In my city, bars come and go, much like any fad. The one where I worked as a stripper, closed, when the owner failed to pay taxes. It was snapped up by Deke Matthews.

Lucky for me and a few of the other boys, Deke hired us back on a trial basis. Deke was a guy who always had his eye on the prize. He knew having strippers created a niche the other gay bars didn't have. He wasn't too happy with the less than classy ambience of a strip bar, but until he could find another niche, he'd take the money.

Then David and I, bored with the same old bump and grind, stole a page from an old video of the Chippendales. We and Sven worked out a perfectly syncronized strip down . We were so on point, that we actually got a standing ovation.

And Deke had an epiphany. ( And apparently had about as much money as Trump!)

The building next door had come up for sale. Deke bought it, remodeled it, knocked out the walls between and made one large bar. The second building had a stage, deejay booth and a dance floor. Then Deke pulled me off the stripper bar and told me to create a Revue!

He didn't want just good looking guys to take off clothes. He wanted stripper productions. He wanted guys who could dance in tandem with each other. He wanted themes and costumes. He wanted me to come up with all this!

Okay, I never met a dance style I didn't like. And I had some experience choreograhing country line dance routines. So, given guys who could follow actual steps, not just bump and grind, it was possible. Not Broadway possible, but possible.

So. we had auditions, we found some guys who were willing to learn new steps and practice. I, with help from the other guys, choreographed some reasonably good routines.

I learned to do basic sewing on a machine, so we could have breakaway pants. We combed costume stores and thrift shops for costumes, that I could alter. Deke put up posters and promoted a grand opening of the new space. Deke found some drool worthy bartenders. ( Oh, how I wish a couple of them could actually dance!)

And Saloon Kaboom's Male Revue was born!

And was a Hit!

Now a few months went by, business was good. We kept having auditions, and I kept working with the boys to keep the Revue fresh. And Deke had another idea!

Hire pornstars to appear and strip. Sounds good right?

It got off to a rocky start. The first porn star, Ron Lyonn? I guess the screen really does make things larger than life! In the porn movies, he looked like a big hairy six foot tall stud. In real life, he barely reached my chin. All of that muscle,well, I thought it made him look deformed. And he showed up, hopped up on coke. And had no rythym what-so-ever! I think I could have stripped the clothes off a mannikin, and it would have been sexier than Ron Lyonn! Plus, our city has laws on the books, regulating how little we can wear. Our g-strings had to meet certain criteria. We certainly couldn't do what drugged out Ron Lyonn did. Strip all of the way down and start jacking his dick! Might have been a thrill for some of the audience, but if vice had wanted to, we'd have been closed down.

Second attempt, was a lively cute little twink. Without a brain in his head. Who frankly would not have stood out on our dancefloor. In fact I don't remember his name. Who forgot the limits of what we can and cannot do with the customers. We certainly couldn't get off the stage and give them a lap dance! ( I have nothing against lap dances, but the tip from giving one, isn't worth a night in lock-up! Behind bars fantasies aside!)

Then, there was the very popular magazine model. Stan Kelly. His nude spreads, were so manly. He looked so tall dark and macho. Cameramen must really be geniuses! Once again, tall, dark and manly, turned into short, dark and cute! I mean he was seriously handsome, but now more adorable, than striking. ( I know, I know, Bitch Bitch Bitch!)

And none of them could fit in the Revue at all. By now we were practiced enough, to be really looking like semi-pro dancers. Then along would come the big hyped attraction of the evening, doing a lame bump and grind! Made me grind my teeth!

So, enough of the background. On to this story.

When Deke informed me, he'd booked another porn celebrity, I almost groaned out loud. I had hoped, that he'd learned his lesson from the past fiascos. When he told me the name of the guy, I almost cried. Jack Alpha! Okay, I have a serious mancrush/lust for Jack Alpha. But the previous idols and their feet of clay, had taught me one valuable lesson. It's better not to meet fantasies in person. They are larger than life on screen, and mediocre in person. Jack Alpha was one hot porn star I didn't want toppled off the pedestal I placed him on! ( Did I mention I own all his films?)

When Deke gets an idea, though, it's full steam ahead. Posters started appearing with Jack Alpha's ruggedly handsome face. ( And in some cases a little bit more) The date was near.

The day before Jack's appearance, I got a call from Deke. Could I please go to the airport and pick up Jack Alpha. SHIT! Okay, I've got a soft spot for Deke. He's good to us. He's a great boss. He's about as close to a ten as anyone I've ever seen. ( He's a total hunk, and although I've never seen him naked, I have seen him in his tighy whities. He's hung! He's got a lover! ) It's hard for anyone to actually say no to Deke. Not me anyway.

So, that afternoon, I'm standing at the airport with a card, J. Alpha written across it.

The airport was very crowded. I didn't see Jack anywhere. Then a soft deep voice spoke near me. " I'm Jack Alpha, you're looking for me?" I turned and wanted to melt. He was everything I could want a porn star to be. Almost my height. Just as gorgeous as every video I'd ever seen him in. Dark blonde hair in a sexy flattop

I guess this is where I describe Jack Alpha. I guess built like a brick house is the first thing to come to mind. Handsome? Oh fucking yes! Jack could make it as a cover model, or movie star just on his face alone. He has bright green eyes. He has a perfect face! Dark Blonde hair in a sexy flattop. Strangely enough he has a dark beard line. He filled out his raglan jersey like a star football player. Tight jeans, showed heavy thighs, and a promising basket. I'm sure I looked like a total moron, but I could not help but stare. Open mouthed, speechless, so not me!

