Jack looked over to the uniformed figure gesturing him to come over. Shit. Everyone was gettin changed into their kit and no-one paid any attention. He reluctantly padded over in his bare feet, bare chested, jeans undone at the top.


The burly officer moved right up to him and spoke quietly into his ear. 'Think it's about time we continued our little chat, don't you think? You can wait here after the game. Enjoy yer runabout...' Jack, all outward calm and inward turmoil, turned to go as fast as was nonchalantly possible. 'Oh, and Kenton?'


'It's "Yeah SIR". Don't fuckin forget it.' The man stared daggers at him. A pause.


The officer raised an eyebrow and nodded the lad to carry on getting changed.

What shit fuckin timing. Of all the days, this one... He was still emotionally charged up from stuff this morning and vivid imaginings of what was to come tonight, and now that stupid cunt had thrown a spanner into the works. Well, whatever it was the fucker wanted, Jack would just have to grit his teeth and deal with it. No point kickin up a fuss: too risky.

Preoccupied, he didn't play quite as fluently as usual, though it was still good enough for him to score. The weather was finally starting to turn; a storm brewing out west somewhere, gleaming towers of cloud with dark underbellies looming over the barbed wire. Muggy. They all sweated like pigs. He saw the man standing with arms folded and wearing a mocking grin and cursed him under his breath.

The final whistle. None of the usual high for Jack, just a despondent trudge. One of his team nudged him.

'Oi. Cheer up, mucker. Probably already happened, whatever it is!'

Jack faked a grin, hollow inside. Said nothing.

All too soon, the last of his footie mates were trooping out the door, Jack being deliberately slow putting his trainers back on. He knew the officer was standing nearby, and there was another figure with him.

'Come on Kenton, ain't got all fuckin day.'

Jack put his kit away and walked over. The bloke standing next to his tormentor he'd seen around, but not paid any attention to. 30 something, square-jaw, hint of stubble, greeny grey eyes, dark blond hair, impassive expression, solid sporty-lookin bloke, not chunky like the other fella; somewhat better lookin than the fucker he was standing next to, Jack grudgingly had to admit. Not that that was relevant. Still a screw. Not to be trusted.

'Cuff him Harry. We're headin down to three.'


Jack had no idea what that signified. The officer called Harry cuffed Jack's wrists behind him and led him out through a different door to a quiet corridor. From here Jack got completely lost in unfamiliar territory: various locked doors, harsh fluorescent lighting, institutionalised fear. He'd not realised just how huge this fuckin place was. All he knew was that they descended at least three levels. They passed a few other officers along the way. Matey greetings, nothing more. No questions about where Jack was being taken. Must be legit, he thought; or worse, this was par for the course.

They finally came to a series of doors on the left hand side of a relatively dimly-lit corridor. At one marked IR3 they stopped and the officer in charge unlocked it, went in and flicked on a strip light which buzzed and flickered slightly. The other one nudged Jack in. He heard the door being locked behind him.

A claustrophobic windowless room about twice the size of his cell, unfurnished except for a small wooden desk, behind which were several plastic chairs and in front of which was another. Jack nervously rubbed his teeth with his tongue, trying to get the saliva flowing in his dry mouth. He yearned for Sike to be there with him.


The lad, arms still cuffed behind, sat uncomfortably on the chair. The two uniformed men seated themselves behind the desk, the one called Harry taking out a notebook and pen. Jack wondered if maybe this wouldn't be quite as bad as he'd built it up to be. The presence of the younger bloke with his pen and paper seemed slightly more reassuring. Standard procedure. Questions he could fuckin deal with. Ain't tellin the fuckers nothin, dad; well, nothin useful...

The burly officer eyed his captive. Cute young fucker. He'd been waitin all week for this, but best to do things above board, with two of em present. Not only that, but he was showin Harry the ropes. Gettin him to join in would be a bit of a challenge, but everyone had to start somewhere. Harry had only been on the job a month.

'So, Kenton. What is it now, two weeks?'



'Sir.' A disdainful look.

'Now I think you might remember our previous conversation?' A nod. 'Good. So you know why we're havin this little chat then?'

'Not really... Sir.' Jack deliberately delayed the last word to indicate his contempt for the man. Being a bit cocky was the best way to overcome the fear. He stared him out. Ugly, squashed, rough face, tight gelled hair; neck as thick as his head; hulking body squeezed into the familiar uniform. Shoulda been a club doorman mate. Arrogant tossers, the lot of em. You'd fit right in.

A pause. 'Riiiight... Well, let's just run over the details again shall we?'

Jack realised with a sinking certainty that of course this meant the other one was gonna find out what the other man knew, presuming he didn't know already. Was this gonna be written up in some official kind of report? Shit. (Fuck em, Jack. Don't stress about what's outta your control...) He said nothing.

'I've got an interest in Sike's activities, you might say. We know he organises deliveries n shit.' And he's a right cocky fucker too, thought the man. 'So... You must have seen a few things by now, yeah? Give me a little bit of the lowdown and, y'never know, I might think about makin your life easier...'

This was a completely fake line of questioning, mainly for Harry's benefit. The bent officer knew full well from the Guvnor that Sike had important connections of some kind and was therefore privileged. Nothing Jack could tell him would have made any difference. If ever anything came to light for any reason, it would be swept under the carpet as quickly as possible. But no matter, it would give him leverage here.

But Jack had no intention of revealing anything, of course. He wasn't gonna grass on his thug of a dad; he knew he was gettin looked after.

'Ain't seen nothin, sir. If there's anythin goin on, must be when I'm asleep or somewhere else.'

The man stared at him coldly, knowing the lad was lying, and felt a raw stab of jealousy that Sike and this cute kid had come to such a mutually beneficial arrangement. Sike had crossed him once before, some years ago; nothing major, but his pride had suffered. Payback had been a long time coming. Harry scribbled away.

'Nothing unusual at all?'

'Nothin, sir.'

'I see... Well, that's all very interesting, Kenton, because I know for a fact that Sike has made it known you're not to be messed with, which is pretty good goin considerin what happened to the last one in there with him.' The man twisted the knife with a nasty grin.

Jack stared, trying not to look surprised. What the fuck? This was news to him. He tried to look calm. You're fuckin bluffin, mate... But then, knowing Sike's temper and what had happened this morning, it sounded entirely plausible. He remembered what he'd been told: seriously lucky or seriously unlucky. Hmmmm...

'I also know for a fact that you're doin sexual favours for him, cause I've fuckin seen yer.'

Harry looked up from his pad. Huh? He stared at the lad with a mixture of fascination and disgust. In his tabloid-info world, queers were justabout OK as long as they were identifiably different and, preferably, somewhere else. This one looked much too fuckin normal.

Jack's hackles rose, despite the situation. He wasn't goin down without a fight, not with someone else writin it all down.

'Like I told yer before, I'm fuckin straight, yeah? He forced me to do it. And I ain't gonna argue with him, am I?' The events of the early morning flashed through his mind and he gave a heartfelt laugh of derision. 'I'd be fuckin dead meat.'

Jack thought he sounded pretty convincing. The buzz of the light filled the claustrophobic room as they stared one another out. He sniffed away an itch on his face, unable to scratch.

