Hugo was an upcoming heavyweight boxer who had won his first ten fights with 8 by knockouts. Sonny, the owner and trainer of the gym's 25 boxers, was convinced he had a future champion in Hugo. Billie was Sonny's youngest child in a family of ten boys. Billie was working at the gym for the summer following completion of his sophomore year in college. His duties included serving as the towel boy and all around assistant with the boxers after their workouts.

Hugo was a 25-year-old stud standing 6-feet and 3-inches, weighing 235 pounds, huge neck, big strong arms, hard biceps the size of coconuts, bulging veins running through the biceps, rock hard chest and stomach, nipples the size of a woman's small breast, muscled legs the size of a small tree trunk, 13-sized shoes, coal black curly hair, dark brown eyes and an 11-inch uncut cock with a very thick shaft and low hanging balls.

Billie, on the other hand, stood only 5-feet and 7-inches, weighed a slim 145 pounds, blond hair, deep blue eyes, solid body from a daily workout and a smooth nice 7-inch cut cock with a nice mushroom head.

On Friday of Billie's first week at the gym as towel boy and equipment helper for the summer, he watched Hugo's workout and boxing session with another heavyweight. At the end of five rounds, Sonny ended the sparring and ordered all the boxers including Hugo's partner to go to the vans for a trip to the country side for a 10 mile run back to the gym. However, he had Hugo go to the showers and rest.

"Billie, go with Hugo to the lockers and help him with the towels and clothes after he showers. Then you lock up the gym as we will not be coming back to the gym after the run."

"Yes, Dad, I will see you at home for a late dinner with Mom."

Hugo undressed in front of Billie showing off his stud body. Billie had never seen this hunk naked before. WOW, he could not resist starring at the most gorgeous man that looked like a Greek god. He noticed the hard huge arms, rigged body, muscled big legs and thighs and my hell the largest cock he had ever seen. Billie, as a young Gay man, was aroused instantly. But he controlled himself long enough to lay out Hugo's clothes and got the towels while Hugo took a shower.

Billie began to profusely perspire as streams of sweat rolled off his body. He had never been more horny or aroused. His cock grew to a full erection. He laid down on a bench on his back as he began to jerk off. He took gobs of spit and wet his rock hard cock. He used one hand to spread the salvia all over the cock shaft and then started jerking the cock with greater and greater speed. The friction made a loud sloppy sexy noise. He took his second hand and fondled his balls. Before long, he used a finger to began a wild finger fucking of his smooth clean pink ass. He no longer cared if Hugo found him jacking off and finger fucking his ass. Soon he was grunting and moaning wildly as Hugo came back into the locker room.

"Oh Shit, Billie, you are so hot and fucking cute. Have I turned you on with my hard body and python cock?"

"Oh Hell Yes, Hugo. I have never been so horny. I need to get off. Please help me get my nuts off. Do you want to fuck me?"

"Billie, are you Gay?"

"Hell yes, I am a raging horny Gay twink. During my two years in college, I have played around with my roommate and four of our buddies. We often have engaged in circle jerks until we shot our loads. Sometimes we jerked off on each other's face to have a hot facial and eat the warm cum. I have eaten lots of cum but not been fucked or fucked my buddies."

"Billie I am very experienced at hot Gay sex. I can teach you how to have a hot time sucking and fucking. Do you want me to fuck you, are you sure?"

"Oh fuck yes, I want to have you right now. Make wild love to me, please show me all the tricks."


I pulled Billie up and off the bench, lifted him up into my arms, held my hands around his butt, plunged my hot wet tongue down his throat as we French kissed. It was hot and sloppy. Our tongues swirled around each other. At times, I sucked his tongue driving him wild. At the same time, our two steel hard cocks rubbed together making our crotches and stomach wet with hot precum. The whole experience was slick and sloppy with our cocks pulsating.

After some hot ten minutes, I put Billie down on the massage table on his back. I put his legs off the end of the table giving me a clear path to his cock, balls and beautiful bubbled pink ass. I began to rim his slick pulsating asshole using my spit as a lube, sucked on his balls, put them in my mouth, and finally I moved in on his leaking jerking cock. I slowly began to kiss and lick up and down his beautiful cock shaft until he was wild with lust. Then I began inch by inch to take his sweet cock down my throat until I was deep throating my new bitch. Billie began to beg me to suck him faster and he began to thrust his hips up to drive his cock further into my throat. He was now in ecstasy.

Oh my god, oh shit, Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck, Yea that is it. Give it to me."

I pulled off the rock hard cock and said: "Billie, you cannot come yet. I want you to suck my big cock. Can you take it all?"

I stood Billie up and had him get down on his knees and I put my throbbing cock up to the entrance of his wide open mouth, as I stood in front of his face. I spit on my boner and instructed Billie to began swallowing my eager cock. He grabbed the base of the monster and began to go down on my favorite body part. WOW, he was so eager and hungry for my dick that he got all the wood down his throat except for two inches. He sucked up and down the slick cock shaft over and over. I heard him making delightful moaning grunts. He was obviously loving his first blowjob.

I was so turned on that I thrust forward trying to force the last two inches of my cock down his tunnel. Billie gagged as I began to face fuck him with great force. I finally got the last two inches into his mouth. He was then deep throating his new hunk's cock. Billie had become an instant terrific cock sucker. Man, his mouth felt awesome on my experienced cock. In fact, I could hardly believe that he was actually giving me my best blowjob ever. What a cute hot twink's mouth.

I yelled: "Oh Hell, Oh Shit, Billie, suck my cock. Give me your warm tongue on my cock. That's it Baby. Yea, it feels so good. You are about to make me come. But I want to fuck that young ass of yours."

Billie came off my cock just in time. He took a big towel and placed it on the floor. Without any instruction from me, he got down on his back, put his cute smooth legs up high in the air, put his hands under his knees and shoved his ass up inviting my cock to enter.

I felt my cock grow even harder as I got down directing my cock to this beautiful ass entrance. I was wild with lust as I began to inch by inch enter his welcoming, pulsating and widening ass. He wanted my cock so bad. His mental desire for my cock produced the most unexpected easy thrust for my huge cock into his virgin ass. Soon I was all the way into his guts. Then his ass muscles tightened around my cock shaft making me almost shoot my load that minute. Some how his ass knew how to make my cock so aroused and fucking hot. I felt as if my cock was in a tight vice grip. The feeling was beyond description. It was completely making the nerve endings of my cock so intense. I had never felt more wanted or appreciated. I could hardly believe that this was Billie's first time to get fucked. How could he use his ass muscles so effectively to drive my cock wild?

"Oh Fuck Yea, Oh Fuck Yea, I love your cock in my ass. It feels so good. Never take your cock out of my ass. I am crazy with lust. Fuck me harder, give it to me. Be rough with my ass. No mercy."

This dirty talk and the grip his ass had on my cock, put me over the edge. I felt all the tension go to my balls and the release of a river of cum. As it went up my cock shaft, it rushed out and into his stuffed ass. I felt that this was the most erotic orgasm of my life. I shot burst after burst onto this virgin ass.

This intense climax was so powerful that I lost control over any inhibitions and when I was spent, I went down on his ass, sucked my cum out, took my cum filled mouth up to Billie's mouth and filled his mouth with a big hot load. He spit it back into my mouth and we both swallowed parts of my seed. We kissed and loved the taste of our cum meal.

"OH Hugo, you have made me wild with lust for your huge body and cock. Please fuck me ever day this summer. I need your cock and cum."

"You bet, you little bitch. I will fuck you until you cannot take it any more. You have the greatest ass as ever."



Naughty Eric


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