It was Friday night and I was feeling hornier than a house cat in heat. At about 10pm, I decided I'd take a walk down to

the beach to see if I could find some well hung stud looking to fuck some face. Or fuck ass for that matter.

After an hour of checking out all the bathrooms and places where I knew guys liked to hide in the bushes and wait for

an anonymous hot mouth or ass and not having any luck, I starting making my way home. I crossed over onto the main

street across from the beach when I saw a huge man walking toward me. He stood about 6'7' and sported a thick, but

trimmed salt and pepper beard. His head was shaved quite short, but the rest of him was covered in as much hair as a

bear. Adorned in a leather vest, studded harness and leather chaps, I knew right away this was the kind of man I was in

the mood for. As we passed each other he looked down at me with intense scrutiny. He grabbed his crotch, proudly

presenting what was obviously a very large dick.

'You looking for some meat boy?' he asked me in a commanding manner.

'Yes sir,' I stammered back.

'You ever gag on an eleven inch prick before?'

'A few times,' I replied with complete submission.

'How about one that's 9 inches around?'

My eyes must have widened right up when he said that because he chuckled quite deeply and grabbed me by the arm to

lead me across the street back over to the beach.

'I'm gonna use you up and drown you in my cum boy. And I won't take no for an answer. Understand?'

I just nodded at him as he pulled me along like a dog. I had no idea where he was taking me but I really didn't care. This

man could do whatever he wanted to me and it would suit me just fine. His hand was massive. It went right around

my 17' arm without a problem. His grip was as strong as a vice. Although he had a good hold of me, he wasn't

hurting me at all.

He looked down at me and smiled. 'I know just the thing for a little bitch-boy like you.'

We stopped in front of a door underneath some stairs and the big brute pulled out a set of keys. As he put one in the

locked door, he grinned proudly at me. 'My buddy is a maintenance worker down here and let's me use the beach

supply rooms to punish my boys. Wait until you see what I've got for you boy.'

He opened the door and ducked into the musty room. Pulling a string hanging down from the ceiling, he glared at me

as I took in the setup he had laid out. A sling had been bolted to the concrete ceiling. There was a yoak equipped with

huge padlocks and many different kinds of whipping and spanking devices hanging on the wall beside it. An old

porcelain bathtub filled up one corner, along with a toilet and a urinal. All three looked like they had been used quite a

bit but looked fairly clean. Chains and handcuffs hung from hooks embedded into the back wall, as well as hanging

from the ceiling itself. It was a perfect dungeon. It even smelled like piss and cum, mixed with the dank, damp reek

of a concrete basement.

My face must have adorned a look of sheer bliss as my new master grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to the

yoak. He opened it up and shoved my head inside, closing the yoak over my neck and locking me in. My ankles suddenly felt

felt cold from the sensation of metal around them. I was completely at his mercy. I became a little scared. What if this

guy was a complete psycho?!

The lights dimmed and took on a deep red colour. Strange music suddenly leaked from the 2 speakers in the top

corners of the room. My jeans were cut open with something and torn from my body. My underwear were shredded and

draped over my grimacing face and shoved into my mouth. I tasted my skid marks.

Out of nowhere something came down on my ass with such ferocity that I bit my lip and blood poured down my chin.

The pain only lasted a few seconds and was replaced with a deep warmth. My brutish master caressed my ass gently and

slipped a lubed-up object inside me. It felt like a finger, but it was the biggest damned finger I'd ever had in my asshole!

I began gyrating my buttocks toward the wonderful sensations and was getting very turned on. Just when I thought I

was going to cum, another whip came down on my tight cheeks. This time the pain lit up my behind in a completely

horizontal area. I even felt the warmth creep into my scrotum and balls. It felt fantastic.

Something even larger was beginning to make it's way up inside my anus now. It moved around inside me, forcing my

sphincter muscles to open up. I could feel a light breeze blowing up into me. I met each thrust with vigour and moaned


'That's right bitch-boy. We gonna train your ass good, aren't we? It's mine now and you will take whatever I give you.'

I was panting quite hard by now and gasped out, 'Oh yes, whatever you desire. I am here to please you in any way

you want.'

'You can refer to me as either Sir, Master or Master Blaster. Nothing else, do you understand?'

'Yes Master Blaster,' I moaned submissively.

A paddle came down over my crack and the sound reverberated against the walls. Every few seconds the paddle came

down again and again onto my willing buttocks. I could feel the cum dripping down my legs as the pleasure was

immeasurable. I'd never felt anything this good in my entire life. I was a slave for life to this guy and

really wondered what I'd ever done before without him.

Hanging out of the yoak like a wet noodle, I was released temporarily only to be led over to the bathtub and chained

in. My hands were manacled into the bottom of the tub and my legs bound with rope. I could hear the sound of a

zipper being opened and then a warm liquid flooded my back, ass and legs.

'Please piss on my face sir!' I bellowed out loudly.

'Oh, the bitch-boy wants Master Blaster's piss in his face huh?'

With that he walked over and drowned me in his urine. It seemed to never end as torrent after torrent of yellow liquid

soaked my face and head, dripping into my mouth and eyes thoroughly. It stung my eyes a bit, and it tasted very sour,

but I relished in this moment of my complete submissness and knew that my new master approved of his new


Upon completion of his urination, the behemoth of a man stuck his cock in my face. I lunged at it with my mouth and

immediately took as much of him as I could down my throat. The mingled tastes of smegma, sweat, piss and dried

cum made this experience even more invigorating. A clean cock would not be appropriate at this particular moment.

