BBC's Prison Revenge

by Sissyboi69

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Reader discretion is adviced, this story contain graphic content depicting violence and rape which may not be suitable to all readers. This is a fictional story and do not portray real events or real persons.

Jack and Nick are two homophobic college grads on their way to an airbnb for a week long summer trip together. Nick decides to bring along weed and cocaine for the long drive and hides it from Jack. On the freeway, they unfortunately get pulled over and arrested for possession. Nick tries talking his way out of the arrest, "weed is legal in LA, bro. Why tf are we getting arrested for a small ounce??" While Jack stays quiet as he doesn't want to get in anymore trouble with the police.

The prison they're sent to is a predominantly black penitentiary that's currently overflowing with inmates. Jack, the smaller of the two is very athletic but is worried his size will be an attractor to some unwanted guests. An anxious Nick tries looking for an exit but he and Jack are quickly shoved into a cell with a handful of tall and muscular black men.

"Don't fuckin say anything stupid to anyone." Nick whispers.

Jack replies "We just gotta appear strong so nobody fucks with us."

As Jack and Nick try and keep to themselves, some of the black men turn their attention to them. A few lick their lips and blow kisses, while some get up from their beds to take a closer look at the fresh meat. Jack asks Nick if there's a way for them to be placed into a different cell. Nick tries thinking of options, but is suddenly approached by a tall black man. "What'cha two whitebois in for?" he asks. A shy Jack replies, "...possession." "Ya'll like smokin' some kush?" Before the black man can finish his sentence, 4-5 more men approach them. "what they do?" another one asks. "smokin shit." The first black man introduces himself to the boys as Tyrone. It's clear he is the leader of most of the men in the prison. He then says "good thing I be here right now, so these other nigga's don't fuck wit ya'll." Tyrone then looks Jack up and down... like a lion looking at raw meat. Jack tries to ignore him, but it doesn't work.

"W... we don't want any trouble, sir." Jack nervously says.

"Fuck off, fag!" Nick yells.

Tyrone's eye grow wide and he barks back "tf you just call me, whiteboi?!" The group of black men move in closer, about to attack until the guards cut in and bang on the cell door with their batons. "Cut it the fuck out!!"

"You betta watch your fuckin mouth there, fuckin white boi. Me and my bois will slit that pretty little throat of urs." Nick, still not backing down yells for the guards again in hopes of some more protection. The guards run inside the cell and ask what's happening. Jack explains these men are trying to hurt them, but one of the guards mentions they saw Nick starting the fight. In order to stop the constant arguing, the guards separate Nick and Tyrone into a different cell. Jack begs not to be left alone in the current cell, but to no avail.

"Please don't do this!!" Jack yells, almost about to cry.

Meanwhile, Nick and Tyrone are thrown into a different cell. A lot calmer and less crowded than the one Jack is still in. As Nick tries to get closer to Jack in the other cell, he's blocked by 3 BBC bears. They circle him like a group of horny sharks. "Get the fuck outta the way!" Nick pleads. Suddenly,  Omar, the leader of the bears stops him and checks Nick out. "pretty ass whiteboi got a mouth... I wanna see what that shit can really do."

"Don't lay a fucking finger on me, stupid nigger!" The 3 bears get riled up and start laughing. "Dis bitch finna get raped in fronta all these other niggas" "Bitch we'll spit roast you!" another BBC yells. Nick begins to sweat and tries running past them. They throw him down on the ground as they get visibly hard. Their 11 inch cocks can be seen growing in size from underneath their clothes. Nick calls out for Tyrone's help as he just watches in joy. 

Nick tries thinking of a way out of this. He quickly exclaims to Tyrone. "I saw the way you were looking at my boy... you want him don't you?!"

"Help me, bro! And I'll help you get my friend Jack... you can make him your prison bitch! You and these guys together!"

Omar and the two other BBC bears surround a helpless Nick. They tower over him like 3 giant horny beasts. "ion know if I want his ass... maybe me and these boys want your sexy ass instead." Tyrone says. The two other bears join as they move closer to Nick. "I like ur muscles, bitch." "Eva suck a black man's cock, boi? You look like you kiss good." they say.

Nick begs for Tyrone's help as they get closer. "Tyrone, please! Let's make a deal or something!! Just don't let these guys touch me!" 

Nick tries getting up but is stopped by Tyrone. "What kinda deal, whiteboi?"

Omar and the other bears are halted by Tyrone. Nick tries to collect himself. "You and these other guys leave me alone the rest of the night... and I'll trick my friend Jack into doing gay shit for you all night."

