Pool Party

I made my public debut as a cocksucker infront of seven of my best friends and this is how it happened. My girlfriend, Lindaand I were at a pool party with three other couples. Tony and Sandra owned theplace. They’d been friends for years with Linda and me, Bruce and Paige, and Geneand Barbara.

We had a great afternoon of swimming and sunning. None of us exactly modelmaterial but we’re all decent looking people who keep themselves fit. After acookout of steak and shrimp and other good things, we lazed around the pool foran hour or so just shooting the breeze.

Bruce suggested we end the day with a game of killer ball. That’s water polowith no holds barred. We split into two teams and jumped into the pool. I don’treally know if the object of the game was to control the ball and score pointsor to grope and feel as many people as you can. In any event there was a lot ofgroping and squealing and laughing going on. There were even a fair number ofbellows as each of us guys got groped or got our dicks squeezed.

Afterwards, we sat around drinking domestic wine and talking. I don’t know whenthe conversation got steered towards sex and sex practices, but I think it waswhen Sandra wondered out loud where a guy’s balls go when he jumps into coldwater. One topic led to another until Barbara asked Gene if he’d ever had hisdick sucked by a man.

Things got really quiet until Gene, who looked sort of embarrassed, replied,“No, I’ve never had a man suck my dick.”

Barbara persisted, “Would you like to have a man suck you off?”

Gene got a little testy, “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Why not?” Barbara asked curiously.

“It’s not right, er, not natural, er, you know what I mean,” Gene stammered.

“Not normal?” asked Barbara with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I guess that’s it.”

Tony chimed in, “What’s normal? If it’s consensual, I don’t see what differenceit makes if two guys or two women for that matter, want to give each otherhead.”

Bruce laughed, “I’ve always wondered who gave better blowjobs, a man or awoman.”

Everyone looked at Linda when she said, “I read an article on the internet thatsaid some men prefer to get oral sex from another man because a man knows whatanother man wants and likes.” 

“That’s probably true,” chuckled Tony.

Sandra elbowed Tony, “Well, thanks a lot. See if I go down on you again.”

Paige cut in, “you’re blushing, Sandra.’

“Hey, come on. We all admit we like oral sex...right?” laughed Bruce.

We all chimed in, “Right, Bruce!”

Bruce grinned, “Besides, I’ve always wanted to get a blowjob from a man.”

I piped in, “That’s interesting.”

“What’s interesting, Charles?”

“Well, I’ve always wondered what it was like to give a blowjob.”

Linda gasped, “You’re kidding aren’t you?” 

“No. You’re always telling me what a turn on it is for you.” I grinned,“Besides, why should you ladies have all the fun.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious. Bruce, if you want your dick sucked by a man, I’m ready todo it.”

“Right here?’ laughed Bruce, still thinking I was joking.

“Yes. Right here...right now...only one thing,” I added.

“What’s that?”

“Everyone here has got to be naked,” Iexplained.


Sandra clapped her hands. “It’ll be worth it. I’ve wanted to watch guys suckdick,” she giggled as she started untying her top.

I stood up and started to push my swim suit down. “What do you say, Bruce yesor no?” 

Paige was already out of her swimming suit beforehe could even answer..

Bruce laughed, “I think Paige wants me to do it.”

I pushed my suit down to my ankles and stepped out of it. 

Linda winked at me as she took her suit topoff. 

 Tony was peeling his suit down. 

Barbara was out of hers in a flash. 

Gene was just sitting in his chair. He lookedsort of stunned by the speed of events.

I picked up a cushion off of a chair and walked over to where Bruce wassitting. As I dropped the cushion at his feet I said, “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth. It would be too ‘gay’if you did. Warn me before cumming and I’ll finish you off by hand. Now stand up.” I looked around,“Gather around, everyone.” They all quickly formed a circle around Bruce andme. I found and pulled the drawstring on Bruce’s swimsuit and started to pushhis suit down over his legs. As soon as his dick cleared his suit, I licked thehead.

Bruce gasped, “Uugggghhhhhhh,”insurprise as he stepped out of his suit. I licked the head of his dick a coupleof more times. He grinned as I lifted it to my lips. His dick was still prettysoft so I was able to feed all of it into my mouth. He tasted and smelled ofpool chemicals. Sucking seemed to help him stiffen up.

As his erection grew, I licked my way up and down his shaft, but mostly Iconcentrated on running my tongue over and around his head. I’d do this for amoment or two and then I’d put it in my mouth and swallow what I could. As Idid this, I fondled his balls. Then I’d return to his head and flicking the tapand then ran my tongue around the rim.

I stopped sucking Bruce’s dick long enough to say, “Come here, Tony.” 

He came closer. When he was standing beside Bruce,I wrapped my hand around his hard dick and resumed sucking Bruce. 

Then I switched off, stroking Bruce’s dickwhile I pushed my mouth as far as I could down Tony’s hard shaft.  I could tell by his, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” that heliked it.

By now Gene had joined the circle. Again, I stopped long enough to tell Gene,“No jacking off. Step up here on the other side of Bruce for a blowjob.” Despitewhat he’d said earlier he didn’t seem reluctant to have me suck his dick.

Now I could stroke two dicks and suck one. I don’t know if anyone was sayinganything or if they were just silently watching my cock sucking debut. I wasconcentrating on giving the best blowjobs that I could so I wasn’t reallypaying attention to the people around me anyway. My vision, my taste and mymouth and hands were all focused on the three dicks in front of me.

