from the front seat. I heard a garage door roll up and then we pulled forward again and then stopped. I heard the garage door close over us and Master turn off the truck. A profound darkness settled in around us until Master opened his door.

He opened the passenger side door and put his hands on my back. He grabbed me from my smooth armpits and lifted me out of the truck, threw me over his shoulder like a bag of feed and shut the truck door.

He carried me through a door and I heard dogs barking, a cold nose lifted up to sniff at my face.

'It's ok boys, daddy's home,' he said sweetly to the two yellow labs. One of them licked at my face. I squirmed to get away from him.

'Let them sniff you, they outrank you in this house,' Master ordered and gave a quick shock to my collar. I hung limp against him and the dogs licked at my forehead.

Master carried me through a large kitchen and flipped on lights. He carried me through a cavernous living room and I caught sight of three large couches of heavy brown leather centered around an enormous stone fireplace that towered 30 feet up between large windows that covered the rest of the wall. It was too dark outside to see anything, but the lights of the living room lent a mirrored effect and I saw myself dangling over Master's shoulder.

He carried me through the living room and down a hallway into a large bedroom. Master's bed was a king sized four poster capped by two large brown side tables.

My eyes widened as he went to set his phone, wallet and keys down on a dresser. He'd turned around and I caught sight of a steel framed cell in the corner of the room. It was only two feet by two feet and had a padded bottom. There was a blue banner across the top of it. I had to turn my head to read it. It said 'Welcome Home Bryce!' in gold lettering. I began to squirm on Master's shoulder.

'Ok ok, stop whining, we're home,' he said and laid me down on top of the bed. I looked up at him with wide, fearful eyes as he smiled down at me. I struggled futilely against the rope binding my wrists. All it accomplished was stirring my sore, stiff arms. I quickly held still as they ached.

Master ignored my squirming as he moved over to one of the side tables. He came back with a two inch wide black rubber ring. He reached down with his free hand and grabbed at the base of my cock and balls, sliding his fingers in an O around them and pulling them away from my body.

'AHHHH' I squirmed and yelled around my pacifier gag. Master slid the black ring down my soft cock and then forcefully pulled my nuts through the ring one by one. The last one hurt the worst. It sent a pain through my midsection that caused me to curl into the fetal position and scream against the pacifier gag.

Master returned to the drawer and pulled out a black leather collar. I was rocking in the fetal position when he came back to me. He shook his head in disappointment and pulled the slave remote from atop the dresser. He delivered a painful shock to my neck and I straightened out again.

Master slid the collar around my neck and secured the buckle behind me. He smiled down at me approvingly, 'Very hot,' he said, shaking his head. He reached down and tweaked my left nipple.

'Ok, nod if you're hungry, I'm feeling like a sandwich.' Master said. I thought about it and nodded my head. I hadn't eaten since the prison breakfast, oatmeal and juice. My stomach felt sick at that thought. Prison seemed like a distant memory, had it only been a few hours?

'All right, I'm going to untie your legs, if you move more than two feet away from me, I'll shock the shit out of you and then you won't get any dinner. Nod if you're ready to walk on your own.' He ordered. I nodded.

'Good,' he said, and began untying my legs. I wiggled my feet and he helped me to stand up. Master took one step away from me and I instantly fell back onto the bed. My legs ached as the blood began to rush back into them.

Master shook his head in disappointment, 'You're my fourth purchase and I've never had such a fucking baby,' he stared down at me. He put his hand on my arm and lifted me up to my feet and then helped me walk back towards the kitchen. My feet touched the cold stone flooring as we made our way through the living room and then onto the cold tile of the kitchen.

'On your knees,' he snapped and pushed me down to my knees beside the kitchen island.

Master moved to a cabinet and took out a bag of slave chow (protein vitamin crackers) but then shook his head and put it back. 'I think we'll do soup for tonight,' he said and took a glass from a cabinet. He opened a can of tomato soup and poured it in, then put it in the microwave.

Master went to get bread and then meat and cheese from the fridge. He made himself a big sandwich with a few slices of lettuce and fresh tomato.

