Coach Jasper became the head coach of the "Rugby Fireballs" two years ago after he had completed ten successful years as a pro rugby player. Three months into his position, Coach Jasper and the team's owner traded two of the team's player's to another team for Dirk, an all star player.

Coach Jasper had a reputation as a Man's Man. The rumors were that he had fucked many athletic studs from several sport's teams.

During the first three weeks after Dirk joined the "Fireballs", the Coach avoided any sign of pursuing his new player for sex. Coach Jasper had settled down with a new boyfriend about 8 months earlier. His new boyfriend was one of the team's assistant coaches.

The temptation for Coach Jasper was that Dirk, a Gay man, possessed all the features of an herculean stud. Would Coach Jasper's lust for the most perfect specimen of a male hunk he had ever met cause him to break his commitment to his new boyfriend?

Dirk was not only an outstanding rugby player but he radiated the ultimate male features and aromas of rich masculine testosterone, active libido and raging hormones. Gay men had aggressively pursued Dirk since he turned 18-years-of-age. He had no problem getting into these mens' pants.

Coach observed these characteristics daily both on and off the field.

Dirk had a hard stocky build; sculpted chest, stomach and abs; huge hard arms and biceps the size of grapefruits; bulging thighs; big hard nipples; large breasts; sensual curled upward red lips; hung like a proverbial horse with a 10" uncut cock; a sac that looked like a coconut holding his large balls; stood 6-feet and 3-inches; weighed a muscled 220 pounds; bright red hair; round bubble ass; and hazel eyes.

During Monday of the fourth week with the team, the scheduled practice took place from 2 to 6 PM. Shortly before the end of practice, Dirk developed a serious cramp in his left leg calf.

"Dirk, meet me in the training room and I will work on that cramp so you do not develop a more serious injury," instructed Coach Jasper.

The rest of the team and coaching staff showered and left for home.

"Dirk, get up on the training table on your stomach, stretch out and I will first use some ice and then message the cramp out of your calf," Jasper said.

While the coach went for the ice, Dirk took off his shoes and socks, his dirty jersey and put a pillow under his head.

Coach Jasper placed the ice on the calf and left it for 15 minutes. Then he began to massage the calf as he used some oil to make the massage easier.

As he began to notice Dirk's hot tight bubble ass, the manly smell of sweat dripping from Dirk's body, and the red fuzzy pubic hair showing through Dirk's rugby shorts, lust took over. The Coach began feeling his own big 8-inch cut cock swelling to a full erection, a wave of heat radiated from his own crotch, his heart began pounding and the smell of masculine odors caused him to forget about his boyfriend.

He solicitously brushed his now hard cock up against the leg of Dirk and began adding pressure to Dirk's hot leg and side. At the same time, he slowly moved his hand up Dirk's leg, across onto the hot thigh and finally inside the shorts where he started playing with the big sweaty balls.

"Coach, what in the hell are you doing? Chuck, our assistant coach and your boyfriend, would be angry. This could cause real trouble for all of us. You have a hold of my balls. Oh Shit, you have just grabbed my cock."

"Shhhhh! I think we are alone but keep your voice down just in case. I have got to have that big cock of yours. I love this beautiful ass," Coach Jasper declared.

"Coach, I do find that handsome tanned ribbed body of yours hot. I love your dark features of coal black hair, gorgeous deep blue eyes, that slim 160 pound frame and 5'10" height. I have seen that hot thick 8-inch cut cock of yours with the large mushroom purple head in the shower. You do turn me on. But please Coach, we must not give in to these horny desires," Dirk begged.

"Hell, Dirk, your cock has swollen to its full manhood. It feels as hot as a red-hot poker. Yea, look, you are beginning to hump that big round bubble ass of yours on the table as if it was in my ass. You want me as bad as I want you. It is too late to resist. I bet you have not had sex since you joined our team. Am I right?"

"Hell, Coach, we have been so busy with practice and games since I joined the team, I have not had time to cruise the bars for action. Yes, I have never been more horny. You are taking advantage of my horny desperate condition. I cannot resist any longer. I am yours. Lets kiss, suck cock, rim ass and fuck right now."

Dirk's permission caused Coach Jasper to put his thumbs under the elastic of Dirk's shorts and he pulled them off. He began nibbling on Dirk's ear lobes and bite his shoulders. Next he moved down Dirk's back licking and kissing until he reached the bouncing ass. The Coach removed his own jersey and shorts while leaving on his jock strap.

