I was born in the year 1650 B.C. My name is Poutana and I am a male, Greek born child. I am now eighteen years old and am praised for having the ideal body that the Greek’s depicted in the sculptures and paintings. My body was hairless, my face cute and handsome, my hair a light blonde and ideal cut. I had slight muscle definition and my hips narrowed just to bulge out again to form my perfectly round bubble ass. I was ideal, even for my adopted father. And apparently for the Gods as well. I was the perfect twink.

I had been carrying the family jug to retrieve some water from the town drinking fountain when my toga slipped and slid down my lithe body. My cheeks burned a crimson red. No one was really paying attention or even noticing, but I felt beyond embarrassed. 

I felt a massive, rough hand rest gently on my shoulder. I turned to see a man with muscle packed onto every inch of his massive body. He was hairless save for a five o'clock shadow and my heart fluttered. He bent down and retrieved my toga for me, handing it to me after holding the jug. 

“Th-th-thank you, Sir!” I said, slightly stammering form my nerves. He had a warm smile across his face and I wanted nothing more than to touch him and rub his muscles. 

“It’s no problem helping out such a fine-bodied boy!” He said with a hearty laugh. Butterflies dive-bombed my stomach and I felt queasy. My hearing blotted and my vision grew blurry. A look of concern flashed across his face and I fell, only remembering the feeling of him catching me in his strong arms and then my world went dark.

I woke up some time later. My eyes slowly opened to reveal the same scruffy, handsome face who helped me with my toga earlier. My cock stirred freely and I realised that I was naked on his bed, curled up to his side. The massive man was spooning me. He was constantly rubbing my body saying,

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” My heart beat loudly in my ears. I didn’t want to move or talk or even do anything, I just wanted to stay in this moment forever. I moaned quietly to myself, feeling safe and secure. I felt him shift.

“Are you awake, my Poutana?” My breathing hitched and my eyes met his. “I am so deeply sorry for before. You were just so irresistible, I just had to have you. You have the perfect body. You look as though you were made by us, perfect and beautiful. I am so deeply sorry, but I accidentally showed some of my divinity and you fainted. But I had to have you with me. I needed to make love to you.”

His voice was coarse and husky with heavy lust; his diamond blue eyes gleamed like water droplets in the sun.

“Y-y-you’re a god?” I asked carefully. “Yes, my Poutana. I am a god.” My breathing began to spike and my heart pounded in my ears. A god wanted to make love to me of all people. “And you w-want t-to make l-love to me?” I asked, stuttering slightly.

“Do not be afraid, my Poutana. I will not do anything without your consent first.” My naked body shivered with excitement. I’d never had the pleasure to experience sexual desire or intercourse. “Would you like to kiss me, my Poutana?” The way he said my name made my heart skip a beat.

He quickly turned my body around so that we were facing each other properly. His lips crashed against mine and his tongue slithered into my mouth in a hot and intense make out session. The fire of desire burned bright in us and I couldn’t control myself, couldn’t hold myself back. His saliva tasted pure and sweet.

My eyes were closed, but something was blinding my eyelids. My eyes opened during the kiss to see his eyes locked onto mine, his irises glowing gold. I was paralyzed as he transformed. Muscles bulged and grew, hair sprouted down his chest, on his forearms, and down his legs.

His eyes still glowed golden and his body seemed lighter, but at the same time stronger. His skin smoothed out and it felt like silk to the touch. His tongue became like sweet honey and I moaned aloud. I knew who he was; the god of just about everything masculine: Apollo.

I broke the kiss. “You’re Apollo!” I exclaimed. A smile split his achingly beautiful face. “So you recognize me.” He said happily. “I do… but how am I seeing a god without passing out like before?” I asked. He seemed hesitant to answer. “Well… you kind of didn’t know… but you swore an oath to me in your unconsciousness that you would be the property of the gods, essentially making you immortal but still human.” I blanched.

“So am I a god now?” He laughed a hearty laugh. “No no, far from it. You became immortal but you’re still a human. You know owe your body to the gods. You have become our property.” My heart was practically leaping for joy. The only thing I’d ever wanted was to please someone sexually, and apparently all the gods approved of me.

I felt my skin physically glow a golden hue and a look of lust washed over Apollo’s face. “H-how are you doing that?” He asked in a hurry, his face turning red and his eyes filled with desire as they scanned my body. “Doing wha-” Is stopped talking as I looked at my own body. 

No longer was the ideal body of a mortal, but now my skin glowed golden yellow and my body had morphed into something not even a god could resist. My body was toned in all the right places, my blonde hair cropped short in the perfect way, my body lean yet muscular, my ass was a perfect sphere, and my torso narrowed at the hips and then bulged out to form my butt. I was now truly irresistible to a god.

Apollo couldn’t stop looking at my body, his face drooling slightly in his trance. I snapped my fingers and he snapped out of it. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t understand how one could be s-so irresistible.” Apollo stammered.

I felt a new muscle and I flexed it. When I did, devine pheromones were excreted from my ass, filling the room. Apollo’s eyes glazed over and his naked form pounced on top of mine. With no warning, Apollo’s crazed form speared me with his devine cock and he impaled me. I shouted out, tried to stop him, but to no prevail. 

He began to thrust in and out of me in a craze. I had thought that I was crying out from pain. I was wrong. Pleasure consumes my soul and all I wanted Apollo to do was fuck me harder. Apollo began swearing in flawless Greek as he fucked me faster, his godly powers slipping from the mask of a human Apollo wore. I was finally able to see the god for who he was.

Gone was the hair the covered his body; gone was the slight amount of fat that made him look husky with his muscles. Now he was a god. His skin glowed like the sun and his hair grew into great lochs and flew around like magic. His muscles bulged and he grew several more feet. I gripped him harder as pleasure raged through me as I felt his once human cock go rigid and grow to a whopping foot and a half long. Apollo was truly a god. 

His hairless and smooth skin shined and glowed with youth despite his real age. His face reconstructed to show the most powerful and beautiful looking man I’d ever seen. His strong jaw bone was prominent and I wanted him to kiss me with those juicy, divine lips of his.

As if he read my thoughts his soft but glorious lips crashed against mine in an epic battle for dominance. I was in no position to want dominance and so my tongue easily surrendered itself to him. His tongue snaked into my mouth and he tasted of the sweetest honey.

He began thrusting faster inside me and then he clenched, his face contorted. I felt hot seed of the Gods flow inside me and I felt empowered. The cum kept flowing and poured out around Apollo’s divine rod, still buried inside me. His glorious seed looked like molten gold and it felt like it too. Apollo looked woozy and his golden skin seemed to flicker, but he pulled himself out of the trance.

“I haven’t fucked so good since I was just a young lad.” he said in amazement. I beamed. “You have somehow harnessed something inside you that not only makes you irresistible to a God, but also indistinguishable to one. For all I know you could be a God!” He seemed happy and it made me happy. I was now the property to the Gods, and I wanted to be. I was prepared to be the fucktoy of all the Gods.



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