" Well, if you are done staring, could we get out of here?" he growled. Snapped me back to reality and raised my belligerence hackles. Just like so many other too handsome guys. Arrogant, condesending, the type that just plain pisses me off!

I put on my best neutral face and politely introduced myself, asked if he had to go to baggage claim, yadda yadda, strictly business. I packed him into my pick-up truck and drove him to the hotel, Deke had booked a room at. Answering any questions put to me, but refraining from chit chat.

I went into the hotel with him to make sure everything was kosher with his room. Politely explained that Deke would come get him later to go over his appearance and turned to leave,

" What? Just going to go off and leave me here?"

I slowly turned and answered. " I picked you up as a favor to my boss. My part is done for now. I have some rehearsals to get to, down at the Club." I gestured outside the hotel door. " If you get bored, you are right downtown, I'm sure you can find something to do." I turned once again to leave.

"How about I come with you to the Club, check the place out?" ( Oh no, I so was not going to baby sit this egotisical ass!) " I'm sure you'd be bored stiff, and I wouldn't have time to bring you back. You'd have to wait for Deke." " Well, isn't Deke there?" " He will be a little later." I offered relunctantly. " Good, We can discuss my appearance tomorrow at the club."

I didn't really have a good reason why he shouldn't come down to the Club with me. ( Other than I seriously was of two minds about him. Despite being irked by his attitude, it was hard to keep myself from drooling. Jack Alpha is totally my type of man. ) So I agreed, waited while he ran his bag to his room, Loaded him back into the pick-up and took him with me to rehearsal.

I was really pschyed about the new routine I was putting together. I had managed to get my hands on three almost complete Marine Dress Uniforms. I had come up with a complicated but I thought perfect routine to debut a new addition to the Revue. Kyle had the bearing, physique and perfect look to pull off the routine. Whenever I get a new dancer, I like to tailor one number to really set him off when we put him on the stage for the first time.

We'd been practicing nearly three weeks, and Kyle had the routine down pat. This was the last rehearsal, to hash out any changes we needed to make. I just knew Kyle was going to be a hit.

To Jack Alpha's credit, he kept quiet and in the background. Not disrupting us anymore than any totally hot guy would. ( I couldn't fault Kyle, Dave and Kurt for ogling him. If I didn't have such a stick up my ass, I probably would have ogled him too)

Deke showed up and took Mr. Alpha into his office.

About an hour later, when I was ready to say good enough on the rehearsal, Deke came back out with Mr. Alpha and set my world on it's ear!

Seems, Mr. Alpha decided that he wanted to not just make a guest appearance, he wanted to be part of the show. And he wanted Kyle's number! He had convinced Deke it was a good idea. He also convinced Deke, if Deke could get someone to do a good video of the show, he could get it on one of the major gay blogs! Mr. Jack Alpha apparently was a snake oil salesman as well as a pornstar! Deke was seeing free advertising, a packed house every night of the Revue! Deke was seeing a big payoff in the future. Deke was seeing me take a complete unknown factor, ( Jack Alpha) teaching him Kyle's part in one day. You know, the routine it took us three weeks to perfect. Deke was seeing me throw all of Kyle's hard work under the bus, for this intrusive, arrogant porn celebrity.

Rusty, ( Me!) was seeing all shades of OH HELL NO!

The other guys, must have seen the warning signs, because they were suddenly as far back on the stage as they could possibly be......and still get to witness me burst a blood vessel!

That caught my attention. I pulled in the reins on my temper. I took a deep breath.

I calmly tried to explain to Deke why I couldn't possibly train Jack Alpha in one day. Why I wasn't going to throw Kyle under the bus. Why, I thought the whole idea had merit, ( Don't want to insult the Boss's ideas, he pays me good money.) but that it just wouldn't work.

Then Jack Alpha,( that smug ass sonuvabitch!) threw down a guantlet. " Well, too bad. It would have really made my appearance tomorrow, something great. I bet I could have put this place right on the Gay Map. But because Rusty here can't muster up enough courage to take a chance, I guess that door is closed!"

Then the smug, faced, Jack-Ass Alpha gave me a condescending, pitying smile.

And I fell for it HOOK, LINE, and SINKER!

Somehow, I found myself agreeing to the whole thing. If Mr. Jack-Ass, Alpha, could learn the routine in one and a half days. If Kyle would give up his debut routine, and wait 'til. I could come up with another one. If Dave and Kurt would put in the extra practice. If Deke agreed to pay Kyle, Dave and Kurt the performance fee, for the extra practice. ( Practice fee is less, especially until you are cleared to actually perform before the audience.) If Deke took care of calling in the other dancers, we'd given the weekend off, and convince them to come in and practice.

