Gavin's a feminine guy, about 5'5" and thin. He wears his hair a little longer, and can fit into boys size 14 clothes. He cuffs his jeans, and wears his shoes unlaced, and sockless, with baggy t shirts, and button ups. His tan skin is flawless, and he gets occasional fillers in his lips, to keep them full and luscious. He's a club kid, who's always on the scene, and knows everyone, who knows everyone in boystown. 

He was working one day at the boutique downtown, where all his friends go to shop for their skinny jeans and printed shirts and jackets. He was stacking shoe boxes on the back wall, when the familiar bell rang, and he turned to welcome the new customer. The man in the doorway was tall, and broad, wearing a military uniform, and mirrored aviator sunglasses. He caught his breath shortly, and briefly lost his focus. "Hey soldier, how can I help you?" "I...I was looking for....I don't know really." The soldier laughed, and looked away, as he pulled off his sunglasses. 

Gavin approached him, sizing him up. They didn't have big and tall, but he'd certainly try and accommodate for the man in uniform. "You want me to put something together for you?" " What do you think I would like?" He saw a sly smile appear on the soldier's face. "I'd have to see you out of uniform." "What?" "I mean! Sorry...I meant not in uniform." The soldier smiled wider. "I'm sorry. I mean, not in your uniform, like in normal clothes." "Ah, well, I wear this thing daily." "Hmm...Well, maybe I'll just try a regular tee and jeans?" "Sure, go ahead." He soldier took off his brimmed hat, revealing shortly buzzed black hair. Gavin took in his beautiful face. He was literally, the most beautiful man he'd seen, ever.

Gavin turned, and walked down the main aisle, eyeing up shirts and jeans along the way. He felt the looming presence of the large soldier behind him, as they walked through the small store. He thanked God he wore his tightest jeans that day, as he had quite the ass. Squats and thrusts kept him perky and tight, and it was his best feature...from behind. He saw a star printed tee, and picked black and white, in an XL. It was slim fit, so he knew he'd get an eye full from the soldier. He decided on straight leg jeans, since he couldn't imagine this beautiful man, stuffing his muscular legs into some stretch jeans. 

The soldier was quiet the whole time, until Gavin asked his jean size. "Uh...34X34" "Hmm... Alright soldier." Gavin eyed him up and down briefly. He turned back, selecting the soldier's size, and then walked back toward the shoes. "Do you want shoes too? Or are you going to wear those combat boots?" "What would you suggest?" "Boots are in, so you could just wear them, although they're a little too authentic for fashion." The soldier laughed, and rubbed the back of his head. "Wow....Well, maybe just pick something out in a 12?" "A 12 huh?" Gavin smirked, and turned away. He found some lace up boots, with a nylon instep and suede upper. 

"This way soldier." He smiled, as the man walked past him, to the indicated dressing area. "If you need my help with...anything, just let me know." The soldier smiled and closed the light curtain. Gavin watched for a moment as the soldier undid his shirt, and pulled it off. The fabric was lighter, but not completely sheer, but just as the man started undoing his pants, Gavin turned and walked back toward his stacks of shoes boxes. A couple minutes later, Gavin heard the curtain hooks slide along the bar, and turned, losing his breath momentarily. The soldier stood in the full frame of the dressing room, bulging in the printed shirt, and jeans. "I...think I need a bigger size." He smiled, and looked down, pulling at the hem of the shirt. "You look fantastic!" Gavin walked over, amazed at the man's physique. "Yeah?" "Yeah huh, you're perfection." He reached out, and tugged at the hem, seeing the soldier's nipples harden beneath the silky polyester fabric. 

