I had recently got my first job in the state police department; it was a big step up for me as I was working for a construction company previous to becoming an officer. I had left at high school at 18 and gone straight into construction, it wasn't a bad job but I had always imagined I could do better so I took evening classes to be able to join the police academy.

At 24 I finally got accepted to the academy and began my training, the physical side I found easy as I had been a football player in high school and the construction job had given me a great physique. I passed with flying colors and got a job in a small police department in a rural county, which suited me as I was always a country boy.

To start with I did a lot of my work with the sheriff, he was a big muscular guy about 35, who was real kind to me when I arrived and him and his wife had me round for dinner often. There were hardly any serious incidents but a few times we had to bring some people back to the cells for the night.

One evening we were patrolling and came across a bar fight that had spilled out onto the road, we managed to calm everything down and the source of the fight was found to be Jim Cole, a regular in the cells in the evenings, when he had too much to drink.

'Come on Jim, you're gonna have to come back with us' The sheriff told him.

He tried to fight back to start with but we managed to cuff him and get him in the car and drove back to the police house. You could tell he was pretty drunk as he was shouting abuse and trying to hit us as we dragged him into the cells.

'You will get to know Jim Cole pretty well, he has spent many nights in this cell, but we just keep him until he sobers up'

'You fucking pigs, my wife is expecting me back tonight, she's gonna kill me'

'You shouldn't have started that fight then' the Sheriff replied.

'Look I'm sorry just let me out' Jim yelled. The sheriff walked over to him and put his face up to the bars.

'You have been here enough times Jim to know how to get let out early'

'Oh man, I guess it's the only way'

I jumped as I saw him reach out and start to massage the sheriff's crotch until a bulge developed; he then unzipped his pants to reveal a huge boner that Jim quickly jacked before dropping to his knees and swallowing it all. I sat at the back of the room, shocked at what I was seeing but strangely turned on as my dick started to swell, I had never seen another man suck dick and Jim was actually pretty good at it.

'Seems like you're enjoying yourself officer' The sheriff looked over at me and smiled. 'Come and join us, he's got a big enough mouth for two'

I stood up and walked over tentatively to the cell and stood next to the sheriff who put his arm around my shoulder so that we were stood touching each other. Jim started to massage my crotch as he continued working on the Sheriff's big dick.

'Suppose I should try the new boy too' Jim said, pulling off the sheriff and unzipping my pants, revealing my thick hard dick, which he quickly swallowed.

'Oh fuck' I moaned as he deepthroated me.

'Good isn't he?' The sheriff asked

'Fuck yeah'

'Well you get a lot of practise, don't you Jim?'

'Oh yeah, you fuckers have me here all the fucking time' He replied as he pulled off my dick and switched back to the sheriff. He alternated between our dicks and then tried to put them both in his mouth at the same time causing our cock heads to rub together, which gave me shivers it felt so good.

'I think we're gonna need some more space' the sheriff said backing away as he pulled the keys out of his pocket. He unlocked the gate into the cell and walked in, beckoning me over. I followed him in and he shut the gate, locking us all in together.

'Come here officer' Jim waved me over as he sat on the bench, opening his mouth ready for my cock. I stood in front of him feeding my dick to him, I never knew blowjobs could feel this good, usually if a girl sucks it they can't take it but this dude was taking me easily. I was enjoying the suck job so much that I hadn't noticed that the sheriff was now on his knees and was sucking on Jim's cock.

'Holy shit sheriff'

'I know right' he smiled at me. 'Don't tell my wife but sometimes a good hard cock is just too good to resist, don't you think?'

'I wouldn't know'

'Maybe you should give it a try'

'Oh I don't know'

'Do you like to eat pussy?'

'Hell yeah'

'Then you'll love sucking cock, get down here and try some'

For some reason I moved down towards the sheriff's cock, something was pulling me towards it I had never thought about male sex before and here I was, wanting to taste cock. I crouched down in front of the sheriff's crotch and held his dick in my hands. It was heavier than I expected and my hand only just reached around it, I gave it a few pumps and looked back up at the sheriff.

'Go for it boy'

He pressed his hand on the back of my head and I didn't need any more encouragement as I licked the head and then took it all in my mouth. It was so big I couldn't take much more than the head but I began to work away it as Sheriff worked on Jim's, so that we formed a chain of sucking. Sheriff was right, I was sort of like eating pussy but also totally different, in a good way, the salty taste was arousing and I was enjoying sucking the big tool and gradually took more and more.

'Damn you're fucking good for a first timer' Sheriff moaned. I was pleased with the compliment even though it was about dick sucking, but I wanted to please him and make him feel good.

'Why don't you guys get into a 69 while I get that ass ready for a good fucking'

'Sounds good to me' Jim replied.