'A-ha. So, errrrr... wankin yerself off while he shoves his hard meat in yer gob is what a straight lad would do, is it?'

Jack had to lie, but having had plenty of time to think about an answer to this question if it came up his reply was quick and to the point. 'I was fuckin tryin to think about somethin else, weren't I? Anything to take me fuckin mind off it. int fuckin easy.'

The interrogating officer eyed him suspiciously and idly drummed his meaty fingers on the desk. It was almost possible that was true... Still, it didn't really change matters much.

Harry, meanwhile, was confused; having just assumed the lad was a queer, it now seemed as if he wasn't. Certainly didn't look or sound like one, for sure. He had no idea what was goin on. The lad clearly hadn't denied it, but from what he'd seen in his short time workin here (and from what he'd heard too), Sike was a proper hard nut, bit of a mentallist. Everyone was wary of him. There was no way was he a fuckin bender... So why? Made no sense. Except what... Frustration? Punishment?

'So all that stuff about it bein fuckin tasty?'

Jack scowled at his interregator. You're fuckin scum, mate.

'I've fuckin learnt to act, ain't I? It's what he wants to hear. He wants me to fuckin beg for it like some dirty bitch... Gives him a kick.' That much was true. What was also true was that Jack got just as big a kick from his dad's intimidation and domination, and even now was gettin a little hard just thinkin about having to submit to that king-size meat... The fat, juicy dick dangling in front of his face... Gonna make it feel reeeeal good for yer, dad. Fuck yeahhhh... He snapped out of it. Focus, focus...

The buzz hung in the air above. Harry's pen paused in his hand, the unwanted image lingering too long in his head. The interrogating officer fixed Jack again with his unfriendly stare. The trap closed in.

'OK.' He leaned forward over the desk. 'So why haven't you made a complaint or asked to be moved?'

Jack had stupidly not considered this fairly obvious line of inquiry. He stared into the oncoming headlights. Shit. He blinked, twice. Prickles of fear sent goosebumps up his neck.

'Surely if what you're sayin is true, you'd want something done about it, hmmm?'

Jack exploded with nervous anger. 'I don't fuckin know how things work here, do I? Only fuckin been here a few weeks.'

'Alright, alright.' The man sat back again and raised his hands in mock defence. 'Keep yer fuckin hair on, son... What there is of it.' A wry grin. 'I hear what yer sayin. It's OK. Do you want to be moved somewhere else?'

The man deliberately made it sound like he was being helpful, but of course he was being nothing of the sort. It was his way of testing the lad's story, which he rightly suspected wasn't legit. The tainted offer echoed around Jack's skull, taunting him. Answering yes was out of the question; answering no would condemn him in the eyes of the two officers. He cursed his inability to think the logic of his argument through far enough. Fuck fuck fuck. He did the only thing possible and said nothing. The cuffs chafed his wrist.

The buzz was broken by the scrape of the burly officer's chair as he stood up. He walked round to stand near Jack and stood, arms folded, hulking frame looming menacingly over the seated teenager. His words were quiet and deliberate. 'I'd call that a no, wouldn't you Harry?' He turned to his inexperienced colleague, who caught his glance and gave a quick nod of agreement. 'And if it's a no, that means you're fuckin lying to me Kenton.'

'I ain't fuckin lying to yer, sir.' The lad tried to keep the fear from his voice, and refused to look at him, loathing of the man welling deep within his gut. The proximity was unnerving and he remembered the sudden punch in the changing room. More goosebumps. The summer warmth didn't make it this far down underground, it seemed.

'Right Kenton, you explain to me why a straight lad wants to stay in a cell where he's bein forced to give head and swallow the juice. This had better be good.'

Jack was thinking frantically. What could he say? The seconds ticked uncomfortably past. He shook his head as if imagining the consequences. 'If I move he'll fuckin kill me first chance he gets. I know he will.'

Harry could see that something didn't add up here, but he felt a little sorry for the lad all the same. Still, the adrenaline was flowing nicely now and he felt like something was gonna kick off. No one else was gonna know if they just had a little rough fun with him down here, would they? He waited to see what his training officer would do. Show him the acceptable limits...

'Nahhh. We could move you properly if it really mattered, and you know it. I think you just don't wanna go, do you Kenton? And the reason you don't wanna go is...' He leaned down, voice low and accusing. '...cause you're enjoyin what he's doin to yer.'

Jack couldn't help himself. The rage in in his head was too much. 'You don't know what the fuck you're talkin about sir.'

The officer's anger boiled over at this and he shoved Jack violently sideways with a growl. Unable to put his hands out to stop himself, the lad fell and landed awkwardly on the cold floor, bruising his right shoulder. It was the same arm which had been twisted this morning by Sike. He yelped loudly and muttered

'Aaghh. Fuck. Y'fuckin cunt. I'll fuckin report yer.' All too aware of his vulnerability, the lad forced himself up to a sitting position and glared up at the bullying officer whose mean face was screwed up with ferocious intent. He pointed a finger at the lad on the floor.

'Don't you ever fuckin speak to an officer like that again, Kenton. Ever. You hear me? You fuckin treat us with respect.' He aggressively kicked away the chair toward the door, where it clattered to a halt on its side.

Jack grimaced as he tried to stand up, his head swimming. His teeth were still gritted. 'Sir.'

Harry had stood up the moment the lad hit the floor, thinking he ought to get involved. His training officer had just asked him to write statements down and do whatever he was asked to do, but this stuff had to be off the record surely? He walked round and stood leaning against the front of the desk, arms folded. Keen to show willing, but wondering just where this was going...

'Think you need to learn some respect, yeah?'

Jack had just about managed to get up, and stood, slightly unfocussed, the hated authority figure at close range. His body was tense. 'Not lyin sir. Really ain't.'

The officer spat in Jack's face. He addressed his sidekick with a sneer. 'Y'hear that Harry? "Not lyin"... He must think we're fuckin idiots?' He slyly winked at the trainee officer and turned back to the lad. 'Do you think we're fuckin idiots, Kenton?'

'No sir. I'm just...' The lad's mumble tailed off as he realised this exchange would get him nowhere. The spit had run down his cheek to his chin. His shoulder fuckin hurt. Fuck it, let's just get this over as quickly as possible...

'Nahhhh, I think you fuckin do. You think you can spout any old bullshit and we'll just fall for it, hmmm? I warned you before never to lie to me again, Kenton, dint I? You're gonna fuckin pay the price for it now. Admit it, you enjoy suckin the meat.' The officer's eyes blazed.

The strip light flickered slightly. Jack's breaths came loud and heavy in the small room. He wasn't gonna give this cunt the satisfaction. 'I just do what I'm told, sir.' The lad knew exactly where this was all going. He'd guessed it would all along.

'And you like doin what yer told...'

'I like not gettin me 'ead kicked in... Sir'

The man glared at his stubborn captive. Why wouldn't he just fuckin admit it? He felt the fury flare again. 'You fuckin want it more than you're lettin on, Kenton. And I'm gonna prove it. Get on yer fuckin knees.'

Jack, his eyes fixed on the uniformed figure, shook his head slowly, even though he knew resistance was futile. His pride was at stake.