Jack-Ass Alpha got around Kyle, by offering to split any tips he got, down the middle. Deke agreed to pay the boys performance rate for the additional practice and Kyle for waiting to go in front of the audience. Jack - Ass Alpha said he didn't think the routine would be any trouble at all to learn. Deke started calling the boys.

And Rusty, teeth gritted, had to live up to his bargain!

So, just when. I thought we could all go home and relax, we had to start...from...the..very...FUCKING...beginning!

Lucky for us, Mr. Jack-Ass, porn celebrity, had natural rythym. He was picking up the basics of the routine pretty fast. It was some of the timing, and fine points of the routine, he kept missing. ( And maybe out of resentment, I was just a tad bit, oh ... BITCHY? ) ( And Hard, because despite my attitude, seeing the hairy Mr. Jack-Ass Alpha, down to nothing but a patriotic g-strap, was causing me serious discomfort in the crotch area!)

When he flubbed a critical manuver for the umpteenth time, I snapped at him. And damn if he didn't snap to attention, click his heels, shoot out his arm and spout, " HEIL HITLER!"

The whole room went silent for a second, then the whole room started half falling over from laughing. Except for a very red faced Rusty and a bewildered Jack-Ass Alpha. I glared at everyone, then I yelled. " Take a FUCKIN' break, you shitheads!" And stomped out of the club, to sit on the steps, out back of the joint.

I sat there taking in deep breaths, trying to shut down the seething anger and embarassment inside of me. I heard the door open behind me, and almost turned to snap at whoever, came out to bug me. Of course it was Jack-Ass Alpha!

" Look, Rusty, I'm sorry. I know you are really trying to work this out. And, well, Deke and I ramrodded you into this, and have been basically walking all over you." I sighed, and waved a hand in the air. " Yeah, and you don't really deserve me being all snarky either. But it happened. Just let me cool off and we can try again."

Jack-Ass Alpha plopped his nicely toned ass down next to me. " I just want to say I think I understand. You are all up in arms, because you really care!" I raised an eyebrow. " Of course I care! It Is My Job, after all."

Jack-Ass Alpha, looked me in the eye with those beautiful bedroom eyes and shook his head slightly. " No... It's not just the job. I can see how you care about the dancers, Deke, and the whole Revue. The way you did every thing you could, short of quitting, to make sure that Kyle kid, didn't get swept under the rug. How this show, is like a child to you. Then I come along and throw a wrench into the whole thing. It's just that, when I saw how great that Marine number was, I wanted to be part of the show! That's how good I thought it was !I just was trying to lighten the moment with that whole Hiltler thing. I had no idea about your nickname! "

I blushed red again. The boys had labeled me with the title Dance Nazi, because I always insisted on things being as perfect as possible.

He laid a hairy hand on my arm, ( Which in spite of my anger, sent electricity straight to my dick) " Look, Rusty, the die has been cast. I don't think Deke is going to let it go , at this point. How about a truce?"

" Yeah, yeah, truce it is." I held out my hand to seal the deal, but Jack swung an arm around me and pulled me in for a hard hug. I say hard, because his body was all hard muscle, and my dick went hard too.

He jumped up offering me a hand. " Shall we go practice some more?" I waved his hand away. " Why don't you go find Kyle and ask him to show you the routine. He knows it as well as I do. I have to do a little planning, so we can pull this all off."

Unfortunately, three of the integral stars of the Revue, had taken the opportunity to skedaddle out of town. It wouldn't be so bad, but they were important back-up dancers for too many routines. I was rubbing the bridge of my nose, trying to figure out how in the hell, I was going to make this show work.

Then my eyes lit on Kyle, who ,for some reason, stuck around. And an idea started forming.

What if I had Kyle learn the back up sets? What if I kept him dressed? What if I presented him in the finale?

Grinning, I crooked my finger to bring him over. And a new plan for Kyle was hatched.

I decided that it was time to call it quits. I thanked everyone and asked they be at the Club as soon as possible, the next day.

I said Goodbye to Jack and got ready to leave.

" Wow, Rusty, Are you just gonna leave me on my lonesome now?" Jack asked.

I shrugged. "Hey dude, it's not my job to entertain you or keep you company. Talk to Deke if you want someone to take care of you."

" C'mon Rusty! Am I really supposed to hide out in my hotel until tomorrow night?"He was

" Talk to Deke, you signed the contract, and if he wants to keep you out of sight that's between you and him, Not Me!"I swear those pretty green eyes half teared up. And soft touch that I am, I folded. I could imagine what it must be like to be in a strange city, knowing no one. I bit my lip. " Let me talk to Deke. NO promises!"

I and a most of the strippers in the Troupe had been invited to a Birthday Party. Kenny was one of the sweetest, older customers, to frequent the club. He was very wealthy. He threw great parties. He and his cronies were the biggest gossips in town. A Plan had formed in my mind.

I convinced Deke, that taking Jack to Kenny's Party was great advertising. Not only would we make the guy's fantasy by bringing a porn star to his shindig, we'd also reap the benefit of his Grapevine.

I came back out. " Here's the deal, Jack." I grinned. " I'm gonna take you to a Birthday Party for one of the most influential guys in our community."

Jacks's dark eyebrows raised. " And?"