"I....I might feel more comfortable in a bigger size though." The soldier suddenly seemed insecure. "I'll see if this comes any bigger, but believe me, you look great." The soldier laughed again, and rubbed the back of his buzzed head. Gavin went over by the shirts, and they did have the same shirt in a different color, in a XXL. He wasn't sure if the soldier would like blue and yellow, but it was the only option. He saw a tapered denim shirt that he grabbed, and a long line flannel shirt. He also saw some joggers and a pair of old school reebok low tops that would be good for a daily wear. He grabbed the items and walked over toward the soldier, who was looking at himself in the wall mirror. "Hey soldier. I grabbed a couple more things for you to try." The man turned, with a smile on his face. "Yeah? Alright then." He peeled off his shirt, revealing a statuesque form, with a light shading of chest hair and happy trail. Gavin stopped suddenly, ill prepared for seeing this hot man shirtless. "Oh, sorry, should I...?" The soldier pointed toward the room. Gavin shook his head. "No, you're....fine." The soldier smiled, and took the denim shirt from Gavin. "I just figured, it's a men's store and we're the only ones here." "Yes, I'm fine with it. Definitely ok." Gavin wasn't sure if this was official flirtation, or if the man was just not shy.

He looked equally as hot in the button up shirts as he did the tee. The soldier peeled out of the jeans, revealing bulging boxers, that didn't quite close all the way in front. They had a button fly, but they looked about ready to split. Gavin tried not looking down, but it was inevitable. He held the joggers out to the man, and watched him slide each hairy leg in. He filled them out to the max, and they show cased his bulge nicely. "Uh...I don't know about these." "They're...well they're a tight fit." Gavin chuckled under his breath. "You think?" The soldier laughed, and turned sideways. "Man, there's no hiding anything in these" Gavin nodded, and gawked at the man's package. "Alright, even the sales boy can't keep his eyes off my junk." Gavin looked up, startled. "Oh, I'm...sorry." "No, you're fine. But if you can't even resist looking, nobody on the street will be abe to." "I can get the next size up?" "Sounds good." The man kept turning to each side, admiring his form.

Gavin found the next size up, and then dared to grab skinnies in the man's size. He went back, and handed them, and the bigger joggers, over to the soldier. He watched as the man peeled off the joggers, and tried on the new pair. They were almost as tight, but not as noticeable in the bulge area. "Much better." The soldier smiled, and then peeled them off. "What else you got for me?" "I grabbed some more jeans in skinny fit." "Oh, I...I don't know if I can move in those." "Please?" The soldier smiled, and quickly pulled them from his hands. "Ok, who can resist those eyes huh?" He winked at Gavin, and pulled on the jeans. Gavin felt flushed. He leaned back against the wall, as the man buttoned up the fly, and looked at himself in the wall mirror. He was magnificent, and Gavin was thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts in his mind.

They tried clothes on for about an hour. No other customers came into the store, and Gavin was beginning to believe in fate...until the phone rang. He was just hanging up, when the soldier walked up, in his uniform, with some of the options draped over his arm. "Hey soldier. All set?" "Actually...I'm going to pass on most of these. I'll take the straight leg jeans and the flannel and boots." "Good choice!" Gavin was excited he'd liked any of the options. "I...I don't want to be presumptuous, but could I possibly get your number?" Gavin smiled, and looked away. "Yeah, I can do that for you." "I think you're beautiful, and I'd like to take you out somewhere." "I'm done at 5." "I'll be here to get you, in my new digs." The soldier smiled, and Gavin felt his face flushing again. The soldier got his phone out, and Gavin took it from him, and entered his number, sending himself a text. "You don't trust me?" "I just want to be able to text you til we see each other again." Gavin smiled, and gave his phone back. 

The soldier left, after lightly brushing his hand over Gavin's. The day was long, and got busy in the early afternoon. Gavin and his soldier texted throughout the day, and even face timed on Gavin's lunch break, which was basically a snack bag of chips and a 7up. The soldier asked what type of food he liked. Gavin said anything, and the man offered a bistro on the pier. Gavin had been there before, and it was a little too stuffy. "What's with the face?" "Well...It's kind of a dressy place. I don't think it would be very comfortable." "Ah...Yes, let's keep it simple." They talked about a few places, and decided on a small Asian fusion restaurant that was hipster, but low key. 

