Hi, my name is Caleb and I wish to share my story of how a Pokemon game organized by my fraternity resulted in my loosing my virginity to an older sexy man late at night in a city park. The story really began when I entered college and was lucky to be selected as a pledge at the fraternity where my father had ben a member years earlier. My Dad and Mom were delighted when they learned I'd been accepted when I phoned them and they shared their story that it was a social party between my fraternity and Mom's sorority where they had met as freshmen.

I'd known since about 12 years-of-age that I was gay and I was only attracted to the male gender. Throughout high school, I was a studious lad plus a real successful jock on the cross-country team. At five-feet and 6-inches and weighing only 140 pounds, I discovered that cross-country was the one sport where I excelled. In fact, during my junior and senior years, I won state championships for my team.

Although a rather small guy, I was often told by my teammates while showering and dressing in the locker room that my blond curly hair, light blue eyes, solid body and my above average cock would really turn on the women athletes especially on the cross-country team. When my buddies paid me these compliments, I turned blood red but I never let them know that I only dreamed of sex with guys. When I did not respond, the guys would say such things as: "Look at him he is really shy. I guess we are going to have to set him up with one of our whores that we have fucked this year on the cheerleaders' squad and take away his virginity."

They had no idea about my secret as a gay virgin. To hide my lust for guys, I often went out with some of my female friends to a movie and a soda. I also did not want to disappoint my Mom who was always talking about her dream to have grandchildren when I got married. As an only child, her only chance was for me to have kids. During my senior year in high school, my Mom was always plotting to set me up with one of the daughters of her female friends.

As we pledges set out from our fraternity around 8:30 pm on a Friday night, we went in different directions to play the  Pokemon game looking for a trophy. I decided to take a trail that led into a tree lined park where I often ran working out to stay in shape. I knew the path well. The university is in the same city as where I grew up and attended high school.

I'd gone about a half-mile down the tree-lined trail when I noticed a gorgeous sexy man who looked to be in his late 30's with dark hair and very handsome olive skin seated on a bench. On this very warm night, he was wearing only a pair of tennis shoes and blue tennis shorts. I bet he was a good tennis player who was out to cool off after a game of tennis. Oh fuck, as I got closer, I saw him rubbing his crotch while looking at his smart phone. There was a street light near the bench making it clear as to what he was doing.

The hot guy had not yet spotted me so I took a side path and slipped up behind him. I was able to hide behind a tree that was very close to the bench where I was able to see what was on his phone. Oh fuck; the guy was watching a scene from Helix Studios with Evan Parker (one of my very favorite porn stars that always makes me shoot my load watching him fuck another Helix porn star) banging the hell out of sexy Tyler Hill's pussy. I became instantly hard watching Evan give such a rough fuck of hot Tyler's pink juicy ass. I was so turned on that I unbuttoned my pants, lowered them to my feet, lowered my briefs and grabbed my big hard-7 inch boner and began to stroke my dick as precum collected on my fingers.

It was only a few seconds after I began to masturbate that the hot dude on the bench lowered his shorts to his ankles (he had on no briefs), he took hold of at least an 8-inch cock and began to wildly stroke that giant sausage as he spread his legs and pushed his legs and feet out from the bench. I'd never been hornier watching my first dude jack off and he was so handsome. WOW that was the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. I knew we both were safe this late at night from getting caught stroking our cocks in public.

In a few seconds the hot Greek like god dude began to grunt and moan. He started talking dirty as he said: "Fuck yea Evan, fuck that hot pussy. Make Tyler beg you for that awesome cock. Fuck the hell out of that ass, man. Holy shit, you two guys are driving me crazy for a man's cock right now. Where is all that cock when you need it?"

That was all I needed to hear and decided to throw all my inhibitions to the wind. Yea, I could provide this dude the cock he wanted right then. As I watched Evan getting really going on banging Tyler's ass and near coming, and the dude on the bench really stroking his big vein covered dark brown cock, I forgot about where I was as I came from behind the tree stroking my blood filled dick and yelling: "Oh Parker fuck that ass. Man you make me so horny. You are my favorite porn star. You're going to make me come again for the hundredth time." I'd had a membership with Helix from the day I'd turned 18 and had masturbated at least once a  day while watching all those hot guys fuck on Helix.

When the handsome dude on the bench heard me, he jumped up, turned toward me and with a surprise on his gorgeous face, grabbed his shorts and pulled them up. As I saw the freight on his face, I froze with my stone hard cock in my hand. I was caught and was out to my first dude. The game was up.

As the guy's cock was still rock hard, it had created a huge tent in his shorts. He seemed to recover when he saw me holding on to my leaking stiff cock. I'd never seen a sexier grin on a man's face that told me he was delighted to see me, my big cock and naked body as my pants and briefs were still down at my ankles. Our eyes met filled with lust. Would this be the night that I lost my virginity to a gorgeous gay stranger? I sure hoped so. WOW, a salute to Pokemon. 

It seemed like several minutes passed as we gazed into each other's eyes and the stranger moved his eyes up and down my body concentrating on my hard cock. His eyes told me he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

He motioned for me to come toward him as he once again lowered his shorts and his huge cock bounced up and down with anticipation of finding my mouth or my ass for that cock as the cock head was slick from the dripping precum. The man had such perfect white teeth as he smiled at me and he said: "Hey cutie, tell me what you want. Man you're so sexy. I love young hot twinks like you. Have you ever had a daddy like me satisfy that big dick and ass for you? Man, you make me so horny after watching hot Evan and Tyler fuck. Come to daddy and lets do what Evan and Tyler are doing." I began to walk toward my dream man. I so wanted to have him to fuck me.