" And, You are going to shmooze and promote tomorrow. You are going to flirt, and you are going to sell your sexy ass for all it's worth! Consider it payback for all the hassle you think you caused!"

Jack shook his head. " Rusty, you are mean, do you know that?"

" Yep. I've heard that a time or two."

So I dropped Jack off at his hotel, went home, cleaned up. Went back to pick him up. Delivered him to the Party.

To say introducing Jack Alpha to the host was a success is almost, well, mildly put. Jack's appearance at his party may have made Kenny cream in his fashion designer pants. Jack was immediately whisked off to be introduced to every person in the room. It was good strategy. I'm sure the selfies with Jack were blowing up the net. By tomorrow night, most of the gay bar crowd would know. Jack Alpha was as sexy as his videos. That Jack Alpha was a nice guy. ( Man! He could charm a snake if he wanted too.) That Kenny approved. Very Important!

Once he made the rounds. ( Hauling me along by the arm.) Jack set up court on by one of the couches. Kenny hovered near. flirting with him. Jack was very gracious, very interested. ( I was very jealous, God I am so wishy washy at times!)

I sat on the couch, Jack very nonchalantly, sat on the floor, between my knees, draping both arms over my thighs. ( Urgh! my crotch was getting way too tight!) Jack almost absently minded started rubbing my legs. (Okay, not good, Kenny was glaring at me. Not the whole point of bringing Jack to the party,) I leaned over and whispered in Jack's ear. ( Did I mention his ears stick out a bit?) " Dude, If you want to sell tomorrow"s show, you got to shmooze Kenny!"

" Rusty! There are limits to what I will do! I may sell my ass on film! I don't sell my ass like a whore!"

" Jesus! Jack!, I'm not telling you to fuck him! Just make nice! It's his birthday, and you are possibly the most exciting thing in his world in ages!"

In answer, Jack spun around between my legs until he was facing me. He grabbed my shirt and hauled me close.

" If they want a show, Let's give it to them!" he growled. One hand released my shirt to curl around the back of my neck. He pulled me in for a long long heated kiss. A hard kiss. A you've fucked with me enough kiss!

All around us the room exploded with oohs and ahs, and even a bit of applause. Jack, never breaking his kiss, heaved himself off his knees until he was nestled tight unto my lap. He ground his ass into my lap! ( Oh My Fucking Lord!)

Then he turned around, his back pressed to my front. He looked at the whole crowd. And smiled.

"Come down to Saloon Kabloom, tomorrow, guys, I guarantee the show will be even better than this! After all, you all know what kind of shows the boys put on."

He stood up with a flourish. " On that note my friends, I think it's time to go. It's been a long day and thanks to Kenny, a great night!"

He walked over to Kenny and pulled him in for a quick kiss on the lips. " Happy Birthday Kenny! May you have many many more!"

He pulled me to my feet and drug me to the door.

He actually drug me all of the way to my truck. Once there he spun me around, pushed me up against the cab, and proceeded to kiss me 'til my knees threatened to crumble!

When he finally let me up for air, he leaned his forehead against mine.

" Rusty?.... Please?... Can we go somewhere?... My hotel?... Your place?... I dont't care! I just want to be with you!"

I was speechless! ( Okay, you don't know just how fucking beautiful this man was! And, ...well... honestly how plain a guy I am! If I wasn't such a good dancer, no one would look twice at me. I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact this so, very, sexy man wanted me!) Then I sighed. " I'm sorry Jack, but it really is late and we are going to have to spend most of the day tomorrow, putting together the show. We need to get a good night's sleep. "

Jack looked at me like I'd grown tail and horns. Not used to someone saying no, I guess. ( Truth was I was being a coward. I'd seen every porn the man was in. There was no part of that body I hadn't seen. And the studs,he fucked with. I was feeling very insecure and inadequate. Very afraid of not measuring up, when it came right down to sex!)

Lucky for me, ( Or maybe unluckily.) he just pushed away from me, and mumbled something along the lines of " Allright, Okay, I get the picture." And maybe I also heard, " Thinks he's too good for me!" Not sure, it was barely a whisper.

So, I drove him back to the hotel, dropped him off, said I'd be by to pick him up about eight. And drove home.

Where I didn't get much sleep, cursing my self for a fool. One of the most gorgeous men in porn, wanted to have sex with me and I blew it. Now, who was the Jack-Ass?

The next morning, Jack was waiting at the door. Very cooly polite. Strictly business. I wanted to apologize, but wimped out. So I remained just as polite. All through the day Jack paid attention when I gave him direction, avoided me when I wasn't working with him specifically. I still cursed myself for a fool, when he got all the way down to his g-strap. ( I mean seriously, he has about a six inch dick semi- soft, and a just fucking gorgeous, plump hairy ass!)

Somehow, despite all of the cool politeness, we managed to get Jack on point for his routine. The boys were already in good shape, and Kyle had seen enough of the routines, to pick up the back up parts, of my missing dancers.

Deke came in to take Jack off to dinner. He asked me along too, but I was all in. Besides, at that point, chicken shit that I am, I didn't think I could sit at a table with Jack. It would just be too awkward.

