It was about a week and a half later when I got a knock at the door just around midnight. Instinctively, I knew it was Damon. “Fuck him,” I thought. Let him keep knocking. I wasn't going to answer. He knocked and knocked and knocked. As I lied in bed, I listened to him knocking and stewed in anger. “How dare him?” I thought. I wasn't about to let him play me for a fool. I deserved better. But then, I started thinking about the night we had shared not long ago. The things he did to my body. The places he took me sexually. The way my hole sweetly ached for days after his deep, wild fucking. My cock began to get hard thinking about all of it. So, of course, I got out of bed and opened the door.

“Hey. How you been?”

The rain was coming down hard and Damon was soaking wet.

“I'm good Damon. Need a place to stay tonight?”

“Yeah. Look. I…”

“Don't even worry about explaining anything. Just come in.”

He came inside and we walked over to my sofa and sat down. He was wearing a backpack, and after he sat down, he pulled it off of his back and placed it on my coffee table.

“Dude, I got something.” He reached over and unzipped the front pocket of the backpack and pulled out a small baggy containing white powder.

“Is that coke?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah. It's bomb ass coke, too! You got a straw?”

I’ve never been a druggie. Sure, I’d experimented with different substances back in my college days, but for the most part, I stayed the hell away from the hard stuff. But I never judged anyone for partaking in that sort of thing. I always figured once in awhile was ok -- it was the possibility of addiction that scared the hell out of me. But at that moment, I was totally down for doing some blow and seeing where the night would take us. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a straw.

We spent the next few minutes doing lines of coke. It had been awhile for me, but I quickly remembered how much I liked it. I felt a euphoric rush take over my entire body. My pulse began to race. My cock got hard -- real hard. For a minute or two, both of us sat on the sofa fidgeting and swaying back and forth. He kept smiling at me and making silly, little chuckling sounds.

“What the fuck are you giggling about?” I asked.

“You. You're totally fucking coked out right now, all shakin’ around and shit.”

We both busted out laughing.

“Fucker, so are you!” I said, laughing.

We sat on the sofa talking for a good ten minutes or so. Damon may have seemed dumb sometimes, especially with the way he said “dude” so much, but in reality, he was funny! And he was a great conversationalist, much deeper and intelligent than one would expect from a guy who had been in and out of prison for many years.

“You wanna beer?” I asked.

“You read my mind,” he said. “I’d love one, or two, or six.”

I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a couple of bottles of hefeweizen. I brought them back to the sofa. He grabbed his bottle and raised it up.

“Cheers,” he said, with a smile.

We sat there quietly for a minute drinking our beers. He guzzled down the hefeweizen and sat it down on the coffee table.

“We should have an adventure,” Damon said.

“What kind of adventure?” I asked.

“I dunno. You got a tent and a sleeping bag?”

I gave him a look of confusion. Camping wasn’t something I had thought of doing, especially in October and ESPECIALLY in October here in the Pacific Northwest.

“Are you crazy? It’s October!”

“Are you a pussy? Come on! We get us a little tent and drive down to the beach in Seaside or Manzanita. We’ll be there by 3AM and have it all to ourselves.”

Damon was a very hard man to tell “no.” Seriously, those eyes, that smile and that sexy, persuasive nature of his really made “no” an impossibility. So, of course, thirty minutes later we had my Volkswagen’s rear hatch stuffed with my tent, a sleeping bag and some other supplies. And off to the Oregon Coast we went.

We drove through Portland on the way to the coast. The usually busy, gridlocked city was quiet and sound asleep as we zipped down the freeway towards our destination. Damon and I talked -- and talked -- and talked. Usually, I have my music playing at full-blast when I’m driving, but this time, I didn’t even have the radio on. I was enjoying our conversation and the drive way too much to be distracted by music. Right around 2AM, we pulled into a parking lot next to the beach in Manzanita, a tiny coastal town that was dead this time of year. I opened the VW’s hatch and we unloaded the camping gear. It wasn’t raining in Manzanita, but it was windy. We walked down to the beach and stopped not far from the water.

“Which way?” I asked.

“Let’s go...that way,” he said as he pointed northwards.

I knew this beach pretty well. He was pointing towards a cove half a mile north that was pretty secluded from the rest of the beach. Twenty minutes later, we made it to the cove and began to unpack.

Miraculously, we were able to get a fire going despite the wetness of the air and sand. We also had a stroke of luck with the wind dying down, so we were able to easily erect my cheap little Costco tent. As the campfire flames flickered away in the soft wind, Damon and I talked even more. Our chemistry felt as hot as the flames of the campfire. While he talked, I looked at his face and into those eyes. It was beautiful the way the flames of the campfire illuminated his face. God, just being near him made my heart race. My stomach felt like it had butterflies churning away inside. There was a passion I was experiencing that was unlike I’d ever experienced before. I wanted him. I wanted him more than anyone else I’d ever met. “What is this?” I wondered to myself as I stared at him. At some point, I must have gotten lost in my mind, as he quit talking, took notice of my being in la-la land and just stared back at me. He had this amazingly cute grin on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. He was reading my mind, I just knew it.