Jim lay on his back as I climbed on top of him and we quickly swallowed each other's dicks and the Sheriff got behind Jim's ass and buried his face in it. I felt Jim moan around my cock as the Sheriff ate his ass, I found it hard to believe it was giving him so much pleasure but it also looked like the Sheriff was enjoying himself too.

Lying on top of Jim I was able to take more cock down my throat and managed to deepthroat him a couple of times. I could tell Jim knew what he was doing as my cock slid down his throat easily, he also started to suck on my balls, which I then did to him, copying what felt good seem to work well.

'Alright Jim, you ready for this cock?' The Sheriff asked as he emerged from Jim's ass.

'Yeah fuck me Sheriff' He growled.

The sheriff stood up and pushed his cock straight into Jim's ass, it was a hot sight to see a muscle man getting fucked in the ass and I knew Jim was enjoying it as more and more precum was leaking out his dick. The sheriff was pretty brutal at fucking and was pounding him hard already but it didn't stop Jim pleasuring me, he had begun to lick behind my balls and was starting to lick my ass.

'Oh shit' I whined as the first stroke lapped against my ass.

'Never knew your ass could feel that good, huh?' sheriff asked as he pounded away

'Aw fuck no' I moaned heavily as Jim ate my ass. I went back to sucking Jim's long cock as he continued to eat my hole, the next I thing I felt was a finger push in. I moaned around the cock but didn't resist as Jim began probing my ass, something inside was making me feel so good and I was happy to feel a second finger push in.

'Hey officer, you want to fuck your first man ass?' Sheriff asked me.

'Sure' I replied, kind of a little disappointed that Jim had stopped playing with my ass.

'Come and down here and try this ass, I got it stretched out for you already so you can get going straight away'

I climbed down and got behind Jim, where the Sheriff had just been and aimed my dick at his hole, it was hairy and gaping still from the cock that was there before, which turned me on more. I grabbed his hips and thrust my dick into him, it went surprisingly easy and I started to fuck him hard right away, as he cock bounced on his abs.

'Yeah fuck me officer' He growled as I plowed his ass.

His ass was so warm and almost 'alive' , like he was milking my cock and it felt so good. I felt a finger rub along my crack, and I pushed my ass out to let him know I wanted him to put it in, the finger popped through, followed by a second. The sheriff knew how to tease my ass and I was loving the feeling in my hole and on my cock I was left disappointed again when he pulled them out but then I felt his cock rubbing along my crack, teasing my ass.

'You ready for this cock?' Sheriff asked me.

'I don't know, I've never been fucked before' I replied breathlessly.

'First time for everything'

'You sure liked those fingers, come on try it' He continued when I didn't say anything.

'I guess I can try it' I replied, I really wanted it but was a little nervous.

'You don't sound too sure, ask me to fuck you'

'Fuck me sheriff, I want you to fuck my ass' Which was true, my ass was begging for his cock.

'That's better'

He wasted no time in starting to push in and slowly began entering me until the head popped through. I gave a little yell but the pain was not as bad as I expected and so the sheriff continued sinking into me until his balls slapped against my cheeks.

'There you go, you've taken it all, feel good huh?'

'Oh fuck yeah'

'Alright, lets start fucking' With that he started pistoning in and out my ass faster and faster and I did that to Jim we formed a fuck chain, with the only sounds our moans and slapping of balls on asses. I suddenly felt Sheriff slam into me hard and grab my hips and I realized he was shooting his load inside me as he yelled loudly.

'Aw fuck, I didn't mean to cum so soon but that tight virgin ass felt so good'

I felt cum run out as he withdrew and I could feel the air on my stretched out hole, clenching in desperation to be filled again.

'You want to try out the newbies ass, Jim?'

'Fuck yeah I do'

'Lay down on the bench officer and let Jim have a turn'

'Yes sir' I replied, pulling out of Jim and laying on my back, holding my legs to reveal my hungry ass.

Jim stood up and slammed his cock into me straight away, he liked to fuck hard and began to bang me like he had never fucked before, making me feel so good and my dick stayed rock solid. He was hitting all the right places inside me and I knew I was gonna shoot soon.

'Awww fuck' I moaned as my dick spewed all over my chest and abs, and damn, it was a big load. My asshole clenched as I shot and triggered Jim to unload deep inside, filling me up with the second load of the evening.

'Now that's a hot fucking sight' The sheriff said as Jim pulled out, causing cum to run out my ass. He stood up and got behind me and started to clean up the cum from my ass, sucking it out my hole and then he licked up my cum from my chest. He came up to my face and stuck his tongue out, showing me the cum he had just cleaned up, I flicked my tongue out towards his and got the taste of cum before we started making out, swapping the loads between us.

'Damn, that was some kinky shit' Jim laughed.

'Don't want to waste good cum' The sheriff said as we broke our kiss.

'Can I go now?' Jim asked.

'Sure, and hopefully won't be seeing you again too soon'

'I can't make any promises, not with that new meat around' he said, slapping my ass before he left.


Chris Miller

[email protected]


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