A little history. My nephew and I had a long lasting relationship from pre-pubesant years to our early teens. We entered puberty together and discovered all the joy a gay lifestyle offered.

After several months of enjoyment and pleasure, we discovered crossdressing. We experimented with all aspects of this particular lifestyle.

I suspected my nephew learned what he knew from another man. He was a year and a half younger than me, but he was large for his age and we were about the same size. He had these great legs, long, slim, yet shapely.

He introduced crossdressing to me and seemed quite knowledgeble as he led me into the experience.

The first time it happened, he said he had a surprise for me. He went into the bedroom. We had been fondling each other and both of us were quite erect and flustered.

I had no idea what he was doing, but I felt it would be worth the wait. I usually found his new experiments enjoyable to say the least. He had led me through mutual masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex. All of which, I loved.

After about 30 minutes, he reentered the living room. He was dressed in garter, hose, high heels, and a bra. He was wearing a blonde wig.

At first, I felt confused. After all, boy on boy sex was plenty exciting for me. I stared and considered his appearence. He really was lovely. He was wearing no panties and was very erect. He pranced around the room letting me fill my eyes with his beauty.

I realized, I too was very excited. My erection had grown to its fullest and was actually throbing with anticipation of what was going to happen.

I was very curious of what this all meant. He finally sat down beside me. He began fondling my penis and balls. I was speechless at first.

He broke the silence and asked me what I thought. I said, 'I feel excited and turned on, but I don't know why.'

I then asked him, 'do you like to dress like a girl?' 'How does it make you feel?'

He said, 'It makes me feel pretty and at the same time, powerful.' ' I saw the way your dick responded as I walked around in front of you, whether you know it or not, I turned you on like you have never been turned on before.'

I realized he was right, I was extremely excited. As we were talking, I had been feeling him up. Feeling the silky smooth skin between his hose and his huge cock was extremely exciting to me. I had to admit, he owned me at this particular time. I wanted him so bad I would do just about anything he asked.

I started noticing the changes he had made to get this particular look. He had very even and attractive makeup on. Obviously, he had learned this over a period of time or someone had taught him. Anyway, his makeup was very attractive.

As I caressed the skin above his hose, I noticed, he had shaved his legs and made them silky smooth. He also had shaved his arm pits.

Then it dawned on me, he had shaved all the hair off of his dick, balls, and ass. He appeared in all ways to be a female except for his cock and balls.

Obviously, he had gone to a great deal of trouble to reach this quality of femininity. He was, in my opinion, magnificent, and I was ready for anythin.

At this point, I thouhgt this was the surprise. How could he posibly top this. He was beautiful!!

I broke the silence and said, 'very nice surprise.' 'You did all this for me?'

But as I soon discovered, the surprise was just beginning. Remember, I still suspect to this day, he was far too sofiscated for his young years and this is one of the reasons why.

He stood up and strode across the room showing me his great ass. He said, 'oh, the surpise is not over. Do you trust me?'

I laughed and said, 'if I didn't would I be sucking you dick three of four times a week?'

He, however, was not laughing. He seemed to have a very serious demeanor at this point. He said, 'I am not being funny, I mean do you really trust me?'

I paused, thinking about the situation. I finally said, 'yes, I love you and trust you.'

He said, 'Great, we are gonna play a game. We will call it the slave game. I am gonna be the beautiful southern bell and you are gonna be my slave.' 'You must do everything I say, agreed?'

Whoa, I had to think about this. He had become suddenly aggressive and demanding. I thought about this as I stared at his great body. I had to have him and I agreed.

He had reached into a drawer and held something behind his back as he approached me.

He ordered me to stand up when he arrived in front of me. I obeyed, and stood up. He then produced a blindfold and placed it around my head.

I was totally naked and he grabbed my rock hard dick and said,'follow me as he led me by my dick.' He led me into the bedroom, pushed me back onto the bed and positioned spread eagle on the bed.

I felt him tying my hands and feet to the bed posts. I found this to be most exciting. I felt totally helpless and I liked it alot.

After binding me up. The fun began. He said, 'don't be afraid, I will not hurt you, promise. This is about pleasure.'

I was actually glad to hear this, I was beginning to wonder.

I felt him grasp my cock and balls. He was a little rougher than usual, but he was not hurting me. He stroked my cock as he rubbed his cock against my chest. He moved up my body with his cock and finally reached my face.

He then grabbed my head and guided his cock to my mouth. He then, in a very husky voice, said, 'suck my cock you bitch, suck it real good!'

I was about to explode from the excitement. As I took him in my mouth, I think he knew this. He said, 'don't you dare cum yet, I will tell you when to cum, concentrate on my cock!'

I held it and fought against cumming. He was fucking my mouth hard and I loved it. He stopped suddenly. I felt him moving off of the bed. He then untied my feet. He turned me over, pulled my ass up into the air and retied me in this position. This crossed my arms and I felt totally exposed and helpless.

Next He started fondling my cock and balls. He said.'don't cum yet, I am gonna fuck the livin shit out of you. You will be my slave bitch. I may fuck you two or three times and you will like it!'

I answered, 'yes ma'am'' I was now literally struggling not to cum. I think he knew this, but knew when to stop fondling me just before I came.

Finally he stopped and released my cock and balls. I then felt his cock rubbing up and down my ass. I could feel his precum getting my ass wet and slippery. It felt warm and good.

He stopped at my anus, paused, pushed and gently slid in. It felt great. He worked it in to the base of his shaft. He held it there for awhile. Slowly he started fucking me. He pounded me harder and faster.

He started spanking my ass. At first it stung. Then it got warm and tingly. He fucked harded and harder. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I was going crazy trying to hold my cum back. Finally, I felt him explode filling my ass with his cum.

As he finished, I felt him pull out of my ass. He positioned himself between my legs with his face. He started licking my cock, balls, and ass. He was lapping up his own cum that was oozing out of my ass and licking up my precum too.

Finally, as he was licking, he told me, 'now you may cum slave, but tell me when!'

He was now licking up and down my cock, stopping at the head apparently anticipating my cum.

I felt it cumming, I screamed, 'I am cumming!'

He placed my cum in his mouth as I began ejaculating. He was swallowing my cum and pulling it out to get some in his face. He continued to lap at my cum and his cum that was now pumping out of my ass as my cock tensed forcing my cum out.

What an experience. Never been more satisfied before or since. Hope you enjoy this adventure. This is a true story, I swear!



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