5:00 came quickly, and Gavin was just punching out, when he saw the soldier standing just outside the big door, in his new flannel and slim jeans. He'd cuffed them up just as Gavin showed him, and wore the boots just right. Gavin felt giddy, as he grabbed a blazer off the return rack, and hurriedly said goodbye to his coworker, who was equally entranced by the new guy.

They walked down the road, to the parking garage, and Gavin followed the soldier to the second level. They talked the whole time, about the rest of Gavin's day, and how the soldier was liking his new clothes. He said it was taking some getting used to, but he'd be ok. They approached a black Porsche, and the soldier walked to the passenger side, opening the door for Gavin. "Nice ride." "It's a rental." The soldier laughed at Gavin's surprised look. He walked quickly around, and got in, as Gavin adjusted his seatbelt. "I figured, I'm only here for the weekend, so what's five hundred bucks to look hot right?" "You don't need a Porsche to look hot Soldier." He smiled at Gavin, and started up the car. 

They sped onto the freeway, and drove for almost an hour into downtown. The restaurant was on the strip, and they offered valet parking. Gavin got out, pulling on the blazer, as the soldier walked around, getting his ticket stub from the tenant. The soldier held the door open, as Gavin walked by. "New blazer?" "No, sometimes I borrow things from the returns rack, since it takes a day to put it in the system." "Ah..." "Yeah, I can't really afford to spend seven hundred dollars on a blazer I'll wear once." "Seven hundred?!" The soldier scoffed, and Gavin laughed. "Yes, it's ridic!" The soldier walked up to the desk and gave his name, and they waited just a moment before being seated. 

They had a table on an upper level of the dining room, in a quiet corner, over looking downtown. They talked, and talked, a lot. Mostly about the soldier's station and hours of training. Gavin shared a couple stories from work, but felt inadequate compared to someone who served their country. He picked at his sushi, and wished he'd ordered something cooked. "You want to try mine?" The soldier held a piece of teriyaki chicken in his chop sticks, toward Gavin's mouth. He leaned forward, taking the piece in his mouth. It was delicious. "Mmmm, I should've ordered that." "We can switch if you want." The soldier smiled, and Gavin flushed. "Ok, if you want to." "Yeah, sure why not?" They switched plates, and Gavin ate the rest of the chicken. The soldier picked at the sushi, and ate a couple pieces. "Man, this is...different." "I'm sorry. It looked good, but was disappointing." "Yeah, you think?" They both laughed, and Gavin took a drink of his water. 

"Hey, you want to get out of here, and go find somewhere to hangout?" "Yeah!" Gavin pulled on his blazer, and felt the soldier pull at the back of his chair. He stood up, and smiled. "What a gentleman." "Well, old habits die hard." They waited for the car, and then got in, and took off toward the coast. They found a spot to park, and walked down to the boardwalk. It was past beach season, and Gavin shuddered in the cool breeze. The soldier seemed to enjoy it. "Man, you all act like this is cold." "It's...a little cold." "You should come visit Ohio. It gets cold out there." "You're from Ohio?!" "Yessir, born and raised." "Wow, so are you going back there?" "When I'm done with my service, I will probably go back home." "Would you ever stay out here?" "I don't know. It'd have to be with someone I'd move for." He smiled over at Gavin, who felt his face flush again. It was definitely a flirtation.

They walked along the beach, and the soldier ended up putting his arms around Gavin for a while. It felt nice to have someone holding him, but Gavin reminded himself the soldier was only here for the weekend. "What's up?" The soldier nudged him. "Oh, just thinking." "About?" "You." "Aw, what about me?" "Well, you're perfect, but..." "I'm leaving after the weekend?" "Exactly." "Let's just focus on the now though." "I agree." "Wanna get a drink?" "YES!" They found the car and made their way back downtown, and found a dive bar, with a half lit "open" sign. They walked in, and it was dead. The bartender was a middle aged woman with teased hair, and a really low cut dress. "Hey gentlemen, what brings you in?" "We were looking to get our drink on." Gavin walked up to the bar, smiling. "Well, I'm here, so what can I get you?" "Two tequila shots and I'll have a vodka cranberry, and..." He pointed at the soldier. "I'll have a captain and coke." The bar tender nodded and got to work. "Wow, shots?" "We need them. This is going to be a fun weekend." The soldier laughed, and sat next to Gavin.

