Part 2 is being written upon the request of readers Hank Brooks and A Williams. Guys I hope you enjoy this wild sex.

Dirk shares this part 2 when he gets fucked in unbelievable positions for hours.

As Tommy and I laid on the bed cuddled in each others' arms, we could smell the amazing aroma of our hot bodies and the drying cum that had us in true ecstasy. The really sexy and hot presumed straight thug Tommy was lusting after my ass again. I had become convinced that Tommy 's days as a hot lady's man and fucking those pussies had come to an end. We had in one sexual encounter had made Tommy crazy for my ass. He would never be the same again. Would we become regular fuck buddies or even seek a life of married hot gay dudes?

After some 45 minutes of relaxing in rapturous bliss, I noticed Tommy's unnatural gorgeous cock began to grow until it had reached its monstrous unnatural 11.5 inches. The sight of that tire iron stone cock had my cock beginning to stiffen. Yea it was time for more wild raunchy man sex with my being the bitch. I could hardly wait as I reached over and took hold of that throbbing twitching swollen wood. Tommy began to moan as he looked into my eyes and said: "My sweet little bitch, do you want more dick meat? Man your ass feels better than any woman's pussy I've ever had. You ass is so soft, wet and deep for taking my huge dick. I'm crazy with lust to fuck you all night from many positions. Yea, baby, you are going to be my fucking bitch tonight. Man, my dick and your ass are a perfect fit. I feel goose bumps on my body. Let me taste that ass before I drill it again."

Tommy put me on my back, put a huge pillow under my ass, lifted my knees up against my chess and got his hot face and mouth down at the entrance to my man hole and said: "OH my little hot bitch, you've got a really nice piece of ass. Wow, it smells so great. I'd better rim it and clean it out before it spoils. Ready for my lips and tongue?"

"Yea you big fucking thug!!!! Eat my ass, suck that ass, push that big tongue in my hole, spit on my pussy, make me want that cock up my ass. Lick me now."

I heard his breathing increase, I felt his breath on my ass and soon he began to kiss my ass. He went wild kissing, licking up and down my ass crack and finally he began to plunge his hot tongue as deep as he could into my ass entrance. I felt his chin rub against my ass and soon my ass crack was soaked in his spit. He spent several minutes giving me the wildest rim as he sucked hard and licked hard making my ass pucker and twitch with pure pleasure. I was so turned on that I craved his cock. Holy shit he then began to add a finger into my ass while he sucked on that pulsating ass hole. The fingering and sucking had me so wild with lust that I begged: "Oh you horny rebel, don't tease me any more. please fuck me."

That was when he got up, carried me over to the sofa in those big hard construction hands and put me down on the sofa on my back with my legs hanging over one end of the sofa as my ass was propped up on the arm of the sofa. He had me in a perfect position to meet his now leaking sticky pre-cum cock head. As I gazed into his beautiful brown sexy eyes, he gave me this huge grin and lowered his body until his cock was at the entrance to my arched golden ass. He began to thrust the tip of his giant sausage into my pulsating ass. As he reared up on his toes, he used the full extent of his gorgeous ribbed body to thrust deeper and deeper into my ass until his cock was buried all the way inside me with his big balls bouncing on my lower ass. He began slowly to shove his big dick in and almost all the way out of my bubble ass. When lust had consumed him, he became like a wild tiger as he began giving me long fast thrusts of that cock. My ass and body bounced hard against the surface of the sofa. Only his toes were touching the floor as he fucked the hell out of my ass. He used long strokes to make my feel as if my ass was on fire. We began to moan, grunt and make growls as the ass fucking was beyond what I thought pleasure could be.

After at least 10 minutes of this awesome fucking, he pulled his hot cock out of my ass and lifted me off the sofa. Again he put me in his sexy arms and carried me out on to the balcony. He put me down, turned my face and chess looking out on the garden with my crotch up against the balcony rail as I looked out at the garden of flowers. The night stars were so romantic as I felt his upper body against my back, his hot crotch and cock began to meet my ass and soon he began to part my ass rings with his cock head. I felt his wet pre-cum on his cock head as it lubed my ass. Again sexy Tommy raised up on his toes and used his frame to pound his champion cock deep into my ass. I felt his hard hot balls banging against my skin. The sexy scene and the fresh night air had Tommy in the hottest mood to give my ass a rough fucking. He soon was banging my ass so hard with that swollen cock that the balcony rails began to rattle. What if the rails broke? We would fall to our deaths but what a way to go.

