I was getting antsy. Time was dragging and I wasn't enjoying myself. I would've been, normally, especially with my date because I knew she was a sure fuck. Guys weren't exactly standing in line but that was because she had a particular love for jocks so all others need not apply. I was in a bit of a quandary over how the night should go. Caroline was no doubt expecting me to fuck her and it would be a blow to my reputation and my very manhood if word got out that I didn't. It wouldn't be our first time together so it wasn't like I would have to court her and coax her to yield up her body to me. We would simply go to one of my favorite parking places and get it on and it would probably like the times before; me standing outside the car on the passenger side with her spread out on the seat with her feet placed against the door frame. It was routine. But I wasn't looking for routine, I was looking for something different; something I hadn't tried before, with another guy.

You're wondering who the attraction was that was diverting my attention. In a word....Brian McCall. Okay, two words. Brian was a fellow jock. We were a big school, fortunate enough to provide a pick of sports. I played football and baseball, did some swimming and wrestling but I never aspired to make those two teams. Brian played lacrosse and rugby. He didn't dabble in anything else. He was loyal to his chosen sports which was probably what made him the best. He was the best at a lot of things in life. The best looking boy in school in his tough, rugged way. The best built by far. The guy had muscles where other guys didn't know they were supposed to have muscles. He had the layered look, muscles layered on top of each other, like you could peel off the outer layer and it would hardly be noticed that they were gone. Maybe he really did have muscles in his shit. He certainly had plenty to spare.

Did I mention his manhood? How could I overlook that! He was hung like a stallion. He had to wear protective support when he played lacrosse but he went commando under his rugby shorts. Most of the guys did, but on him it was more noticeable.

What sparked this sudden new interest was me seeing Brian sniffing my jockstrap. Some of us were working out at the school gym earlier in the day. I'd gone to shower and I'd left the shower running for Brian. When I came back to the locker room, rounding the corner out of the dim passageway I got the surprise of my life. There was big studly Brian sitting on a bench in just his jockstrap, sniffing mine. He didn't see me and I reared back into the shadows and made a noise to alert him then I proceeded on into the locker room. This was all in a time frame of a couple of seconds. He was on his feet then, standing at his locker and my jockstrap was laying on the floor in front of the bench. I couldn't believe what I'd seen and I was glad none of the others had seen him. They would've made it living hell for him. I was only trying to figure out a way to approach him on it.

"You ready for prom?" I asked as I went to my own locker.

"Yeah, you?"

"This'll be our last one," I said.

"Unless we get invited next year by one of the junior or senior girls.'

"You'll be in college; would you come back for it?"

"Yeah, probably, if I'm not involved with another girl," he replied.

"By involved, you mean.....?"

"You know, dating. Not just a fuck date."

"Lot of that going on, I hear," I said, laughing. "When my brother went to college two years ago, the day he arrived he was walking down the hallway looking for his room when this girl came out of her room and gave him a look then took him by the front of his shirt and pulled him into her room and fucked his brains out."

"Lucky guy. But I can see why. Your brother is a stud."

We chatted some more as we got dressed....he skipped his shower, said he was going to shower at home when he got ready for prom. We parted ways out in the parking lot and headed home. I was in a quandary the rest of the day, trying to get my head wrapped around what I'd seen, but more how I might react to it and even take advantage of it. Brian was hot as fuck, and if he was gay, FUCK what a hot thing to discover!!! I even wondered if maybe he had seen me and if he'd staged the whole thing to "come out" to me, since we were the last two guys left in the locker room after working out. Maybe he wanted me to know.....and if he did, why the fuck had he waited so long, our senior year?

I was about to leave the house to pick up my date when the phone rang. It was Brian.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Hey, can you get your hands on something to spike the punch with?"


"Just a small container; something you can ditch when it's empty so you don't get caught."

There was no mention of what'd occurred in the locker room. I found a plastic flask-shaped bottle among the travel-size bottles that my mom kept on hand for mouthwash, shampoo, body wash and the like for when we traveled--one of the larger ones--and filled it with some of my dad's 100-proof Absolut vodka, enough to play hell with one of the punch bowls. I really didn't drink but as an afterthought I took a healthy swig of the stuff right out of the bottle. As another after thought I grabbed another one of the larger bottles and filled it to put in my truck. None of it was enough that my dad would miss it.