A couple hours later, and the bar was packed out. Gavin and the soldier were still at the bar, and the chemistry was lit. They were flirting, and not giving a shit about anyone else around them. The soldier leaned forward, and asked Gavin if he wanted to get out of there. Gavin nodded, and grabbed the blazer off the back of the barstool. They left the bar, after leaving a generous tip, and hailed a taxi. The soldier gave the driver his hotel info, and they were off. Gavin shook all romantic ideals out of his head, and focused on the now. He'd never had this much attention from a full fledged hottie, and wanted to get everything from this weekend he could. 

They arrived at the hotel, and the soldier tipped the driver, and got out first, helping Gavin out. It was a basic holiday inn outside of the city, and the lobby was dead. There wasn't even anyone at the desk. They went upstairs to the soldier's room, and Gavin fell back on the bed. The soldier turned on the tv, and got a couple Cokes from the small refrigerator, setting them on the table next to the bed. He slid next to Gavin, and leaned over him. Gavin felt really small under the shadow of the soldier. He smiled down at him, and brushed a hair out of his face. "Did I tell you, you're beautiful?" "Yeah." Gavin felt his face flush, and closed his eyes. He felt the soldier's lips on his. "Mmm...Damn, those lips." Gavin smiled. 

They made out for a few minutes, and the soldier started grinding on Gavin. He felt his hardon through their jeans, and pulled his leg up, to cup around the soldiers massive thigh and ass. "Mmm, you ready for this?" "From the second you walked in my store." He chuckled and kissed the soldier back. It took about 30 seconds for them to get naked, and the soldier was rock hard, as he continued to grind against Gavin. His dick was pushed up under Gavin's crotch, almost filling the entire width of his thighs and ass. Gavin felt a little nervous, but he wanted the soldier so bad at this point, he could feel himself opening up already.

They made out, messing up the sheets, and grinding for a few more minutes, and the soldier worked his lips down Gavin's body, kissing softly down his chest and stomach, to his dick. He hungrily bobbed up and down, slurping and sucking Gavin's dick. Damn he was good. It was clear what the soldier liked. Dick, and pretty boys. Gavin wasn't small by any means, but compared to the soldier, he seemed little. 

The soldier got off the bed, and walked over to his suitcase, on the dresser. Gavin propped himself up, watching the naked soldier digging around. his back and ass flexed as he moved. Gavin was so hard, and dripping pre cum onto his stomach. He slowly jerked his dick, waiting. The soldier turned, and walked toward him with condoms and lube. "I came prepared." He smiled, and sat next to Gavin. He slowly rolled a condom onto his huge dick, and lubed himself up. Gavin spread his legs, and the soldier reached down, and lubed up his ass. He closed his eyes and lay back on the bed. 

He felt the soldier slowly enter him, and winced, but covered his face. "Is this ok?" "Yeah...You're so big." "I know," he chuckled and pushed a little further in. Gavin, pulled his legs up, hugging the sides of the soldier. He moaned, feeling inches of dick plummeting into his ass. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. He was moaning, and felt his body temperature rising, as the soldier softly fucked him. He was at full capacity, and reached his arms around the soldier's neck, pulling him closer. They kissed a few times, while the soldier continued to fuck him. 

They were fucking for awhile, and tried a few different positions. Gavin on his back, on his side, riding the soldier. The soldier got up, and picked Gavin up, carrying him over to the couch by the tv. He sat with Gavin in his lap, and Gavin felt himself slide down completely onto the soldier's dick, til he couldn't slide anymore. They stayed like this for a while, and just made out, and touched. "Damn, you feel good on me." "You feel good IN me soldier." He smiled, and they kissed again. The soldier lifted him up, and dropped him down. It was a sharp feeling, but sent Gavin into a major pre orgasm. The soldier repeated this a few times, grunting with each drop, and Gavin buried his face in the soldier's neck, moaning with each drop. After a few of these drops, Gavin felt his cum rising. "Oh shit..." "Yeah?" "Yeah." The soldier picked him up, and dropped him a couple more times, and Gavin whimpered, as he came all over their chests. "Gahhhhh....fuck." He bit the soldiers neck, lightly, moaning into his skin. 