Then it was time for the show. Saloon Kaboom was packed like a sardine can. The crowd was eager and ready to be entertained. Kenny and his Grapevine had done themselves proud.

The show was flawless. The boys were so totally psyched and on point. Kyle had a buzz going. "Who is that guy? ....Really HOT!....Why isn't he stripping too?"

Then it was time for Jack's number. Let me give you the gist. The music starts with the "Halls of Montezuma". Kurt and Dave march in step to the center of the stage. They march in place for a bit, then stand at attention facing the crowd. Hold their hands in salute. Jack marches in ,hand in salute, to cover his face, and faces Dave and Kurt, back to the crowd. They salute Jack. do a sharp turn and march off stage, leaving Jack, back to the audience, standing at attention.

Deke in the deejay booth, announces over the speakers. Gentlemen and Ladies, Saloon Kabloom is proud to present, the one and Only Jack Alpha, our featured attraction tonight.

Foot back, Jack pivots to face the crowd and finishs his salute.

The crowd went ape- shit! I do not believe, they thought, Jack would be part of the Revue itself. And after the previous guest appearances, they were perhaps prepared to be under whelmed, even with Kenny and the Grapevine's endorsement.

That's when the music changed. Using mainly pivots, Jack stripped down to the beat of " Bad to the Bone". He'd pivot ,unfasten some buttons, and his jacket was open. Then off. He'd pivot and his shirt was open, showing his furry chest over the neck of a khaki tank top. Then it was off, tank, molded to his hard body. Another pivot and the belt was on the stage, button . Pivot to face the crowd, and pants are unzipped, khaki boxers showing.

Another pivot, while Dave and Kurt march back on stage. Hands in waistband, and the boys tear off Jack's uniform pants, leaving him clad in Khaki skivvies, Uniform hat, white gloves, socks and dress shoes.

Jack does a slow pivot to face the crowd. Hands go to the neck of his tank, where I clipped the fabric, and slowly tears the shirt down the middle, exposing a hard, hairy muscled chest and hairy washboard abs.

Tattered shirt hanging from broad shoulders, he slides his hands under the waistband of his boxers. Pulling them low on his belly, but not so low as to reveal his thong. Then slowly he pivots, back to the crowd and flexes his ass in the pulled tight boxers. Hairy thick thighs and calves apart, he tears them off too.

HIs high firm hairy bubble ass, is revealed , with just a red white and blue strap disappearing between his cheeks. He shruggs off his torn tank, revealing his muscle ridged back.

Then he pivoted to the face the crowd and they went wild. Clad now in a patriotic pouch and dog tags, hat socks and shoes, Jack looks like a poster man for the Marines.

Hands behind his back, accenting, hard chest muscles, large tannish nipples. sculpted belly, massives legs, and sexy gorgeous face.

Oh and a huge dick straining the flimsy material of his pouch. Jack was about half hard, which meant he had a good fat six inches flopping his thong. He has fat round balls, that the seam neatly bisected. Although his hair is blonde, his body hair, especially with sweat, was a very dark brown. The pouch of the thong was slung low enough, the crowd could see the top of his bush.

Then smirking at the crowd, Jack unclips both sides of his thong, holding the front in place. The crowd is cheering and carrying on. They want to see him drop the thong.

Jack turns away. It looks like there is nothing covering his ass, He looks over his shoulder, frees a hand to tip his hat to the crowd, and drops the thong. Now Jack looks completely naked.

He's not. Dave and I had found a way around this. Jack was actually wearing a very thin flesh toned fabric, that used wire to form a legal covering, with out needing sides.

Jack's big dick was forced through a hole, that served to keep the sideless thong in place.

The thin covering left very little to the crowd's imagination, when Jack turned to show off his front again.

But it was legal. For all practical purposes he was as naked as could be, and still be covered.

He was also almost fully erect!

At this point , point the music ends, Jack stands at parade rest, legs apart, sweat gleaming, on total display for the crowd. Then he turns bends over to retrieve, the thong, giving the crowd a great view of his barely covered ass crack.

He slides back into the thong.

( The underpart would never survive the first tug to put money in) He goes out to shake hands, accept tips, and drop into the midst of the crowd. They all want to touch him.

He's a good sport, lets the guys and a few girls, grope his chest, belly, cock and ass. ( Not strictly legal, but in the crowd it was hard to see it happen, and we could get away with saying, it didn't happen.)

Then he came back on stage, made his final bows, and left to a cheering crowd.

When the mostly naked Jack Alpha, came off stage he came right up to me, swept me up in rock hard arms, against his sweaty rock hard body, and kissed me soundly on the lips.

" Oh my God, that was so fucking awesome!" He set me back down, laid his forehead against mine. " Thank you Rusty! Thanks for letting me do this!

Then arm still around me, he drew in Dave, then Kurt for a hug. " Thanks so much guys!"

I rested my hand across his back, just above the swell of his fantastic ass.

Very aware of his sweat covers muscles.

The heady stink of sweaty man.

That my hand was mere inches from cupping that beautiful butt. ( My dick was hurting so bad, my knees were quivering!)

Then recollecting the show, I pushed away, " Okay boys, time for the Finale. Get your pretty asses into postition, and make the crowd cream one more time!" ( My standard pre-finale quip.)

