It was early Thurs evening less than an hour before John's guests were supposed to arrive. I was starting to worry wondering what the hell had I gotten myself into. I could have ignored that first email maybe I should have but the guy was hot and all I could think about was what it would be like to let him dominate me in some way plus if I ignored it and John found out he would kick my ass. I sent him the accounting of the first scenario he designed he loved it and fired back yet another situation. I should be forced to show my hairless body (with my 12' long 5' thick dick shaped vibrator my nipple clamps which are connected to each other by a length of chain and a vibrating cock ring ) to as many straight men as possible and perform doing whatever they want me to do for them. Along with all that there would be more 'toys' and John was going to pick them out plus he was going to use something that he read in a story and always wanted to try. There is about thirty or so minutes before John gets here with his friends he gathered up 12 guys from the gym and his work 12 straight guys I was terrified I worked over an hour away from home I did everything I could to keep this part of my life secret from people in my area none of my friends knew and the couple that knew I did things with guys had no idea that I was a pussy boi faggot slave. However none of the straight guys I knew, knew about it and I knew these guys all of them. I saw the cars pulling in from the upstairs window. I had the dildo in and the nipple clamps and cock ring on my body was freshly waxed and I was oiled. I heard them come in and heard John climbing the stairs my stomach felt like it hand sunk. John walked in gave me a rare kiss as he turned on the cock ring and vibrator. He looked at me and said alright bitch get downstairs and don't let me down. He headed back down and I followed shortly behind him. All the guys were sitting around talking until I walked into the room when I walked in it went dead silent and everyone was staring at me. Brooks was the first one to speak 'Jason dude what the fuck are you doing?' I stood there stammering trying to find something to say wishing that I would just wake up that I wasn't standing there naked hairless and oiled wearing those toys. John finally said to answer him and stand at attention and speak up. 'I am John's slave, at the request of a fan of John's mastery over me requested that I be forced to show my hairless body to as many straight men as possible so he is presenting my naked hairless pussy boi body to you tonight for your entertainment. At that point Brooks jumps up and says cool grabs the chain between my nipple clamps and pulls me out the front door turns on the porch light and says stroke. 'What?' Jerk off your faggot dick now. Here is something to help you out he strips off his shirt showing off his powerful pecs and ripped abs. I do this for about 10 minutes and get brought back inside hard and dripping precum. My hands are tied behind my back and the guys take turns using a vacuum cleaner hose on my dick and slamming my asshole with the vibrator this goes on for almost 45 min then they undo my hands and tie them to the overhead rafter so that I am dangling and my toes barely touch the floor. This is the point when Nick and Jim start to use my taught body as a punching bag. They do this for a good half an hour. An evil thought had occurred to John he leaves me hanging there and feeds me a Viagra he then goes downstairs to the garage He took the seat with its short pole attachment off my bicycle and clamped it securely into a Christmas tree stand, which was screwed down to a plywood base for stability. Into the plywood base were also four heavy screw eyes. Then for what he considered the good part. He found the short-handled hoe my mother used for gardening. It had a shaped wooden handle about 12' long and 1-1/2' thick and a typical hoe blade. Taking the seat cover and pad off the bicycle seat he fixed the hoe blade down to the metal seat with fiber tape so that the handle pointed straight up. Then he cut an X in the seat cover and forced it down over the handle and snapped it back on. The top of the bicycle seat was about 8' off the floor. The handle rose straight up from the center of the wide part of the seat - just where my ass hole would be.

Next he grabbed a can of Crisco. He came to the room with his equipment, where he described what he was going to do to me in detail.

I protested, but John could see that the I was good and hard from his dose of Viagra and just thinking about it. He pointed this out to me and laughed. John had me kneel on the board and tied my ankles securely to two of the eye bolts. Then he tied my hands behind my back and forced me to bend forward. John pulled out the vibrator greased up my ass, packing it with the grease, and then slathered Crisco on the hoe handle. He then ordered me to lower myself on to the bicycle seat. John laughed as he watched me whimpering as I forced the rigid tool deeper and deeper into my ass. Finally it was in all the way. Then John tied my wrists to the other 2 bolt eyes behind me, forcing me to arch my back sharply. This also had the stick pushing hard on my prostate, which John didn't seem know, or didn't care about the fact but I sure did! I tried to ease the pressure, I tried to rise up on the handle, but the way I was tied would only let me raise my hips a couple inches. The position was impossible to hold and I slid back down hard. And felt the pressure again on my prostate, It made me groan and cry out loudly. John thought the scene looked hot: me nude, bound and stretched, my ass impaled on 12' of hard wood, back arched with my chest and abdominal muscles in high relief, and my throbbing boner jutting out from my writhing hips dripping precum. Each of the 12 had a whip, belt, or ruler that each took turns using on my stretched, helpless exposed body they spent the next two hours or more periodically whipping my chest, abs, legs, dick and balls with the belts and whips and smacking my pecs, abs, dick, balls and biceps with the rulers paying as I was concerned far to much attention on the head of my dick. No matter how bad the pain my dick wouldn't go down. Somewhere between 10 and 10:30 John said it was break time the guys went out to the bare leaving me in the position I was in. At around midnight they came back and John came upstairs by himself fed me another Viagra and laughed about the pool of precum all over my crotch and the floor. I begged him to release me the pain in my back was unbearable he laughed and said they would be up in a little while. A little over a half an hour later they came up and to my horror 5 more people were with them 3 girls (2 I had dated) and 2 gay guys that we knew who didn't know I was John's slave. John and the other 12 guys came upstairs wearing only underwear or less. I was made to suck the dicks of the naked ones in front of all lookers and then as the 2 gay guys were allowed to explore my entire body touching licking and feeling. John made them kiss and lick my muscles, John made them lick and suck my nipples while they rubbed and stroked my biceps and ran their hands over my chest and abs John made them worship every single inch of my body with their mouth they kissed licked and sucked every part of my tight smooth body until they knew my body better than I did.

While this was going on I had to beg the straight guys to flex and pose for me so that a pathetic faggot like me could possibly cum. During the begging the 2 gay guys were told to stroke me very slowly after hours of this John released 1 of my hands and let me stroke my own dick. It didn't take long for me to blast a massive load which caused my body to wrack with pleasure and extreme pain. My hand was retied to the eye screw a footstool and pillow were put under my head and shoulders and I was left in that position until 10 o'clock the next morning. When John released me I tried to stand and just collapsed I had to crawl around naked until I could regain the strength to stand and begin my day.

Master says send your scenarios and he will do his best to make them happen and have me write an accounting buff guys with shirtless pics go to the head of the line on me living out their scenario

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