'On... yer fuckin... knees.'

Jack glanced at the other officer, who was watching his colleague with a slightly stunned expression. Harry returned the glance, and in that instant Jack immediately sensed the junior officer's alarm and uncertainty. You're not a fuckin homo, are yer mate? Why don't you fuckin stop this? But Harry's conscience crumbled; he knew which side he had to be on here. He looked back at his training officer and kept quiet.

'I won't say it again, Kenton...'

Jack caved in, carefully lowering himself to his knees. The room seemed to swim slightly. Come on then, you chunky fucker, show us what you got.

Harry watched. Surely this was just bluffing? No, it fuckin wasn't... Shit. The burly officer was unzipping himself and reaching inside for his tackle. Still soft, deliberately so; the man had the sense to control his excitement.

Not as big as Sike, are yer? Despite his disgust, Jack grinned inwardly. He could fuckin deal with this; he'd had plenty of practice these past few weeks. He looked up and away from the man's pumping fist.

'You do know I'll fuckin report yer for this, don'tcha?'

The man sneered at him. 'You can fuckin try! But I'm tellin yer now the guvnor don't give a shit as long as everything in here runs smoothly, so you'll be wastin yer time. Besides, it'd be terrible if word got out about you and Sike, wouldn't it?' He stared down, smug and threatening. 'Am I makin myself clear?'

The buzz of the light again filled the silence. Jack glared at him, eyes narrowed. There was no way round that one. The fucker had him. 'Yes... Sir.'

Definitely a fuckin homo, no doubt about it, thought Jack... But wary of further violence, he kept this to himself. He noticed Harry still looking decidedly uncomfortable. Really not into this shit, is he? Hmmmm... Jack realised he might have a little power game of his own to play, after all.

'Good. Glad we er... understand each other, Kenton. So, how'd you like a fuckin taste of this then, huh? Another tool to get yer chops round. You wanna piece o that?'

Harry was staring with his mouth hanging slightly open. He shifted awkwardly against the desk and folded his arms tighter. Was this really happenin? His training officer was standing wanking his hardening meat just a few feet away from the lad's face.

Jack wasn't givin in just yet. 'Like I fuckin told yer. I'll do it if I ain't got a fuckin choice... Sir.' The words came out with undisguised venom, and then the grenade... 'No way I'm suckin both o yer though.'

Red rag to a bull. 'Oh yeah? You will if I fuckin make yer, Kenton.'

Ha, thought the lad. The idiot had fallen for it. Let's make sure though...

'No I fuckin won't. He doesn't want to...' a quick glance at Harry '...and you can't fuckin make me.'

Harry nervously shifted his balance again. The lad was spot on. This had all gone very fuckin weird. Just a little bit of rough treatment was what he'd been led to expect here; nothin out of the ordinary. He'd been kinda lookin forward to it. But this shit was well crossing the line. Trouble was, he really, really needed the job and was still effectively on his probation period. Things were so tough out there at the moment. Wife n kids to support. Mortgage to pay... He kept his silence.

'We'll see about that... Now stop fuckin talkin and open that mouth of yours.' Jack did as he was told and the hulking brute stepped up to him, his fat stubby meat eager for action. 'What yer waitin for, you little cunt? Suck my fuckin prick.'

Jack leaned forward and cautiously began to service the officer's weapon; a slight involuntary shudder as his tongue made contact with it. It was fat alright, and he had to stretch his jaw to accomodate, but it wasn't very long compared to his dad's. Fuckin strange having a different piece of meat in his gob. Tasted weird. He licked around the bulbous head, trying to suppress the urge to bite into it.

'Yeah, you fuckin like that, don't ya Kenton? Knew you would...' He cuffed Jack around the head. 'Plenty around in this place who'd fuck yer face if you asked em nicely enough; they're all a bit pussy starved, y'know, so you'd be right popular. Maybe I'll introduce you to some of em personally. Would you like that?'

The lad sensed it wasn't an empty threat. Another cold shiver ran through him. The man swiped at him again with rough disregard. Lights flashed in his peripheral vision.

'I said would you fuckin like that, Kenton? I'm sure we could get a good half a dozen or so together one afternoon; they could take it in turns...'

This terrifying vision lodged in the lad's skull. A shake of the head in denial. He didn't look up.

'Oh I think you're keener than you make out.' He felt a surge of pleasure as the lad's tongue licked all around his bulging head. 'You're really quite good at this, intcha? Almost as good as you are scorin goals. Musta had plenty o practice lately. Hehe.' The man grinned at his own sadistic humour.

A clench of cuffed fists. He imagined his dad decking the fucker. Straight down...

'Bet you're good at takin it up the other end too, eh?'

Jack shook his head again, more vigorously, and made a muffled noise of disagreement. He wasn't gonna agree to anything this cunt said if he could fuckin help it.

'Yeah, whatever. Oi, Harry, you should try some o this. He's a talented little cocksucker. Come ere and give him a piece o yours.'

Harry was staring at the action with disturbed fascination. The sight of the teenager being made to suck on the older man's tool was still freaking him out, but at the same time the aggressive domination of the scene was captivating. A straight lad takin the worst kind of punishment. He was slowly starting to see a few advantages to it now: nothing visible to explain away later, no awkward questions... Didn't mean he actually wanted to get involved though.

'Errrrr. No mate. That's, errr... OK. You keep right on there.'

Jack let the fat prick fall out of his mouth and, despite knowing it would earn him trouble, taunted his captor. 'Told yer he didn't fuckin want it.' He allowed himself a small grin of satisfaction.

The officer swiped the lad's head viciously once more. 'Shut the fuck up, Kenton.' The man reached down and gripped the lad's chin, squeezed hard so that Jack was forced to open up, and plugged his stiff urgent meat back in. 'Harry, don't be such a fuckin pussy. We're just teachin the fucker a lesson. Now come over ere and feed him yer meat.' The tone of the man's voice made it clear that refusing was not an option.

Harry hesitated, his mouth suddenly very dry. He knew he was in no position to argue. He reluctantly unzipped his trouser fly and reached inside. Couldn't quite believe he was doing this, but he just couldn't risk the job... He pulled his meat out and began tugging at it, thinking about a sexy brunette who he kept seeing at the local bus-stop... His ideal type. Imagined forcing her to her knees... Fuck no. That was bad. Shouldn't be rough with a girl like that. He tried to maintain the division in his head between one of his safe straight fantasies and what was happening now, but just couldn't do it. In desperation, he gazed aggressively down at his prick and imagined it as a weapon. Just like he had once before... It began to swell.

'Yeahhhhh. Bring that over ere. Just take a look what Harry's got for yer, Kenton.'

Jack again let the burly officer's tool slip from his lips and turned to witness the fit one's revealed sex coming to life in the man's hands. Soft, it was getting on for the length of his dad's, if not quite as thick. Smooth, sleek n cut. One sexy motherfuckin dick you got there, mate... He felt slivers of bad desire and anticipation force their way into his tense body as he watched it harden and grow. Longer. Longer still. He wet his tongue some more and swallowed nervously. Shit. That was gonna go deep. And the guy was being fuckin forced to feed it to him. What the fuck have you done, Jack? Wasn't one bad enough? He saw the wedding ring on the man's left hand... Yeah, he's for real.