He set it on a plate and then put everything away. I waited, hoping he'd take out my pacifier gag and give me a bite. Instead, he took the glass of soup from the microwave and set it on the floor in front of me. He took a straw from a drawer and put it in the soup. 'Enjoy,' he smiled and then rubbed a hand over my head.

I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do. My mouth was full of pacifier gag. Master sat to eat his sandwich and I stayed awkwardly on my knees.

'Oh, I almost forgot.' Master got up and then squatted down in front of me. He untied the ribbon and unlooped it from the pacifier ring. He held the plastic knob in my mouth and unscrewed the pacifier ring. He pushed my head down towards the straw and pushed it into the opening where the ring had screwed in.

'Suck at it,' he said, and rubbed the back of my head gently. I sucked at the opening in the middle of the knob and soon soup flowed through it. 'Good boy,' Master said and patted the top of my head and then went back to his sandwich. I cleaned my glass, making a few slurping noises as got the last few drops of soup.

I stayed there, bent over, the straw still pushed into my pacifier until Master finished his sandwich. Master brought a glass of water and a clean straw and replaced the soup straw in front of me.

'Drink it all, you're probably a little dehydrated,' Master said, 'It will also clean out your gag unless you want to taste soup all night.'

I sucked up the water as Master loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. I hadn't realized how thirsty I was, how dry my mouth felt around the pacifier gag. I finished the glass quickly and looked up at Master, drying his hands on a towel.

'No more, don't want you wetting your cage,' he smiled and leaned to pat me on the head. Master squatted in front of me and took the straw out of the opening. He put his lips to it and blew into me, a sweet, minty breath. 'I think we got it cleaned out.' He took the ring from the counter and screwed it back into the pacifier gag; then took the ribbon and threaded it through the ring, around my head, and secured it in the back with another big bow.

He hooked his finger through a ring in the back of my collar and lifted me to my feet. He opened a drawer in the kitchen island and secured it to the ring, then twisted my collar so the leash was at my chest. He pulled me behind him, leading me through the living room and through a large set of glass doors.

He led me through them and out to a large wooden deck. A cold night wind caressed my body, hardening my nipples and sending a shiver through me. My wrists were still bound behind me. I couldn't cover my chest.

The deck hung over a bluff that traced a large, wooded lake. To our right and left were thick pine forests that gently rolled up the hill. Across the lake I saw a few more houses, a few lights in the distance.

'This,' Master began, 'Is mine. From the water tower,' he pointed to the right, a tall blue water tower in the distance, 'to the ridge.' Master pointed to the left. In the distance was a rock formation breaking through the wooded hills.

'You will be naked while on property unless I give you something to wear.' He turned to me and looked appraisingly at me. 'We waked up every morning at 7 and have at least one hour of exercise. It may be a run several times around the property, I have a trail of two miles, or in the gym on the lower floor. Sometimes I'll have a game for you to play against my other slave.'

Master saw my look of confusion at that statement and continued, 'My other slave is on loan for the week. I wanted to focus on you. Don't think you're special, I just want to get you to a good start and having others will detract from your focus on Master as your sole provider of life. Understand?'

I nodded.

'Now, you will sleep in your cage until you earn the right to slaves' quarters. My other slave sleeps in there right now. He's been training with me for four years now. I'm sure he'll be happy to have someone to share his twin mattress. Beware, he likes to snuggle.'

I raised my eyebrows and widened my eyes. 'I know, I know, you're not a fag,' he said mockingly. 'You'll beg for the warmth though. I keep the house at 65 at night and slaves aren't worthy of clothing or blankets. You'll beg to be held. Trust me.'

I shook my head no way. I wasn't going to have some naked queer touching me all night.

'No? Ok then, you'll stay in the cage until you decide you're ready for that.' Master laughed cruelly. 'It's a shame though, a beautiful body like that,' he traced a finger down my chest. I squirmed to get away but he caught my leash and pulled me into him.