It was as if this hunk had me in a hypnotic state or some kind of magical powers. I wanted him to use me no matter if the whole world found out I was gay. This was about to be my coming out moment. I wanted this dude to use me for his pleasure.

After the longest hot sloppy kisses, he had me sat down on the bench and as he held my hand, he said: "Hey boy, how old are you and how many times have you sucked cock, got a blowjob or had your ass fucked? Have you ever had a big 9-inch cock like mine up your ass? We Latino's are lovers and many of us have big cocks. Do you like my cock?"

I was almost afraid to let him know I was a virgin but I wanted him so bad, I confessed. "Well Sir, I'm 18 and 9 months old. I'm turning out for the college cross country team and I was the top runner in the state my last two years in high school. You are the first person to learn that I'm gay and yea man, I love your huge cock. Would you make love to me just the way Evan has fucked Tyler? By the way, how old are you? I'm a freshman at the university and my fraternity sent us pledges out on a Pokemon hunt to get a trophy. My name is Caleb and you are?"

"Well Caleb, fuck yea, I'll take care of your needs right now. You'll no longer be a virgin when I get through with you. I love fucking young fresh virgin asses like yours. My name is Brandon, I'm 39-years-of-age. I'm the tennis coach and athletic director at the university where you are a student. I love fucking young jocks like you. You just relax and let daddy teach you the ropes of gay sex. I'll give you a trophy to take back to the frat house.

I was so aroused with anticipation about what daddy was going to do to me. Then it happened. Big daddy had me lie down on the bench on my back with my legs and feet off the edge exposing my ass and cock to him. He got down on his knees and began to lick and suck my ass with his hot tongue. He drilled my ass with his sharp tongue, sucked on my balls, ran a couple of his hot fingers deep in my virgin ass and finally he slowly took my aching dripping cock inch by inch to the back of his soft wet throat. He soon sped up his devouring my cock coming off and back down on my hard dick as if he was enjoying a Popsicle. He spewed gobs of spit on my cock making it slick as smooth glass. He used one of his big hands to grab the base of my throbbing cock and used his other hand to play with my rock hard nipples. I'd never experienced such sensuous, provocative, gratifying and irresistible pleasures that consumed my whole body. I moaned, bucked my hips, grunted and cried out: "Oh Sir, daddy, suck my cock, make me come, don't stop, oh yea that feels so good, oh my god, I'm dizzy with lust."

As Brandon feasted on my cock, I felt a stirring in my groin, felt my cock stiffen in his mouth, my balls tightened up against his chin as I yelled: "I'm coming, I'm coming, here it comes." I burst a volcanic cataclysmic eruption of warm semen deep inside his throat as my body tensed and my toes curled. When I was spent, Brandon pulled off my cock and shared the big load of semen with me as we kissed. I'd never experienced such a powerful orgasm from just masturbating.

With a huge grin on his face and cum on his lips and chin, he said: "Well boy, how did  I do?"

"Oh daddy, I had no idea how great a blowjob could be. That was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"Well boy, Caleb, we are not finished yet. I need to get my nuts off and you need your first big cock up that young fresh warm pussy."

I felt shivers run up my spine as Brandon led me over to a big oak tree, had me face the tree, hug the trunk with my hands around it, spread my legs and he used gobs of his spit to lube my puckering ass. I felt him place his hands on my shoulders as his big hard cock began to rub up and down my ass crack. Oh hell, I wanted that big dick inside me.

As daddy moved his body forward into me, I felt that horse cock began to slide in my pussy. The feel of his wet cock going deeper and deeper into my ass and as Brandon began to whisper sweet words into my ear: "Boy this is really a nice fresh piece of meat for my cock." I became wild with desire and lust feeling this dude's cock inside my tight ass. I actually began to enjoy the feel and pushed my hips back to help that giant sausage go deeper inside my pussy. I was in heaven with pleasure to finally get a guy's cock in me. The feel of that hot leaking cock lubing my ass sent waves of ecstasy throughout my body.

Brandon seemed to turn into a wild animal as he fucked me with such force that my body bounced off the tree trunk as he grunted and fucked me rough until I felt his cock swell even more inside my ass and with one more hard thrust, I felt his cock release a river of his mature cum deep in my ass. The feel of his wet cum inside me caused my cock to stiffen again and I shot a second load on the tree trunk.

After Brandon pulled his cum covered cock out of my ass, he took my white briefs and wiped his cock clean and my ass. He handed me my soaked cum covered briefs and said: "Here is your trophy for the frat boys from the Pokemon hunt."

When I got back to the frat house, I proudly showed my frat brothers my cum soaked briefs as the winning Pokemon trophy and let them know I was gay. I told my frat buddies about Brandon's huge cock, how he had used that cock to fuck my virgin ass and if they wanted to experience that awesome cock whether they were gay or straight, they would each have to fuck me to get introduced to Brandon's champion cock. To my surprise, all the guys, both straight and gay, wanted to meet Brandon. Yea, each frat brother fucked my ass over the next few weeks and after each frat brother fucked me, I introduced him to Brandon and his big cock. Yea, I admit I became known as the fraternity slut but what great cocks I experienced up my now worn non-virgin ass.


Naughty Eric


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