The boys, went out one by one, clad in nothing but their special flesh tined g-strings, as their stage names were announced.

All except Kyle. I sent him in fully clothed.

That was The DeeJay's cue to introduce him to the crowd. Something like this. " Introducing our newest attraction, Kyle!. If you want to see this man in the flesh, come to Saloon Kaboom, next week, for his Taking It Off Debut!"

There were cheers and a few cat calls of " Take it Off Now!"

Then Jack Alpha strolled onto stage.

Still sweaty, Patriotic g-string wet with sweat, and his full eight inch hard-on bobbing in front, straining that flimsy piece of cloth.

My eyes bulged, so not part of the rules, but the crowd went crazy. It was by far the best fucking Revue we'd done in ages. Then, Jack swept into a bow, and I found myself staring at that gorgeous, full ass. My dick got harder than ever. and my mouth began to water.

Deke handed Jack a microphone. " I want to thank you all for turning out, I hope I wasn't a disappointment!"

The crowd roared it's denial.

" I want to thank Deke and the Saloon Kaboom staff for inviting me and making me welcome."

Applause for Deke and Saloon Kabbom.

He draped a muscular arm around Kyle.

" I want to thank Kyle here especially, he gave up his Debut Number, so I could be a bigger part of the show,"

Then he waggled those thick dark brows. " I've seen him nekkid in the dressing room, guys, you are so in for a treat!"

He spied Kenny in the crowd.

" I also would like to thank Kenny, for having me at his Party, and his friends, for giving me such a good time!" That brought on a buzz of whispers, along the line of, " God did he have sex with Kenny and his cronies?" I bet Kenny was blushing bright red,

Then he looked to the side and saw me smiling. " Lastly, I want to thank Rusty, for changing his plans, and working me like the little bitch I am!" That brought out a laugh. Turning to look me in the eyes. " Rusty you can work me over anytime you want!" That brought another roar from the crowd.

We'd promoted the Porn Star, successfully, and now the Big Show was done.

It was our habit to hang around after close. Have a drink or two and unwind.

Jack pleaded fatigue and asked me to give him a ride back to his hotel.

Deke offered, but Jack put his arm around me and grinned. " No offense Deke, but Rusty and I have some unfinished business!"

Deke grinned. " Like?"

Jack waggled his brows suggestively, than laughed. " I feel the need to apologize a little more for putting him through all this shit!"

Kyle piped up. " Make him grovel on his knees Rusty!.... and while he's down there?"

Everyone laughed and red faced, I hustled Jack out to my pick-up.

Jack reached over and gripped my thigh.

" I want you to take me home and fuck me Rusty!"

( Whoa, no beating around the bush there!) Mouth suddenly dry, I gave a short sharp nod, and practically floored the gas pedal.

I wasn't going to chance turning him down again and miss this once in a life time opportunity.

His hand crept up my thigh and I batted it away.

" Not when I'm fuckin' driving, Jack! You can wait a few more minutes!" " God, I love it when you go all domineering! It's so fucking HOT!" Jack laughed.

I glanced over at him. " Good to know," I grinned.

Jack's eyes lit up.

" Very very good to know!"

We barely made it inside my apartment door, before Jack was kissing me like it was his last kiss on earth.

I pushed him up against the nearest wall, and devoured his lips, kissing brutally hard. Jack was making little whispered moans.

I was filling my hands with his body, following the contour of each muscle I could reach, through his thin t-shirt.

When he went to touch me, I growled and forced his hands away.

For some reason I turned into a savage demanding animal

I grabbed the edges of his t-shirt, and yanked it over his head.

I went back to kissing him savagely, running my hands over his hard pecs, his washboard stomach, reveling in the feel of silky soft body hair, under my palms.

I could feel the hardness of his cock against mine, even through the fabric of two sets of jeans.

I had an intense desire to feast my eyes on his hairy ass again.

I forced him to turn to face the wall, and pushed him into it. I leaned against the hard muscles of his back as I slid my arms around him. I ground my hips into the firm denim clad mounds of his ass, licking the sweat from the back of his neck and shoulders.

Jack was groaning , sighing, and wantonly grinding his ass into my crotch. I fumbled, with his fly, finally getting it open.

As I slowly pulled his jeans down, I followed, licking and kissing the defined muscles of his back, until Iwas kneeling behind him.

Jack leaned his face against the wall, panting. eyes closed, occasionally muttering.

I took along time at the that little spot, just above his ass cheeks.

It's one of my favorite spots on a man.

His underwear were pulled part way off, showing part of his hairy crack.

I flicked my tongue into the top of his crack. loving the salty sweat, and man smell.

I drove further in with my tongue, forcing it past the elastic of his tightie whities.

Another turn on for me, tight white breifs, molded to a man's ass.

Hands and face braced against the wall, Jack arched his back. thrusting his white clad mounds into my face.

For a moment my face was surrounded by sweat soaked cotton, and ripe man smell.

( You try dancing under hot spots, and try to come out fresh.)

I inhaled deeply, taking in his scent.

Then as I knelt back, I slowly pulled down his briefs, mesmerized by the inch by inch reveal of his pale, full, hairy ass.