Master hugged me to his chest and slipped his hands gently down my back. I actually welcomed his warmth as my body began to shiver. He let a hand rest on my ass and then pushed hard against the plug, causing me to squirm and protest. It jabbed into me harshly. I had almost forgotten its presence. I was ashamed at how quickly my body had gotten used to the intrusion.

'All right, we have a little time for TV before bed, since you don't want to play.' Master pulled on my leash and led me back into the house. He led me over to the stone fireplace and pointed at it.

'Kneel,' he snapped and pulled on my leash. I got on my knees, the stone dug into my legs. I rested back on my heels. Master went to one of the oversized brown leather chairs and laid back in it, fishing for a remote. The TV was over the fireplace, a few feet above my head. I had nowhere to look but out at the living room as Master flipped TV channels.

I shifted my weight from one knee to the other and instantly regretted it. The stone dug into me, grating against my knees. I whimpered into the gag, trying to get his attention with my eyes. But Master was watching a show above me. I caught a slight reflection of it in the mirror.

'Tonight on Texas Slave watch, we'll review today's prison slaves and how Texas is cracking down on the state's crime problem! First up, a drunken teen gone wild is brought to justice.'

I craned my neck to see the show from the mirror.

'At a young 17 years, Dallas teen Bryce Daniels went on a drunken rampage through Oak Cliff!'

I squirmed, trying to plead with Master to be able to see myself.

'Quit moving around, I'm recording it, you'll get the DVD when you're released in 7 years, have patience fucktoy!' Master barked. I settled back on my knees and watched from the reflection in the mirror.

'WOOOOOHOOOOO,' blared the TV. They were doing a reenactment! A chunky kid (I'm NOT CHUNKY!) was wooping from behind a steering wheel. 'Gonna smash me some cars!!' the kid yelled excitedly in a thick, trailer trash accent. That was NOT at ALL how it happened!

'This young terror tot went on a 3 mile rampage through South Dallas with little regard for property or life.' The show continued.

'I was asleep when I hears him crashing down the street,' said an elderly woman, 'I yelled, 'Jesus don't take me yet!'' The woman continued, 'He smashed my car,' she was crying, 'I needed that to get to my volunteer job at the medical center.'

I felt guilt slide through me, and lowered my head.

The story got worse from there. I never realized how many lives I affected. I just wanted to go for a ride. They even had an environmentalist from 'Oaks for Dallas' who said they should fry me for taking out a historic tree. I couldn't look up. I started to fight back tears when one woman said I'd wrecked her car and she'd lost her job and couldn't buy food for her kids.

Master finally got out of his chair and came over towards me. He squatted in front of me and lifted my chin, 'You see why this is so serious? Why you need to be trained? You're a danger, you could have killed yourself or someone else.'

I nodded, tears rolling down my cheek.

'But that's why you're here, Bryce,' I shivered when he said my name. I'd known him less than a day, but he already affected my body, had power over it. 'You're going to learn to be Master's good boy. You want that?'

I nodded. It was honest, raw, important.

'And you'll learn to be a darn good bottom,' Master laughed and reached behind me to smack the plug in my ass causing me to lurch forward into him.

'Aww, you want a hug!' He slid his arms around me, nesting my face into his shoulder.

Master went back to his chair to finish his program, leaving me on my knees. I hadn't caught the end of the story about me. They went on to a bank robber from Texarkana who was now working at a corporate slave farm. I could have ended up there, but usually that was for out of shape or less attractive slaves.

My eyelids felt heavy as the program drew to a close. The announcer pointed into the camera and ended with, 'That's Justice! Texas style!' making his finger into a gun shape. He fired and then it went straight into the ten o'clock news.

Master walked over to me and surprised me by yanking up on my leash. I scrambled to my feet, looking down at the red scratches in my knees. Master saw them and commented, 'You really need to toughen up boy.'

He led me into his bedroom and had me kneel next to his bed as he started slipping out of his clothes. I watched the shirt pull over his head, he tossed it into a basket in the corner, then went for his belt buckle.

