A/N: This story contains non-consensual sex with a healthy dose of forced exhibitionism. I do not condone the acts depicted in this story in real life. I live on feedback, so please do leave a comment, and I do take suggestions.

James lay on the bunk, sobbing. He had just had his ass raped by a huge, thick cock. What was worse was that Kyle had made him hold his own ass open for it - even more pathetic was the fact that James still didn't quite dare to let go. Another man might have put up more of a fight, but deep inside, James was submissive. Whereas another man would have needed much more force to bend to Kyle's will, a part of James that he didn't even know existed craved being dominated by a bigger, masculine, more powerful man like Kyle. There was no clearer evidence than the hard, thobbing cock between James' legs, trapped between his stomach and the mattress, leaking sloppy pre-cum all over the bed that he would be sleeping in later. His ass had been opened up from a tight, pink little pucker into an open, slick hole. He clenched, trying to close it, but it returned back to its open state.

Of course, his hole would heal and tighten again, given a little while. It would return to a nice, tight little pucker, perfect for ruining again, and again, and again. James would be fucked in so many ways that by the time he finished his sentence, he wouldn't be anything but a fucked-out cock slut that craved cock and domination. But at the moment, James was very much at the beginning of his journey, and he was still trying to come to terms with his new role as the prison bitch, though is throbbing cock certainly seemed to like his change in circumstances.

"Go on, then," Kyle said. "Go and show off your pussy. I don't like having to repeat myself."

Again, another man might have put up more of a fight, but James' balls still ached from his earlier punishment (for not compying fast enough). He let go of his ass and got up off the bed. His knees were shaky from the brutal fucking he had received, and his dick, which was of average size (though dwarfed in comparison to Kyle's massive cock), was obviously hard and throbbing, wet at the tip.

Crossing the cell, James reluctantly put his back to the prison cell, much to the pleasure of those that could see into the cell. There was whooping and jeering as he leaned over and reached behind him to spread his hole, showing off his opened, fucked-out hole, still leaking come and a little bit of blood where Kyle's dick had been too much for him. His cock throbbed between his legs, a reminder that some sick part of him was getting off on all this.

"You look so pretty, like that. Look at you, your faggot cock all hard for me," Kyle said, leaning against the wall and just watching James for a moment, surprised but pleased by how obedient the slut was being. That time, he hadn't even needed to tell James to bend and spread twice. "Just stay there and let everyone admire your well-fucked ass for a little while."

James stood there for almost half an hour, tears rolling down as his cheeks. He didn't dare move from his position, despite the fact that his muscles protested at the position. The whole time, he showed everyone that could see his spread, opened hole. He could hear the laughing and jeering, could hear promises about how they were going to wreck his hole later, jokes about bending over in the shower. It made his cheeks heat with humiliation, though his cock never quite went down.

Then, the sound of doors opening caught his attention. The guards were making their inspection.

"Please," James said, turning as the guard approached. "Please help. H-he raped me, I need to-"

"Did I say you could turn around, bitch?" Kyle said, looking up lazily from the book he was reading, apparently completely unconcerned by the arrival of the guard.

"That's a very serious accustion, inmate," the guard said. He was a burly man, not quite as large as Kyle, but certainly bigger than James. There was a cruel edge to his smile, something hard in his eyes. James' stomach sank. "You'll need to provide evidence before I can take any action, I'm afraid. I can see you're already naked - why don't you turn around and show me what he allegedly did to you?"

James already knew it was a trap. He was not a stupid boy - he had been in college, after all. Foolish yes, and perhaps a little naive, but he already knew this guard wasn't going to help him. He also knew that the guard had absolute power over him, more so than even Kyle did. He forced down a sob and turned around. This time, he didn't part his cheeks so willingly - he wasn't that much of a bitch, not so quickly.

"I'm going to need to see better than that," the guard said. "Bend over, and part your ass cheeks for me." He paused, then grinned. "Just like you were doing before."

With a sinking feeling and a wrecked sobbing sound, James bent forward and parted his ass cheeks.

"Well," the guard said. "It is looking a little like a pussy, but you could have arrived like that." A ridiculous accusation, since his ass was still a little slick from the brutal fucking he had received. "I better check, to be sure."