I tired to vary the pattern of sucking, licking, kissing, flicking, and so onas I moved my mouth from one dick to another. Gene was the first to cum. I wasgiving him some hard vacuum sucks when he jerked his dick out of my mouth andstarted stroking himself. It was pointed atmy face and the first shot hit my forehead. The next shot hit my cheek and thenthe last shot hit my chin. I had cum dripping all over my face.

As I went back to sucking Bruce I looked up, observing the way his facetwisted itself into a mask of pleasure and determination. I could tell by hisbreathing that he was getting closer. As I watched him, our eyes met. He gavehim a coy smile and bit his lower lip.

"Almost there?" I asked.

"Y... yeah..."

I’d been sucking him the longest so I wasn’tsurprised. I’d his cockhead just inside my mouth when he wrapped his handaround his dick and groaned, "Gonna...gonna cum...!" And cum he did.  With a rapid fury of strokes, he let it allgo.

It seemed like it was happening in slow motion as I watched his cockerupt. A large, thick shot spurted from the swollen head, hitting directly on myhairline. The portion not caught in my hair started sliding down my face as thesecond burst caught me just above the right eye.

My eyes closed as the thick blasts of cum continued to rain down on me.I felt them pelt my face, one after another, cum-ropes so big that they almosttook a full second to leave his cock. Two shots hit my cheek, and then a largeshot landed right against my closed lips. As I opened my mouth to let some ofthe cum run in, I could feel my cock twitching with joy. Bruce continuedstroking while his cock sputtered out a few final shots, covering my chin withbig, white gobs of cum.

.As the eruption ended and I opened my eyes I heard one of the girls stammer, "Oh, my God, so much cum...!"

Tony held my head as I worked his cock over. Buthe didn’t try to fuck my face. He didn’t need to, because I was rapidly bobbingmy head, pumping my mouth up and down his dick. I was trying to swallow thewhole thing. He failed to warn meand cummed in my mouth, flooding it with an immense load of thick, warm andacrid cum. I wasn't expecting it but I swallowed it all. 

To me he didn’t really sound sorry but he apologized, saying that he waited too long and got carried away and when he started cumming he couldn't stop. I pretended to be angry at him but secretly I was delighted that he had cum in my mouth. And I was especially thrilled that hehad done it without warning me. It made me feel so ‘used’ and I realized thatliked the way that being used made me feel. I had become a cocksucker. I didn’t move as he wipedhis dick across my face.

When he was finished, I sat back on my haunches and looked around. Linda and Sandrawere fingering their pussies. Paige was standing beside Bruce, stroking him. Helooked like he had a finger up her butt. Barbara was rubbing a breast with onehand and her pussy with the other. Gene was stroking his dick as hard as hecould.

All of a sudden there was a smattering of applause and laughter. Surprisinglyenough, there were no questions of ‘How was it?’ or comments about being acocksucker. Everyone cleaned up and then we finished our drinks, got dressed andwent home

On the drive across town home, Linda said, "You knew it was coming and could have pulled off. What madeyou decide to let Tony cum in your mouth?"

"I don't know," I glanced at her, "It seemed to be the right wayto complete the blowjob."

She smiled, "Well, it certainly was sexy and, in a way, dirty too. 

"When we got there, did you ever think that we would do everythingwe did tonight?"

"No, I didn't. I can't believe that I spread my legs and finger fuckedmyself where everyone could see."

We pulled into our driveway and Linda pressed the garage door opener. As soonas we were in our bedroom, Linda pulled my shorts down. We fell onto our bedand rolled into a sixty-nine with her on top. Linda pressed and ground herpussy against my lips and tongue as she sucked my cock hard and deep.

We ate pussy and sucked cock until Linda finally, rolled off me and onto herback. She had a scandalous smile as she pulled her knees up to her chest andspread her thighs, "Let's fuck.”

I got up on my knees between her legs and took her ankles in my hands. As Iheld her legs up, Linda pressed down on my hard cock and guided the headbetween her delicate pink lips and into her pussy. I slowly shoved my hard cockdeep until my balls pressed against her butt.

This is a position both of us like. Linda likes it because she says it fillsher full and makes her feel like she’s all cock filled pussy. I like it becausethe fuck angle and the rubbing inside her pussy really get me hard. And both ofus like it because it quickly leads to intense and usually simultaneous, mutualorgasms. 

 About the only thing I don't like about it is that I can't stimulate herclit with either my cock, because of the angle, or with my hands because I'mholding her legs up. So Linda used her fingers and thumbs to rub her clit andstimulate her trigger spot.

The evening's activities had made both of us really horny and neither of us hadcummed during the course of the blowjobs so it didn't take long for us to cum.

I buried my cock as deep as I could by rolling Linda up on her shoulders. Shesquealed, “Ohh,Ooohhhh, yessssss,” as my cockhead hit bottom. Mypent up balls burst as her first orgasm surged through her body. My cock jerkedand twitched and her vaginal muscles gripped and milked my cock as her pussywas flooded with our cum.

She had a couple of smaller orgasms and then I lowered her legs and we quietlylay together while we recovered from the intensity of the session. I movedaround so I could gently kiss and lick her now tender lips and her clit andsuck our combined cum out of her pussy. 

After that, we shared several cummy kisses then fell asleep in eachothers arms. 

Sandra and I ran into each other at a coffee bar early the following week. “Itwas a turn on watching you suck off those three guys. I asked Tony how he likedbeing sucked by another man. He said it was OK,” she grinned, “But he liked myblowjobs better.”

I grinned, “I would hope so.”

She got serious, “Charles, can you and Linda come over this weekend? I’mpositive that I can convince Tony to let you give him another blowjob. And doyou think Linda would let me eat her pussy?” 

The end...



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