His chest was an impressive pile of muscles. It angered me how easily he had lifted me before, he must have benched at least 200. My 5'8' 130lb. frame must have been nothing for him. His belt opened and then he unzipped his slacks, turning to expose his red silk boxers as his pants fell to the floor. He bent forward to pick his pants off the floor. His ass was two giant round orbs, I'm not gay or anything. But this was impressive.

He folded his pants and went to hang them up. He slipped his boxers to the floor and stepped out of them, then slid off his black socks and threw them into the basket. Master stood before me, naked, furry and muscled from toe to top. It was a 6'2' salute to masculinity. I didn't understand how he could be gay. He didn't talk gay and he certainly didn't look it.

The thing that gave him away, other than the fact that he talked about sex with me, was the look in his eyes as he scanned me. I knew that look, I'd seen it from guys offering me money for a blowjob; sick fucks. I'd had a dude stop his car while I waited for a bus and offer me a twenty just to let him give me a ride. I threw my soda into his passenger side seat. He cussed and drove away. Yes, I knew that look.

Master had that look as he scanned me. I lowered my head, in respect and disgust. It was a strange mixture.

Master came over and squatted behind me, his dangling cock bounced against my back and I tried to squirm away from him.

'Don't worry, not going to take you on your first night. I want it to be a surprise!' he laughed. Master hooked an arm around my tummy and lifted me up off the floor. 'Shower time,' he said and carried me off to the enormous marble bathroom. There were two sink areas, a giant tub and a huge natural stone shower with a glass door.

'Tonight you shower with me, but normally you'll use the slave bathroom which has no hot water. Slaves don't get hot water. You'll learn to appreciate the times Master lets you wash with him.'

Master set me on my feet and unbound my arms. I brought them in front of me and rubbed the stiffness out of them. My wrists were bright red from the rope marks. He took off my leather collar and the leash and set them against the marble counter.

'Now, don't get any ideas or I'll shock them right out of you,' Master set the slave remote on a high shelf next to the shower, just out of my reach. He pushed me into the shower and stepped in behind me. He reached around and turned on the water. A cold stream hit me and I jumped and landed against his chest. He laughed and put his arms around me, the water warmed up.

Master rubbed soap all over my now hairless body. I was getting used to his touch, a little, but it still felt uncomfortable. I'd never had men touch my body so freely. Even in slave camp the trainers were careful not to touch our sensitive areas, preserving them for future masters.

Master finished cleaning me and then pushed me behind him. I stared as his strong back muscles flexed with every pass of soap and shampoo over his chiseled body. The power that radiated from him left little doubt as to who the Master was. I felt comforted by his presence; important to stand at his side.

He finished and tossed me a towel. I dried off my body and then waited as he dragged a towel across his moist chest. Master hung up our towels on silver hooks next to the shower. He pointed to the counter and snapped his fingers.

'Hands on the counter, spread those legs,' he barked. I turned and complied. Master took the rope and secured my wrists behind my back. The rope was starting to dig into my irritated skin.

'Soon you won't need these, but until I can trust you they stay on,' he said, leaning into me from behind. He put his teeth against the back of my neck and slid his hands up my chest. 'Mmm so cute,' he smiled at me in the mirror.

'MMMMM' I protested against my pacifier gag. My eyes showed their displeasure at his touch as he lowered a hand down to my cock and pulled at the rubber ring he'd placed there. He lifted it and it pulled my cock and balls away from my body at a sharp angle. My protests turned into begging as I lifted myself up onto my tiptoes to relieve the pressure on my cock.

Master let go and I sank to my feet. He fastened the collar back around my neck and left the leash on the counter. Master pulled me by the ring in my collar back into the bedroom. He led me over to the cage and opened it, pulling me down to my knees. He pulled on the ring and I crawled into the cage.

It was too small for me to stretch out or even lay down. I laid my back against the cold steel bars and drew my knees into my chest. Master left the room for a few minutes and I heard the air conditioning turn on. A cold breeze blew down from a nearby vent. Master came back into the room with the dogs following him.

The dogs came over to my cage and sniffed at me curiously. One licked at my back. I tried to get away, but they poked their noses through the bars, sniffing at me.

