It was about a month after our locker room fun that Preston and I finally fucked. It was the weekend and we had went out to see a movie, or so we told our parents.

'So Ricky, where are we going' Preston asked grinning as we left his house.

I smirked 'It's a surprise' as I turned onto the highway.

'Oh come on Ricky, spill. Where are we going?' Preston pleaded

I stay quiet knowing the suspense is just killing him. I pull into a McDonalds and turn 'Call your mom tell her you're crashing at my place after the movie.'

He nods and calls his mom and tells her and I do the same telling my mom I'll be at Preston's.

'Come on Ricky, where are we going?' He asks again.

'Just wait 20 more minutes, you'll see.'

I get back on the highway and pass the next town and take the next exit turning onto the county road leading to my parent's cabin. I pull into the long driveway and pull in next to the cabin smiling.

'Well Preston, what do you think?'

'Shit Ricky this is awesome.'

We get out and head down to the cabin. I unlock the boathouse and then the cabin and we go in.

'Go in the third door on the left and get naked.' I say as I go to the security panel and shut off the alarm.

Preston laughs and goes into my bedroom. By the time I get in the room he's on the bed naked and looking sooo damn fine I almost drool. I reach into my pocket and toss a tube of lube onto the bed. I take my clothes off and join him in the bed. I kiss him gently at first and then more forcefully as he begins to grind against me. I break the kiss and lick my way down his neck nibbling gently on my way down. I lick my way down his smooth chest to his nipples which are just begging for attention. I lick around the edges before I begin so suck on them. Preston moans in pleasure and I resume my way down to the prize. I lick along the shaft and around the edge of the head of his dick.

'Please' he begs and I suck him in, tickling the hole with my tongue before I begin to deep throat him. After a while Preston moans begin to go way up in pitch and I know I've got him close.

'Ready?' I ask as I pull back.

'Yeah, but go easy. It's my first time remember.'

I nod and reach for the lube. I squeeze some out and begin to work it in his tight hole with my finger. Preston's moans get louder as I add a second finger slowly working them into him.

'Please Ricky do it.' He moans and I grin. I pull my fingers out and lube my dick before I place the head against his hot hole. I begin to press in slowly fighting the desire to ram in balls deep right away. We moan together as the head of my cock is all the way inside him.

'You alright Preston? I ask.

'Feels good m-more' he moans nodding.

I press begin to pump slowly going deeper with each pump till I'm finally all the way inside him. I lean down and kiss him as I pump in and out. Pulling back till just the head of my dick is still inside and pushing deep into him. He wraps his legs around me and pulls me in tight with his legs on each stroke in.

'Harder. Faster' he groans and I do. I give up any restraint and fuck him hard, my cock pounding into him as he lifts his hips to meet each thrust moaning the whole time.

'God Preston I'm getting close' I groan as I feel my balls drawing up.

'M-Me too' he moans.

I thrust faster into him moaning and feeling myself start to cum I push as deep in as I can with a groan emptying my balls into him and he cries out and I feel his cum hit my chest as his ass squeezes me tight. I collapse on him. 'So good' I say kissing him. 'How was it for you?'

'Can we do that again soon?' he asks grinning.

'Hell yes' I laugh 'but you so have to fuck me later though.'

what happened next will be in part 2




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