'Fuck. That's a biggun. I can't fuckin swallow all that.' Keep actin the part, Jack. You don't want this, remember?

The older officer grinned, rubbing his throbbing member. Yeahhhh. You're gonna fuckin choke on it... Harry's dick was bigger n better than he had hoped for. He regarded it enviously, wishing he was as well-endowed. This was gonna be fuckin good sport to watch.

'Only one way to find out, Kenton.'

'The lad stared with lustful confusion at the straight screw's sexy tackle, the man's tight hairy nuts lurking behind, nudging out from his zip fly. The heady promise of some serious facefucking set his heart thumping wildly. Oh yeahhh... Gonna give you the best fuckin blow job you ever had, mate... Gonna make you want more... Fuck yeahhh. His instincts howled in the darkness, fighting against his willing submission to the unnatural act. He silenced them with well-rehearsed logic: it's not like you got a fuckin choice in the matter, Jack. Prison rules. Power rules. Just go with the fuckin flow... Doesn't mean you're a fuckin homo.

Harry looked on, as much a prisoner of circumstance as the lad. This is so fucked up, he thought. What the hell am I doing? It's fuckin insane. Felt like the light was buzzing inside his fucking head.

'See that Kenton? That's what queerboys like you dream about it, innit?'

Jack slowly shook his head and spoke through gritted teeth. 'I'm. Fuckin. Straight.' The officer cuffed him again for his insolence.

'Yeahhhh right. Enough crap already. Open that gob o yours...' Jack paused. Another strike. Stars wheeled around. 'Fuckin open it.' He finally did as he was told, his disbelieving eyes fixed again on the prize. Here it fuckin comes. 'Fuckin feed it to him, Harry.'

Harry's held his breath as he carefully slid the shiny head of his lengthy meat between the lad's waiting lips, unable to take his eyes off the impossible sight. Oh shit. I'm fuckin doin it, he thought. I'm really fuckin doin it now. Fuckin look at that. The lad's mouth was workin it keenly, gentle smooth tongue teasing it in just the right way, coaxing it in. Oh shit man. Shit. My prick's in his mouth. Feels fuckin good. Yeahhhh. Fuckin good. He pushed further in.

'Shiiiiiiit. He's takin it. He's fuckin takin it.'

A sudden rush of blood brought his shaft to full strength. He began to slowly thrust it in time with the lad's own eager sucking rhythm. Mmmmmmmmm. That's so fuckin good. He instinctively reached down to stroke the youth's buzz-cut hair. Man. That feels fuckin nice. Fuuuuckin niiiice.

Jack felt the thing stiffen up fully and the firm hand of the officer move to the back of his head to keep him in place. A rush of nerves filled his chest and his heart pounded furiously. He knew there was no turning back from this point on. Proper straight bloke facefuckin territory... Forcin it right in... You want that, don'tcha Jack? A bolt of shame shot through his skull, but his dick jerked in acknowledgement. His arms ached behind his back. The taste was sweet and intense, overpoweringly so compared to the bullying officer's salty edge. He savoured the man's unfathomable scent. Masculine. Virile.

'That's right, Harry, you fuckin show him. Teach him some respect with that meat o yours, yeah?' The burly officer continued to stroke himself at the undeniably horny sight of his inexperienced colleague's first leap into sexual domination.

'Yeahhhh... I'll fuckin show im.'

Harry knew full well he shouldn't be doing this, but once over the initial shock, he felt the forbidden thrill of violation and the carnal power of his manhood kick in. Waves of pleasure spiralled up his taut body... Almost forgotten how good this felt. Shit. His wife never did this much; she didn't like the fuckin taste, nor takin it deep. He watched his long glistening prick as it sensuously slid in and out of the lad's mouth; soft lips makin it feel so nice; keen tongue stimulating all the right places. Workin deeper now, a nice steady fuckin rhythm. Yeahhhh. Pushin it right in. Unnatural desire making perfect sense in the heat of arousal.

'You likin the taste o that prick, Kenton? Juicy enough for yer? Bet you can't wait to swallow his fuckin load...' The bully grinned, utterly turned on by the hot scene before him. Harry nodded his agreement in a pleasure-filled trance and forced his sleek weapon in deeper. Base instincts seeking gratification.

Jack moaned in agreement. It seemed as if the man's lengthy prick had something of a downward curve to it and this, together with his recent daily practice, meant it was searching out his throat with minimum effort. Perfectly designed for facefuckin, thought the lad... Yeahhhhhhhh. Never thought you'd be doin this to a guy, did yer mate? I'm gonna fuckin make you want this again and again... The dark trousers filled his vision as the officer's thrusts became more insistent, Jack actively responding to the man's rightful needs with all the deepthroating talent and lubrication he could muster, his young lips clamped tight on the hard flesh.

'Takin it like a bitch, ain'tcha...' Harry could feel the aggression surging within him. Jack again moaned in agreement: that's exactly what a straight bloke would want.

'We can see how much you're enjoyin it, Kenton. Don't you worry, there'll be plenty more o this comin your way. I'm gonna organise somethin special for yer very soon. You're gonna get your throat fucked raw...' The older man grinned. He meant every word.

Once more the burly officer's threat stunned him with its sickeningly powerful simplicity. He pictured the interrogation room full of ruff n tuff straight blokes, surrounding him, pushing him to his knees, taking their long juicy dicks out from their jeans and trackies, every single one demanding their meat be serviced to temporarily satisfy their sexual denial, every single one ready to coat his mouth and throat with streaks of hot seed. Hours of hard facefuckin. And when his mouth got tired and he begged em to stop? He knew enough about his fellow inmates already to know they'd just be a pack of fuckin animals. It wouldn't stop. They'd take whatever they wanted... The terrifying fantasy lodged in his skull. It's gonna happen one day, Jack. You know it will... He's gonna make it happen. That's what bad lads like you deserve... His dick jerked stiffly in fearful arousal, and his smothered instincts gave a snarl of fury.

Before too long, Harry could feel himself gettin ready to blow. He hadn't had any action at all the past five days, and the good sensations were just too good to resist. He was pumping the lad's face good n proper now: serious punishment; the real fuckin deepthroat deal. Feel the power of my fuckin prick, bitch... Gonna swallow my fuckin load, ain't yer? Yeahhhhhhhhh.

'He likes that big prick o yours, Harry.'

'Too right he does. Gonna fuckin empty me nuts any minute.'

'Hear that, Kenton? You're gonna get a fuckin mouthful real soon. Betcha can't wait huh?' He thwacked the boy's head again for a laugh.

Jack felt the blow but couldn't help himself from groaning in habitual anticipation at being dickfed. Here comes the fuckin nutjuice... Yeahhhhh. The long snaking dick with it's downward curve was making slick forceful strokes, the straight bloke fuckin his face like it was a fuckin pussy, slidin back and forth with fantastic ease. Sweet precum teased his tastebuds, making the lad feel increasingly lightheaded, the submissive thrill all consuming, hard male flesh showing him just who was in charge. He could hear the officer grunting with wordless pleasure as the inevitable climax approached, breaths quickening, grip tightening. Fuck yeah. Feed me yer load, mate. Feed me yer fuckin load.