'Settle down boys, bedtime!' he snapped and the dogs moved away from me and jumped onto the bed. Master flipped a switch on the wall and the ceiling fan above me roared to life. I shivered and hugged my legs to me. The room quickly cooled down. Master turned off the overhead lights and moved toward the bed. The only light in the room came from his bedside lamp. He was as naked as I was, his heavy cock swinging between his legs.

His cock was twice as long and three times as thick as mine, and it was still soft. Master pulled back the comforter and slipped into bed. He turned on a large flat-screen TV that hung on the wall across from the bed. Again, I couldn't see it, but I heard him flip through TV channels as I laid back against the bars, shivering.

After an hour he turned off the TV and then looked over at me. I was watching him as the dogs kept their eyes on me, snuggling into the bed for the night. Master turned off the lamp and the room was lit by a little moonlight and the green glow of his alarm clock. I watched as his eyes closed and then heard a light snoring.

I sat there shivering, wanting to sleep, wanting to escape this frozen hell. I watched the clock turn to midnight, then 12:30. I watched the minutes pass, counting the seconds, my mind racing through the events of the day. I was cold, naked, exhausted, and nowhere near sleep.

About 1:30, I felt myself start to sneeze. My nose was running from the cold room and I had been sniffling it back in since I couldn't reach up to my nose. I also didn't have any tissue. I felt so pathetic. I choked back a few tears and tried to suppress the sneeze. That never works. I felt my head nod and the sneeze building in my nose. It let out with force and I banged my head against the bars.

It sounded like, 'MMmCHOO-Owwww!' Master awoke with a start, 'What the fuck?' He reached over and turned on the lamp. He looked over at me, naked, blue, dripping snot.

'OH for Fuck's Sake!' he crawled out of the warm bed and walked over to me. Master squatted in front of my cage, my eyes caught his heavy cock dangling between two huge and furry nuts. Master reached in and grabbed me, picked me up into his arms.

Master moved to the side of the bed and sat down, setting me in his lap. I felt his cock squish between my ass cheeks and squirmed disgustedly.

'Oh settle down, a little cock never killed anyone,' Master barked. He reached into the drawer of the bedside table and took out a tissue. He wiped my face with it and then tossed it into the trash basket. He took another tissue and held it to my nose, 'blow!' he ordered. I blew into it, clearing the built up snot from my nose. Master pinched my nose and wiped at my lip and then wiped my pacifier gag. He tossed that tissue into the trash.

'Do you wish to sleep in my bed beneath the covers?'

I nodded furiously.

'Ok but I'm going to hold you and I'll probably get hard and it might poke you in the ass. Is that going to be a problem for you?'

I shook my head no, indicating how desperate I was to get warm.

'Fine, If I take out the gag will you keep your mouth from saying horrible things?'

I nodded excitedly, 'MMMM!'

Master reached behind my head and untied the bow. He pulled the ribbon in front of me by both ends and the pacifier gag popped out. 'Work your jaw baby, it's going to be sore,' He put his hand up to my chin and gripped my jaw. He massaged it roughly. It ached.

'Now, I'll keep that gag out until morning if you can keep from being a nasty fucktoy.'

'Yes sir,' I said, hanging my head. It felt good to speak.

Master stood up, still holding me and went back to his side of the bed. He laid me down, my arms still bound behind me. Master slid in behind me and turned me onto my side. He turned off the lamp and snuggled up behind me.

As promised, Master's cock was hard and poking ominously between the cheeks of my ass. He pumped his hips a few times and his tip poked against my plug. I squirmed and started to protest, but valued the lack of gag in my mouth. Master slid his arms around me and I laid my head against his bicep.

Master kissed the top of my head and pulled the warm comforter up and over me.

'Good night my little queerslut,' he whispered.

'I'm still not gay,' I whispered defiantly.

'I know muffin, Not gay yet,' he laughed. I started to open my mouth again, but I'd already gotten away with one comment, I decided not to test my luck.

'Thank you Master,' I said instead. Master kissed the top of my head again.

'Good night fucktoy,' he said sweetly. I instantly fell asleep.



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