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I joined the army when I was 18 years old fresh out of high school so I had time to figure myself out and time to know who I wanted to be or what I wanted to be... I had a few gay experiences before I joined the army but none as prominent and memorable as these. When I first got to basic training I tried to get along with everyone because in high school I was the typical jock and asshole. I wanted to change that about myself so I made sure I talked to everyone in all platoons. There was this one guy who I was especially nice to because he was the typical army guy his name was PV2 Camel he is white 6'2 well defined abs and muscles with an 8 ½ dick and he was also 18 at the time. He was so sexy every time I seen him I he'd make me smile. I began to talk to him all the time and since we were in the bay together id go to shower around the same time he did hoping and praying to get a glimpse of his beautiful cock. One day I got the liberty to see it... it had to be at least 5ins soft, I was hooked and knew I wanted him and had to have him from that moment forward. A few days later I ended up dislocating my knee cap and was forced to go to sick call to get it checked out. When I got back later that day I was told that the rest of the soldiers were gone and I was to go to our bay and help clean it with none other thanPV2 Camel I was happy as hell... I ran to our bay although it hurt and looked around for him until I found him near his bunk at the end of the bay. As soon as I saw he I immediately struck up a conversation about my visit to sick call he sat there with me and listened and showed that he cared at that point I was in love, I began to get up to start cleaning and as we kept talking. Only this new conversation was starting to get a little graphic, we began talking about old lovers and all the sex we were missing out then I told him 'man we got to stop talking about this, shit my dick hard as hell now' we both burst out laughing but soon as we stopped he then said 'shit I thought it was just me ha-ha my dick starting to hurt it's so hard' we both burst out laughing again... when our laughter finally died down I said 'shit man ill help you with that' he laughed again and said I was stupid. I had forgotten it was Thursday and on Thursdays for army is 'MAN LOVE THURSDAYS' (For those who don't know army man love Thursdays is a day where all male soldiers just play around say and in some ways do 'GAY' things) when I finally realized it was Thursday I said 'no dude I'm serious but it would have to stay between us' right then we both stopped cleaning and looked at each other. I looked at him to see if I could read into the way he was looking at me and he looked at me to see if I was actually serious. When he finally realized I was serious he said 'dude wait are you seriously gay?' I looked directly into his eyes and finally said 'I'm not actually gay I'm bi, I believe in exploring all of my options' as I said that he looked blankly at my face with his mouth wide open. After I stopped talking he turned around and said 'look dude I'm not gay or bi I'm straight I'm not going to say anything to anybody about you but I'm not into that and you're a cool as dude I like you but not like that' I continued to stare at his sexy ass back which had me in a daze although I heard every word he said I just didn't want t it to fully process in my head that he had said no. we both went back to cleaning and I finally said something again 'well look man I'm sorry for coming at you like that and thank you for not saying anything but I'd suggest that we jack off while we have the time then because I'm stilly hard as fuck and I'm thinking you are too' he turned back around towards me and said ' now that I can do'.

Stay tuned for part two where the fun begins



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