"Bitch. What makes you think I even need your help, I can make that other whiteboi my girlfriend in a second." Tyrone exclaims. Nick then nervously says "he's a virgin, he'll do whatever I tell him. I can make him be the best bitch you've ever fucked in this prison. Trust me. It'll be like you're fucking a woman." Tyrone thinks for a few seconds, and tells Nick that if he can convince Jack to let him fuck him the rest of the night, he'll protect Nick the rest of the night. Nick and Tyrone then agree and make a deal. "What do I gotta do first?" Tyrone asks.

"For starters get rid of these fat faggots trying to rape me." Nick demands. Suddenly, a pissed off Omar and his 2 other BBC bears try and attack Nick again, but Tyrone calls in the guards to break up the fight before anything happens. The guards ask who started it, and Tyrone blames Omar and his boys. The guards escort the 3 BBC bears out of the cell and Nick thanks Tyrone. Tyrone then asks Nick how he's gonna convince Jack to let him be fucked. Nick tells him not to worry, and heads over closer to Jack's cell.

Nick calls over Jack and he quickly approaches asking Nick if he's alright. Nick states he's fine but lies and tells Jack he had to suck Tyrone's dick and give him a rim-job in order to not be fucked with anymore for the rest of the night. A shocked Jack begins to hyperventilate. Nick goes on to say it wasn't that bad, and now he doesn't have to worry about anyone messing with him in prison again. Jack thinks it's all over until Nick explains that Jack has to do the same thing to Tyrone so he’ll be safe too.

"I... I can't! He'll kill me! We aren't even in the same cell!" Jack quickly says.

"Don't worry, bro. I let him know you can come over here. Tyrone's able to get people out of any cell and into another." A hesitant Jack contemplates his decision and eventually agrees to doing some sexual deeds for Tyrone. Nick then looks back at Tyrone and gives him a subtle thumbs up. Tyrone then alerts the guards and whispers something in their ear.

The two guards then enter Jack's cell and escort him to Nick and Tyrone's.

Jack look of relief is quickly destroyed as Tyrone approaches him with a massive boner. "Mmm... pretty ass white boi bout to be my pretty ass sissy." Jack backs up in terror as he's quickly grabbed by Tyrone. "Get away!! No! Don't fucking touch me!" Jack screams. 

"Shh... thank your friend for our little deal." Tyrone says. "What fucking deal?!" Jack yells. Tyrone just laughs as he pulls out his monster black cock. It throbs in front of Jack's small face. "Wait... what fucking deal!?" Jack tries to figure out more information but his screams are drowned out by Tyrone's thick black dick slamming into his mouth. 

The screams attract the attention of the guards again, and they begin to get aroused by Jack's rape. Nick begins to laugh and wishes he had his phone to record his friends humilaiton. Tyrone gets annoyed with Nick's laughing and informs the guards to take him to a different cell.

"Sorry, bro. Have fun being a fag." Nick says as he's taken away by the guards.

The two guards recognize that Nick has been at the center of the constant cell switching, and one of them mentions they should take Nick to solitary confinement for the rest of the night. "Some alone time should teach this boy to behave." the other guard says.

Nick overhears this, and begins laughing his way to a comfortable relaxation as the guards move him towards a dark solitary cell. A few passing guards mention the solitary confinement cells are currently being used for overflow, since there have been a large number of arrests recently. As the guards approach Nic's new cell, they take a closer look inside and inform him "actually looks like you'll have a few cellmates to pass the time with." Nick's confusion immediately turns to horror as he comes face to face with Omar and the 2 other BBC bears. The guards then shove Nick into their cell and slam the door shut. "Wait... no please!! You can't leave me in here with them! You don’t understand!!!" Nick exclaims. The guards pay no attention and lock the door before leaving. Nick begins violently yanking at the cell door in an attempt to get it back open but a huge blackbarm pulls him away and brings him in closer to the other BBC bears. Nick tries to reason with them, but they laugh at him and begin to get aroused.

They rip Nick's jeans and shirt off. "dis boi's got a phat fuckin ass." Omar and his men take their clothes off and reveal their 11inch throbbing cocks. "Gangbang time, bitch." Omar says.

Nick nervously begs as he’s forced onto his knees. “…don’t do this! I’ll do anything. I swear!”

Omar replies with a vicious smile. “Mmm… anything?”

As the prison lights go out, Nick’s screams echo throughout the building. His new cellmates just found themselves a thick and bratty sissy.