'Oh man, s'fuckin good.' Harry felt the sensations spiralling up his firm torso. Waves of pleasure and aggression demanding his repeated violation of the lad's face. He was a fuckin machine. He saw his long smooth weapon plunging sexily in and out, and felt his nuts tighten in readiness. Jack sensed the moment and glanced up toward the handsome features of the officer on the verge of unloading his seed, wanting to see his expression.

'Oh shit. Oh yeahhhh. Oh fuckin hell yeahhhhh.' Harry's voice was hard and desperate. The officer stared down in confused ecstasy into the wide-eyes of the young prisoner he was about to forcefeed - sexy brutality - then one final deep thrust as his tool began to shoot its pure masculine injection.


'Yeahhhh. That's the fuckin way, Harry. Fuckin feed it to im...' The burly officer rubbed his dick with furious excitement.

Jack felt the tool pulsing in his mouth and stared into the blackness of the uniform in frantic wonder, his face pressed up against the zip of the man's dark trousers, mouth clamped determinedly on the firm tool, his own dick pushing against his jeans. Total surrender. The slick juggernaut of male sex was lodged deep and the straight man's substantial load was pumping right down his throat. What. A. Fucking. Headfuck.

'Ahhhhhhh shiiiiiiit.' The man breathed out heavily. 'Yeah. He's good, man, he's good.' Harry looked over at his colleague, face flushed, basking in his climax; the inevitable guilt about what he'd just done not yet ready to kick in. 'Proper little cocksucker.' He looked down again, a few small movements back and forth as the flow of cum slowed. So nice. Jack felt cum oozing on to the back of his tongue.

The older officer grinned back. A fuckin good show; this had worked out just right. He was eager to empty his nuts too.

'Yeah, pretty talented for a straight lad, ain't he?'


'I think he probably wants another loada juice... What do you reckon, Harry?'

'Yeahhhh.' Harry let the lad's head go finally and the sensitive head of his long slick dick retreated slowly to the lad's reddened lips, leaving a trail of cum across the lad's tongue as it did. The last of the sticky seed oozed out.

'Fuckin lick that up, Kenton.' The hard officer watched with satisfaction as the lad did as he was told.

Harry felt the rollercoaster of domination judder to a stop and looked on, bewildered; what the fuck were they doing? The sight of his juice being eagerly lapped up by the young lad was disturbingly powerful in ways he couldn't explain, but at the same time he felt a sharp twist of disgust at himself for what he'd just done. Denial and aggression interlocked in his simple, puzzled mind, and he absent-mindedly clenched a fist. Punishment, innit? Teachin him a lesson... Yeah?

'Ready for some more?' Jack slowly nodded, embarrassed, savouring the taste in his mouth and spunked to the core. He desperately didn't want to admit it, but the younger officer's cum was just as fuckin tasty as his dad's, and this terrible fact fed directly into his ongoing confusion and humiliation... They're turnin you into a fuckin homo, Jack. Gonna be cravin a load from every fuckin prick in the building if this carries on... Another nightmarish flash of what he'd been promised and his mind recoiled from it. He felt his head being dragged once more toward the fat stubby tool.

'Or perhaps you wanna get fucked, Kenton? Screwed by a screw, huh?' The bullying officer laughed and Jack panicked inside. No no no. That's for my dad... Not you, yer tosser. Think think think Jack. Distract him. He looked up at the bulky figure.

'Yeah, bet your load don't taste as good as his anyway...' He imagined his tough-nut dad knocking the man down to the ground. Don't you fuckin mess with my son again. Givin him a good kickin. Adrenaline coursed.

More nasty laughter and two chunky hands jerked his head right back. Neck tendons stretched under smooth young skin. 'You're forgetting something, Kenton...'

'Don't taste as good... Sir.' Jack gave the word just enough emphasis to show what he thought of it. The man stared at him and spat down on to his upturned face.

'You're a cheeky little cunt, aren't yer? Ain't he a cheeky little cunt, Harry?' He released the lad, who gently twisted his neck to undo the sudden strain it had endured.

'Yeah, fuckin is. Think he definitely deserves another mouthful for that.' Harry was idly playing with his sticky softening dick, the image of it penetrating the lad's mouth refusing to shift, and the shame at how much he'd enjoyed it bringing him out into something of a cold sweat. Forbidden knowledge, impossible to unlearn. He certainly didn't want to see the lad gettin fucked: that was a step too far. He wanted to watch a repeat what he'd just done. Relive the moment. Share the blame...

The man weighed up the possibilities. He wanted the lad to feel some pain, but the defiant taunt rankled. 'If you thought his cum was tasty, you know what that fuckin makes you, don't yer Kenton?'

Jack stared again at the fat angry tool jutting out from the dark trousers and the hefty fuzzed nuts lurking behind. Vicious male sex about to ram him. Fuckin homo. His stomach lurched and darkness shot behind his eyes. He knew alright, but shook his head.

'Oh I think you do. You're a fuckin cum drinkin queerboy, aren't yer?'

'Fuckin ain't, sir.'

Harry watched, guilt and pleasure dancing around his head. Straight lads don't like tastin pricks or cum. Course they don't. Stands to reason. The lad was only sayin what he had to, just like he must do with Sike...

The older officer didn't see it that way at all and was tired of hearing the same old shit. He kicked Jack in the stomach; not too hard to cause serious injury, but hard enough to show he meant business. He'd had years of practice finding acceptable limits of punishment. Lacking much hair to grab, he stopped Jack from doubling over by taking hold of one ear. He leaned over.

'Tell me what you want, Kenton. Tell me what you REALLY want. You don't have to fuckin pretend, it's just the three of us. No-one else is listenin.'

Jack's confused mind wanted lots of things: he wanted to be out of these fuckin handcuffs; wanted the straight young officer to intervene and call it quits; wanted the man to let go of his fuckin ear... Most of all he wanted his dad to teach this fuckin idiot a lesson, but that clearly wasn't gonna happen anytime soon, if it could at all. His tensed up body and the recent workouts had meant the man's kick to his abdomen was less effective than it might otherwise have been, but it still fuckin hurt. Ragged breaths merged with the buzzing light. The dark bulky figure loomed overhead, ready to engulf him. He wanted out.

'Sorry sir. You're right. I... Really....' The man tugged harder and Jack screwed his eyes up in defeat '...wanna swallow some more juice. S'fuckin tasty... ' Simply saying it out loud made him feel weak. The man let go. Jack slowly opened his eyes again; the brutal officer's bulging weapon was once more taking aim.

'Yeah, take a good look at that, Kenton. I'm gonna give you just what you want... Fuckin queerboy.' The shiny head touched the young man's lips.

Jack felt an intense rage. One day, mate, one day... Just you wait. He said nothing.

'Open up.'

He did, and in it slid, stretching his jaw wide. The sharp salty tang coated his unwilling tongue, the thing leakin some serious precum. The officer quickly set to work on him, a rough hand against the back of his head once more. Sharp insistent thrusts. Jack kept his eyes shut and his mouth moist and tight on it, wanting the ordeal to be over as soon as possible. This cum wasn't so very tasty, that was for sure.

