My roommates and I were watching the 50 Load Weekend. I was so envious as the star was filled with creamy load after load. That's when I noticed Jake stroking his hardening cock. At 9 3/4' x 7', he could make me moan or squeal if he wanted. He loved to watch my face as he thrust everything he had into me with one stroke. This would turn him on and he would then tell me what a good slut I was as he streched me open with his cock. The pain was almost too much but soon the thrill of a big cock and the huge load of cum hade me begging for more. The door opened as Jake began to thrust harder. Our other roommate Dennis walked in and was followed by at least 10 other guys. I just smiled as they rubbed their cocks while they watched as Jake filled me with his cum. I new they would be blown away when his cock slipped out of me. We had watched before as cum just ran out of my stretched hole and I used my fingers to feed myself cum.

That's when I noticed about half the guys had their cocks out, hard and at attention. It was a size-queens dream. Nothing less than 8' and thick. Could I take all these guys? I licked my lips and that's when I felt my arms being pinned down. One of the guys pulled a syrynge from his pocket and smiled. I was scared now, what was going on. Soon they told me i was going to want all of them and more. The syrenge I was told, contained .05g on Tina and it was going in me. I watched helplessly as the needle was pressed into my skin and the flash s my vein was hit. When the plunger was pressed something warm rushed over me. The room was spinning and I was coughing. I heard voices in the background talking about the slut being ready. I could not concentrate on anything but one cute guy and the thick cock he was stroking. I wanted to taste his cock then be pounded as I gave him my hole. I had a pussy now and these cocks were for me. The cute guy moved between my legs. I was floating in between what was real, (a room full of guys, all nude, and more coming in the door, and the tingling feelings and my desire to feel cock inside me and taste precum as I was fed and bred). I was in ecxtasy as the emptiness between my legs was replaced with hard meat. I don't know how long this went on, but it felt so good. I remember how I thought the lube made this so smooth as cock went in and out like a well-oiled piston.

My eyes opened and slowly I began to clear my head. It was dark out. What I say on the clock confused me. 3:00am. Jake had been fucking me at what, 11:00am? How could it be 3? That's when I noticed the CD. 60 Load Afternoon. My numbness told me the rest. AS the video started to play, I found out just what a cumslut I was as I was used as a cumdump. Loads of cum were being pumped into my mouth and sloppy hole. I was positioned as two cocks started to work inside me. The cock in my mouth so I wouldn't moan as I was stretched wide, pumped hard and creamed by two spurting cocks. I watced in amazement as 60 men barebacked my cumfilled hole. A couple fisting me as they looked into the camera. My grinning and eyes glazed begging for more cock.


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