As I felt his cock explore every inch of my ass and pound my prostate, we felt the cool night air and the sound of those night crickets. Wow, getting fucked in the outdoors was turning me on. What if we got caught? Man that made my cock hard as a diamond drill. Tommy pound my ass for at least five minutes as he pulled his cock all the way out and then plunged it back deep in my ass over and over. My cock was dripping pre-cum through the rails. Man was we in lust heaven. When Tommy got close to coming, he pulled his cock out of my ass and again picked me up for the third position back indoors.

We took a five minutes break to engage in wild sloppy kisses as our cocks rubbed against each other creating more pre-cum on our pubic hairs. Those pubic hairs were about to stick together until we took our hands and pulled them apart.

Now we went for the porno stars position that I'd never dreamed could be so hot. Tommy lifted my naked body up in his arms facing him. I put my hands tight around his neck as he used his hands to hold me tight with those hands around my butt cheeks. I felt his cock slide easy into my now ripped wide open ass. Any smaller cock could get lost in my wide open ass in the future. As he began to fuck me with abandonment, he used his tongue to part my lips and he began to french kiss me as his cock drilled my ass. Soon our tongues were battling for position. The sloppy kisses had our saliva running out of our mouths and down our chins as Tommy was wetting my ass with a great supply of thick pre-cum. I could not believe how strong Tommy's arms were as he fucked me for a long time. I was amazed how much stamina Tommy had both not to come and physical strength to fuck me for so long in that position. This position was perfect to make his cock go so deep into my ass. The feel of that monstrous dick exploring ever inch of my ass and tasting that tongue had me near the edge of shooting a mother load as my cock pressed hard against his ribbed stomach. I was giving him plenty of pre-cum to wet that body.

Finally I felt his cock pop out of my ass and horny rebel Tommy took me over to the bed. He got down on his back, spread his hard legs far apart and his huge cock stood at full erect attention. He ordered: "Dirk my cute preppy bitch, climb on board and ride this hot bull, you rough sexy cowboy. I faced him as I slowly lowered my ass onto that now purple cock head and soon I was riding that bull's huge cock like a veteran cowboy. His cock felt so hot and awesome as I was finally in control of how deep my ass went onto that cock and how fast I fucked that horse cock. I became dizzy with lust as I went down and up that stone hard flag pole. Tommy used his strong hips to assist as we fucked like a bull was riding and breeding a cow. Man this was so hot. I placed my hands on his chess and drove my body forward as I felt his cock concentrate on my prostate. My new position leaning forward gave his cock even more leverage to explore ever inch of my big ass. I soon learned that this was Tommy's favorite position as he began to wail, make wild beasts' grunts and screams. He ordered: "You bitch get off my cock, I'm about to come and I want to fuck you still in another way." The lust was so strong that I could not make myself stop. I'd waited long enough to get that semen deep in my ass one more time. I just thrust my ass down harder and I heard one more scream from Tommy as he blasted load after load of sticky thick white semen deep inside me. It felt like a river had found my ass. His cum began to flood my ass, seep out my ass and coat my outer ass. When I felt his cock become a little less hard, I pulled off that cock and began to feed him some of the cum that had escaped my ass. We kissed and shred that cum.

As I thought we would now rest or he would help me get my nuts off, but no shit. He put me on the bed on my back, gave me a shitty sexy grin, tied my wrists to the slats at the head of the bed and tied my feet to the posts at the bottom of the bed. Shit man, he was going to fuck my ass again even though he had just shot a load in my ass. Fuck he had just tied up his bitch to fuck again. Wow, this man was a pure animal. Could he come again this soon?

He got between my tied up spread legs and thrust his now swollen cock deep into his now conquered man ass that was worn from all that taking of his giant cock. I was his bitch and he knew he could do whatever his heart desired with his willing bitch. He lowered his entire body on top of my frame and once again drove his cock down to its base as he fucked the hell out of me. He fucked my ass hard. I felt his body pressed hard against my body. Shit my cock was now buried deep into his stomach as my cock felt his hard flesh. This time Tommy lasted for the longest time as he had already just cum. After an exhausting long time, he yelled: "I'm coming, I'm coming, holy shit here I come. I felt his cock dump a smaller load of cum in my ass that set my cock off as I blasted a huge load between our bodies.

He pulled his cock out of my ass and then he untied me. Raunchy Tommy got down and licked up all that cum and spit it in my mouth and then we kissed for the longest time sharing that salty cum. We laid exhausted and finally we showered and decided to spend several hours sleeping. This had been an incredible marathon.


Naughty Eric


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