Daddy and I were still at the bath house. He videoed me riding his cock and saying how full of huge cock my ass was. You need my cock don't you, cock slut? Yes, Daddy. Without your big, beautiful cock in my throat and ass I don't have any worth. That's right cock whore, you are nothing unless I'm using you. Got that, cunt? Yes, Daddy. Your huge gorgeous cock is everything I need. I can't get enough of it. You like me don't you Daddy? I like ass fucking you and degrading you. You still might get your ass beaten just for fun. I know, Daddy, I just want to be so obedient for you, Daddy. I'm a good boy aren't I, Daddy?

You're a sort of good boy, cum whore. Thank you, Daddy. Please fuck my ass really hard, Daddy? Please? Sure. Then he fucked me so hard. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I had learned that what he was hitting every time he bottomed me was my prostate. A known O spot for bottoms. It felt so awesome. I was begging him to fuck me harder and he abused me for that. With his gigantic cock and verbally.

I had discovered such a filthy, slutty, depraved bottom whore in me. I was a total sexual athlete. I was his cum whore. I was on my back and he was grinding his cock in and laying on me with my knees above my head. I was screaming. The dorks were still trying the door knob and getting nowhere. My huge cock. Not yours. He told me to cum if I wanted but he was going to keep fucking me even if I begged him to stop. Sorry, Daddy, I'm going to Jack off to get hard again and cum again. That's right cum whore. You can cum all you want and get fucked much more. I could barely speak. I begged him to fuck me really hard and he did.

FUCK YOU!!! And he told me he was going to drown me with his cum. Yes, Daddy. Do it, ass master. That's right. I'm your ass master. And you're my cum whore. Can I suck your balls, Daddy? Please. Yes, cum whore. Suck my balls, bitch. NOW! He pulled out of my ass and shoved his cock into my mouth so I could taste me on it. Like the taste of your ass, cunt? Yes, Daddy. It tastes more like your cum and lube, Daddy.

Taste it cum whore. I went to his huge balls and got them both in my mouth and it took effort. They were fucking huge. I sucked on them with force and he moaned and told me I was the best cock sucker ever. With both balls in my mouth I looked up at him with smiling eyes and slowly licked up his cock to his head and tickled it. He grabbed my hair and said you really want to get beaten don't you, cum whore. Am I the best ass fuck ever, Daddy? Yes. Thank you, Daddy. A cum whore needs skills. You have those skills, cock slut. Now take my cock down your throat. Whore. So I pushed and relaxed my throat and slowly took his giant cock down my throat. He was instantly moaning and tensing up. I eventually worked both forefingers up his ass and fucked it with them.

He had already fucked my ass and throat 7 times over 2 days and nights. I wanted more. I got more. He stopped me throating his cock and told me he wanted to fuck me on my hands and knees doggy style. Yes, Please, Daddy. Fuck my ass doggy style. I got on my knees and was already lubed up so he put lube on his cock and shoved it in hard. I screamed and loved it. I was swimming in his cock. He was really huge. 11 inches and purple with a deeper purple head. It looked menacing when stared at face to face. He fucked my ass from behind and came very hard. While cumming I got what flowed out around his cock with my fingers and licked it off while showing him as best I could. He finally finished and collapsed on my back.

Daddy, can you keep fucking me to get hard again and cum again? Yes, cock slut. I can and will do that. He was still sort of hard and fucked me and got very hard again. Then he raped me but I asked if it could be rape if I love it? No, cock whore. Since you love it it's not rape. It's me ass raping you. But consensual. He, Daddy. Very consensual. I going to spin you around on my cock like a propeller. He did that and it worked. That was crazy because when he threw me to the bed he met me with a huge thrust which made me scream really loudly. He loved that. You're feeling this aren't you, cum whore. He, Daddy. I'm totally feeling it and I love it.

His giant cock took over my whole body. I couldn't believe how good it felt to get fucked like that. His cock owned me. I was its slave. He pushed my knees over my head and drilled me like he wanted to kill me with his cock. I squeezed his ass and his muscular ass was very tight. It was hard to do but I worked my middle finger into his ass and fucked it with it. That made him cum very hard. He filled me with it. Now he was done for a while. As he pulled out I caught what flowed out and it was as much as the first time he came.

I had an entire load on my hand and showed it to him and licked it off. I then fed it to him with my mouth and he fed it back to me with his tongue. We made out like that and as we pulled away there was a large strand between our mouths and it fell on my face and his. I licked it off his and used his cock to get it off mine and then lick it off his. I couldn't believe how good his cum tasted. He ate a lot of fruit as he said and that makes a guys come taste good.

So, we lay there kissing and touching. He explored my body roughly. He got me very hard. I asked if I went to see him would he fuck me like he had? I'll fuck you more aggressively. Do you have friends with cocks like yours? 4. Two as big, one not quite and the other bigger. Longer and thicker? Yes. He fucks me last, Daddy. I don't want to be ruined for the others. OK. Can I suck your cock and clean it? Do that, slut. Yes, Daddy. And I did. His cock tasted like my ass and his cum. He asked do you want to be gang banged? Yes, Daddy I think I do. Come and you will be destroyed. Yes, Daddy. You know people in the porn industry right? Some. Are they cool. Some. Could a total bottom get work? He laughed and said I think you could get lots of work, cock slut. I'm not done fucking you now, cock whore. You're going to take a lot more now.

Then he told me to lay down on my stomach. He then lubed up and slid his cock into my ass and thrust it hard in it. Every way hit me differently. All good. He ground his cock up my ass and breathed into my ear. Being so mean. I loved being degraded. I didn't know I loved that but learned it was so hot.

His 11 inches were completely up my ass! He ground in really hard and came again. He was panting in my ear and breathing hard agains my neck. I felt his hair and wanted to cum myself. He told me he would tell me when I could cum and not before. Yes, Daddy. You're a brutal ass master. Take my cock whore. I'm not done fucking you now. Yes, Daddy.

We shot video of all we had done and I kept it for months looking at it to cum and then eventually erased it. More later.




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