“Let’s get in the tent,” he said. “I love talking to you Keith, but I can’t help but wanted to get naked with you.”  

Moments later, we were in the tent, kissing passionately. Our lips and tongues were wrapped together in a powerful embrace as we held each other tightly. I took a break from kissing him and explored his body with my tongue. I licked, sniffed and kissed his neck, savoring his fragrant man stench. As I did that, he licked and kissed my ear, breathing deeply and softly moaning. We pulled each others shirts off. Our hairy chests came together as our mouths reunited for another round of sweet, passionate kissing. I grabbed the button of his pants with my hands and began to pull off his pants. He did the same to me. Within moments, we were both naked. The winds outside began to pick up and the heavy rains resumed. But we were safe and dry in the tent. A bomb could've exploded on the beach and I doubt we would've noticed. In my mind, Damon and I were the only two things that existed in the entire universe.

After what seemed like an eternity of kissing, we found ourselves in a 69 position, with us both on our sides. Damon's huge cock was oozing with beads of precum. I gently licked the precum from his swollen tool and then I began to suck just the head of his shaft. As I did that, Damon licked my balls and taint. His rough beard scraped against my nuts as his tongue made its way to my hole. He slowly began forcing his thick meat into my mouth and I happily accepted it! He was six inches limp, but I could swear he was a good nine inches hard. I lovingly swallowed all nine, thick, delicious inches as he ate my fuckhole. I bobbed back and forth, sucking and swallowing his amazing cock. Damon's furry nuts slapped against my nose as he moaned while eating my ass. Eventually, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began jerking it. I wanted to taste his hole.

As Damon chowed down on my hole (goddamn that man loved to eat ass!) I began to sniff and lick his balls. I don't know if other gay guys are into sniffing balls and ass like I am, but Damon sure didn't seem to mind! He smelled salty, a little raunchy, but there was also a sweetness to him that I'd never sensed with other men. His nuts were very hairy; I had to stop a couple of times to pick out those fire red pubes from my teeth. But oh my god was he delicious! I moved on to his taint as we worked his way from my hole to my nuts. I used both hands to spread his ass cheeks.

“Go ahead, dude. Coast is clear.”

I took that to mean he was clean. So I buried my face in his sweet ass. It felt so incredible to be so intimate with this man. Having my face in his ass was amazing! His sweet, sweaty man scent was now over my face and now on my tongue as I lovingly licked and probed his hole. This was heaven! I hungrily ate Damon's hole, as he began to swallow and suck my seven inch tool. He had told me that night we'd first met that he knew his way around a cock. Boy, did he mean it! After I got his hole good and wet, I put a finger inside of him. He softly moaned as I entered him. Damon's hole was warm, tight and delicate. I gently pushed my finger inside of him as he continued to passionately swallow my tool. He continued to moan as I began to fuck him with my finger. I placed my tongue above his hole as I finger fucked him. Eventually, I put two fingers inside Damon. He began to moan even more as I opened his beautiful, red-furred hole. I loved having my fingers inside of him. I penetrated him deeply and dug into his hole, rubbing his prostate. Damon then took his mouth off of my cock and pushed his face into my ass. He began eating my hole and finger fucking me as I did the same to him. At some point, we both found a common tempo as we both bucked wildly back and forth, as if doing some sort of dance. Our holes ached as we took turns finger fucking and licking each other. Thanks to the coke, we both lasted forever!

Eventually, we broke away from the 69. Damon got on his back and spread his legs. I nestled myself between his legs and lowered my mouth onto his swollen cock. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth and I wanted to taste every fucking drop of his seed. As I went up and down on his cock with my mouth, he placed his hand under my mouth and jerked the base as I sucked the rest of it. Moments later, he began to groan.

“Oh...oh. Fuuuuckkk… I'm so close!” he moaned.

I inserted my left middle finger into his hole and pushed into his prostate. That really seemed to send him over the top!

“Oh fuck! Ohhhh!”

And right as he moaned, a hot and heavy stream of cum burst out of his cock and into the back of my throat. I increased the pressure of my mouth on his cock, sucking out every little last drop. His seed tasted so fucking good! After a few more seconds, I could tell that I'd drained him completely and I pulled his dick out of my mouth. As I did that, he pulled my face towards his face and began to deeply kiss me. Some of his cum still lingered on my tongue, and we both savored his seed as we kissed.

“Your turn,” he said to me, as he grabbed me and turned me around, facing forward. He then pulled my back into his chest, holding me tightly. He spit in his hand and grabbed my cock, jerking it smoothly with his saliva. As Damon jerked me, he kissed and licked my right ear and all over my neck. He sure knew how to find my erogenous zones! As he did this, I felt a load well up deep in my balls. Moments later, I began to explode and right as I started cumming, Damon tightened his embrace of me, turned my head and started kissing me. Once I finished, we both lied down on our sides and he spooned me. He planted a kiss on the back of my head.



He paused for a moment. And then -- he said it.

“I'm in love with you.” be continued




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