He was lightly tanned, and it accented his full cheeks.

Speedo outline, very hot. ( Nobody seems to wear them anymore, I'm glad he did! I miss Speedos, really I do!)

I just sat back and took in every detail.

The way his dark blonde body hair, fanned out from his crack, across his ass.

The generous mounds, making his hairy crack a canyon between them.

The dimples, where his ass bloomed out from his thighs.

Then slowly I reached out to spread those heavy cheeks.

To look into the forested valley between.

To gaze at his most intimate place.

His hole was a long crinkled slit.

It was pulsing in anticipation of what might come next.

I leaned in close, and took a long swipe from taint to tailbone.

I kneaded his cheeks, reveling in the feel of his hairy butt in my hands.

I took another taste. Salty, and a smell of man ass.

I could see Jack's legs quiver for a moment, his little slit clenching and relaxing.

" Hold your ass open for me Jack, I want to eat out that hile of yours!" I ordered.

Jack's face braced against the wall. his hands found and pulled his cheeks apart.

I took a moment just to look, this big musclular , gorgeous man, his cheeks spread at my command, just waiting on my pleasure.

I nudged his legs apart, so I could see his fat low hanging balls.

One lower than the other.

I grasped his calves, and leaned in to begin licking what I could reach. cleaning off the sweat and man funk with my tongue. Then I slid my tongue up to slurp over his spasming hole.

Jack was moaning, face crammed hard against the wall. As I licked and tongued his hole I could feel it loosening under my tongue. I began to wedge my tongue in a little deeper with each taste.

" Fuck, fuck FUCK! was coming out of Jack's mouth like a mantra.

I paused to slick my index finger with spit, then began to prod at his hole.

Jack pushed back against my finger and my finger slid all of the way inside him. Hands still holding his cheeks apart, he began to ride my finger. I am a very visual person, guess it comes from being artistic. Watching my finger slide in and out of his thrusting ass, was incedible.

Then there was the slick, hot feel of the inside of his body. I watched a while, then decided to move on.

When I slid my finger away, Jack let out a protesting moan.

I didn't care.

I pulled him away from the wall as I stood, molding my still clothed frontside to his naked back.

I ran my hands down his chest until I found his rock hard, eight inch cock.

It was long and pulsed in my hand.

His cap wasn't especially wide or flared.

His cock was heavily veined, and had a larger than usual circumcism scar.

I stroked him, learning by touch the man's cock.

Jack leaned back into me, thrusting his dick into my fist.

He alternately thrust forward into my hand, and back, ass into my crotch.

He was panting and moaning.

I had my face buried in his neck, inhaling the incredible scent of the man in my hold.

Then I turned him around, and after a long kiss, his naked body and big dick crammed up against me, I stepped back.

Slowly pulled off my tee, revealing my body for the first time to Jack's hungry eyes.

Those green eyes drank in the profusion of red hair covering my chest and stomach.

I undid my pants and pull them and my shorts down.

My seven inch fat uncut dick sprangs free, a line of precum, stretching from the tip to the crotch of my underwear.

Jack licked his lips, and without asking, lowered himself to his knees.

Opening his mouth wide he took me into him.

The sight was intense.

To see those sexy pouty lips, around my dick, as his beautiful green eyes watched my face.

While my dick wasn't as long as his, it's wider, plus it plays a trick. Once past the head it thins out, that bulges back as thick as the head.

Jack's mouth was stretched pretty wide, but he just kept easing it in, until I was buried deep in his throat.

I was in heaven!

Many guys cannot fit me all of the way in with out gagging.

Once he had me all of the way in, he pulled back until just the tip was in his mouth.

He grabbed my hips and forced my dick back into his hot wet mouth. He used my body to face fuck himself, staring up intently at my face, until I got his message.

I reached down to hold his head, then began to slowly fuck his mouth.

I crammed all seven inches in, my balls slapping againts his five o'clock shadowed cleft chin.

I watched the dark shadow on his cheeks flex in and out as I drove into him.

He kept his lips and tongue firm, not doing anything but providing a hot wet tunnel for my dick to drive into.

I could have happily came like this, but for one thing. I wanted to feel Jack Alpha's ass around my cock.

Relunctantly I pulled away.

He looked up at me a line of spit, still connecting his lips to my dick.

" I'm going to fuck your sweet bubble ass now Jack." I stated.

" I'm gonna give you a choice."

He looked up to me with a question in his eyes. " Do you want to be taken from behind, or face to face?"

He grinned cheekily. " Both!"

I shrugged, " Sorry, Handsome, don't think I will last long enough, in that sweet butt, for both!"

" Face to face then Rusty, I want to watch your face, when you drill me!"

I smiled and pulled him up for another long hard kiss.

Then I led him over to the futon, that doubled as a couch and guest bed.

I pulled lube and a condom out of the side table.

I sat down on the futon pulled Jack down next to me.

He watched avidly as I peeled my foreskin back, exposing the purple head, added a drop of lube and slid on the condom.

I slicked up my condom covered dick, then adding some more lube to my fingers.

I used my free hand to push Jack back until he was reclining away from me.

I pulled his legs up on the futon, spreading his thighs wide.

Then I reached under his balls to slather the lube on his twitching hole.