"Fuck!" The soldier grabbed him roughly, and quickly thrust his hips up and down, as he came. "Fuck fuck fuck..." Gavin was still cumming, as the soldier came, and hung on tightly. He was exhausted, and just let himself go with the motions. The soldier stopped thrusting, and held Gavin close to him. He ran his hands up and down Gavin's back, and down to his ass, playfully spreading his cheeks, and thrusting softly in and out. Gavin felt a wetness and sat up quickly. "Oh my God."

"What?" "Um...I think the condom broke." "No shit?" The soldier pulled Gavin off his dick, and his face turned solemn. "Fuck me. I'm so sorry....I....I didn't realize..." "Oh my God. Are you clean?" "Fuck yeah I am! You're the first man I've fucked." "That doesn't mean anything!" He covered his mouth. "Let's just....Let's just calm down, and take a shower. We can talk this out" "ok...I'm just freaking out right now." "Well it's not like you're gonna get pregnant or something." "No...I just met you though." "I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. What else can I say?" "Nothing, I guess." The soldier came forward and hugged Gavin close. He smelled the cum, but closed his eyes, enjoying the affection.

They took a quick shower, and Gavin tried to clean himself out as best as he could. The soldier offered to help, but he felt weird about it. "I've never cum in someone before." "I've never had that happen before." "How does it feel?" "I'm scared, but it's not bad, just squishy." The soldier hugged him again, and held him, while the water washed away the soap suds. They got out and toweled off. 

They crawled into the bed, and cuddled for awhile, without saying a word. The soldier kissed along Gavin's shoulders and back, and rubbed up and down his spine. "I'm so sorry." "No, it's ok. You're so big, and I should've known it would be a risk." "You like it though right?" "What?" "My dick." "Oh, yes sir, I do." he turned around smiling. The soldier was looking deep into his eyes. "Want to do it again?" "Yes." They started kissing, and the soldier was hard within seconds. He was kissing all over Gavin, and worked his way down, turning Gavin over.

Gavin felt the solder's lips on his ass, working in and out of his hole. He moaned, and spread his cheeks for the soldier's hungry mouth. He kept himself smooth and clean back there, and was glad he hadn't given up on ever getting laid. "Mmm, I can taste my cum in you." "Fuck" The soldier moved his way up, "yes sir." He slowly shoved his dick into Gavin's lubricated ass. He fucked him quickly this time. The intent was clear, and Gavin didn't give a shit. They'd already broken the condom, so unprotected sex wasn't a concern now.

They soldier came within a couple of minutes, and shoved his dick as far into Gavin as it would fit. Gavin focused on enjoying the sensation of feeling the soldier empty his balls into him. He felt the pulsing, and the little blasts of cum against his soft tissue. It was erotic, and he felt the bonding of their bodies. He wished the soldier could stay there forever, and they could have many nights like this one.

After the soldier stopped cumming, he held Gavin for the rest of the night, eventually softening and slipping out of Gavin. Around four in the morning, Gavin sat up, and looked around for his clothes. He got a bottle of water out of the refrigerator, and felt the squishy feeling as before. He went to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet, pushing out what he could of the soldier's cum. He wiped himself up, and washed his hands, turning of the light, and walking back into the chilled room.

The soldier was sitting up in bed, looking through his phone. He looked up and smiled as Gavin approached him. "Hey beautiful." "Hey." He reached out, taking Gavin's hand. Gavin got in, and the soldier held him against his chest, kissing his neck. He tried not to think about the soldier leaving after the weekend, but he pushed those thoughts away. Who knows what tomorrow would bring, and maybe this was the start of something amazing.



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