'Yeahhh. That's the fuckin way. Told yer not to lie to me Kenton. This is what happens to bad lads who lie to me.' The officer winked at his colleague, who gave a half-hearted grin back. 'Gonna fuckin pump your mouth full of hot juice.'

Harry was still toying with his sticky semi-hard prick, unable to tear his gaze away from the awesome image of the lad getting facefucked again. Shit. Look at it slammin in there... He was disturbed to find that now, when it was totally clear to him that the lad was straight, a twisted part of him was enjoying seeing the youngster succumbing to the older man's mature meat. He began to remember in more detail the rape fantasy he'd once had which he'd spent months afterwards trying to suppress. The look of shock and panic as he remorselessly pushed his dick inside, hands pushing her down... Bad thoughts.

And yet the sight before him was feeding into that terrible inviting darkness once more and the spark of recognition sped to his groin. Fuck. This was where it would all happen for real. No one would ever know, and fuckers like this deserve everything they get anyhow... Prison should be about punishment. He squeezed his long member some more and felt it begin to respond. Oh man, here we go again. His hand began to make slow easy strokes, unable to stop the pleasure growing, eyes glazing over as his moral resistance slipped away...

'Yeahhh. Fuckin give it to im, man. He deserves it, don't he?' Harry spat copiously into his hand and coated his hot member, bringing it back to life. Yeahhhh. Look at him takin it. Horny facefuckin action.

'Too fuckin right he does. You deserve this, don't yer Kenton?'

Jack gave a slow, tense nod. Harry felt his meat swell some more in his spit-slick hands, a metallic taste filled his mouth. No emotion now, only the lust to invade. Horny fuckin action... He's takin it like a girl. He added more spit to his palm, and let the moisture run over his sensitive head, feeling the excitement in his bloodstream. His left hand lightly stroked around his nutsack. Yeahhhhh. There's another load in there somewhere. His training officer noticed what he was doing

'Hey. You got some stamina there, mate. Good on yer!'

The lad opened his eyes and glanced sideways to see, even as his mouth continued to be pounded and hairy hands kept his head roughly in place. No way. Would this never end? You're the fuckin straight one, mate... Isn't once enough? But the sight of the man's renewed arousal sent a rush of furious anticipation to his dick yet again. He remembered the sweet, sweet taste on his tongue... So hot.

'Here, Harry. I got an idea. What say we shove him over the desk and take him each end? That'll teach him some fuckin respect.' The older officer was keen to watch his junior colleague's lengthy dick in action again, even as his own meat continued to get serviced.

Harry, stroking himself to full hardness, was caught up in the heat and the rush of the moment, guilty conscience now firmly pushed aside and ignored. What had seemed impossible not long before was now, suddenly, a real horny proposition. Yeah. Why not? Why the fuck not? Let's fuckin take it to the next level... His rape fantasy was reshaping itself to this previously unimaginable scenario and taking on new life. He felt the power in his muscles; testosterone and adrenaline urging him to commit the vicious act. Show him what you're fuckin made of...

'Yeahhhhhhh. Why not? Sounds like a fuckin plan.' He grinned dumbly at his training officer's suggestion. The man slowly nodded back at him, a serious expression of approval on his mean, ugly features. You're gonna do well here, Harry. You're gonna fit right in.

Fuck. Jack groaned down below at this sudden turn of events, knowing there was nothing he could do. He was going to get ploughed twice today now at least... It was gonna fuckin BURN. It was gonna be fuckin torture... But... But... Just think of that long sexy shaft slidin in there, Jack, goin real deep... Fit straight bloke doin yer, just like yer dad will later. Both of em fuckin yer tight hole like a dirty bitch... Two awesome motherfuckin dicks in one day... You can handle em. Fear and lust battled deep within the lad's confused skull and his straight instincts shouted abuse. No use.

The older officer removed his meat. 'You heard, Kenton. Up you get.'

Jack climbed unsteadily to his feet. He had to salvage some pride...

'Please... I can't...' The lad shook his head to emphasise the point.

'Can't what, Kenton?' The man stared daggers at close range, fingering his tool. 'Can't take a prick up yer backside?' A sneer. 'You'll learn. Bad lads like you usually do. If you make a fuss you'll be gettin a fuckin truncheon up there, believe me.'

Jack did. He glanced nervously at the fit straight officer's long slicked-up weapon, knowing his fate was sealed. He knew it was gonna fuckin hurt, and knew too that this was all his own fault. He tried to think of how he'd coped with his dad's dick for the first time... Couldn't wank himself cause his hands were still cuffed... He remembered just how much he'd wanted it with his dad. That had certainly helped him cope somehow, though he didn't understand why.

'Over the desk with yer.' his tormentor pushed him roughly toward the desk and he stumbled forward slightly. He leaned forward. He felt his jeans being undone and pulled roughly down, cool air on his exposed skin.

'There you go Harry. He's all yours. Give it plenty o spit.' The older officer walked round the desk to observe the action and carry on gettin his dick seen to. This had all gone even better than he had hoped. The lad's head was nicely positioned to continue the interrupted task. He jerked it upwards slightly and rudely shoved his bulging cock back in the lad's waiting mouth, leering sadistically across the desk at his junior colleague.

'That'll shut him up.'

Harry grinned back at him then stared down at the lad's prone body with evil intent, the helpless handcuffed wrists above the smooth pale rump ready for the taking. He feverishly stroked his firm tube of fuckmeat, admiring the length of it as it proudly jutted out from his black uniform. Time to do some fucking damage. He spat twice into a cupped palm and made it slicker still. This was gonna be fuckin tight. He spat plenty more onto the top of the lad's buttocks and let the head of his dick take the juice downwards, rubbing through the lad's soft hairy crack to seek out the opening he was going to invade.

Jack, his mouth being steadily pounded by the bullying officer's stiff prick, felt the moist male sex nudging at his tender hole. Oh fuck. It's really gonna happen, Proper straight bloke's gonna do yer... Horny anticipation sent his young mind into overdrive. He remembered the wedding ring on the man's hand... Yeah mate, do me like yer do yer missus. Fuck yeahhh. Harry applied more spit to his meat and bent his knees slightly to get a better angle. The slick head nudged again. Yeah, do me with that sexy motherfuckin dick, thought the lad. Do me like a bitch... Suddenly, the hard fleshy weapon began to work its way inside, nudging past the lad's tight ring of muscle. Threat into reality. Penetration. Jack couldn't help but give a muffled shout.

'NNNNgggghhhh.... Nnnnnnnnnnnngh.'

'Told yer you'd just have to learn, Kenton...' The man eagerly watched Harry's substantial manhood going to work. Guess what, Sike? We spit-roasted your lad, and he fuckin loved it... Hehehe. The spit-lubed member nudged in further still, then back a little, then in again a little further; a slow rhythm being established, deep grunts of pleasure from its owner above.