Coach spread Dirk's legs far apart. ordered Dirk to use his own hands to spread his butt cheeks, he got up on the table with Dirk and put his face into the entrance to Dirk's ass. He began licking up and down the pink smooth ass crack, kissed and licked the ass and balls, spit into the asshole, and used a finger to drive the spit deep into Dirk's ass. He spent at least ten minutes rimming the beautiful ass and plunging his tongue as far as he could into the ass entrance.

Dirk humped wildly on the table as he moaned and grunted like a wild beast. When the Coach was satisfied, they both got off the table, Dirk gave the Coach long hard hugs, and they began a long series of wet sloppy kisses as their tongues worshiped each other. AS they kissed and their naked bodies were as one, they began leaking precum on their embraced bodies. The sweat was pouring off their bodies.

Coach Jasper placed a rugby team blanket on the floor and they moved into a 69 position after Coach Jasper removed his jock strap and momentarily the Coach put the jock strap in Dirk's mouth.

"Coach, Mmmmm. I love the smell and taste of your crotch."

They began using their tongues to lick each other's cock shafts, swirl their tongues around the purple big cock heads, and take their buddies' entire cock down their throat all the way to the base of the cock. They spent the next 15 minutes giving hot wild blowjobs as they tasted the thick salty precum dripping from their buddies' cock. The produced salvia had made their pubic hair soaking wet and sticky. They also fondled each other's balls.

When they finished the hot blowjobs, Dirk asked: "Coach, lean over facing the table and let me eat your ass from a better advantage point."

Coach leaned over and spread his legs for a clear entrance to his wet ass. Dirk wet his fingers and began finger fucking the Coach's ass. He then began a long series of licking , tonguing and spiting into the big ass. He also spent time sucking on the Coach's balls and taking them into his mouth. Finally, the Coach said: "Stop or you are going to make me come."

"Coach, I want to fuck that beautiful hot ass of yours."

Oh, Shit, Dirk, I want that monstrous cock of yours to drill deep into my ass. I have had wet dream about your huge cock in my ass." But first I need to have you use this big dildo to stretch my ass in preparation for the largest cock I have ever seen."

Dirk lubed the Coach's ass, lubed the dildo and slowly drove the toy all the way in until the base of the dildo was just outside of the ass entrance. He fucked the Coach with the dildo as he drove it in and out with great speed until the Coach said: " WOW, the dildo really feels good and has me opened up for your big boner. Please fuck me now."

Dirk took charge, had Coach Jasper get up on the table on his stomach, spread his legs far apart, lubed the Coach's ass, put on a condom, lubed the condom, got up on the table, lowered his crotch and cock down on the ass and slowly inserted his purple blood filled cock into the waiting ass.

Dirk lowered his body until he was lying on top of the Coach with his now steel rod all the way in the experienced ass. He plowed his massive wood up into the Coach's guts and fucked him with no mercy over and over again. As Dirk used his powerful back muscles, hips and legs to drive hard into the man pussy, the Coach began to buck his ass upward to meet the big cock and make the experience even more erotic. Dirk used a technique of pulling out and then using one quick plunge suddenly all the way back in to make it rough sex.

"Oh, Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh holy shit, I feel your big cock pounding my guts. I can feel your cock head hit a wall and your cock shaft massage my ass walls and prostate. Fuck me harder. Please give it all to me. Oh hell, yea, that is it."

Dirk and Coach Jasper's bodies melted together as if they were one. They felt streams of sweat soak their entire bodies and the release of much sexual energy. Dirk pounded the Coach's ass for at least 15 minutes with groans coming from both guys. They moaned, grunted and squirmed until Dirk's cock erupted with a huge load of thick white sticky semen into the condom.

When he was spent, he pulled out, took off the condom. turned Coach Jasper onto his back and was surprised to see that the Coach had ejaculated a monstrous load of his own cum all over the table, on his crotch, cock and stomach.

Dirk took his hands and smeared the Coach's cum all over the Coach's body. Then Dirk licked up the smeared thick sticky cum off the Coach's body, leaned down and kissed Coach Jasper coating both of their mouths and tongues with the cum. Dirk then plunged his own cum covered cock into Coach Jasper's mouth. Finally, he pored his own cum from the condom into the Coach's mouth. The kissed as they enjoyed the warm cum from both cocks.

"Dirk, this was the best fuck of my life. Lets keep this a secret. I have a boyfriend and you can go bar hoping for more man pussy and cocks. This was just a one time great fuck."

"Yes, Coach, I will try. But what if we get horny for one another again since it was such great sex?

"Well Dirk, we must try to be strong."

Coach, time will tell."



Naughty Eric


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