It was the first time I had ever entered a porn shop, but I had this desperate need for a dildo and butt plug for my ever-increasing needs in my masturbation activities. Lately I had been spending as much time on my asshole as I had been working on my cock. There is nothing sweeter for me then when I finger fuck myself and I had been using the long, cock sized handle I had taken from a small garden tool, burying it deep inside my sweet hole, sitting on it while I pounded my cock, catching my hot spurts of cum and greedily sucking them out of my hand, rolling the yummy, sweet cum in my mouth, letting it linger until I would finally swallow it down.

I had been visiting porn sites every evening and noticed that I spent more time drooling over some long, fat cock than the cunt it was pounding into. I was spending hours looking for video clips of hard hot anal sex and finger fucked my own pink hole as I watched.

I knew it was time to get some of the equipment I needed to go up another step into my insatiable lust for self-gratification.

As I entered the store, several heads turned to look me over. I went to the video racks and browsed through the gay flicks, looking for one with big time anal sex.. The eyes went back to their own business and I casually walked over to the tools of the trade section and found a package with 3 dildoes of various sizes. I was getting hard just thinking about the biggest one deep inside my love hole. I picked it up as well as an electric cock with balls and a spurting mechanism.

That was going to fun!

On the next shelf were the butt plugs and cock rings and I quickly scooped up a combo pack of each and headed to the counter with my finds.

The guy behind the counter looked over my selections and smiled. "You are going to love these, baby, just love them."

As embarrassed as I was, I smiled back and told him, "I can't wait."

"Why don't you slip into a booth in the back and try one of this on for size," he asked, holding up the middle-sized dildoe. I turned to the back and saw a long hallway and about ten doors, 5 to a side. He handed me the fat cock and a tube of gel and before I knew I was doing it, I was inside a small room naked from the waist down, fingering my puss hole with gobs of gel, hurrying to get that baby inside me. My fingers were working my hole, three fingers fucking me deep.

I spread my legs and put one foot up on a chair. I greased up the 12-inch cock and pushed hard it against my hole. Man, it was so much thicker than my homemade cock. I struggled to get it in and barely got half the head inside before the pain was so bad I stopped. I sat back in the chair and edged my ass over the end, spreading my legs and tries to pull it into me, with the same results. I looked up to the ceiling in frustration and disgust. I couldn't get it in.

Then I saw the eyes watching me from several glory holes in the wall. I jumped with a start and then just laughed. They were as bad as I was..

One of the pair of eyes talked softly. "Baby, why don't you just let us help you do that?"

I nodded silently. The door opened up and two men entered. Both were nude from the waist down. Both had hard-ons. They came to me quickly and one dropped down between my legs and told me I needed to get hornier to get the job done. With that he began to suck my cock. I sighed as I felt his lips cover it, his tongue working around my cock head. I was in heaven...

Before I knew it, I was pumping cum down his throat. When he had finished me off, he stood, his cummy face still glistening from my juices.

"Ok, baby, now it's your turn." Guy number two lifted me from the chair and sat in it, his cock at the ready. My cock-sucking friend pushed me down between his legs. "Suck cock, slut!" I took #2s cock into my mouth and gave it my attention, while #1 began to work his fingers into my ass, greasing it heavily. Soon I was pushing against him, loving what he was doing to me while my friend in the chair held my head in his strong hands, face fucking me.

Suddenly I felt something big pressing against my ass hole and then, pop.. The dildo was in. I had tears in my eyes from the pain, but was locked tightly between the two and could not move. Another couple of lunges and the fat boy was buried deep inside me and I was being ass fucked like I had dreamed I would be... The guy was really pounding that cock into me...

Meanwhile up front, I was getting deep throated by a wild man and then I felt his cock enlarge and suddenly I was engulfed in hot fire spurts of cum, choking on it, feeling it break out of my mouth and all over my chin. My cum buddy pulled his cock out and blew several loads across my face, into my eyes and hair. I was covered with it. I was awash in wanton lust, loving the very thought of what I was doing and what was being done to me in this little room.

Now I turned a bit to see the dildoe getting rammed into me only to discover there was real cock buried up my cunthole. I was really getting ass fucked. I was getting a live cock rammed up my hole.

I started to protest, but the guy in the chair held me tight and I grunted with each stroke of cock I took up my ass. Then he was there and picked up the speed, his balls slapping against my own balls.....

He began to moan loudly as the cum rose up inside him, then bucked against me as load after burning load of cum exploded inside me. I was so happy ..It was so awesome!

He pulled with a loud pop and said something quietly to someone. That's when I realized there were several other people in the room. Another cock pressed against my ass now and this one slipped in without pain and hands gripped my hips as cock was pounded deeply into my ready hole. I felt like a porn slut and pushed against the powerful humping I was getting.

Ten minutes of wild, pounding assfucking and another hot load of cum was blowing into me, making me cry out in lustful joy. Still another cock took its place. A huge cock, thick and long. I could see from his hands on my sides that it was a black man, a giant with a cock that could kill a smaller man....I felt his cock in my chest each time he buried it into me. He came for almost a minute, filling me to overflowing , finally pulling out and shooting it over my bare back.

Then things became quiet and finally my man in the chair reached over and grabbed my dildoe and shoved it into my broken asshole. It went in without effort. "See sweetie, you just needed a few friends to get that pretty hole ready for your toys. Now, my sweet slutty bitch, give daddy a chance to fuck that sweet box."

I was so ready. I wanted his long cock that I had been sucking on to fill my love hole. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to get fucked now so badly that I jumped up his suggestion and let him get behind me.

"Please, fuck me...give me your cum, fill my ass," I babbled as I assumed the position, offering my cum dripping pussyhole to him.

I lay against the chair, holding my dildoe in my hands as he reamed my hole one more time. The time for solo sex was over for me.. I had found my proper place in the scheme of things. I pushed up against his every thrust into me. I cried out as his cum surged out and began to fill me.....


Corey Anton

[email protected]


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