Jack threw his head back and graoned, I slowly finger fucked his wet hole, loosening it up. After two fingers, I decided he was ready. At least I was ready. Jack looked at me questionly with those green eyes of his. In answer I looked deep into those eyes and got to my knees on the futon. I grabbed his legs and raised them up as Iedged close to his butt. Hands on thighs I forced them back as far as I could, exposing that pulsing hole, hiding under his balls. Forcing his ass into the air, until I could touch his asshole with my dick's tip.

I came up on my knees, and pushed back on Jack's thighs, knee walking until I was tight against his body.

Pushing on his thighs til I could see his pulsing pinkish hole,

I dipped my lubed up fingers and slathered his hole with slick.slicked up slit.

I rested my hard dick at his

We locked eyes as I slowly pushed the head into his loosened hole.

I eased in just until the head popped through his ass ring and held it there.

For me there is nothing like the feel of first popping itnside a man, and I always take a moment to savor the feel.

Jack's hole clenched hard around me, as if he understood what I was feeling.

I looked down to see his hole stretched out by my fat cock.

Then I eased in a little more, until he had taken me in to where my dick flares again.

I watched Jack's face, when I pushed in past the flare.

His eyes widened as he felt it stretch him out again. Then I was all of the way in, all seven inches buried inside his hot wet hole.

He was very tight, a little shocking, because face it, I kind of expected his ass to be kind of loose, he usually get poled in his films.

Then I looked into that beautiful face.

Jack was smiling a big white toothy grin at me.

I began to pull out then, watching that grin turn into an O, as my retreating dick, pulled at his tight ass ring.

I saw his head fall back, and a soft moan escaped.

I must have grazed his prostate gland right there.

I pulled almost all out, then slowly sank back in.

Jack's eyes squinched closed, and a long gasp of pleasure seeped out of his lips.

When I was all of the way back in, those green eyes opened and sought mine again.

I continued slow dicking Jack Alpha's hole for a while, not wanting to come, wanting to just dwell in the feeling of being inside the sexiest man I'd ever seen. Jack was gasping and moaning everytime I hit his gland. I could look down and see his ass ring clutching at my dick on withdrawal, ever seen.

I looked down to watch his tight ass ring clutch and stretch as I pulled outward, then indenting as I slid back into him.

I began to speed up, long dicking him, but faster.

Little jolts of pleasure flickered across his face as I found his gland again and again.

Jack's ass began to rise to meet my thrusts, his head was thrown back now, mouth open, a fine sheen of sweat coating his muscules.

The veins on his arms, belly and thighs were standing out. a fine sheen of sweat making him shine.

I lost control about then.

Enough with the slow fuck. I began to ram into him, rocking his whole body.

Jack started a litany of " Oh OH OH, FUCK MY HOLE, FUCK MY HOLE!"

At some point I was pulling all of the way out, then slamming right back in. never missing his now wide open hole.

Jack's ass accepted my dick into his tunnel, like it was made just for it!

Jack's voice was getting deeper, and raspier as I jammed my dick inside him furious, savagely.

He hoarsely urged me on with. " Oh God Yes, Slam My Hole You Fucker!"

Each thrust of my dick against his prostate forced fluid from his bouncing dick.

Then his whole body went rigid, his stomach muscles in stark relief, his green eyes went wide, his ass clamping hard around my thrusting cock, as without being touched his eight inches cocked bobbed and shot

streamers of cum.

I held still deep inside as I could get, feeling his insides squeeze my dick, as I watched his cum splatter that perfect face, his hairy chest and dribble high on his ridged stomach.

The action of his stomach muscles straining massaged my cock.

The cum soon boiled out of me, and I arched, driving my dick as deep inside of him as it would go!

My whole body jerked, driving me just slightly in and out of him, making him moan again, and more cum dribble from the hole in his cock.

As I emptied my juice into the condom, part of me wished we were bareback, so I could always have a part of me inside him, this gorgeous beautiful man!

Both gasping for breath I fell across Jack's sweaty body, my sweat joining his, his cum, glueing us together.

I knew I shouldn't but I kissed some of his cum from his face, and swallowed it, wanting part of him to always be with me.

Jack's slicked arms and legs ,reached around me, to hold me in place, my cock still twitching inside of him.

We lay like that panting for a good long time.

Jack looked up at me and grinned.

He wiggled his ass on the invader still rigid inside him. " Looks like my job, isn't quite done! You are still hard!"

I dropped my face into the hollow of his neck. " Yeah, you seem to do that to me, Jack, even when I'm just watching one of your films, You keep me hard!"

" Soooo, how long can you do this?"

I smiled against his neck. " With you probably all Night!"

He pulled me in for a hug, kissing my forehead. " Yippeee!"

To the folks reading my story. There is more sex that happened that night. Maybe someday I will write about it. For those of you who are looking for Saloon Kaboom, I made up the name, and anyway it was destroyed by a fire. I fudged the timeline too. I also changed the names of all of the characters. I don't have permission to use their names. You may think you know who I am writing about, I 'll not confirm any suspicions. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this long story. I just feel like the story is best with a good tale leading up to the...ahem....main events.

Love Rusty




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