James already knew what that meant. He tensed, expecting a probing from fingers. He did not expect what came next. Something big and cold pressed against his hole, not quite as big as Kyle's monster cock, but bigger than a normal dick. With little preamble, the object was forced into his still-tight ring, making James jump and gasp. It went in much easier than it would have done a mere hour before, but it still wasn't an easy fit, his ass burning and aching at the penetration.

The guard had just inserted his baton deep into James' asshole. Kyle watched curiously, reaching down to squeeze his cock slowly through his jumpsuit. That was a hot sight, James bent over and presenting his pretty pussy to the guard whilst the guard worked the baton in and out of James' guts.

The guard fucked James on the baton, admiring the way his cunt practically slurped and sucked at the object.

James, for his part, jerked every time the baton bottomed out in him. It didn't hurt as badly as Kyle's cock, but it certainly wasn't a pleasant feeling. Except that almot every time the guard thrust the baton inside of him, it hit a secret, hidden place, a place that made his cock twitch and leak. After five minutes of being fucked like that, James was panting and flushed, his dick standing at full attention again, throbbing and begging to be touched. He squirmed in place, not daring to let go of his buttocks but desperately wanting to stroke himself. He was blushing with humiliation at his responses - he wasn't a faggot, he didn't want this, but he couldn't deny the way his cock pulsed with his heartbeat.

The guard pulled the baton from James with a slick, obscene sound. "Well," he said, apparently coming to his conclusion. "Your ass loves being fucked way too much for it to be rape. Rape is a very serious accusation, you know. I'll have to let the other guards know that you're one to cry wolf." With that, whistling, the guard went on his way, completely uncaring (or perphaps even enjoying) poor James' predicament.

James stayed where he was, ass still parted, his hole once again slick and opened up from being fucked - once by a cock, and now once by a thick guard's baton. His cock bobbed between his legs as he trembled in place, the reality of the situation once again hitting him. Everything that Kyle had said was true - the guards didn't care. Worse, the guards would be contributing to his abuse. He really was going to be the prison bitch, for every single man that wanted him. And he was pretty enough that nearly everyone would want him.

Kyle was eyeing James contemplatively - watching James get fucked by the guard's baton had gotten him hard again. He rubbed at his cock, contemplating what he wanted to do to the pretty bitch next.

"You really are a faggot cock slut, aren't you, bitch," Kyle said. "Say it. Tell me that you're a faggot cock slut who loves having your ass fucked."

"I-I don't," James said, looking at Kyle, his eyes wet with tears. "I'm not."

"Are you going to make me ask again?" Kyle asked, his voice low and threatening.

James chewed at his lower lip, not saying anything until Kyle started to get up. "I- fuck. I'm a cock slut," he said, his voice quiet.

Kyle smiled, and settled back into his chair. "That's a good start," he said. "But that's not what I said."

James closed his eyes and took a breath. Tears rolled down his cheeks. "I'm a faggot cock slut and I love having my ass fucked," he said, quietly, resigned.

"Better," Kyle said, thoroughly amused. James was so easy to bend to his will, so easy to break. He was going to have a lot of fun making this one do the most depraved things, trying to see where his limits were. Kyle was starting to get the idea that James didn't have any limits, given the right... motivation to do what was asked of him.

A buzzer went, saving James' ass from another raping. Unfortunately, James had no idea about what else he was in for.

"Shower time, bitch," Kyle said. "Since you're such a faggot, cock-loving slut, if anyone tries to talk to you, that's exactly what you're going to tell them. If anyone speaks a word to you, you tell them that you're a faggot slut who loves having your ass fucked, you hear?"

James' heart sunk again. His stomach twisted. It was bad enough having Kyle and the guard abuse him, but he knew that if he did what Kyle asked, the whole prison would soon know that he was nothing but a fucktoy for them to play with. Miserable, he cast his eyes down toward the floor.

"What are you going to tell them, slut?" Kyle asked, patiently.

"That I'm a faggot cock slut and I love having my ass fucked," James repeated, dutifully.

"Good boy," Kyle said. "And don't think I won't find out if you don't. If you disobey me, your balls are going to pay the price."

The prisoners were being sent for their showers in blocks. Kyle would be accompanying James - he had plans for the boy. After all, he liked his bitches to be nice and clean.




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