I sucked him like a starving animal who has been locked in a cage for weeks without being fed. I had always had

many fantasies of being treated like this. With the filthy surroundings, the piss, the whippings and his huge, gigantic

disgusting cock, I had fulfilled many of them this evening.

'Time for your fucking eh boy?!' Master bellowed down at me.

He unbound me and helped me up as we made our way over to the sling in the corner. This time I was not bound and

was free to move into any position I wanted. Master Blaster stood over me with his funky asshole right in my face.

'Eat my dirty shithole bitch-boy!' He commanded.

It was obvious his ass was dirty and that he had taken a shit recently. This was an area that was quite new to me. At

first, I was completely repulsed. However, as I got used to the smell, and noticed that he wasn't as dirty as I had first

thought, my tongue began probing his star. Eventually, I got right into it and found myself liking the smell of his shitty

hole. Master moaned and barked out nasty remarks as I worked his fecal hole. I grasped his huge, firm buttocks with

one hand and stroked his monster cock with the other. Master turned to me so I could taste his precum. There was

a lot of it as it dripped from his humungous piss hole.

'Master is going to train your ass tonight to take every inch of his monster fuck tool. Do you understand?'

'Y-e-ss...,' I managed through slurps of his enormous uncut phallus, 'Sir.'

My feet were shoved into the upper stir-ups of the sling and Master got to work feasting on my asshole. I myself had

taken a shit while down at the beach in one of the washrooms. I wondered whether he minded or not.

'That's a good filthy bitch-boy. Master likes dirty assholes. You will never come to me with a clean ass. Is that


I was in total heaven as this masterful rimmer took me to places I'd never been. 'I am at your disposal Master Blaster

sir,' I gasped.

Master bent over me and let me taste my own shit on his tongue and lips. We kissed for quite a while. Me, sucking on

his extremely long tongue. Him, slowly working 4 of his massive fingers into my now gaping asshole.

By this time I have no idea how I had kept from cumming. All I did know is that when I did, it would no doubt be the

biggest load I'd ever released.

Slowly, this anal master worked my hole bigger and bigger, until I realized that his fist was right up my ass. I'd never

had anything that wide in me. It fucking felt great!

Standing up, Master Blaster looked down at me. He knew I was all his. He knew what he was doing and

that he could fuck me to death if he wanted and I would love it. Staring at him now, I could see he was a very handsome

man. Perfect teeth were flashed by a little boy smile. His eyes were an intense blue and the angularity of his face was

nothing short of a work of art. He was gorgeous. His nipples were at least an inch long and his chest and abdomen

boasted years and years of disciplined gym training. Oh yes, this guy could do whatever he wanted to me.

Working on a sheep skin condom, Master positioned himself in front of my ready fuck hole and slowly worked

himself inside me. I relaxed my sphincter in order to accommodate his girth and length and within 5 minutes, I was

taking all of his 11'x 9' monster up into my stomach. Jesus Christ it felt so damned good. I stroked my immensely

engorged prick as the giant man's thrusts got faster and harder. He grabbed me by the top of my head with his left hand

and pinched my left tit extremely hard with his right. I bellowed out in pain and bliss as all the sensations and memories

of all that had transpired the last few hours finally overtook me. My explosion was the most intense sensation I had

ever dreamt about.

Load after load of cum shot out of my cock and landed on my face and on the wall behind me. I guess this was too

much for my Master too as he pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and starting blowing his man juice. Now, when

I say this man came a lot, that is a serious understatement. For no less than 20 seconds I was drowned in his cum. Huge

wads hit me in the face, went down my throat and soaked me from head to toe. Then, something incredible happened. I

came again. This time even more intensely. I grasped his enormous cock and drank all the cum I could swallow. I

filled my belly several times over. Never had I seen so much cum. Still in complete bliss, I scooped up handfuls of his

jizz and continuously ate. The smell of fresh semen engulfed the room as we shared each other's cum and kissed for

what seemed like hours.

Then Master helped me up and said there was one more thing left to do before I left. I asked him what that was.

'I would like to brand you. Will you let me do that?'

I looked into his eyes and pondered this most bizarre of requests. 'Only if you promise to use me for a long time to

come sir.'

He smiled down at me and kissed me passionately. 'You're my favourite boy and always will be. You're the first

slave I've had who didn't complain about anything I did to you. In fact, I think I can train you to go even further. But

I want to let all the other Masters out there know that you belong to me.'

He walked over to a chest situated over in one corner and pulled out a branding iron. Igniting a small propane torch,

he heated up the end of the iron until it was gleaming red. He handed me something to bite down on and I bent over to

receive his mark. I braced myself as the seering pain tore through me like gangbusters. In a few seconds it was over and

a cold compress was placed on the wound.

Standing up, Master Blaster and I faced each other and embraced lovingly. My Master rubbed my ass gently and we

kissed for a long long time. He whispered into my ear, 'Will you come home with me?'

I nodded my approval and from there we left our playroom and made our way into the night. Both us were still naked

as we walked to his van. As I sat in the passenger seat, Master handed me a mirror and I leaned over to check out my

new mark. It read, 'Propery Of Master Blaster.' I had never been happier in my entire life.



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