Jack's crazed thoughts fractured and scattered. Aaaggghhh... Shit... Gettin fucked... Again... Fuckin... Tight... Yeah mate... I'm straight... Fuckin... Straight... Agggh... Shouldn't... Want this... Horny... Fuckin... Fit bloke... Fit... Straight... Bloke... Fuckin me... Aaghhhh... Yeahhh.... Mate... That's it... Screw me... Don't... Tell... My dad..

Harry revelled in the sensation. So hot n tight. This was gonna be a real nice fuck. He was in total control here.

Gob full, the lad groaned as the firm meat worked deeper into his rear end. He was amazed to discover that it didn't hurt quite as much as he'd thought it would to start with, though it was still pretty fuckin intense and there was definite friction. Feel it goin up there... Incredible... Motherfuckin straight meat doin him good n proper... Just like his dad's would tonight... The reminder of that sent sparks of guilty anticipation around his confused skull. His dad must NEVER find out about this... Weird sensations spread through his body as it was penetrated more fully by the sexy smooth shaft, manly pleasure packed into his tight tender hole. His own meat jerked painfully against the front of the desk, as trapped as he was. The pace gradually quickened. Jack moaned as the friction increased, his mouth stuffed full of dick.

The older officer watched the sexy scene unfold with beautiful precision; the little cunt finally getting what was coming to him. The taste of revenge was sweet. He smiled to himself at his modest victory and gazed at the incredible sight before him, the lad's head gripped between his two meaty-knuckled hands. Fuckin spit roastin him. Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Harry, square-jaw set tight, was concentrating completely on what he was doing, hands now gripping the lad's slim waist. He stared enthralled at his lengthy prick as it inflicted its degrading punishment on the young captive, almost as if it belonged to someone else. The whole thing was completely unreal. He pulled out a bit to let some more drool drop from his mouth to his tool, slid it back in and resumed his smooth action. Mmmmmm. Just look at that. Bad lad gettin drilled like a bitch. He nodded debased approval to himself, a half-sneer on his face. You're actually gettin fuckin paid for doin this, Harry. What a fuckin joke. The sneer became an evil grin and he began to apply even more force and depth to his strokes, prompting another heartfelt moan from Jack. On impulse, he whacked the lad's behind hard with the palm of his hand.

'Yeahhhhhh... Fuckin like that, do yer? Like havin my fuckin prick up there, huh?' Harry heard the new harsh edge to his own voice. He was becoming someone else; it wasn't just acting. The uniform was getting under his skin. He tensed with muscular aggression, wanting a response. 'Fuckin answer me!'

The burly officer removed his tool briefly to give Jack a chance to reply. The lad's body jolted back and forth on the hard desk as his rear end began to be seriously punished by the junior officer's slick angry prick. The forceful smack of the man's hand had come as a shock, and his young frame was racked with tension. He struggled to reply.

'Uuughhhh. Please... Don't....'

'Don't fuckin what?'

'Ughhh. Uuuugghhh. Stop.'

Harry sneered again. 'Don't you fuckin worry. I ain't gonna..' He whacked the lad's stinging rear once more. Jack gasped in pain.

His colleague grinned at him and cut the lad's gasp short by plugging his mouth full of fat eager meat again.

'Bet you never thought you'd be gettin this little reward after the footie today, huh Kenton?' A muffled moan. 'Like I said, I'm sure we can introduce you to some pussy-starved fellas in the weeks to come. You'll go down a treat.' He laughed, unkindly, and Harry laughed along, not knowing quite how realistic the prospect was, but stupidly keen now to see such humiliation happen.

'Yeahhh. That'll be some fuckin show... Gangbanged like a bitch...'

Jack felt the frictional fire in his hole building and building as the man's thrusts became more violent, but he could do nothing to stop it. He'd coped well so far, but the limit was fast approaching. If only he could wank his aching dick... Desperate, he closed his eyes and thought about how his dark twisted fantasy of getting fucked by his tough-nut dad had become reality, the card game, the vodka, the porn mag, the amazing realisation it was really gonna happen, the nervous wait in the dark that seemed to take forever, going down on his knees in the dim red glow to suck his dad's king-size meat, feeling that juicy straight tackle slowly gettin rock-hard n ready for action, then the never-to-be-forgotten sight of his muscled father figure looming over him on the bed and that thick mature shaft being remorselessly driven inside Jack for the very first time. The most amazing fucking night of his whole life... Gonna show yer dad you can take it? Pleasure receptors in his head kicked in, attempting to transform the pain... You're doin real good, son.

The fat stubby dick bashed away at his numb lips from the dark trousers, and his neck muscles ached from being held in an unnatural position to receive it. Sharp twinges from his bruised shoulder. He pictured his dad standing there in the cell: his mighty tank of a torso, hefty tattooed arms, thick scarred neck and shaved head; the pure masculinity of him. Jack's protection. A surge of intense longing filled him: the longing to be held; the press of fuzzed firm muscle against his smooth skin. Pure impossible desire ricocheted from head to toe, even as the two officers had their brutal way with him.

Heavy breathing increasing, deep grunts and groans, the rhythmic slosh of unrelenting male penetration and fierce concentration, the background buzz of the light... Stillness reigned otherwise in the depths of the prison, broken only by a door slamming somewhere and distant voices laughing about something.

'Hmmmhhh. You want another mouthful o juice, Kenton?' Jack could hear the desire to unload lurking in the man's voice. He nodded, reluctantly. Time's up. 'Yeah. Course you fuckin do. Two loads are always better than one, huh?'

Harry watched his colleague with narrow-eyed fascination, eager to see the lad forced to swallow more nut gunk. His slick prick felt so fuckin good inflicting its damage and that hole was just so hot and inviting, he was starting to get close again himself. This was what tough justice really looked like... Tough male justice.

'Go on, man. Fuckin give it to im. Fill his mouth up with it.'

The bent officer's eyes narrowed with vicious desire as he rammed himself in with increasing fury. His balls ached from the long wait. Not much longer now... Oh yeahhh. Fuck yeahhhh. His body teetered on the edge of the pleasure rush.

'Fuck. Fuck. It's fuckin comin. You're gonna fuckin taste it any minute now, Kenton. Nnnnghhhh.' His breaths came faster and faster.

'Oh yeahhhh. That's the fuckin way... Feed it to im.' Harry's eyes glinted, eager to see the humiliation.

Jack numbly awaited his fate. He felt the two shafts pounding into him, the fat stubby one about to shoot it's load in his gob, the longer shaft doin his hot hole with terrible intensity, pushing his body repeatedly into the sharp edge of the desk. His muffled moans were getting louder and more frequent. Gettin done by a proper straight bloke, intcha? He's doin yer like a bitch... Hurts, dunnit?... Yeahhhh, fuckin does... Screwed by a screw... The enemy... An image of Sike filled the lad's skull with sparks of guilt... You're the real fuckin thing, dad... Still fuckin need you...


The officer groaned his climax and hot salty nutjuice splattered over Jack's tired tongue. Oh fuck. He's shootin it. Shit. Jack gagged momentarily, and then succumbed to the inevitable and lapped around the fat head of the gushing tool, wanting to swallow it all down as quickly as possible. The strong taste of fresh cum filled his pounded skull. Fuck. How many more men were going to do this to him?