So armed with my bottles of courage and inhibitions inhibitor, I went to pick up Caroline. She was a knockout, but my mind was still on Brian.

Brian was a total knockout in his tux. The way he filled it out was almost criminal. Godd, he looked great!! And even better because I knew what was under his clothes. When he and his girl saw us, she came rushing over to greet Caroline and while they were gushing over each other's dresses he asked me if I'd brought the stuff. I took it out of my breast pocket and handed it to him.

"You need to distract Miss Bloom as soon as you can," he said. Miss Bloom was standing at the table behind the two punch bowls.


"Ask her to dance, get her away from the table."

I did my duty on the third dance. The first one was with Caroline then Brian and I traded girls for the second. I went up to the table and Miss Bloom started to hand me two glasses of punch.

"No, I came to see if you would do me the honor of dancing with me."

"Seriously, what could go wrong? Do you think someone would really spike the punch?" I joked.

She laughed and came around from the table and I took her out on the dance floor. Well into the crowd I twirled her around so her back was to the table and I could see Brian just in time to see him taking a healthy swig from the flask I'd given him. Then he turned around, looked all around and then emptied the flask into other punch bowl. The deed was done.

I danced with a few more girls when other guys came up and asked Caroline to dance but I danced mostly with her. One of them, when he brought Caroline back from the dance floor, gripped my arm and whispered "Lucky stiff" as he was walking off. I whispered, "I hope you're right."

Well into the night I happened to glance at my watch. Caroline saw me.

"Are you getting anxious?" she asked with her best sultry, come-on smile.

"You could say that." Yeah, anxious as fuck, but not for her. She would be devastated and pissed as hell if she knew that. One thing Caroline prided herself in was her feminine charms, and she thought it her God-assigned duty to keep young, muscular, horny jocks happy. She was devoted to her cause. Putting it simply, she was probably a nymphomaniac. Nobody minded, of course, but right now it was getting in my way.

It was getting later and I was running out of time and ideas. Finally, while Caroline was occupied with two other girls acting like girls do, I went over to Brian and asked if he wanted to go outside for some fresh air. He readily agreed. We both told our girls we would be back in a little bit and left the building and walked out into the parking lot.

"The thing I hate about these things is having to wear a tux," Brian said, tugging at the collar as we walked towards the far side of the lot where vehicles were parked, half hidden under the trees.

"Maybe it's time to loosen it," I said. "Or lose the tux completely," I added.

He laughed. "Yeah, wouldn't that cause a stir, walking back inside in our underwear."

"Or less," I said.

"That would get us arrested," he said.

"Or raped," I said.

We were in the shadows where the trees blocked out the lights around the parking lot. I was steering him towards m pickup.

"You don't happen to have some more of that fine Absolut in your truck, do you?"

"You know me too well," I said laughing. We went around to the far side of the truck so we were on the very edge of the lot, under the overhanging trees. "It's under the seat," I said as I unlocked my truck and stepped back. He took it as I meant it, for him to retrieve the goods. When he leaned in to grope under the seat I almost groped his ass but I refrained, thought I should let him have some more vodka.

"You're a good man," he said as he straightened and handed me the bottle.

I shoved his hand away and told him to go first. He gulped down about half of it and handed me the bottle. I took it this time but I took only a couple of swallows and handed it back to Brian and told him to finish it. I thought he might need it more than I did. He emptied the bottle and laid it in the seat and I closed the door so the lights would go out. We didn't have much time and I didn't waste any of it. I moved against him with one hand on his waist and the other on his shoulder and turned him around facing the truck with his right arm twisted gently behind his back then pressed myself against him. I wasn't going to rape him; I just wanted to establish dominance.

"Hey, what the fuck! What're you doing?"

"I think you want this," I said as I smashed my loins hard against his butt.

"Want what? What're you talking about?"

"I saw you with my jockstrap today."

"Fuck, man," he complained but I noticed his efforts to get away from me were pretty weak. It was more like he was pushing back against me.