Harry saw the lad gag and stared transfixed. Wow. 'Yeah, man. Fuckin feed it to im.'

The lad's fevered imagination again pictured them all crowding around: rugged stocky blokes, all muscles and fists, working their lazy, bored pricks into action, keen to relieve the tedium of prison life with an easy blow-job and some ritual humiliation with their straight mates, Jack the substitute bitch for them to unload into. His fearful and curious mind recoiled at the thought of the consequences: there would be no way back for his reputation, and his dad would surely kill him. Help me, dad... Salty cum slid down his throat; firm hands gripped his head.

'Nice one, mate. Real fuckin nice.' Harry was gunning for it now, keen to make the finish line for the second time. He felt like he could, even though he wasn't used to shootin twice in quick succession. His smooth dick slid rapidly in and out. Mmmmmm yeahhhh. We're fuckin teachin you a lesson. Takin it like a fuckin bitch intcha?

The burly officer stared down in satisfaction. 'Yer like that Kenton?' A small desperate nod. 'Good. Think you might show us a bit more respect in future?' Another small nod. 'About fuckin time.' The fat dick lay heavy in the lad's mouth, the last of the gunk oozing out. The man had a further little twist in mind...

Despite the chill in the room, Harry was sweating under his uniform as he upped the ante even further and punished the lad's tender hole with terrible force, his darkest fantasy remoulded into something frighteningly horny and real. Yeahhhhhh. Don't fucking mess with us or you'll get what you fucking deserve. His colleague enviously watched his trainee's lengthy member going for glory.

'Oi Kenton. You enjoyin what Harry's givin yer?' Through the haze of pain, defiance shot through the lad's skull. Don't give em the satisfaction, Jack. He shook his head. 'No? You ungrateful little cunt. See that Harry?'

'Yeah. Fuckin did. Ya think he's lyin again?' The young officer again smacked the lad's rear with the palm of his hand. Cheeky little fucker.

'Must be. Kenton?' A muffled moan. 'Tell me the truth or I'll piss right down yer throat. Are you enjoyin what Harry's givin yer?'

Jack mind went numb. The burly officer's fat dick lay threateningly across his tongue. You fuckin what? As had happened that very morning, something in his mind suddenly snapped, and he tried vainly to free himself. Despite a few seconds of surprise, with his hands cuffed behind his back and the firm grip of the two older men already holding him in place, it was a futile, and painful, effort. His shoulder throbbed and the fat dick stayed exactly where it was. His head was swiped firmly by a meaty hand.

'Fuckin cut it out, Kenton. You'll only make it worse for yourself.'

The lad froze. The long smooth prick he'd viewed with such mouth-watering admiration at first continued to thump ferociously into his sore behind, straight male domination filling him with fire and fearsome force. The other prick sat there in his cum-drenched mouth. He moaned in pain and humiliation. It's yer own fault, Jack... The buzz of the light once again filled the small room.

'Now. I think you oughta be fuckin grateful when a hard straight fucker like Harry gives you the benefit of his... er... expertise. Don't you?' A small nod. 'So. I'll ask again. Are you enjoyin what Harry's givin yer?'

'Nnghh-hnnngh.' Another nod to make the meaning clear.

'Nnghh-hnnngh, what?'


Harry watched with glazed eyes, waves of impending ecstasy spreading out from his groin. Yeahhhhh. If Phil said he was a hard straight fucker, then he knew he must have made the grade. Job secure. Result! A sly grin of satisfaction, square-jaw tight, he gripped the pale skin beneath harder; felt the edge surge closer, prick swelling in anticipation, gun loaded and ready to fire. Fuck yeahh. His grunts became more insistent.

His companion sensed the time was nigh. Perfect fuckin timing. 'That's more like it.' A pause. 'But in future Kenton, give me the right answer first time, hmmm? Drink up.'

Jack stared disbelievingly up from the belt over the fearsome bulk of his tormentor's uniform. No. No. Please... But it was no use. He felt the warm pungent liquid begin to invade his mouth, a gushing stream of steamy piss. Aaaaaaaghhhhhh. Hulking hands kept his jaw clamped shut on the fat semi-hard tool as it remorselessly flooded his gob. Total fuckin nightmare. He screwed his eyes up in disgust.

'Fuckin drink it up, Kenton. I'm warnin yer.'

Jack, desperate and powerless to resist, did as he was told; he swallowed and swallowed, choking as he did so. Needles of fire went down his throat to his stomach. It quickly mingled with, and then overpowered, the salty taste of the man's cum. That had almost tasted good by comparison. Fuck. I'll make you fuckin regret this, you sick cunt, you just wait n see. You just fuckin wait n see.

Harry, his delirious mind now fully initiated into this netherworld of rough male domination, saw the lad's humiliation deepen and felt himself tip over the edge. Drinkin piss n cum and gettin fucked like a bitch... That'll fuckin teach yer, won't it? He violently plunged his eager meat deep, ready to shoot, hairy nuts tight up to the lad's crack. Power and control combined in his taut body. He was a hard straight fucker, alright. He gripped harder.

'Oh maan. Fuck yeeahhh.' Another few deep thrusts. Right. In. There.


His deep exclamation of relief continued as he began to pump the juice out once again, straight up the lad's dirty hole. Fuckin unbelievable. He looked upwards with a shiver of sheer ecstasy, eyes closed, breath held.

Jack heard the man's loud exclamation and felt the final push against his raw backside. Here it fuckin well comes... One straight bloke forcing his seed into another, the grim reality of prison. Fuuuuuck. The knowledge of what was happening made him groan in pained arousal, knowing that he'd actively brought about the fit married officer's involvement, knowing that he now had another juicy straight prick to think about, knowing that the bullying officer was almost certainly going to arrange something much worse for him than all this, and knowing that his dad was gonna fuck his sore hole again tonight even while he had to be on his best behaviour... Fuck. It was all too much. Too much. The dark uniform filled his unsteady vision. Time hung waiting.

The rush of seed and ecstasy gradually subsided. Opening his eyes again, the strip light burned it's line into Harry's vision, and he looked back down to his uniformed colleague, who nodded at him knowingly and winked. Harry gave an open mouthed smile in response. A tiny seed of uncertainty was already lurking somewhere in a corner of his mind, but the passionate brutality they'd just unleashed was too good to deny. Or forget.

'Think we did a good job there?'

'Yeah. Fuckin good job. All in a day's work, innit?' The older man grinned at his trainee. Harry nodded. That was just what he needed to hear. Nuffin queer 'bout it. 'You gonna say thank you to Harry, Kenton?' The burly officer removed his sated prick from the lad's piss-soaked mouth and let it hang there in front of his cute, strained face.

A pause. Gritted teeth and murderous intentions. ' 'ank you...'

'What else?'


Sorry dad. Really sorry..

'That's right. Don't fuckin forget it.'

The light buzzed ever on. Harry stared blankly down at his hard weapon as he pulled it from the lad's battered behind, the red marks of his violence clearly visible on pale skin, a few streaks of blood on his shaft. He wiped it clean with a squeezing stroke of his hand, used the lad's t-shirt as a towel, tucked his tackle away and zipped himself up. All in a day's work, yeah? Yeah.



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