"Is that what you want; to get fucked?" I asked as I reached down and grabbed his butt. It felt as awesome as it looked, nice and meaty and solid. I pressed myself against my hand and felt it swelling. When it was respectably hard--it didn't take long--I removed my hand and pressed my cock against his butt. "Or maybe you just wanta give me a blowjob."

I didn't wait for his answer. I reached around with both hands and began fumbling with is pants. "Just tell me you don't want this and I'll back off."

"Alright, but not here. Somebody might come."

"We've got a clear view, we can see anybody coming," I said. By that time I had his pants undone and I was fumbling with my own.

"Alright, but take it easy, I've never done this before."

Little did he know, I'd never done it either. I pushed my pants and shorts down then pulled his shorts down so my cock was laid in the crack of his ass. He whimpered and pressed back against me.

"Godd, it feels so big."

"It is big," I said. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No! Fuck me!"

"Good man," I said. I used a lot of spit on his ass and my cock then rubbed my cockhead in his asscrack. He was anxious; he reached back and pulled his butt apart. My cock found its own way; the head of my cock pushed against his hole, throbbing, as if begging me to lend a hand and push, too.

"Take it easy," he said as I clenched my butt muscles.

I pushed through into the most exquisite place my cock had ever been. I'd never done this before but I'd fucked a lot of girls and this was fuckin' hot! His sphincter muscle locked angrily around my cock, trying to force me out but it was no match for my hard butt muscles powering my cock. I eased in slowly. I didn't want to cause him any more pain than was necessary. The eight inch journey ended and I smashed my loins against his trembling butt. We held there for a moment for him to get used to it, then he again pulled his butt apart to give me total access to his hot portal.

"You ready?" I asked.

He nodded and I eased back till the head of my cock was being strangled by his tight asshole then I shoved back in and started fucking him.

"Fuck, Brian, I didn't know it'd be this good," I whispered in his ear.

"Me either."

He hunkered back to receive my thrusting cock and we fucked like a stallion and a mare in heat. It was so hot, him doing that, instead of just standing there and taking it. He was giving back, hot and hard. We eased up a little when the smacking noised became too loud. If anybody came close by they would hear us, and the noises couldn't be misinterpreted.

I gripped his shoulders for leverage and slammed his body against the side of my truck. I ran my hands down his sides and got a tighter grip on his hipbones and pulled his butt back as I slammed into him. He groaned and whimpered, turning his head and when he did that I kissed him. I was as surprised as he was; I'd never even thought about kissing a guy before. But he kissed me back and it made the sparks fly down where we were connected.

Brian broke away from the kiss, groaning, "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum! Fuck, me Brian! Fuck me hard, I'm gonna cum!"

I plowed him, trying to work mine up too. I felt duty bound to make us come at the same time. I barely made it by a couple of seconds. I felt his asshole clenching my cock, this time drawing it in instead of pushing it out. I'd never felt anything like it fucking a girl. I mean, his ass wanted my cock while a girl's pussy only tolerated it. I slammed into him and began unloading. It was hard and huge, like my insides were draining out of me. Bigger and harder than I'd ever cum before. I must've pumped a quart of cum in him, till we were making wet sounds and the stuff started squishing out around my cock. When I felt it running down my balls I pulled out--sooner than I wanted--and grabbed the handkerchief out of my breast pocket. I didn't want to mess up my pants.

"Give me our handkerchief," I said.

He handed it back to me and I clamped it over his butt so he wouldn't mess up his pants either. I stepped back, wiping off my cock and balls and Brian wiped his ass. We pulled our shorts and pants up and adjusted our clothes. We were both a little shaky.

"I shot all over the side of your truck."

"It's okay, leave it," I told him.

We stayed to steady your nerves.

"Don't ever tell I said it but that was way better than pussy," I said.

"It was everything I dreamed it'd be and more."

"You wanta do it again sometime?" I asked.

"Hell yeah."

On the steps leading up to the door Brian stopped. "Do we smell like cum?"

We both took a few sniffs and decided we didn't. We went in and headed straight for the punch bowl. The guys standing close by asked us where we'd disappeared to. We told them we needed some fresh air. I was feeling pretty heady over the new experience, and a little superior, thinking I was probably the only guy in the gym ever to fuck another guy's ass. I smiled at out little secret, not knowing that there were cum spots on my pants, and that my fly was gaping wide open.

The End


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